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Angels Upon The Earth

The Gnostic Prerogative

“We can express our feelings regarding the world around us either by poetic or by descriptive means. I prefer to express myself metaphorically. Let me stress: metaphorically, not symbolically. A symbol contains within itself a definite meaning, certain intellectual formula, while metaphor is an image. An image possessing the same distinguishing features as the world it represents. An image — as opposed to a symbol — is indefinite in meaning. One cannot speak of the infinite world by applying tools that are definite and finite. We can analyse the formula that constitutes a symbol, while metaphor is a being-within-itself, it's a monomial. It falls apart at any attempt of touching it.”
― Andrei Tarkovsky

The iconic image of a winged being that mimics our own biology. Dispassionate, observant, a recorder of events as a witness to them as well as being an intermediary between physicality and a universe that we cannot sense directly. The choir of voices said to exude from their ranks as a paean of exultation to something quite larger than themselves is composed simply by their existence in service to a process of creation. What is missing from this portraiture?
It is the carrier wave of emotion, the pulling and pushing of instinct as a biological automatism.
One would be tempted to say that this creature is a projected image of the workings of the human mind, a visual signet of consciousness as a omega state freed from the vicissitudes of
flux that emotions carry us upon.
Then again, we have an answered question before us. From whence did you I originate? Its a debate of contention and a perennial mystery as to whether the mind represents what some call in Biocentrism, the mystery within the origin of consciousness that contains the sliver of self awareness by way of ” I Am “ lodged between physicality and awareness itself having no objectified image. Have we transited from elsewhere, adopted ourselves to the environment, only to return to our origin state? And in this enfoldment into physicality have we developed amnesia, a loss of memory?
Why this transit of states if such a thing represents an actual transience? Why be here versus there? This is a more profound question. What possible purpose could this embodiment serve?
Does our existence have something to do with serving the welfare of this living planet? As we are differentiated from other creatures in what is possible within our domain of tasking..is this becoming increasingly apparent in relatively recent events? Is there a tug of war occurring surrounding us?
I express these questions without any corresponding answers and wonder if it is we who are the extraterrestrials, the visitors to Earth? If so, something went terribly wrong.
The Gnostics would suggest that it is the nature of physicality itself as a process prone to a spectrum of corruptions, and that a small group of overseers known as The Demiurge are in contest to wrest control of consciousness by channeling it to empirical physicality using a control system which William S Burroughs borrowed this concept from and transposed it as a metaphor wrapped in science fiction. One could call this a dominion of a planet by a chosen elite whose aim is to usurp nature and all that the term nature entails as a interdependent living system, an open versus a closed system whose realm incorporates the physicality of effects as well as the implicit nature from whence it derives which is non local. A sort of local rebellion as it were utilizing the steering of the psyche versus tactical missiles.

Why do so?
From the pages of many a arcane and ancient text, it seems this wresting of natural forces in a unnatural manner is to create an alternative kingdom of subservience wherein the entire purpose of this transit here becomes a resource for a rebellion of resistance or more cogently, an upending of who serves whom. You could say that the means of empirical controls is poised against an end that has no physicality if you can follow this line of very old metaphysics.
It makes for an interesting framing of this situation.
In writing this I am playing with contrast and comparison although the parallelisms are odd, even perhaps striking depending on our mood. On Earth as it is in Heaven might have an entirely different contest as representational of a bridge wherein we are the embodiment of the local as well as the non local. The metaphors of consciousness as effects is a interesting tunnel to traverse between what is optical,....sensory.. if you will ..and that which we cannot observe that which lies behind it as a foundational premise of causation.
I continue to wonder as I wander.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gregory Bateson: A Man For All Seasons

Consciousness and The Physical World

I covered the work of theoretical physicist Brian Josephson on my former blog "Intangible Materiality " for which I added a link today on this home page. The reason I mention this is that courtesy of The Daily Grail, I discovered that a fascinating paper is now on line by Dr Josephson and others and can be accessed at no charge. It does fit into my last post " Beyond Logic" and I thought I would further distribute this link for those who care to venture further down the rabbit hole.

    "Consciousness and the Physical World" - Edited Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium on Consciousness Held at the University of Cambridge in January 1978

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beyond Logic

An Age Old Question

Is logic irrelevant to the workings of the universe? It just may be far stranger than we imagine it to be.
It might be incommensurable to any arrangement of facts. It also may be so far advanced in it's arrangements we just might resemble ants trying to locate the ocean. Rather than a closed system, the point of it just may be it is an open system, open to possibilities far beyond our experience. If one thinks otherwise, one just might be in for a big surprise.

This a a question raised by the ever deeper explorations of the physicality within the origins of matter by experiments within physics that reveal the universe becomes so unpredictable that causality itself is under scrutiny as well as presenting a seemingly impassible barrier to rationality and logic.
From one vantage point if we remove the archetypes of mythology that has invaded the topic of the paranormal pushing it into a liminal niche of any serious considerations, the anomalous could be considered as a reconciling principle between classical physics which represent predictive phenomenon and the unpredictable nature of quantum possibilities.
However each quantum mathematical theory to logically explain causality ( of which there are countless variations) are becoming more and more abstracted, tongue tied and oblique from bubbles to strings and one could say physics stands as does the study of the anomalous on the boundaries of liminality.

Liminality is the signet of the paranormal at the threshold of transition whether it is societal or a matter of personal individuation between structure and anti-structure, In anthropologyliminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold" is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete. During a ritual's liminal stage, participants "stand at the threshold"between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which the ritual establishes.

One thinks of the ritual qualities that experiential anomalies entail in terms of initiation that have an inherent trickster quality of logic being exposed as uncertain where evident characteristics of the physical and internal universes conspire to upend one's orientation in both space time and linear causality. All of this within the symbolism of a shadow play as within becomes without in a examination of our species purpose as a matter of investigation.

."..the symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiations ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture...Thus, "the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals"
-Dr Jacques Vallee  Messengers of Deception

One of my areas of research has been the correlation of the chief characteristics between Near Death Experiences and "Alien" Abductions as well as Out of Body Experiences as all three utilize the symbol of light as a passage equated to a initiation that unites the irrational and transpersonal within the symbolism that dreams portray in exploring the liminality of how we define our relationship to physicality..which remains an open ended question.

One wonders is energy is information than perhaps light is the sum of all possibilities.

One has the superimposition of technological symbolism suggesting that such a transitional application of transcendence within physicality is possible within machinery so to speak, while the other suggests the same as a organic matter of origin by way of return to la delimited light, to the equivalence of a inner sun wherein all things are possible. One can say these are representational sides of the same coin whose confluence is identical. One leads to eyeless controllers and the other to the angels of compassion. Both defy logic and  both are anti-structural and both are initiations.

When civilizations reach a threshold of transition on the borders of liminality it's constituent participants as a aggregate sum of the whole find themselves experiencing a spectrum of anti-structural thresholds as an initiation toward a transitional state of acknowledging other possibilities as well as thinking in other categories. In some circles it is known as the equivalent of a musical notation termed an interval when the past civilization or if you will, consensus reality that bound it together has not been erased and it's replacement has not yet arrived.

The third leg of this triad of these passages into liminality and initiation are what are known as out of body experiences as described by the first individual to detail these experiential anomalies, Robert Monroe who offered this account:

"I suddenly felt bathed in and transfixed by a very powerful beam... I was completely powerless, with no will of my own, and I felt as if I were in the presence of a very strong force, in personal contact with it. It had intelligence of a form beyond my comprehension and it came directly (down the beam?) into my head, and seemed to be searching every memory in my mind. I was truly frightened because I was powerless to do anything about this intrusion.
The same impersonal probing, the same power, from the same angle. However, this time I received the firm impression that I was inextricably bound by loyalty to this intelligent force, always had been, and that I had a job to perform here on earth...
It is an impersonal, cold intelligence, with none of the emotions of love or compassion which we respect so much, yet this may be the omnipotence we call God... I sat down and cried, great deep sobs as I have never cried before, because then I knew without any qualification or future hope of change that the God of my childhood, of the churches, of religion throughout the world was not as we worshipped him to be—that for the rest of my life, I would "suffer" the loss of this illusion."

One thinks that if perhaps one counted all the similarities that constitute an aggregate sum to a organizing principle, all of this would lead to an incommensurable infinity of possible outcomes wherein anyone any number of similarities to the whole would fail to encapsulate the sum.

What seemed vividly apparent yesterday is called into question and the critical assumptions that were once logical now seem hopelessly provincial and naive.

It is a question as old as Socrates and Plato who in the allegory of the cave suggested logic is based on nothing more than the effect of shadows upon the "chained" inhabitants of a proverbial cave and that these prisoners by predicting what shadows would appear in what order and by the assignment of names, had created a self referential universe entirely divorced from any remote possibility that recognized their entire cosmology was placed upside down in a context of cause versus effect.

"We probed into the nature of space and time, and of the universal, both with regard to external nature and with regard to mind. But then, we went on to consider the general disorder and confusion that pervades the consciousness of mankind. It is here that I encountered what I feel to be Krishnamurti's major discovery. What he was seriously proposing is that all this disorder, which is the root cause of such widespread sorrow and misery, and which prevents human beings from properly working together, has its root in the fact that we are ignorant of the general nature of our own processes of thought. Or to put it differently it may be said that we do not see what is actually happening, when we are engaged in the activity of thinking."
-David Bohmn "A Brief Introduction to the Work of Krishnamurti"
Everything Old Is New Again

If logic has no place in nature outside the confines of human invention, do experiential anomalies provide a more accurate portrayal of the universe?

Dr Vallee has suggested that the barriers between the human system of logical ordering tied to the antistructural anomalies that are confrontations between physicality as defined by classical physics as opposed to the delimited nature of what anomalies represent are a expression of a control system that attenuates and channels the developmental aspects of perception in relation to a larger universe.
However, what is controlling what? It may be that this is not so much a control system as it is a perceptual illustration of multiplicity in relation to our own nature.

Metaphysics has made a theme of the transient nature of concreted phenomenon for centuries. In Buddhism, one of the fundamental teachings is that all the constituent forms (sankharas) that make up the universe are temporary (Pali: anicca), arising and passing away, and therefore without concrete identity (atta). This lack of enduring identity (anatta) of phenomenon is explained in the doctrine of interdependent origination. This concept of interdependent origination is found in the cosmology of Islamic Sufism as the term Qûnawî gave currency to a technical term, ta‘ayyun or “entification”, that plays a major role in discussions of the Reality of Realities that constitute the interdependence of all phenomenon such as physics has been attempting to unravel.

The word is derived from‘ayn, entity, and it means to become an entity. Given that an entity is a thing, one might translate it as “reification”, not in the sense of a human cognitive process, however, but as a designation for the manner in which Nondelimited possibilities become determined, limited, defined, and “thingish” in the process of disclosing itself as everything other than the whole. Thus all things are entifications or delimitations or determinations of the Nondelimited Real, which is then called “the Nonentification” (al-lâ ta‘ayyun). As for the Reality of Realities, it is the First Entification, because all other entifications follow in its wake.

This cosmology mirrors the discoveries between a wave and a particle as found fairly recently by physicists.

The late and influential physicist, David Bohmn arrived at the theory of implicate ordering and observed that
"In the enfolded [or implicate] order, space and time ( ed: observed in the anomalous ) are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. Rather, an entirely different sort of basic connection of elements is possible, from which our ordinary notions of space and time, along with those of separately existent material particles, are abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order. These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the "explicate" or "unfolded" order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders"
An example of explicate energy...

 I cite these examples to underline that the anomalous as it is currently defined has a pertinent experiential component that is as polymorphic as the fabric that constitutes the aggregate sum of such considerations throughout the centuries although most researchers don't bother with such details and prefer the more easily digestible arcania of archetypal mythologies that descend more often than not into various forms of near paranoia. It is then no surprise that the traditional sciences ignore parapsychology like the plague and yet this barrier is set against what we can learn from the inexplicable.

"Whenever we pride ourselves upon finding a newer, stricter way of thought or exposition; whenever we start insisting too hard upon "operationalism" or symbolic logic or any other of these very essential systems of tramlines, we lose something of the ability to think new thoughts. And equally, of course, whenever we rebel against the sterile rigidity of formal thought and exposition and let our ideas run wild, we likewise lose. As I see it, the advances in scientific thought come from a combination of loose and strict thinking, and this combination is the most precious tool of science."
-Gregory Bateson (1935) "Culture Contact and Schismogenesis" in: Man, Vol. 35 (Dec., 1935), pp. 178-183. Republished in: Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972, p.75)

The Shared Dynamics of The Psyche

In my research from a sociological perspective two chief features play into the role of the marginalized role of the anomalous that represent the dynamics between social ordering and predictive repetition and it's waxing and waning in accordance with it's success or failure in providing it's subjects with continuity.and the avoidance of uncertainty, whether it was the wave of occurrences in the Cold War or the onset of liminal creatures in our times of uneasy economic controls and political uncertainty.
In times of cultural transition the paranormal becomes a more publically discussed topic while the institutional forces represent the subject as fiction as seen in the rise and use of it's portrayal as fantasy, and concurrently the more attention that is focused on any given aspect of the anomalous the more it rises to the surface as a representation of the irrational and unpredictable all of which appear to indicate to what degree consciousness is channeled. That is not to say these manifestations are strictly imagined.

Consciousness is much more of the implicate order than is matter . . . Yet at a deeper level [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwoven , just as in the computer game the player and the screen are united by participation.
-David Bohmn Statement of 1987, as quoted in Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human-Systems (2007) by Joseph Riggio, p. 66

Therefore it is no surprise that military intelligence has always had a great interest in redirecting these psychic manifestations in order to manipulate them in the service of the status quo as well as marginalize them with disinformation as to place ambivalence at the fore of any focus of attention.

One aspect of a precarious balance is folded into the other with a dynamic of cultural and social forces based on stereotyping the inexplicable at the behest of dogmatic social controls through it's institutions. Uncertainty and unpredictability is a anathema to be channeled.

All of this is bundled into the prime motive of territorial economic monopolies over resources as corporate and government interests intersect as they always have.... since the establishment of tribal communities as monarchical structures. The charisma of a predictable state versus an unpredictable state waxes and wanes in a psychic contest of minds either enrolled in consensus or challenge, the rest follows accordingly Yet when these forces fail to fall into a strict line of causality, strange things surface and go bump in the night as the gates slowly open in the absence of consensus beyond logic...out of their normal contextual associations in rational thought. Reality as a singularity becomes a recombination of multiplicities that merge the impossible and juxtapose the structural and the anti-structural. Impossibilities flourish on a projection screen

“This recombination of elements is a quality also found in altered (i.e., destructed) states of consciousness,” said Hanson, “Odd assortments of items appear in dreams and in productions of visionary artists. This is perhaps the essence of creativity – producing new patterns, new ways of seeing the world.”
-The Trickster and the Paranormal, George P. Hanson,
Vivid Illusions of Coherency

In Tamil, Pali and Hindu metaphysics the term of maya is applied to the ritual, metaphysical, epistemological, mythological and magical -- all of which related to enigmatic qualities of life and consciousness of life, all of which are rooted in the illusions ( at times referred to as delusions) within the architecture of biologically based consciousness itself, which in turn, is based the basis of the causality of linear processes.

At the core of anomalous experiential reality we have the interstatial spaces between our references creating polymorphic realities that are out of context in relation to a normal waking state. Yet, what comprises what we call a normal waking state? Logic as an architecture of thought as superimposed upon nature is captured in the Hindu by observing that Avidya, of the true nature of absolute reality. It is the “Superimposition of the self on what is not the self, and what is not the self on the self, is the natural propensity of ignorant consciousness.”

In many cultures consciousness is equated as being analogous to a dream state and the liminality of dreams in a waking state in the experiential anomalies that do occur defy our previous identifications as to what exactly is personal and what is transpersonal as in the often quoted dream of Lao Tzu found in Taoism.

"Once upon a time, Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself. It did not know that it was Chuang Chou.tells us that, in the dream, he was perfectly clear about his identity, but after he was awakened, this became uncertain.Suddenly he awoke, and veritably was Chuang Chou again. He did not know whether it was Chuang Chou dreaming that he was a butterfly, or whether it was the butterfly dreaming that it was Chuang Chou."

The questions that arise regarding the interstices of intervening space, between the observer and the observed could be seen as the physicality of the environment, the processing of the senses and brain as well as psychological cues have a profound effect on experiential realities as perceived as a singularity wherein this sense arises from multiple sources. The multiplicity of reality is also a foundational concept that underlines Islamic Sufism as juxtaposed against the continuity of thought in that all phenomenon are contingent as they are transitional and contingent in their states, which is also what we observe in the anomalous.

One could say that perception is a cumulative effect and that the reaction to all these sources of energy is to transpose them into a self organizing matrix wherein language as a form of math creates a situation where the term for naming differentiated phenomenon is not the phenomenon itself that is described. All of this process resembles genetics in a sense where information organizes itself based on data already stored in reaction to environmental factors as pathways much as in the case of pathways in the physical brain that serves as memory.
Yet our descriptors become self referential as identifiers that create a scrim of meaning that is superimposed on this or that as described in the relationships of semiotics.

 “Semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie” 
-Umberto Eco

One can accept the fallibility of experience as we inhabit it even when it is in a state of stability as in normal waking consciousness. Yet, in spite of the multiple sources that create the state of our awareness, there is an imperative for coherency as an automatism, a process we do not have to consciously manipulate or assemble minute by minute, second by second.
This driver of coherency we label the self can create pitfalls, one of which is called Apophenia which is the perceptions of patterns which do not exist that create skewed impressions such as a stick on the ground being mistaken for a snake. Within Apophenia, there is another phenomenon named Pareidolia wherein meanings are created where there are none.

Anomalous experience is a double bind where the predictable is given a new context whose meaning is subjective as opposed to the linearity of logic.

One could say behind the scenes of our waking state there is the randomization of choice which bears some resemblance to the aspects of Chaos Theory, as described by Edward Lorenz as a form of contradictory determinism with a Catch-22 attached to it as he described as the approximations of the present determines the future as predictive but the present does not determine the approximations of the future which are unpredictable. Again we have a case of the interstatial or interstices “between” logic and chaos.

Nature Versus Artifice

Most of what constitutes our awareness is based on determinism.
In other words are languages represent a linear causality that does not exist outside of itself. It tends to be deterministic, predictive just as most normal waking hours of consciousness view the world this way.
How we think and how nature operates are two different things which was the theme of Gregory Bateson’s pioneering exploration of cybernetics.

And so, what is a normal waking state?

One could say that our chief feature is to create an artifice of structure within an edifice of differentiation and polymorphic relationships as well as within an environment that presents choice versus determinism. The two seemingly rear their heads in what quantum mechanics has labelled the observer effect.

It could be that the logic of our waking hours is a form of reductionism.

What lies beyond this is the question of the hour but what percentage of our species population has considered these questions which not surprisingly are stereotyped as being “impractical” or liminal to everyday experience? The inside has become the outside as a sort of wallpaper with Everything may be viewed as upside down.

So we have the normal and the paranormal and in a sense one reflects the other as that one is deterministic and the other unpredictable and yet in the relationships between these two phenomenon, there is yet a to be determined linkage entangling them that creates a third state of affairs which remains unknown outside of it’s effects.which we decorate the gaping holes in logic with as a defensive barrier as well as a means to communicate utilizing stereotypes whether it is language as referents or thought as the root of consciousness rather than an effect..

Could it be everything is viewed in a retrocausal straight jacket of an ill formed logic?
That is for you to determine.

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Space Time Transients

A book by the leading edge neurology researcher into all things anomalous who remains indefatigable.Dr Micheal Persinger's book is well worth reading as a fascinating survey of the field. Even better than this......it is free.


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What thin line separates suspicions from belief? Is there no clear demarcation separating a faith in anomalies and agnosticism where one can find themselves lodged between them? Can this suspension between conclusions simply be based on provocations?

Recent experiences have left me with the sense that I was glimpsing a vast yet indistinct landscape from atop a lop sided precipice where the details of what I had observed where missing in a sort of blurring of distinctions that fell into a gap between the humorous and the strange.

This is a story of parallelism as portrayed in anomalous events that have recently occurred to this hapless writer. Rather than shedding light on any achievable coherency in their context, they have cast me into a deeper hole by provocation. I have written in the past that such unanswerable questions that arise from such events are deconstructive and, as a result, must be balanced by a grounding of one’s being as recognizing fallibility is a chief feature of attempting to pose any conclusive architecture of rational logic upon them. However, one must not be drawn into madness by way of associating oneself with these events too deeply, or dwelling upon them obsessively. Yet, I recognize a void when I see one when it comes to certainty. There will always be odd sorts of synchronicities that drift in and out of our lives, and yet there are times where there is such a convergence of odd happenings that they move from the liminal to the pronounced.

A few days ago, I was sitting with my morning coffee after letting our three dogs outside as part of a daily routine that is about as rote a task as one can imagine for me, not requiring any thought. I had finished the coffee and was enroute to the back door to let them back into the house, requiring my passage through the laundry room. As I entered the room, a woman’s voice as clear as any other called out one of the dog’s names in a sing song inflection. My wife remained sound asleep in our bedroom.

Not given to delusions and with a healthy sense of self skepticism, as a pragmatic matter I continued on my way..none the less I was affected by this occurrence to recall other such events. Rather than being upset by  a voice from nowhere, I thought it was nonsensical. I thought that if this represented some form of sentience, they must have nothing better to do as to occupy themselves with. If I was pressed to characterize this occurrence with a motive, I would say it was playful.

Some weeks prior to this event, my daughter was visiting my sister at her home when she became aware of an uneasy sense of being watched without any provocation and this sense of a “something” grew in intensity wherein the corner of the kitchen seemed to emanate a location from whence this sense of a presence originated. Reacting as if by having no other option to determine the veracity of this sense, she grabbed her cellphone and shot three times toward that location from the adjoining family room. Needless to say, the image captured created a stir among all those concerned. As for myself I remained stubbornly agnostic as to the credibility of the image not my daughters account of what led to her taking the photographs. On one hand, the image looks like my late son wearing some sort of odd garment, and on the other the German version of Kris Kringle. Certainly a bizarre image, and shortly afterward, I happened to read an article on how the brain is designed to insert anthropomorphic images onto ambivalent visual perceptions. However, this seems more distinct than most of the alleged images others have claimed to have caught by happenstance. 

My reaction was to contact an acquaintance well known in some circles and I explained the odd situation I found myself in and inquired if he knew of any photographic experts who could analyse this image. Consequently on my behalf he contacted a very well recognized expert in such image anomalies and I forwarded the raw image to him. Out of three photographs taken only one contained this image. Some weeks passed. My helpful acquaintance thought this oddity could be a prelude to other events......just as random, fleeting and lodged between the chaotic and the illogic of acceptance.

Along with my anostic intellectualizing, the best characterization of my reaction to this event was consternation. If there was a intent or purpose to this, it failed to flesh the meaning out of what constituted more of a hint of a message than a coherent statement.

Why these apparently meaningless provocations? Rather than being disturbed by them, I became mildly aggravated. This sort of thing has happened before as some long time readers of this blog know, And so my reaction became..enough is enough…

The e-mail from this expert arrived and his conclusion was that the image was genuine and if it were a technical glitch or a hoax, the means by which it was produced remained unknown.

I was hoping his response would have been otherwise but all along I anticipated this anticipation was a hope against hope.

Now we travel further back in time prior to the appearance of this provocative image which is an occurrence that happened roughly two weeks before. My daughter and wife chat by phone regularly and my wife related that our daughter has had a very unusual and vivid dream regarding my mother ( her grandmother ) who had passed away some months ago. My mother within the context of this dream conveyed to her that it was important that she convey a message to my wife that the whole of which was contained in one word. Purple. Needless to say my daughter was completely at a loss to explain either the dream or the odd one word message. However my wife intuitively knew the meaning, which I immediately dismissed as a concoction of her imagination and anticipation. Let me explain.

Just prior to her death my wife and mother would discuss everything and anything as I have observed they both enjoyed gab, which is not one of my own traits. They were in effect best friends. On one such occasion they talked about mortality and the possibility of life after death and this then evolved into an idea they had hatched to agree to a code word. Bear in mind my mother was 87 and had not a morbid thought in her head and thought consideration of such eventualities one way or the other was silly. Yet they hatched this idea.

My wife upon hearing the alleged message that my daughter was given as the word purple, “knew” this was a code word. However, prior to her return to Illinois they had never decided upon the word. I said that naturally this conclusion was patent nonsense. My wife was insistent in her belief which went totally against my grain so we agreed to disagree.. about her conclusion.

Now we move forward in time to the interim period wherein this image was being analysed by the expert. My daughter was disturbed by it, and as a father that disturbance bothered me and of course, I could offer no cogent assurance of anything one way or the other.

She went on a prolonged search over the course of several days looking for verifiable references in regard to an individual whose claim was the ability to access information at a distance, a psychic. Personally I have an aversion to such activities as my intellect sees at best nothing but ambivalence at best to come out of such an endeavor. My daughter told this psychic that some very odd things had occurred being careful not to disclose an iota of information or hint as to what had happened.

The psychic said an elderly woman approached and this woman was insistent on conveying the word purple.

Upon hearing this, I was slowly becoming slightly undone, and was beginning to doubt my own doubts. However, at this time none of us were aware that a key piece of information was missing and it only arrived when my daughter informed my sister of what this psychic had conveyed, this word purple.

The word purple was the password she used and had programmed into her personal computer in order to unlock it. Hmm. Was this a metaphor meant to illustrate that these events are meant to unlock some sort of situation? And if that is truly the intent in the use of that word, it failed to fill in the gaping holes by was of this transcription and yet it would be silly to say, this alignment of sources was not provocative..more of a hint than a scenario.

Out of curiosity I searched for the amount of words there are in the English language to ascertain the odds of this being coincidental. Generally speaking there are 180,000 if you count derivatives and leave out the 50,000 that are considered obsolete.

From a personal and biased point of view, I could assume that as one who has an interest in expressing very theoretical concepts in writing via a public venue, this could be a case of the hunter becoming the prey but then again, this narrative is not about me. Then again, what is the message of a medium that is a parallelism to writing on the subject of the paranormal? The humorous side of that particular equation is that the parties in question desire to insert themselves in my writing and yet what their contribution constitutes leaves me up in the air. Now you experience this and then you don't. Ghostwriting as a transcription in mediumship infers a purpose without an explanation as a self cancelling tap on the shoulder.

I have not a clue as to the frame this picture belongs to. Once again I must end this public examination of these anomalies of a personal nature as to say, they provoke questions rather than answers. I could think of several theoretical frameworks to neatly contain and wrap these events within as if to bundle it all in a sort of false coherency, but what is the point of that as a pragmatic matter?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Open Ends

"We’re so proud of ourselves as particle physicists that we now understand five percent of the universe, but there’s lots left to discover” - Jonathan Bagger, a high-energy physicist

A minor correction or is it a major one? The number these phycists derived was 4.9 per cent. Of course, the glaringly obvious observation, if you don’t know the whole value of what is being measured, how can you derive a percentage of it?

In the last post Frank Zappa’s perspective on the anomalous was starkly pragmatic despite the the common perception that Surrealists are far from logical but then again it depends on whose logic we borrow to analyse the unobservable. During the course of that interview Zappa noted that we do not have a language for that we do not understand only stereotyped placeholder references that reduce the complex as to make it navigable. Of course, Zappa parlayed this point of view into satire, a vaudeville of irrational logic. One sees that all around us. Who could have predicted the installation of a 7th Century Caliphate in Iraq during the 21st Century?

Within another harbinger of the weather here on this planet, we have the secret National Security Court issuing a single warrant to spy on some 7,000 individuals. This information was supplied as an example of transparency and yet if you think about a single warrant covering that enormous number of individuals without disclosing the rationale that lumps together all these folks, it becomes surrealistic, abstracted and paradoxical like so much of what we term rock solid reality.

You could characterize this as open ends becoming a means or as the philosopher said, if nothing is true then all things are possible and that insight came from Hassan-i Sabbah who founded the socio-politcal movement that invented the term Assassin, which interestingly derives from the word hashish which makes a hash out of rational logic.

As we grow older, we pick up our tray at the beginning of a philosophical buffet line of artistic underpinnings for rationality. You can chose between pointillism, abstract expressionism or cubism. One could easily say reality has always been an artistic expression and it’s many variants constitute a spectrum of a single organic unity posed as an open ended question which is the theme of this blog.

Zappa considered every sound to be music, whether it was a toy ray gun or a violin and as a statement he refused to put end caps or borders on what was inclusive. He once asked George Duke who could literally play anything to play a repetious four chord progression over and over again and Duke said “I can’t do that” as he had in his mind an anticipation of playing exotica. Zappa asked him in reply if playing that simple progression was beneath him.

There was certainly the touch of Zen in that.

Have you noticed the increasing velocity of our society throwing nuance out the window at every opportunity that presents itself all in the quest to make our behaviors “manageable”, predictable and serving a ill defined logic of comprehension trumping thought?

Recently I received a letter from Arbitron that has within it a crisp dollar bill as bait for a supplication of my willingness to participate in their ratings program. I kept the dollar bill and spent it without ever answering their persistent telephone calls.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zappa On The Anomalous

This interview took place prior to Frank's disclosure that he had contracted terminal cancer. He passed away from what I was fortunate enough to survive after one year of treatment. While he had urinary issues as did I, he accepted the wrong diagnosis as being accurate whereas yours truly did not. In one of his last interviews, he was asked what his thoughts were regarding cancer. He said get tested and then get tested again. His views mirror my own in a less verbose way. Today, I watched his last interview taken from his bed. It was hard to take...that could have been me. The remembrance of death serves a purpose in reminding me I am lucky to have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly regardless of their and my own finite nature. Frank had a quiet courage in him as do all of us when we face every morning. yes, it sounds trite and that could be because it's obvious. For some, more so than others but it's there nonetheless.


Monday, June 23, 2014

It's About Time

We vector time by the rotation of our planet as the basis of our daily existence, to measure, compare and to create a means to coordinate our activities. Then some clever physicists realized that there is a definition of time that has nothing to do with clocks, calendars or the differentiation between night and day. 
Space became the basis of a more universal clock that seemingly has no hands to sweep around a dial. Referents that define space by comparison seemed to unify both the external and internal universes that serves as no more than a navigational aid, or tool making application.
Now we add the mysterious relationship of gravitational force in our local neighborhood of three dimensional semi-solid physicality and it’s relationship to electromagnetic forces and the tentative observation that gravity bends space. Not all gravitational fields were created alike.
Add to this the most primary essence of these forces which is termed light and we have Einstein imposing a speed limit on our space ( time) along the byways of the three dimensional universe.
Now we have the insertion of quantum mechanics violating the speed limit of our provincial neighborhood. Spooky actions at a distance, it is said. 
Note the word distance as comparable to space, hence time.

If this were not confusing enough we add another referent to space and time which is dimensional far beyond our own three dimensions as referents and we consider how many dimensions can light navigate? The last time I checked there the count was up to eleven dimensions. Which to chose? An open loop or a linear arrow of space and time? Or is it a closed loop? Can it be all three depending on our means of vectoring space?

Asking what time it is becomes a silly exercise in subjectivity and what we call eternity is a tricky business as space itself has a trickster element to it in relation to perception and beyond perception there is the trickster nature of space and one is folded into the other the last time I checked.
Some considerations are very much like the non categorical opening of a zen koan as a question that provokes rethinking. What if you went back in space ( time) and murdered your grandfather?
Only a human being would pose such a question and yet the equilibrium the question poses in space is the consideration you would cease to exist as an example of linear causality.

Now the science community appears to have resolved this question through ( of course ) quantum mechanics and you could go back and murder your grandfather with impunity and still possess an existence, the world famous “I Am” principle would be unruffled.
The concept as demonstrated in a laboratory is based on uncertainty as a means of being capable of reorganizing possibilities as a self regulating mechanism.


Regardless of what metaphysician or sage of old we refer to, they all have come to a similar conclusion that whomever is reading this essay occupies a dream state in a isthmus between the external and semi-solid physicality of the external universe and the unencumbered inner universe of observation. In both cases, it is safe to assume there are hidden variables.


In this context we could consider ourselves to be a time ( space ) traveler who is under the thrall of a aforementioned trickster that places illusionary street signs in our neighborhood as an act of suggestion that created a false sense of transient orientation. One could say in our  little neighborhood this perception became a rite of initiation, a tradition of orientation.

An interesting consideration is our critical assumption regarding what is known as the arrow of time and that all anomalous events regarding ghosts come from the past.

Even if we take the linearity of the arrow of time ( space) to be a horizontal timeline ruled by clocks and calendars, oddly enough we remain time travelers and this we can easily self verify.
A question then appears as a consequence of this framing of our travels through time which is are we traveling at all? Are we stationary as to suggest this is the reason behind ghosts as a transitional reformatting of energy as information that remain oriented here? This is what Rodney Collin called the “electronic state”  

Perhaps the iris of the human eye as pictured at the top of this essay that links the parallel universes of external and internal time keeping bears a relationship to what we see as a tunnel through the three dimensional physicality of the visible universe known colloquially as a black hole as the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Then we may as well consider that despite our own transitional state of semi-physicality, we too are ghosts, only of a different stripe lulled into possessing any number of false suppositions like the Flatlanders of Hinton’s exploration of perception linked to dimensional qualities.
Then again the further we remove ourselves from the psychological safety of both clocks and calendars as well as the safety of biology through the limits of perception things become rapidly abstracted. It tells us that certainty is a subjectivity and probing deeper into abstracted extensions of time, what of the ghost ships that patrol our atmosphere and their strange vectoring? Then again how do human ghosts vector themselves?

Do these ghost ships resemble what Gurdjieff termed ‘omni-present platforms” as a means to create a vectoring system for the disembodied?  Are the skies a highway for the dead as much as the bones of what were their habitations as merely referents they cannot walk away from?
Is the sky a proverbial river Styx? The metaphor of the heavenly afterlife of angels walking through the clouds closes a circle of human mythologies in a 21st Century context envisioned with the framework of technological picture frames..but then again..it’s about time and it's mysteries onto which we are folded within as the primary axis of the paranormal.

If quantum mechanics provides for the reorganization of energetic information imbued with physicality in a manner that allows time travel, a question arises. Is there more than one version of the past? If so, how many versions are possible on parallel paths or more cogently, parallel universes of human experience? Is there a universe where the butterfly effect runs in reverse, achieving what some scientists label as retro-causation?

We all know the old axiom from physics, that no information \ energy is destroyed, it is simply modified. We assume by perception that the arrow of time moves forward but does it also reverse, and if it does, is there a middle ground where a demarcation does not exist between them, rather a state that resembles the spectrum of a continuum? Are some cases of precognition evidence of retro-causation? Information carried from the future into the past which we call the present? What of persistent images that play as a unending spool in ghost visualizations? A woman is seen walking up a staircase over and over by witnesses through the centuries. The disturbance or reorganization of a certain vectoring by the physical rehabilitation of the locality where ghost behaviors occur, is this a case of quantum restructuring that causes the cubing of activity as an effect by the disturbance of the past? 
Is this subliminally sensed in it's original context? The rapping of hammers without a source of sound heard arising from a parlor on a summer day in 1909. Are the visions of strange airships originating from a future past? Rick Phillips and myself went through a prolonged discussion along similar lines some time ago and we both arrived at an odd conclusion. There is no such artifact as now. So, dear reader, if this is so what does this imply in relation to 1906?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is UAP An Extraterrestrial SETI Program?

If we pare Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon down to it’s most essential attributes, what do we find? One could say it is a form of communication advanced in it’s characteristics regardless of their origin as compared to our knowledge of how they occur whether by intent or not.

The late Mac Tonnies was a severe critic of the conceptualizing of extraterrestrial communications as being composed of radio signals or relatively crude mathematical ciphers being sent as a codex for sentience.
He thought that this was a enormous underestimation of the technologies available to a civilization hundreds even perhaps thousands of years older than our own. All of this is the current premise of SETI.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible

Why are these phantom projections seen exclusively in our atmosphere and why are their appearances inconsistent? Our own signal communications are often weakened or obliterated by atmospheric conditions. What of those arising from a distant planet?
Would they encounter even more complex and rare opportunities to broadcast through the medium of another planet’s atmosphere?. Our current knowledge of both holography and quantum mechanics are in their infancy. What applications could we derive from this nascent knowledge a hundred or a thousand years from now?
Could it be used to attempt communications with distant habitable planets? We already have the remote telemetry to determine which planets could harbor life at unimaginable distances from our own location. What of those thousands of years in advance of us?

What is a universal language more elegant than maths?
Visual images?

It was also Arthur C Clarke who observed that "If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run — and often in the short one — the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative."

In UAP we have the aforesaid communication that combines the familiar with a recombinant image of the familiar in what could be described from our point of view, a hopelessly naive interpretation of what is possible.

One could say they resemble a child’s drawing of the evolution within aircraft technology that follows a protocol of mixing technological futurism with the contemporary line of reasoning that would anticipate future developments as if whoever created these projections knew in advance what the development of various applications of technology would lead.

In the contemporary era of living individuals, we have examples of this protocol. In WW2, the demonstration of aircraft seeking missiles arrived without it’s application being mastered here on Earth. 
In the Postwar era we had the demonstration that were a caricature of rocket propulsion leading to incredible velocities in their wake that has no discernable means of propulsion upon achieving a certain altitude much like our own space program that arrived later. 
However they were as if created with a sense of naivety as if they were created within the art form of retro-futurism. Now we have the naive demonstration of flying wings exaggerated to the size of two football fields. B1 bombers on steroids.

All we have in hand from UAP as I stated earlier is that it is communicating something. As many readers know, I have explored the permutations of this in various theories, one after the other.

What is the content of this communication if it could be summarized? Two striking characteristics are commonalities.

1. They acknowledge present technology specifically in relation to aircraft, not cars, boats or automobiles. Aircraft to us represent the traversing of vast distances quickly.

2. They take the state of this art to a next level.

Think of the resulting confusion among our own species a thousand years ago if any of our current technologies were observed.

We might say, the projection of these images are intentional. The message is one of “similar to” as in the real message is in the medium. What if these images are a intentional differentiation of our own visual language? Could they represent communications through spooky actions at a distance? A form of visual language? Could these be a metaphor that states:

1. A medium of traversing spacetime by sending a communication that is a visual codex? One that changes and says to us, our technologies are known and then acknowledges they change. A form that indicates both tracking and observation.

The message within this message as a response is to alter the acknowledgement by taking it one step further.

2. The state of the art here is acknowledged with a response of an advanced perspective just far enough from the leading edge without too much of an extension to state here is an example of an advanced perspective visually demonstrated.

If this concept is true it answers the question of purpose as opposed to our own concepts of purpose that see this phenomenon has having either none or being ambivalent. It also answers the behavior of UAP mirroring our own evolution of technology by differentiating a response.

Is the medium the message? Are these ghost images a reflection of Arthur C Clarkes vision of the monolith awaiting our advancement to respond?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Quantum Effects As A Weapons System

Regular readers of this blog know that I take the speculations I write about at an arms length to the point while they are considerations, I am agnostic to their probability as nothing about them can be completely verified.
Along with these speculations that are more benign I have always had another suspicion that until now, I have kept in my back pocket concerning Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon which is it represents a extremely advanced technological non lethal weapons system that is in a testing phase. It would not be ours in this play upon John Keel's theme of both external deceptions and those that are in the mind as a prelude. What if they could be combined in a technological sense as also a play on the futurism of Jules Verne through the mirror of extraterrestrials who could possibly possess a future weapon in the present tense.
At least non lethal in of itself, a play upon the concept underlying both the Greek Trojan Horse and the pervasive vivid quality of an invasion of ghost projections, a very effective means of creating a ghost armada.
The next logical question would be: What is the purpose of a ghost armada? The concept seems transparently benign. Perhaps not.

There is no need for the archaic concept of physically moving solid objects from point A to B which can be a very costly and long undertaking when you can invade by the projection of holographically interactive ghosts.
The purpose is deceptively simple. Which are the real objects and which are the quantum projected facsimiles? If your opponents targeting cannot tell one from another, that is an advantage in your court, especially with the enhanced advantage that what they appear to be is inconsistent and having no direct, observable purpose which hides their true purpose behind illusions. .

Jets are scrambled after mirages that blink out of existence. The USAF is completely confounded and the last possibility they want to admit is that they are dealing with a tactical weapon so far advanced that they are absolutely out of their league.

Such a tactic would be economically and maniacally clever.

All of this came to me while thinking about the history of camouflage beginning with the naval dazzle camouflage of the first world war to the invention of ghost armies and rubber tanks and aircraft in World War Two. These were always utilised passively to hide. What if they could be used in an aggressive sense? Not hiding but infiltrating. All of this led also to the thought of the future exploitation of quantum behavior manipulated to create holographic images used to render targeting a useless venture. What if it were being used now? However, since we are not that far advanced along in this application of discovery science, it's not possible. What of a civilization uncountable in years vastly older than our own? How would this fit in with Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon? I thought of Jules Verne who could have said the same toward the study of UAP when he said “The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last moment.” In this case perhaps, not in a beneficent manner.

Of course, the sociological effect if any of this was true is brilliant, the use of this non lethal weapon absolutely confuses the populace so much so that they cannot agree if it is real or not and argue among themselves.
It is not of course, the main act.
if you think the effects of this possibility as theoretically possible, you could very handily tie up every weapons system with impunity, a distraction so large that disperses their direction of attention so widely that their targeting becomes a moot point.
Many of my posts have dealt with what we want from these investigations so we can turn the tables and ask what do they want (if a “they existed) and were using this extremely advanced weapon? What is their end game?
Logic tells me it’s something we have that we do know we have and that we will only know when they can exploit it or as an alternative, attempt to. What it may be is our greatest mystery which may be unique as worthy of making use of by others as a means to an end. Call it a supplement of knowledge as seen from those outside of it not prone to crib blindness as we are. It could be consciousness itself as we manifest it in perhaps a way completely foreign to them. Perhaps some aspect of it could be harnessed technologically once things could be put into order, a stable state which our globe lacks. A imposition of order. Peaceful perhaps but imposed none the less so this opportunity could be explored. A yet undiscovered quality or some yet to be determined element of our world we are unaware of in a similar vein. And so it goes in a game of probabilities fraught with equal uncertainty when it comes to the explorations of theoretical probabilities.

We have X craft and this could be the version of an extraterrestrial experimental testing phase that gets mixed into our mythologies so we cannot determine when it began or ended.
If energy is truly information I ask, then could it be a weapon? Could we be herded by the manipulation of disinformation into a stalemate of utter disorientation as a prelude by staging intentional misconceptions?

Your guess is as good as mine and all we have at our disposal is a game of probabilities. If true, then it appears to be working very effectively. if not true..well..you must be the judge of that in terms of our guessing game as we toss the coin up into the air. Jules Verne meets Jacques Vallee.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Roots Of The Paranormal

Emotions Versus Intellect and Liminality

On the surface of our societies organisations, laws, religions and other architectural constructions that frame human relationships there is a counterpoint of chaos, cross purposes, open ended questions and ambiguity mixed with the denial that a great deal of what constitutes order is essentially a series of control systems that are in an odd way remain ad hoc in nature in that they are necessities created by the non existence of the same in our deepest fears that recognize anything and everything can and perhaps will happen through our own psychological weaknesses. One sees this operate in the anti-structure of emotional realms as superimposed on the rational intellect

The Trickster of Structures

One could say that society is based on rituals of initiation based on structures that in of themselves creates a Trickster lodged on the deception of appearances in the laws of human structures. Robert Anton Wilson applied the term of "naive realism " to this Trickster.
Idealism as a repeatable stereotype versus the realities posed by uncertainty characterized by unpredictability. Structure versus anti-structure. Laws based on chaos. One could call this a contest between the imposition of the idealism of legislated realities versus the underpinning of unlimited possibilities that created them. Consensus reality is repeatable, the paranormal is chaotic. One hand is washing the other.
We see this reflected in the goals of science to create a unified field theory that unites the predictable structure of classical physics with the anti-structure of quantum mechanics.

One could call this situation the Tao of the paranormal. In other words, a dynamo. Both are the result of superimposition and yet the separation of one from the other is the crux of investigation. As a result of this
this attempt to separate the two ( structure and anti-structure ) leads to the formulation of camps that reflect this focus on division versus multiplication of effects that are the consequence of entanglement.The extreme partitioning of the whole creates What Gregory Bateson termed a double bind that results in a defensive formulation of erstwhile cults of extreme beliefs one way or the other as to alleviate a conflict. In metaphysics this is known under many terms that acts as a buffer that generically is termed a projected illusion that is turn has another layer which is the finite capabilities of the senses in relation to the formulation of conceptual versus certifiable concepts of reality.

"A double bind is an emotionally distressing dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, in which one message negates the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will automatically be wrong regardless of response. The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it nor opt out of the situation."

Despite these attempts to build social moats around open ended situations, there remains the unpredictable and seemingly random extremes of behavior that surface continually that leave in their wake more questions than answers. The most open ended questions revolve around homicide that represent the genome of chaos in the origins whose effect is the murder of another being. Here we have the prosaic equivalence of what we term the anomalous  which requires a deeper look.

The Post Editorial Nature of Imposing Structure on Open Ended Questions

Nature versus nurture, lost opportunities versus fated circumstance, capital punishment versus lifelong incarceration, desire versus acceptance, outcasts versus the whole of social norms, the end game of capitalism, psychosis versus mediation, emotions versus logic. The list of choices can make for a perfect storm whose effects can last long after the bodies have long since been relegated to the ground. One could say these are a mirror image of what takes place in the anomalous cases of hauntings only it is the living that are haunted, or is it?

While the concept of purgatory as a form of fear inducing control in religious orthodoxy has been erased from the books as a form of punishment in the afterlife, the same remains in the wake of any murder. The Trickster's role in liminality is one of highlighting the limits of structure. While the superimpositions that result from the balancing and imbalance between chaos and order are evident and require nuance we find that in popular opinion, there exist two diametrically opposed camps of belief. The camp of structure versus the camp of anti-structure as a faux architecture. Angels versus Devils as a naive dualism versus the dynamo that propels and unites anomalous manifestations as a superimposition. Both camps assume a pathological desire to control that mimics the behavior of their container which are rules versus chaos, reward versus punishment as a means to make the incommensurable a domesticated and stereotyped form of predictability.

The victims of chaos are as random and as widespread as the reach of human relations bind them together. Again we have the haunting of the living by open ended questions that create an atmosphere of indelible uncertainty that is free floating as well as permanently locking them into could have, should have, would have. Within this perpetual motion of the unassigned possibilities there is an indisputable motive power that seemingly seeks the superimposition of human values onto inconclusive and irresolvable conflicts that are both intellectual and emotional.

One could say this is the axis of anomalous manifestations. The anti-structural nature underlying prosaic and fundamental concepts that are structural and more importantly....human experience as an expression of the consequences wherein these two forces act as a dynamo of life mirrored by what remains after the host has abdicated possession of it onto another medium as a imprint.

The Balancing of Forces

In all of this there is a larger question, the elusiveness of justice in both a concrete and existential sense or if we carry this into a literal church of orthodoxies, we have a deep seated sense of contradictions both obvious and subtle. Open ended questions in the Janus face of what is called morality as an abstracted case of rules that seem to not apply as much as they do both personally and in societal terms despite the architectures created since the time of Moses.

Another factor of haunting shared between both life and death.

The study of the paranormal is the study of what is disconcerting as well as illusive. In my research, the normal and the para-normal are joined at the hip. One could say the former has these questions buried below the surface of the taskng we are assigned to by the necessities of everyday life, but they are none the less present. In the latter they are more the surface itself as chaotic, persistent and as anti-structural.

The intellect is structural whereas emotions are not.

We attempt to apply rationality to the paranormal and come up empty handed. In some sense you have to have a strong stomach to delve into these matters having what is called a strong native psychological constitution. Emotions, I have found, are the basis for the creation of the probability of an anomalous manifestation to occur whether it is a UFO or a ghost as emotional fields of this expression of energy are a carrier wave as well as having a atmosphere conducive to anti-structural expressions.

In carrying this sense that the normal and paranormal are joined at the hip, I have seen one transfer to the other that raises a great deal of issues that are tied to human experience as a causal framework of open ended questions, one that persists beyond the physical death of the subject, which then has it’s own series of questions attached to them much as Shakespeare portrayed similar themes in Hamlet as a causal chain of consequences that play out as an analogy to Newton’s observation of classical physics.

One could say both normal consensus reality and it’s paranormal events of anomalous experiential manifestations pose what could be labelled unanswerable situations and yet perhaps our venturing into taboo areas of human nature serve a nobler cause yet to be determined. Motive, means and opportunity belong to us as an inheritance in the quest for freedom from within.

It is safe to say that the Anomalist, the Fortean, the  Paranormalist do indeed serve a nobler cause that provides no immediate answers yet remains a worthwhile journey regardless of the provocations that suggest otherwise. We press on...on a perhaps a fool's errand while others fall by the wayside and find more practical occupations and yet our quest is far from impractical.