Friday, November 28, 2014

666: Consecutive Numbers and Correlations

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

—Pablo Picasso

I reviewed the role of random number generators within a previous post on the study and use of these devices conducted by Princeton University regarding both the global consciousness and the former study of human and machine interactions. Of course generating numbers operates on the framework of sidereal time which is of course, it happens to be the identical framework of thought that occurs in the mind. The patterns become significant only within the context of sidereal time.

The bottom line is the supposition that human consciousness can produce an ordering of chaos by it’s entanglement in spacetime as an input. Mathematics as a means to compare relationships by quantity that is predictable versus the unpredictable nature of nature itself, and of course the larger nature where all of this takes place is largely a mystery that retains it’s charisma.

I suppose what happens in a fishbowl does not reflect on the residents of the household where the bowl is placed on a shelf or does it?

The machinery of random number generators pits consecutive numbers against their opposite and by reading the output one assumes there is a pattern or consecutive nature of it’s causation, a coherency that also underscores thought processes as consecutive, and yet if these readings derived from the study point out anything, it is the age old question of predictability in a closed system versus one that is open.

Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.

—John von Neumann

This in turn reflects back on the one observing this process as our own lives are to some degree a variable of the predictable and the unpredictable working hand in glove.

One goes back over 2, 000 years ago in the midst of the Roman occupation of Israel and the theological basis of it’s laws which the Roman’s successfully accomplished an end run bypass. The law and belief system at that time forbid the ownership of land by a private party due to the fact that it was believed that no one could own the land possessed by a “supreme being” and the Romans in cahoots with the elders of the religion worked out real estate transactions which were the basis of a huge tumult, amongst many.

So we have a dispute over identical concepts based on ownership in contention and so it is not surprising that an unknown scribe penned what would become a Biblical “Revelation” whose numerical identifier was 666, or if you will, consecutive numbers that were superimposed on a “beast” the beast being the Romans or anyone that tried an end run around this subject of identifying ownership and whose ownership it was presumed to be. Here we have a causation of thought imposed on numbers locked into identifiers and associations within a socio-political contest. Romans versus Israelites.

A collision of conflicting laws. Then again to state the obvious, we layer atop this observation that mathematics is the calculus of laws.

Of course then again so is the nexus of anomalous experiences.

"All parts should go together without forcing. You must remember that the parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Therefore, if you can’t get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do not use a hammer. "

—IBM Manual, 1925

Of course once again thought requires the predictability of consecutive associations and in terms of the anomalous, one interesting and obscure phenomenon is the seemingly strange pattern of consecutive numbers that can occur under certain conditions.

“I frequently undergo periods of repeatedly waking up during the night at a specific time, something I can’t attribute to external factors. It is hard to believe that there is any noise that could occur with such metronomic regularity (e.g. nobody has a milkman that arrives at precisely 4:24am for a number of consecutive nights – approximately 4:25 maybe – but exactly4:24?). As the example of 4:24 suggests, this would not appear to be from an electronic source (e.g. heating) as that wouldn’t be coming on until about an hour and a half later. Perhaps the oddest part is that though I sometimes check the time as soon as I wake up and at other times don’t look at the clock for 5–10 minutes, the time is always the same.

I can recall being struck by a passage in Colin Wilson’s book Alien Dawn where he comments that, while writing the book, he frequently woke up to find that the clock was a run of identical digits (3:33, 4:44 etc.). Eerily, as I was reading the book, I was encount­ering a run of 4:44s and, as this passage is at the back of the book, it was not until I was about to finish it that I realised that I had been encountering the patt­ern described. Wilson discounts pure coincidence or external agency and suggests that as we live in an “information universe” it is his unconscious mind telling him that we can make greater use of our faculties.

I fail to reach any firm conclus­ion. With my rational hat on I am inclined to suggest that our brains do run such a finely tuned neuro­logical clock, but perhaps only during sleep. Such a clock might have been continuously functional in early humans. As we strove to control our world, we invented devices to measure time. Such devices meant that we no longer had to rely on our internal clock and consequently the facility atrophied.

During sleep, however, there are no devices to keep us up to speed with time. Our internal clock wakes up as our body falls asleep. Nature often provides us with remarkable examples of time-keeping, such as regular migrations – so why should humans be any different? My only problem with this theory is that it fails to explain quite why I would wish to wake up repeatedly at 4:24 (or, indeed, just look at my clock at 4:24) for a number of consecutive nights.

I think it’s an indication of mainly hidden relationships between our internal worlds (conscious and subconscious) and the external world. I’m being told something – but I can’t decipher the message. “

I find this case to be typical of oddly arranged correlations between consciousness, thought and consecutive numbers ( either consecutive in pattern or by the arrangement of the numbers themselves) as I have read of and heard directly of individuals who every time they happen to look at a clock, it is a consecutive number like 111, or 222, or 333 etc.

A mathematician is a person who can find analogies between theorems; a better mathematician is one who can see analogies between proofs and the best mathematician can notice analogies between theories. One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies.

—Stefan Banach

What insight does this portend?

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Dialectic Materialism of Bendable Metal

Roswell has resurfaced in the variation of Kodachrome slides being suggested as evidence of extraterrestrial life to be revealed as soon as the various cash transactions, contracts and production arrangements are completed. History is replete with more than enough direct evidence that anytime a predisposing belief is present, those beliefs can be manipulated by others.
More than likely this will be televised as infotainment and as they say, this too shall pass.
The materialistic nature of our society as well as the technocratic context of this mythology has placed  the mysteries of nature into a sideshow, as if the bendable metal that was earlier proclaimed to be a part of this modern day myth, could explain anything other than the fallacies of pathological control systems in the mind .......being projected onto the organisations of national governance, expressed as free floating paranoia.

While certainly the alien or extraterrestrial in this case represents the alienated nature of individuals as an offshoot of existentialism, whose mythologies are literally material whether its bendable metal, a corpse, falsified documents, photo-shopped images, etc, one has to wonder about the absolute lack of insight the purveyors of products have, or have not ,in their possession.
The list of alleged and sell-able products is endless.
It would prove an irony or conversely, an abstraction of an abstraction if these slides of alien corpses prove to be a tourist snap of one of hundreds of sideshows that proliferated during that era, all of whom were usually encased in glass.
A sideshow of a sideshow is probably the result.
Gregory Bateson would probably call "Ufology" a closed system which is self referential. Rich Reynolds advised "You cannot study Ufology with Ufology" Paul Kimball has termed this phenomenon "the Roswell Cult" but this behavioral phenomenon as a quasi religious belief system may require a larger context.

One could call it the Cult of America Inc. In other words, a belief system comprised of  materialism, existentialism, a marketplace of productivity for it's own sake etc are all in the focus of the Roswell Myth as a explanatory metaphor that describes the societal forces that created it.

A corpse in a glass box captured in a 1947 Kodachrome might be a metaphor for "Ufology" itself.
One inverse projection on a reflected surface appears to capture a self portrait of where we stand at the onset of the 21st century.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Normal Versus the Paranormal: Are We Lying Through Our Teeth?

“Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.”
― William S. Burroughs

"Thought can refer to the ideas or arrangements of ideas that result from thinking, the act of producing thoughts, or the process of producing thoughts. Although thought is a fundamental human activity familiar to everyone, there is no generally accepted agreement as to what thought is or how it is created. Thoughts are the result or product of either spontaneous or willed acts of thinking."

This afternoon I am dwelling on a subject that I have tackled before which I think is hidden in our psychology. In other words, a situation that we are deaf dumb and blind to..and the subject is crucial to placing the anomalous in its proper context.

How do we divide the paranormal from the normal? What is the first association I have when I think of the word normal? Predictability. Oddly enough the pointed satires of human societies came to mind from the pen of William Burroughs. "Nova Police" then came to mind as a satire and critique of the self referential nature of the processes of thought requiring conflict as a control system in order to maintain chaos. Certainly a paradoxical proposition but then again, so is the behavior of our societies still split into tribes after the passage of the centuries.

How do we separate the predictable from the unpredictable, the normal from the paranormal? Are accidents random, or in the same vein, what about the meaning of coincidence? The last two musings on the linearity of thought in relation to anomalous events seems to represent two banks of a river.

We are on one side with a strict set of architectures when it comes to the digestion, intake and outcome that originates from the tools we have in processing experiential reality and on the other side it seems that information has the means to organize and propagate itself outside of our own boundaries.

We have our approach to thought as being a form of self identity which the metaphysical world has termed false personality, a false set of self references. There is no Bruce in actuality. It is a distinction of based on a distinction that does an end run around the recognition that the whatever of the whoever this creature represents is also embedded in the whole species and beyond.

The subject becomes an object that does not exist. Sound familiar? The difference between a descriptor and what is being described. Consciousness to a great degree seems skewed by its adaptations to what are essentially unknowns. You can drill down the solidarity of a table to microcosms of quantum flux and still have no identification of anything beyond a sort of myopic perspective that is locally based that uses thought as a means to measure what ultimately is a subjective which we critically assume is objective. We divide consciousness into waking and sleep cycles and one experiential reality is much different than the other and yet the age old question remains, are we under the thrall of autosuggestion in both modes? And this is reinforced by the observation of others on the basis of comparison that reinforces this concept of being awake when we are asleep which is the reason I delve from time to time into metaphysics which not surprisingly perhaps predicted to some extent what physics has discovered that the predictable is unpredictable except when processed through the observer. So what sort of entity is this observer?

No one seems to get around to asking the tough questions.

“Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.”
― William S. Burroughs

Our religions appear to divide by thought as if the source of the transpersonal were composed of human thought that judges makes distinctions as we do and more than that, we can bargain with or please by observing this or that in order to be rewarded or...punished. The Middle East is a good example of religion at work that utilizes the divisions of thought as literally warfare...physical combat.

One species can have variables that are reflected in the divisions of thought, or classification systems that are incomplete as a recognition ,not simply as a term and so we focus on divisors, which in turn originate in ourselves as somehow being one and the same with the processes of thought, separate and distinct whereas our species is as far from a closed system as one can imagine such a situation to be. Time is the construct of comparisons and our comparisons are based on thought which is linear, and so how do we approach the anomalous which violates our senses by not conforming to predictability and causality? We seem to be poor arbiters of what constitutes the realities that lurk behind thought, that thought is an effect, a means and not a source of origination. It seems we need to be reoriented. And of course there are countless paths by which we become or can become imprinted by and assuming we have changed by replacing one set of thinking with another, with the illusion in mind that its all one in the same methodology of thought reinforcing our identification with it as it being at the crux of what we may be, whereas there seems to be evidence that this is not so.

“Language is a virus from outer space”
― William S. Burroughs

If information is energy and energy being an expression of information where does that leave thought in terms of how we transform energy by self organisation? It is strictly channeled by divisions.

Whereas the recombinant nature of the paranormal points out that our species operates in one way and in nature in another as a division or distinction that underlines our psychology, or what Gurdjieff termed psychology which he said was actually the study of abnormal psychology.

Upside down is a good metaphor for our approaches to issues of the anomalous.

Back to the concept of accidents and coincidences that highlight our means of predicting by measurement which ultimately fails us. We are fearful of anti-structure, even go so far as to term it demonic or manipulative whereas it may be our structures are the issue and are a cause of a great deal of whats wrong with this portrait of the human world as it stands, inasmuch as we have carried on a tradition of lying to ourselves as this is what we are taught.

Of course I am not suggesting we do away with thought which would be surrealistic to say the least but rather place it in it's proper context, otherwise, how can we ever place the anomalous in it's proper context?

Perhaps as Burroughs suggested, the products of thought as they are currently constructed are an addiction....and an artifice whose chickens have come home to roost.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

UAP, Non Linear Dimensionality and Thought.

Can we deduct what UAP is not by observing the nature of the observer?
UAP is non linear. What do we mean by this? Human thought is linear, time is created by thought and its distinctions and so time is not linear as we “think” it is. we live in a bubble of thought, or so it seems. We go from location to location and cannot grasp the map so to speak. Science acknowledges this. 
We cannot acknowledge that time is not linear and has no characteristics we are unfamiliar with because we are creatures of linearity, full of divisions, comparisons, associations, etc by way of thought which is linear. We draw distinctions and create time as we have framed it, whereas the evidence seems to indicate this phenomenon draws no such distinctions as it is not a phenomenon of linear time as we have constructed it by the nature of thought. It is outside of our bubble.
Looking at the evidence I began to realize it creates no distinctions whereas we do toward it’s manifestations and what are the results..they are as varied as there are human beings so to speak. 

Also our theories based on linearity have no basis in being measurable by our own standards . What does this evidence tell us about this phenomenon?

It is not human, it does not exist in our field of time by thought nor does it “think” by division. 

We cannot imagine being without thought, as we assume we would perish...therefore we assume we need this or that as bargaining chips, religions , etc and we cannot imagine existence without it as we assume we are what we think and so we become what we think as we envision ourselves as a critical and incorrect assumption. The one who analyses is the analysis. 

We model everything on the content of thought which is incomplete, therefore  analysis is incomplete. we are afraid of this acknowledgement of incompleteness because we identify what we are... with thought…..., our assumption that thought is like an object subject to accident, destruction etc because we think we are in possession of it but it possesses us in a way we are blind to. It is a carrier, nothing more and a maladjusted one at that in orientation. UAP has had projected upon it everything but the kitchen sink. nothing sticks to it. It is a distinction not appended by thought as it is non linear. Or so it seems.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Metalogistics Of A Provocation

Jacques Vallee has suggested that UAP could be a control system of reinforcement and while this may be so, why is it anti-structural? Is it's control system a form of the opposite nature of ordering as we define it? Does it have a metalogical basis in superimposing a paradoxical metamorphosis of our markers? Is this the abstraction of what already is considered control logic in order to form a basis of comparison by establishing relationships? Is the end game a reformulation of consensus reality whose purpose is to reorient the basis of a hidden illogical equation that has become a totem? That is to say, the nature of thought in of itself?

"We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning." - Werner Heisenberg

This is a fulcrum for the forensics of a possibility that Vallee has conjectured in his analysis of UAP, which is, it's manifestations are representations of a non human intelligence.

An Interstatial Between A and B
Materialization is a word fraught with difficulties. Material compared to what? Is atmosphere in of itself, not material? Is a wooden table actually a solid? According to Einstein, a wooden table is not a solid. Is thought a form of materialization? We can see it through the activity of neurons by specialized instruments. And so UAP could be considered a form of materialization.

"There is no reason why an extraphysical general principle is necessarily to be avoided, since such principles could conceivably serve as useful working hypotheses. For the history of scientific research is full of examples in which it was very fruitful indeed to assume that certain objects or elements might be real, long before any procedures were known which would permit them to be observed directly." -David Bohmn

What can we compare these UAP materialization to, as in the previous examples? The difficulties of an ontology. They appear to be solid and yet are not according to their behavior by way of our senses. Unlike quantum entanglement that seeks to predict interaction, they , as manifestations are unpredictable at this point.. Can we trust our senses to determine whether they are solids or not? Is a prediction of their manifestation possible that causes their effects on our senses?

In all of these examples that concern prediction, how do we discern between a causation and effect? Are they equals from a certain perspective as in the image seen in a mirror appearing alike but decidedly very different ? Does causation move in a linear fashion? Maybe not. All of these are interstatial issues. What is between A and B? This space between seems to be a beehive of activity that remains elusive. Some like to call it dark energy which supposedly has a greater energy that in what we are able to measure by direct detection, according to these theories. And so is UAP relevant to these issues? Is UAP a signet similar to a living codex?
I think thats very likely in terms of what is between A and B.

In a recent post I conjectured that they are an energy exchange as an example of what is between A and B. Possibly one from another dimensional space which may illustrate an exchange that is formulated by the archetypes it creates when it encounters the finite nature of thought which, is always incomplete, must have an association, a reason, a purpose . Those who go deeper and deeper into one question that leads to another, soon realises thought cannot become what it is not when faced with the incommensurable. Thought cannot reform thought to become something other than thought. Its as if this phenomenon is teaching us a lesson we have yet to grasp that is both charismatic and liminal to rationality. The alphabets of human beings has a very finite set of relationships in counting based on a calculus of references that are full of holes that are what is between A and B.
All of this concerns epistemology, which is the discernment between the justification of a belief based on knowledge from simple opinion. Yet we observe many many opinions concerning UAP, which to most of us is a given.
They occur in the atmosphere where energy is transformed from solar to atmospheric to water to earth to minerals to rocks to metals….then of course there are living creatures which also exchange energy, men exchange all of this there is no one thing, as a Buddhist said, that we can point to and say, thats it, that the nexus….everything is an extension of everything else and what is not a thing and the hopelessness of thought to encompass what cannot be compared is called crazy wisdom, a journey through every archetype of human being, the expert, the skeptic, the believer in this or that which is the journey of the Holy Fool in it’s esoteric metaphor. 

“A book is more than a verbal structure or series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue it establishes with its reader and the intonation it imposes upon his voice and the changing and durable images it leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

A riddance of the delusions of thought as rational calculations that are infallible and we look around us at that same fallibility hidden behind every cruelty, the suffering, the hunger..What have we here are totems of the sacred, which is human rationality as the tool maker. Yet, there are less than a handful of scientific skeptics toward the veracity of our knowledge base, who question the calculus of logic as it's currently formulated. Here is one;

The Sacred and The Taboo
When I first began blogging on this subject a friend suggested I was describing what he called God’s game. Which God is a totem, a subject that becomes an object of the human being as a tool maker who mimics and borrows by the observation of a nature he cannot fully understand as thought is presently constituted? 

In his book "Crazy Wisdom", the Tibetan Chögyam Trungpa describes the phenomenon as a process of spiritual or charismatic discovery where the architecture of logic becomes exposed as lacking as a coherent explanation for experiential reality:

"Instead we explore further and further and further without looking for an answer. [...] We don't make a big point or an answer out of any one thing. For example, we might think that because we have discovered one particular thing that is wrong with us, that must be it, that must be the problem, that must be the answer. No. We don't fixate on that, we go further. "Why is that the case?" We look further and further. We ask: "Why is this so?" Why is there spirituality? Why is there awakening? Why is there this moment of relief? Why is there such a thing as discovering the pleasure of spirituality? Why, why, why?" We go on deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper, until we reach the point where there is no answer. [...] At that point we tend to give up hope of an answer, or of anything whatsoever, for that matter. [...] This hopelessness is the essence of crazy wisdom. It is hopeless, utterly hopeless."

Here is another perspective within this issue of the non logical nature of what appears to be the anti-structural elements of the phenomenon.
Ibn Al Arabi one of the fundamental metaphysical influences on Sufism referred to what Jacques Vallee has termed the incommensurable nature of this exchange, in his theological examination of relationships, which could be construed from an agnostic point of view , an accurate representation of the effects these manifestations of a phenomenon portray...projections of an imaginal realm which encompasses robots, spacemen, blond Venusians, reptilian humanoids, gnomes, moths, on and on..
One could say what has been encountered is a superimpositioning of semiotics through archetypes taken out of their context, rearranged as in the quantum information seemingly randomized in a state of dreaming. For those of us with a modicum of discernment realize that if we substitute the loaded term God with a non human intelligence, and rid ourselves of these imprinted associations, Arabi's observations become a potential illustration of the transactional nature of these encounters.....His term for the fulcrum of what is observed is "Active Imagination."

"By the fact that He is the coincidentia oppositorum. Corbin's commentary: . . . the entire universe of worlds is at once He and not-He (huwa la huwa). The God manifested in forms is at once Himself and other than Himself, for since He is manifested, He is the limited which has no limit, the visible which cannot be seen. This manifestation is neither perceptible nor verifiable by the sensory faculties; discursive reason rejects it. It is perceptible only by the Active Imagination (Hadrat al-Khayal...) at times when it dominates man's sense perceptions, in dreams or better still in the waking state (in the state characteristic of the gnostic when he departs from the consciousness of sensuous things). In short, a mystic perception (dhawq) is required. To perceive all forms as epiphanic forms (mazahir), that is, to perceive through the figures which they manifest and which are the eternal hexeities, that they are other than the Creator and nevertheless that they are He, is precisely to effect the encounter, the coincidence, between God's descent toward the creature and the creature's ascent toward the Creator. The "place" of this encounter is not outside the Creator-Creature totality, but is the area within it which corresponds specifically to the Active Imagination, in the manner of a bridge joining the two banks of a river. The crossing itself is essentially a hermeneutics of symbols, a method of understanding which transmutes sensory data and rational concepts into symbols (mazahir) by making them effect this crossing."

What is taboo and what is sacred? Human rationality and its illusionary almost dreamlike quality becomes crystal clear. Thought as a totem at the behest of the logic and rationality that eludes completeness and practiced by cross purposes in the behavior of it’s sciences. What UAP may be perhaps beside the point of a game for which there are only the markers we can observe, not knowing the squares upon which our pieces are placed in a checkmate. The message may be through a mirror of our mediumship where a strange inversion takes place in thought, as if to say thought as a medium is incomplete and not surprisingly to our sciences, the very possibility that this is so is taboo. Yes, all of this is upside down, presented as illogic in a purposeful way and yet we have not even the faintest clue as to the inverse of our own maths by which we determine epistemology What does that say to us? 
What is this message lost in translation? It is a purposeful chaos that as tool makers we have yet to utilize let alone recognize as its metalogic speaks to us.

"What we mean by information — the elementary unit of information — is a difference which makes a difference, and it is able to make a difference because the neural pathways along which it travels and is continually transformed are themselves provided with energy. The pathways are ready to be triggered. We may even say that the question is already implicit in them."
-Gregory Bateson

The Game Theory of Upside Down Ordering
It may be both an effect and a causation at once that reverses the roles of dissonance and chaos. That what is seen as order is chaos and what is chaos is of another order yet to be realised and human thought requires a challenge, a provocation, a clear evidence that this game we have rigged requires some tinkering, some adjustment, some reorientation.
Do we need more evidence that this is so? Can we self verify the veracity of this relationship by observing the human environment?
Game theory is competitive yet requires cooperation and would we cooperate to compete against this challenge if not provoked by a manifestation outside of our own? I think not.
Thought is being challenged without the zero sum of either absolution or judgement. This is difficult for many to grasp. Perhaps we could best call UAP an influence that is more complex and advanced by running rings around us to demonstrate that we have a great deal to learn despite our own opinions or as they say the epistemology of our architectures as both a cause and effect that is literally killing us.
Maybe so….maybe not. I leave that up to you as always as I continue to wonder as I wander.



For Gene

I met Gene Clark a long time ago in a bar and we shared some conversation about railroads and in his case, The Kansas City Southern.. I bought the next round. Some folks you meet instill a sense and feeling as though you had always known them. Gene was one of them. 

We both came of age in the prairies...a land of grasslands, lone tree hills and creeks.
Gene by that time was playing small venues, living out of a suitcase.
Lest you get the impression that I thought or did think Gene was a lost soul. I don't.......unless I consider that we all are.
A sincere, troubled and gifted songwriter, plain spoken with that Midwesterner’s sense of being restless and grounded at the same time. Largely forgotten, underrated but in the final analysis, none of that matters to yours truly.  Whether we travel to other worlds, live in our imaginations, walk down a busy sidewalk or sit while in our own company lost in our own thoughts, we are always in transit between contingencies, moving between places we give this name or that name to.

I wrote that last post with Gene in mind as well as having left home as a teenager to see where that road ended and of course, it never did nor do I assume it will although I must be honest in saying, I just don’t know. Gene never ventured off it in search of something he nor I could probably ever define.
I settled while Gene did not live long enough to tie himself to what we could call a compromise either with himself or with this world.

Guesses, suspicions, landmarks, tipping points, stalling out or in high velocity while the same two legs and feet remain glued like yours to wherever I happen to find myself either by choice or by happenstance. So this temporary post is for Gene, wherever he may be now or if he’s nowhere at all. Again, in the end, that's not what matters. I too remember places and there is more than one kind…..

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Others

Perhaps it is a strange fellowship that navigates the sea of space as well as being inhabitants of distant communities, much as in the centuries past where local communities isolated from one another faced similar puzzles only variegated by the adaptations necessary to suit a variety of ecological settings
We focus on the harvesting and presumption of ownership toward natural resources, plant,mineral, vertebrate, invertebrate,bacterial etc. Another resource that falls into this presumption are our fellow members of our own species. We project this upon “the other” as a inadvertent mirror, self referential and intimately familiar.

We seek visions of ourselves in what we project what these others may be in their nature by confusing knowledge with intelligence, as if we presume they came upon us their technology would provide us with a variety of solutions in of themselves and yet, on the surface of this world, we have made an error in the divisiveness of our uniqueness and that uniqueness would make us an object of an exceptional form of distinction to the others. Perhaps not.

Uniqueness may not be an arbiter in this case, it may be we share a common heritage that is not genetic. In think Joseph Conrad pinned this relationship between ourselves as young inexperienced captains of a ship and our visitors would be stowaways searching for something and in this we would have a lot in common.

I think a visitor here unlike ourselves knows that,we too are visitors in another sense. Our issue is the nature of thought itself and to somehow find a way to see ourselves as we are ….not as we imagine ourselves to be. We own nothing but what we are given. Perhaps these are common issues.
A visitor would see what we have been given without what we have been given requiring what thought says must have a reason.
A visitor ( perhaps) would say life is bootstrapping ourselves between beauty and threats like all of this planetary nature, the only exception being  our race achieving a balance between choice and humility.
I don’t think , nor do they perhaps, that our situation is unique in that sense. I think a visitor older and wiser than ourselves would appreciate this as well as what is incommensurable in the self evidence of nature. Perhaps our visitors are much like the character in the plot of Conrad’s The Secret Sharer like Leggatt, the stowaway on another’s vessel.

Nature’s  beauty in always adapting under what would seem, in certain places, impossible habitats, like the undersea vents spewing what for us are poisonous gases, bacterial life within us, all of this driven by our nearest star in a vacuum of space. One would be tempted to say a visitor would comment we have grown blind to just how miraculous all of this is, how unappreciative we are and yet...who would not be drawn into this with a sense of wonderment, regardless of circumstances? 

Both others and ourselves in a gravitational field of realm without boundaries falsely misaligned in our own thoughts as  perhaps seen by others as local, finite, with a competing series of monarchies ruled by the fallacies of thought’s finite knowledge arrayed in a spectrum of fantasies to be overcome, and yet evolution would seem to suggest the others may have found themselves in a similar quandary not yet prepared to balance the dreams of thought in whatever form so different from ourselves, and yet in a bootstrapping effort found a sincere reflection of what they represent as part of the whole yet knowing that knowledge is not intelligence. 

This cannot be taught, it must be experienced and while our questions may differ, I suggest to you that their questions are as open as our own.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Absence of Dialog

The absence of any dialog in discussion of the exploration of anomalous experiential events puzzles me when it comes to the material I have posted here. Thirty percent of the readership
spends more than a hour per visit reading this material. Promoting the exchange of ideas was one of the chief motivating factors in continuing this effort.
The old saying two heads are better than one when it comes to resolving or studying a phenomenon seems to be a common sense strategy. I know that some readers visit daily if not more frequently.
I have made a concerted effort to make the writing style used to express these concepts more lucid which was in response and consideration to well taken critiques concerning style over substance.
This is not a subject focused on popularity as in my view, the popularity of one sort of content versus another has absolutely nothing in common with it’s ability to promote ideas that represent an opportunity to explore difficult issues. That is to say, the value of the content versus it’s popularity do not, if seldom coincide.
I have also taken the step to avoid adding images as the assertion of images draws individuals seeking images not content and so consequently I know full well  in advance that this decision represents a decline in visitors but this is not the point of this exercise.
Another self motivating factor in making the effort to write these short essays was to cover aspects of subjects not covered elsewhere. Therefore I perhaps wrongly assumed it would give others a platform to do the same from the perspective of a minority view,
As long time readers know , from time to time I have suspended publication under the impression that this effort failed and that placing further energy into it detracted from my other interests that produced results whereas, the evidence of a lack of dialog here suggested there was an absence of it.
Feedback in terms of covering one subject over others is also absent. Criticism is also absent as well as suggestions, or the extension of any of the theoretical concepts that are explored here.
What should I conclude?
Some acquaintances suggested that I enjoy writing as an expression and \ or past time and so consequently I will continue this blog or should continue in ny event. However I could write on other subjects but I sincerely believe there is something more important buried in the subjects covered here than my love of music, the arts in general and antique restoration as well as history and the preservation movement.
I already know my own proclivities and suspicions in regard to some of the topics covered here yet I have tried to underline them with the proviso while that is true, I don’t know anything more than anyone else. Being lauded is beside the point.
The lack of dialog here remains a mystery. I am definitely not seeking an admiration club as I do not require one to maintain my curiosity in these subjects nor do have an evangelistic urge to convert anyone to any one concept as I am as many of you know I am also self skeptical.
In spite of the absence of discussion on these topics, I continue to wonder as i wander within this transit through life while it’s lack of response in the form of an exchange of ideas remains a mystery.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Failure of Ufology By The Psychology of Thought

The striking and long term failure of Ufology to perceive UAP has been a success in underlining a deeper issue that is a mirror to other centuries old conflicting schools of dogmas as a psychological series of safety zones to attempt to bury contradictions by deafness toward other possibilities that avoid a sense of deeply buried and free floating anxiety toward the unknown.

This fear, tribalism, fantasy prone territorial prerogative is literally genetic and it is reinforced bt the processes of thought  as it is constituted by various forms of genetic social and biological imprinting.

The success of it’s aim would have been a series of further utter failures that will create a compounding of confusion that nullify a serious discussion.

What is the difference between the failure of any cogent theory as a success and success as a failure that is derived from a recognition that our conditioning has prevented the utilization of intelligence blocked by the processes of thought itself?

The failure of Ufology is due to the conditioning of thought by memory based on the incomplete knowledge base of thought itself ......and thought as a nexus of analysis creates fragmentation that originates in the individual based on the inability of thought to resolve the problems it creates.

No one can resolve the the problem of UAP by evangelical processes based on the deeply buried failures of thought when intelligence is not freed from previous imprinting.

The concept that thought can change itself by the use of thought by it’s divisional processes will create more divisions due to it’s incomplete knowledge and it will always err as it is due to memory and memory is simply conditioning based on errors due to incomplete knowledge.

All thought is based on the past in memory.  What has been the result of using thought in the aforementioned manner to resolve the issues UAP raises?

The result is conflict due to conditioning whose basis of knowledge is arising from the flawed process of thought which is incomplete in its knowledge.

We avoid recognition of this failure as a result and want to avoid conflict in a denial of our own ignorance arising from the incompleteness of our memory based that came from the past that results in fantasies, sublimation, doctrines, cults belief systems all applied to avoid the issues of the thought process itself which blocks the mind of intelligence from the programming of the brain which is computationally based on incomplete knowledge whose cognition avoids it’s ownership.

This is related to self knowledge and not that self knowledge is an abstraction or the illusion of thought becoming something else or thought reforming itself based on the past. Self knowledge is the ownership of knowing what one does which is not separated by idealism, or the self comfort of avoidance that results in end runs around it.

This has been startlingly demonstrated and as I said in the past the practice and behavior of Ufology mirrors the larger society it has been conditioned by.

Thought is a player piano based completely in the past which has created more problems as it attempts to resolve past issues due to the incompleteness that is the nature of thought as memory as a program that constructs what we call knowledge by faulty calculation. 

The destruction of the natural world or nearly every scientific discovery being used for warfare is clear evidence that thought creates the illusion of resolving the problems it creates using the same processes that failed by the belief in the illusion of movement when, in fact, it has not moved.
It exists in the past.

This state of thought and its anticipations I call movement of thought toward “becoming” as psychological evolution that I just stated in the previous sentence are named by metaphysics as the illusion or dream state of human consciousness.

This applies to the study of UAP where the mind is blocked by the brain and intelligence is locked out.

There is no ownership of this fallacy due to the fact that one’s own safety zone or security is under the illusion that we do not all share essentially the same characteristics psychologically and yet our imprinting based on the fragmentation of surface appearances give the illusion we are separate entities and this is projected upon the observable chief characteristics of UAP separated from similar experiential anomalies.

Again, thought is a fragmentary process based on incomplete knowledge. 

Prejudice is another effect that comes from fragmenting processes creating conflict between communities ( paranormal , Ufology or otherwise) due to requiring a buffer zone that blocks ownership of the self knowledge that our knowledge base is incomplete that promotes psychological buffers toward the unknown. Tribalism is another mirror of the psychological results of incomplete knowledge. Skeptics versus believers operate identically in this matrix as a dipole of a identical psychological process. Idealists and the nihilists have no distinction between them in terms of the issues of thought itself and how it is constructed that they utilize by rote memory that is incomplete.

All of the above is communicated by what I call pseudo language like UFO as an object when we don’t own the fact that we do not know that it  is a material object The other alternatives threaten conformity which is the basis of education that results in what is called consensus reality.  

The only remedy is to own our fallacies to gain self knowledge as well as to use intelligence divorced from conditioning that arises in the brain and so one can inform the other and vice versa..the mind as not being received by the brain as I defined the mind as that open and silent perception that is unconditioned.

Krishnamurti pinned this option when he observed that the truth is a pathless land.

No one has either the patience or the desire to hear this whether it is in Ufology or in the seats of global power. But this does not matter in the context of this essay. The unconditioned does have an influence on that which is and it is not by thought processes. Again think of the nature of UAP and its absolute characteristic of deconstructing, challenging and eluding how our thought processes operate psychologically.

One could say that if we took the conceptual model of a complete negation of this psychology of human thought posed as logic and projected it upon an advanced non human species, I think it would be safe to surmise the conclusions they would consider if our social milieu were ever monitored.

Monday, October 27, 2014

UAP as Extra Dimensional Energy Exchanges

If we consider ( as in the case of Jacques Vallee ) that energy and information are a Janus face of the same phenomenon, what if we add the dimensions of spacetime to his theory and the varying behaviors of energy \ information to this? Is there an exchange of this nature between dimensions of spacetime? In the last essay, I explored the concept of UAP as a transactional exchange of energy and information.  In his pioneering book entitled “Spacetime Transients” ( the link for which a free copy can be obtained is in another post) Dr Persinger considered much the same concept terming it “extra-solar influence”.Rather than enter the increasingly complex abstractions of eleven dimensions, lets settle on five dimensions for the sake of conjecture.
You might recall that in the last essay, among the chief characteristics of UAP are high levels of radiant energy, ground trace effects from possibly the ultraviolet range, buzzing and explosion like ambient sound, radiation illnesses, and a resulting effect on information processing in the witnesses to name a few of these features. Some of you may be familiar with the theories behind so called wormholes and black holes.
In the original Kaluza-Klein theory from the 1920s, had five spacetime dimensions, and prior to this, the Russian Mathematician PD Ouspensky, among others, popularised the concept of four dimensions, the fourth being space time. Of course, with the varying dimensions of space time, there are differing behaviors of various manifestations of energy for each dimension.
 The underlying five dimensional spacetime to four dimensions only has theoretically only one kind of force: a gravitational force. But the four dimensional spacetime that is seen at large distances appears to have three kinds of forces: a gravitational and an electromagnetic and a scalar force. Scalar energy is constituted by wave behavior in which waves of this energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) by expansion and contraction rather than "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, etc. Rather than modulating in 3-dimensions they exist in non material,non physical  space time. This is one way of making a unified theory -- deriving all the other forces from the higher-dimensional modes of the graviton. What is a graviton? Simply put ,in physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation by transversing three dimensions in the framework of quantum field theory.  In other words, in all this seeming complexity there is a both a modulation and transformation of how energy manifests between the dimensions of spacetime.
Could the high energy atmospheric membranes seen as globes, globs or orbs be the result of such extra dimensional energy exchanges in the atmosphere?

The simple answer is I don’t know but I continue to wonder as I wander.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Layers of An Onion

What are the chief characteristics of UAP?

  1. It has a localized high energy field and is conducted by the atmosphere.
  2. It is cyclic and transient.
  3. It affects the information processing of witnesses
  4. It contracts sidereal time / space according to the proximity of the observer.
  5. It can be evidenced by trace ground effects according to it’s proximity.
  6. In its undifferentiated state it is globular or orb like.
  7. It can affect the gravitational field
  8. Because they appear as three dimensional objects, they are assumed to be so although their behavior suggests they are not. In other words they have extra dimensional characteristics that suggest they are not solid objects. For example they have been witnessed to move through solid objects.
  9. Localized ambient sounds from explosive to a high frequency hum.

A Societal End Run

Much conjecture has been developed over the decades based on conceptual models that are variants of familiar stereotypes based on what appears to be the projections that are induced by the observers internal associations of a phenomenon that is “alien” whether it is time travelers from our own future, extraterrestrials in a dizzying amount of variety, robotic probes, dwarfs, pseudo Nazi’s, gremlins, etc. Naturally, the same applies to the appearance of the vessels whose variations are too lengthy to list here.
Then there is the reinforcement of a cultural influence that predominates the 21st Century which is the saturation of entertainment as a focal point and counterbalance to the surface tensioning of contradictions inherent in civilization. An escape route or buffer if you like.
All of this is underpinned for the human need for the magical or charismatic which, in turn, provides a basis for questions revolving around truth in relation to garden variety reality. The psychological component of societal influences is like the layers of the onion which on the surface creates imaginal fantasies that are reinforced by the effects of UAP. This sort of spiritual yellow journalism is propped up by a lucrative industry that sells inference and suggestion.
At it’s most pronounced effects, we have dialectical materialism that is practiced by the Roswell adherents who have utterly failed to produce anything resembling a coherent scenario by reading the entrails of their fellow creatures behavior. Their material is sliced and diced so often that scenarios come and go like the seasons.

Lost Time: Thought Information and Spacial Relations

Heres the problem......the phenomenon of thought fragments experience and relies on memory of the past and consciousness is more than computations. This post is an addendum to the last which expressed the concept as conjecture that UAP is a force of nature rather than a visitation by "others."

Time or more accurately, space has no now. If not, where exactly is now? Without going into a lengthy explanation that no one would care about anyway, the best UAP could do is what the phenomenon does which is to borrow, mimic and yet gets the context wrong. It has no memory. Its consistency at best is very short term. It does not understand purpose in the same manner we do. In terms of exploration using AI, once again we are trying to do some mimicking of our own. To mimic nature from the outside looking in. One minor problem, we don’t know what consciousness is. The phenomenon represents more than robots or extraterrestrials. To my mind, that’s foolish.  
One more thing. Thought creates time. Put that in the context of missing time which is another characteristic based on the randomness of proximity to this thing. The closer you get, sidereal time becomes contracted and time is “lost” That indicates to me a process that can manipulate intentionally or unintentionally thought and time as an equation. The issue is it has no memory, it borrows and simulates experience to override our own simulations and simultaneously uses them. The inside becomes the outside and vice versa. These are not examples of a transient psychosis or simple hallucinations. And that includes “robots.” or “extraterrestrials”Something much more exotic and much more strange. 

A Parasitic Hook Baited With Deconstructions

Space craft are only vehicles and they do not run on consciousness as fuel but this nexus of manifestation does. To say it is mechanical or even a form of AI is simply our own borrowing from a hermetically sealed lexicon.
Like or similar to….fails us. Without memory nothing can be controlled. What can be created by this nexus is the creation of memory of events without a context that is applicable to our thought processes. 
At best, it opens a space. What enters that space, or, what leaves that space? Information as energy as an exchange but if the actor has no memory and yet creates the same in us, does it use us for it’s a mosquito on your arm?  To what end? 
It seems to be more of a isthmus much as we are are bridging some unimaginable gap. A gap that requires transference. The human mind requires engagement which translates to being entertained. At its crudest level it is television, a play but it runs much deeper, buried in us as a driver. 

Perhaps it is the energy of consciousness as information that has a parallel in a strange ecology ......a food just as we use digestive consumption and transform crude materials into the biological energy of thought. Can we be prone to a parasitic nexus that does not want to destroy its form of sustenance while feeding upon it? 
Its feeding cycle is transient like our own that runs on a unknown from of metabolism….but always comes back for more….sooner or later.
The hook is information borrowed from the fish and what is caught is energy from the fish. A renewable ecology of a pathological borrower.
But to what end?
Aye there's the rub................