Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Failure of Ufology By The Psychology of Thought

The striking and long term failure of Ufology to perceive UAP has been a success in underlining a deeper issue that is a mirror to other centuries old conflicting schools of dogmas as a psychological series of safety zones to attempt to bury contradictions by deafness toward other possibilities that avoid a sense of deeply buried and free floating anxiety toward the unknown.

This fear, tribalism, fantasy prone territorial prerogative is literally genetic and it is reinforced bt the processes of thought  as it is constituted by various forms of genetic social and biological imprinting.

The success of it’s aim would have been a series of further utter failures that will create a compounding of confusion that nullify a serious discussion.

What is the difference between the failure of any cogent theory as a success and success as a failure that is derived from a recognition that our conditioning has prevented the utilization of intelligence blocked by the processes of thought itself?

The failure of Ufology is due to the conditioning of thought by memory based on the incomplete knowledge base of thought itself ......and thought as a nexus of analysis creates fragmentation that originates in the individual based on the inability of thought to resolve the problems it creates.

No one can resolve the the problem of UAP by evangelical processes based on the deeply buried failures of thought when intelligence is not freed from previous imprinting.

The concept that thought can change itself by the use of thought by it’s divisional processes will create more divisions due to it’s incomplete knowledge and it will always err as it is due to memory and memory is simply conditioning based on errors due to incomplete knowledge.

All thought is based on the past in memory.  What has been the result of using thought in the aforementioned manner to resolve the issues UAP raises?

The result is conflict due to conditioning whose basis of knowledge is arising from the flawed process of thought which is incomplete in its knowledge.

We avoid recognition of this failure as a result and want to avoid conflict in a denial of our own ignorance arising from the incompleteness of our memory based that came from the past that results in fantasies, sublimation, doctrines, cults belief systems all applied to avoid the issues of the thought process itself which blocks the mind of intelligence from the programming of the brain which is computationally based on incomplete knowledge whose cognition avoids it’s ownership.

This is related to self knowledge and not that self knowledge is an abstraction or the illusion of thought becoming something else or thought reforming itself based on the past. Self knowledge is the ownership of knowing what one does which is not separated by idealism, or the self comfort of avoidance that results in end runs around it.

This has been startlingly demonstrated and as I said in the past the practice and behavior of Ufology mirrors the larger society it has been conditioned by.

Thought is a player piano based completely in the past which has created more problems as it attempts to resolve past issues due to the incompleteness that is the nature of thought as memory as a program that constructs what we call knowledge by faulty calculation. 

The destruction of the natural world or nearly every scientific discovery being used for warfare is clear evidence that thought creates the illusion of resolving the problems it creates using the same processes that failed by the belief in the illusion of movement when, in fact, it has not moved.
It exists in the past.

This state of thought and its anticipations I call movement of thought toward “becoming” as psychological evolution that I just stated in the previous sentence are named by metaphysics as the illusion or dream state of human consciousness.

This applies to the study of UAP where the mind is blocked by the brain and intelligence is locked out.

There is no ownership of this fallacy due to the fact that one’s own safety zone or security is under the illusion that we do not all share essentially the same characteristics psychologically and yet our imprinting based on the fragmentation of surface appearances give the illusion we are separate entities and this is projected upon the observable chief characteristics of UAP separated from similar experiential anomalies.

Again, thought is a fragmentary process based on incomplete knowledge. 

Prejudice is another effect that comes from fragmenting processes creating conflict between communities ( paranormal , Ufology or otherwise) due to requiring a buffer zone that blocks ownership of the self knowledge that our knowledge base is incomplete that promotes psychological buffers toward the unknown. Tribalism is another mirror of the psychological results of incomplete knowledge. Skeptics versus believers operate identically in this matrix as a dipole of a identical psychological process. Idealists and the nihilists have no distinction between them in terms of the issues of thought itself and how it is constructed that they utilize by rote memory that is incomplete.

All of the above is communicated by what I call pseudo language like UFO as an object when we don’t own the fact that we do not know that it  is a material object The other alternatives threaten conformity which is the basis of education that results in what is called consensus reality.  

The only remedy is to own our fallacies to gain self knowledge as well as to use intelligence divorced from conditioning that arises in the brain and so one can inform the other and vice versa..the mind as not being received by the brain as I defined the mind as that open and silent perception that is unconditioned.

Krishnamurti pinned this option when he observed that the truth is a pathless land.

No one has either the patience or the desire to hear this whether it is in Ufology or in the seats of global power. But this does not matter in the context of this essay. The unconditioned does have an influence on that which is and it is not by thought processes. Again think of the nature of UAP and its absolute characteristic of deconstructing, challenging and eluding how our thought processes operate psychologically.

One could say that if we took the conceptual model of a complete negation of this psychology of human thought posed as logic and projected it upon an advanced non human species, I think it would be safe to surmise the conclusions they would consider if our social milieu were ever monitored.

Monday, October 27, 2014

UAP as Extra Dimensional Energy Exchanges

If we consider ( as in the case of Jacques Vallee ) that energy and information are a Janus face of the same phenomenon, what if we add the dimensions of spacetime to his theory and the varying behaviors of energy \ information to this? Is there an exchange of this nature between dimensions of spacetime? In the last essay, I explored the concept of UAP as a transactional exchange of energy and information.  In his pioneering book entitled “Spacetime Transients” ( the link for which a free copy can be obtained is in another post) Dr Persinger considered much the same concept terming it “extra-solar influence”.Rather than enter the increasingly complex abstractions of eleven dimensions, lets settle on five dimensions for the sake of conjecture.
You might recall that in the last essay, among the chief characteristics of UAP are high levels of radiant energy, ground trace effects from possibly the ultraviolet range, buzzing and explosion like ambient sound, radiation illnesses, and a resulting effect on information processing in the witnesses to name a few of these features. Some of you may be familiar with the theories behind so called wormholes and black holes.
In the original Kaluza-Klein theory from the 1920s, had five spacetime dimensions, and prior to this, the Russian Mathematician PD Ouspensky, among others, popularised the concept of four dimensions, the fourth being space time. Of course, with the varying dimensions of space time, there are differing behaviors of various manifestations of energy for each dimension.
 The underlying five dimensional spacetime to four dimensions only has theoretically only one kind of force: a gravitational force. But the four dimensional spacetime that is seen at large distances appears to have three kinds of forces: a gravitational and an electromagnetic and a scalar force. Scalar energy is constituted by wave behavior in which waves of this energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) by expansion and contraction rather than "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, etc. Rather than modulating in 3-dimensions they exist in non material,non physical  space time. This is one way of making a unified theory -- deriving all the other forces from the higher-dimensional modes of the graviton. What is a graviton? Simply put ,in physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation by transversing three dimensions in the framework of quantum field theory.  In other words, in all this seeming complexity there is a both a modulation and transformation of how energy manifests between the dimensions of spacetime.
Could the high energy atmospheric membranes seen as globes, globs or orbs be the result of such extra dimensional energy exchanges in the atmosphere?

The simple answer is I don’t know but I continue to wonder as I wander.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Layers of An Onion

What are the chief characteristics of UAP?

  1. It has a localized high energy field and is conducted by the atmosphere.
  2. It is cyclic and transient.
  3. It affects the information processing of witnesses
  4. It contracts sidereal time / space according to the proximity of the observer.
  5. It can be evidenced by trace ground effects according to it’s proximity.
  6. In its undifferentiated state it is globular or orb like.
  7. It can affect the gravitational field
  8. Because they appear as three dimensional objects, they are assumed to be so although their behavior suggests they are not. In other words they have extra dimensional characteristics that suggest they are not solid objects. For example they have been witnessed to move through solid objects.
  9. Localized ambient sounds from explosive to a high frequency hum.

A Societal End Run

Much conjecture has been developed over the decades based on conceptual models that are variants of familiar stereotypes based on what appears to be the projections that are induced by the observers internal associations of a phenomenon that is “alien” whether it is time travelers from our own future, extraterrestrials in a dizzying amount of variety, robotic probes, dwarfs, pseudo Nazi’s, gremlins, etc. Naturally, the same applies to the appearance of the vessels whose variations are too lengthy to list here.
Then there is the reinforcement of a cultural influence that predominates the 21st Century which is the saturation of entertainment as a focal point and counterbalance to the surface tensioning of contradictions inherent in civilization. An escape route or buffer if you like.
All of this is underpinned for the human need for the magical or charismatic which, in turn, provides a basis for questions revolving around truth in relation to garden variety reality. The psychological component of societal influences is like the layers of the onion which on the surface creates imaginal fantasies that are reinforced by the effects of UAP. This sort of spiritual yellow journalism is propped up by a lucrative industry that sells inference and suggestion.
At it’s most pronounced effects, we have dialectical materialism that is practiced by the Roswell adherents who have utterly failed to produce anything resembling a coherent scenario by reading the entrails of their fellow creatures behavior. Their material is sliced and diced so often that scenarios come and go like the seasons.

Lost Time: Thought Information and Spacial Relations

Heres the problem......the phenomenon of thought fragments experience and relies on memory of the past and consciousness is more than computations. This post is an addendum to the last which expressed the concept as conjecture that UAP is a force of nature rather than a visitation by "others."

Time or more accurately, space has no now. If not, where exactly is now? Without going into a lengthy explanation that no one would care about anyway, the best UAP could do is what the phenomenon does which is to borrow, mimic and yet gets the context wrong. It has no memory. Its consistency at best is very short term. It does not understand purpose in the same manner we do. In terms of exploration using AI, once again we are trying to do some mimicking of our own. To mimic nature from the outside looking in. One minor problem, we don’t know what consciousness is. The phenomenon represents more than robots or extraterrestrials. To my mind, that’s foolish.  
One more thing. Thought creates time. Put that in the context of missing time which is another characteristic based on the randomness of proximity to this thing. The closer you get, sidereal time becomes contracted and time is “lost” That indicates to me a process that can manipulate intentionally or unintentionally thought and time as an equation. The issue is it has no memory, it borrows and simulates experience to override our own simulations and simultaneously uses them. The inside becomes the outside and vice versa. These are not examples of a transient psychosis or simple hallucinations. And that includes “robots.” or “extraterrestrials”Something much more exotic and much more strange. 

A Parasitic Hook Baited With Deconstructions

Space craft are only vehicles and they do not run on consciousness as fuel but this nexus of manifestation does. To say it is mechanical or even a form of AI is simply our own borrowing from a hermetically sealed lexicon.
Like or similar to….fails us. Without memory nothing can be controlled. What can be created by this nexus is the creation of memory of events without a context that is applicable to our thought processes. 
At best, it opens a space. What enters that space, or, what leaves that space? Information as energy as an exchange but if the actor has no memory and yet creates the same in us, does it use us for it’s a mosquito on your arm?  To what end? 
It seems to be more of a isthmus much as we are are bridging some unimaginable gap. A gap that requires transference. The human mind requires engagement which translates to being entertained. At its crudest level it is television, a play but it runs much deeper, buried in us as a driver. 

Perhaps it is the energy of consciousness as information that has a parallel in a strange ecology ......a food just as we use digestive consumption and transform crude materials into the biological energy of thought. Can we be prone to a parasitic nexus that does not want to destroy its form of sustenance while feeding upon it? 
Its feeding cycle is transient like our own that runs on a unknown from of metabolism….but always comes back for more….sooner or later.
The hook is information borrowed from the fish and what is caught is energy from the fish. A renewable ecology of a pathological borrower.
But to what end?
Aye there's the rub................

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Context For Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon

With UAP, you have the observer and what was observed in a relationship where information takes on a life of it’s own and does not follow how our normal experiential rules of a predictable context whose chief characteristic crosses the biological boundary between sleep and waking cycles.
These experiences are waking dreams, unpredictable while remaining recognizable.
Certainly neurology is one of several keys to unlock the processing of information in the brain as we are not consciously aware of as everything we are is based on the brains simulation of experience itself.
Nothing can be directly experienced although we are under the illusion that we do.
We continually hear our own voice in our head and yet there is no tongue or larynx to produce sound as well as not requiring ears to hear ourselves speak and yet we constantly accept this inner” voice“as a normal state of affairs as direct experience but it is not.
We are so embedded in this simulation we never question it’s roots.
Our normal waking state relies on predictable pathways based on established relationships in the triad of semiotics ( syntax, semantics, pragmatics)  we call cognition ( recognition) based on the brain simulating the environment. What UAP does is disturb this processing by pathways through the randomising of semiotics. For me this represents an event (relationship) that is parasitic and utilizes information from the brain simulations to signal a something beyond our territory that manipulates our normal simulations by isolating them which results in a waking dream state. This “alien” programming is prone to interpretation by the creation of red herring or straw dog images or representations which account for the wide variety of forms and how these transferences are carried. Flying chariots, spaceships of an endless variety, robots, blonde Venusians, Reptiles..the list is endless.

The living world is recombinant and enjoined in the processing of information as a singularity from every possible perspective from insects to elephants to human beings that represents a compounded and active database and while due to our own orientation as we make the critical assumption we are isolated from these parallel processing subsystems, we are embedded deeply  within it.
While the adaptation of the processing units we call living creatures are in flux they all share a common system based on solar energy as well as common constituent foods and information can be considered both a food and a binding agent.
The aggregate sum of processing that is occurring as I write this is incommensurable to any description or adjective I could attempt to tag it with. The same would apply to it’s nature as a planetary singularity. One could say information is a living system as much as any ecology that has physicality. To say the processing power of this singularity is enormous or daunting is an understatement.  One could say it is a living field of energy as energy is information. If we came into direct contact with this field, I think it is safe to assume, we would not only be unable to process it but it could be we would fall back into our own orientation and end up with what UAP essentially represents, a disturbance of our semiotics whose result would be mismatched equivalences as images and nonsensical messages...a waking dream state.

We know that our atmosphere can carry energy in the form of information as we have an endless variety of sending and receiving devices as well as various wavelengths and decryption methods to receive and send them. What of an energy of information as a field that constitutes the sum total of consciousness that perhaps the atmosphere carries as well? Would this account for a portion of what is termed PSI activity such as ESP  or other anomalies of cognition? 
One could say every device we have created borrows from nature. That is to say, the nature we know of and there is more than we do not know than we do.
That much is obvious.

This relationship between anticipation and memory is based on our own experiential and environmental realities, where linear causality has a set route where we posit “if this is so then what? based on the aforementioned principles. The results are predictable to an extent in terms of cause and effect by the use of logic. This is, if anything, a fallible premise when it comes to UAP.

As the same pathway we follow in our mentations creates psychic scenarios that are associated with UAP that mark a boundary on the other side of logic, we encounter reports of anti-structure. Every night as we sleep the mind creates internal simulations that can be astonishingly vivid that have no roots in physicality as images if you discount the material nature of neurons. One could say dreams are an offshoot of the observer effect when the external environment's connection to processing is severed. One thinks of the same effect in a waking state that was created when John C Lilly placed individuals in a isolation tank. One could say that UAP also isolates the individual from his external environment within a unique and unknown energy field that results in a comparable situation as in the aforementioned examples.

This rerouting of critical assumptions is  a contradiction by observation and interaction of own benchmarks that is very similar to how dreams are organised as quantum information lodged between actuality and very out of context organisation. The similarity of observer effects in the laboratory and what is observed with the confines of a UAP event both share effects based on anticipation, and both are projected in an interaction between the organisation of information in the environment and that which is chosen by the observer as a outcome. 

One could also say that no two individuals share the same dream scenario unless they have been exposed to an account containing identical information which then becomes part of one's memory. In terms of UAP the distribution through media may represent a similar process that accounts for a very transient repetition of certain images. These become a waveform phenomenon until the passage of time weakens their impact and then they are supplanted by other images all of which are represented by stored information in one's memory.

This exchange of information is subject to variability which is also demonstrated in the wide variety of “creatures” and craft in UAP accounts.
I would call this quantum information state one of several secondary effects, the chief feature of which is a high atmospheric energy potential that somehow  is very similar to weather systems. One could say that the result is radiant atmospheric energy which has a profound effect on information processing. The evidence of high and localized energy levels have been measured time and again whether it is in ground traces, ambient readings, burn marks, or chemical interactions with living materials.
It has a material ,energetic atmospheric basis and a psychic effect that is cyclic and yet unpredictable in terms of forecasting a wave of events much like the movement pressure fronts that create atmospheric storms.

In the mapping of gravitational anomalies which include electromagnetic disturbances that are geologically based, that are further qualified by their distance from ambient sources of electrical and communication systems, you have the same effects in other “paranormal” categories of anomalies.  This probability factor of an event occurring versus none have in common  less ambient background signal noise caused by electrical and communications systems whether it is in a remote forest, desert, or at night when less electrical activity in the atmosphere created by these sources.
This similarity of preconditions has been overlooked that is shared between experiential anomalies in terms of psychic effects. One classification of “ghost like” apparitions versus another where in chief characteristics, they share many similarities.

There is a unknown relationship similar to a dipole between atmospheric energy and these geological locations that when conditions are ripe, and strange things happen as a result and these are subject to flux and repetition just like a weather system. They cause transient disturbances or influences on how we normally process information.

We organise information by matching according to location. That is to say when the mind becomes disoriented and cannot find an exact match to account for a high level of disorientation, we create associative anticipations of strangeness that mix the familiar with the unfamiliar by location where we anticipate them to match their environmental context, such as  in a house, we see ghosts of what we would anticipate..that is the human beings who may dwell there. Outside we see craft and their associated creatures to account for dissociation to fill in the blanks and this is subject to variability by the observer effect. The information stored in memory of what symbols represent strangeness are projected upon and as a reaction formulate themselves in reaction to dissociation in both cases.

In effect, the study of this effect and within the popular media that attempt to infiltrate the causes of these effects, the study has been trying to derive a rational explanation for psychic projections and they are taken as evidence like straw dogs or red herrings that have a reality of their own and in the end contradict themselves when compared to one another in the aggregate sum
Supernatural is a oddly contradictory word. The connotation to supernatural is that certain events occur outside of nature. A more accurate way of looking at the meaning of this word would be to say some events occur due to an unknown aspect of nature rather than being outside of it.

John Keel came close to accurately describing the nature of this beast but fell into the supernatural trap of assigning demons, and other assorted creatures whose sole aim was to bedevil us.

Jacques Vallee also considered the possibility of a non human intelligence behind these events via his control system theory and while I am open to the subtle influence these events create, I see nothing that has fundamentally changed from this controlling theory outside of the outgrowth of 21st Century superstitions which then circles back to Keel’s world view.

If this represents a combination of unknown natural forces, one can only hope that they are never discovered and harnessed. The effect would be a daunting non lethal weapon system .

If an outside (presumably extraterrestrial) is wielding these same forces the only purpose I could think of was to soften up the defensive barriers of human fears in advance of “the real thing”.

The continual off and on pattern of these events as Vallee sees it, is a reinforcement technique so one could say that their benign effect , while startling, demonstrates we have nothing to fear if that is what is being reinforced.

On the other hand, if you plant a hundred red herrings or straw dogs around as false targets, how can your subject determine which are real and which are not?
On the probability scale these alternatives seem unlikely although we like to think we have some unique and significant quality that would motivate this, while when one considers the vastness of the universe and the enormous diversity it contains, this seems unlikely.

One could say there is a sublimated reason for resisting this concept that several interactions occur in a certain combination that affect the mind as it is disquieting that we are prone to waking dreams. It is much easier to project the same on mysterious agents flying spacecraft that are real.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sketches of Other Worlds

Dreams, Visions and Experiential Anomalies;
Escher, Carroll and Yours Truly

Imaging and imagination entangled in the loom of dreams where rigid architectures are the loose puzzle pieces of other possibilities...or as one wag put it…”to think in other categories” is an alternatively open window to other worlds that exist in coinciding parallels.

Recombinant by a deconstructive point of view, this state of flux seemingly re-engineers our mental drive trains and transmissions, differential gears of spacetime by repositioning the markers we have set down between A and B.

To synthesize while everything ...................we are involved with is a simulation of yet something else.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

What of those creatures in other worlds, whether it is the dead dreaming of life, the extraterrestrial who navigates realities knowing they are dreams, or a dolphin who communicates with images based on sound alone?

Alan Watts toward the end of his own tether though that the physicality of reality was based on a multitude of simulation programs entangled in one another, much like Gurdjieff’s concept of self awareness which is counted by the number of programs running.

Instinct, intellect, somatic functioning, emotions, imaging etc all simulations continually attenuating feedback in relation to ( if Watts was correct) the simulations of parallel programming...... as a multi-phased operating system, and yet we suspect there’s more to this than simply computation, or simply zombie like reactive knee jerks,........... and it may be that sleep and the isthmus of dreaming is a counterpunctual counterweight and what is in the middle is something that has no name that is in the process of becoming more self aware in the sense of orientation...... that goes beyond tagging a name on a child or defining ourselves by how we process this or that.

“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The simulating programming of a worm, coinciding motion with instinct, or a canine with an emotional program added toward a development of intellect..all very convenient and observable shells of a larger processing, wherein the goal is everything that has physicality becomes self aware, as the whole that encompasses all forms grows in it’s aggregate sum in this entanglement of cross talking simulations probing one another’s programming simulations….to become what is unimaginable as the proverbial bees gather the nectar of information back to a hive that has no specific outcome in mind and is the furthest imaginable destination beyond the parochial frames of a monarchy within the multiverses we can summon in our minds eye.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I suppose that Lewis Carroll as a mathematician created his Grimm's fairy tale in meta-language as part of a computational simulation of questions that questioned any answer as to open a window of these other worlds as a subterfuge buried in a chocolate box much like the sweets of knowledge as conceived in a revelation as imagined by John who likened the experience of knowledge as a sweet confection leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Yet, to disdain by a reactive knee jerk what cannot be bought in the marketplace by accruing a debt that must be paid in full before exiting..seems premature in an ironic twist that we lack enough information to create a sort of baggage we have to lug around. Yet some buy this or that. Some are collectors, some are hoarders, some are building castles in the air, some are busy building moats, some are creating arks

We duck into an alley and have walked off of the known edges of our world onto redefine ourselves by comparison by the examples set for us. Indeed we create sketches of other what end? Is the point to connect all the dots? Is the pretense of knowledge more valuable than an open window by which we sketch other possibilities, or do we learn to walk and chew gum at the same time, all the time knowing none of this is an end onto itself?

It might be that the anti-structural may prove to be our saving grace in the end, or as the Sufi would believe in unseen worlds. Or to be in the world and not be of it.

Jonah just won't learn that the known world does not operate by his rules and in his evangelical fever to make things predictable for himself within a world that is stubbornly refusing to conform to his control, he sets out with an impetus that he despises everything about his fellow creatures..really dislikes them.

He manages to go off from land among those who fish for the unknowable with the aim in mind to convert them into his way of thinking and they are the perfect captive audience. He begins to harangue them constantly whilst they are diligently working to catch what can be consumed from the natural world, and catching fish is unpredictable and so Jonah continually rubs them the wrong way.

In the midst of a particularly difficult day Jonah's hectoring reaches a zenith and the crew has had enough and throws him into this proverbial sea, where he becomes a fish that is swallowed by the largest imaginable fish and he is given what could be called an enforced an unanticipated outcome created by his own rigidly held crusade that is also a we view the historical world in this context of cyclic determinism as a form of fads that vanish only to reappear as mirages.

“If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

And so the tape reaches a blunt edge and whirls around the spindle and we walk away none the wiser but for our knowing less by knowing more has a silence surrounding it that lets in the sound of the aviary the songs of praise sung by a choir, from up in the branches of a the light from a distant star folds colors into a painting without the benefit of hands...which perhaps is a sketch in of itself.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Suggestibility and Realities

"Suggestibility varies as the amount of disaggregation, and inversely as the unification of consciousness."
- Boris Sidis: The Psychology of Suggestion: 

It begins with a compendium of Grimm's fairy tales as a metaphor lodged into rationality wherein we just may exist in an enchanted forest full of creatures that span the divide between the demonstrable and the theoretical.

One could say we live in a maze of choice which has it's parallel in the image of a house of mirrored desires and fears that blend into a profound state of suggestions that lack any coherency whatsoever yet it is important for our species, while losing the popcorn trail of finding our way back to it's origins, we constantly computerate unverifiable information as a navigational aid in our attempts to orient ourselves. Perhaps it is as Karl Shapiro suggested, that "We are deranged, walking among the cops Who sweep glass and are large and composed."

All of this is based on a consensus that resembles more of a weather system that a guidebook. This seems to be a taboo subject as if to admit this, all would be lost, and yet, to do so, can be a grounding influence that steers us into recognizing the buried skeletons in the closet rather than following what remains a comfort zone solely on the basis of their rote repetition or popularity defining reality from without.

The King is dead, long live the King in the critical assumption that follows the that we exist in a monarchical universe as the basis of "civilization" that remains steadfastly and indelibly followed for thousands of years, or conversely, as Hawkwind suggested an announcement is required to the effect of , "This is your captain speaking, your captain is dead."

Whenever I consider the findings of quantum physics in relation to a monarchical universe, I well consider myself then to be the surveyor of Kafka's Castle that has blurred the distinction between fact and fiction as if these findings simply confirm what already exists which requires a further explanation.

A.R Orage, asks "Are We Awake?"

The last post regarding social and cultural scripts related to the play being staged for Islamic version of the mythological “last battle” was preceded by William S Burrough’s humorously caustic advice to young people regarding the same when it is applied to similar controlling systems..which I tagged as living mythologies that create predictable results, whether it is technology improving our lives while destroying our the environment it (as well as ourselves) depend on, all the while the aggregate sum of humanity remains in the thrall of suggestion, which makes one consider how much we experience directly versus that which defines reality is suggested to us.

“The imaginary is what tends to become real.”
― AndrĂ© Breton
A consensus of a suggested reality that is prone to competition.

I was reading John Keel’s analysis of this in regard to the ‘UFO” phenomenon where he divided the leading proponents of various theories into a social and political spectrum of left wing and right wing factions, the conservative faction versus the liberal and I was struck once again to the similarities between the “normal” and the “paranormal”
One could consider the absence of the word “climate change” in the media as a means of suggesting by plausible and passive absence of recognition or discussion of it’s present and future effects as a means of reinforcing the products of capitalism on which it depends upon.

There should be no surprise when we encounter this. Again, we have a social script of a living mythology being staged and played as a sort of self comforting buffer, to avoid the clashing of apparent cross purposes being compounded daily with interest.

In this blog I have suggested that how we define prosaic reality is not a very reliable means to ascertain what constitutes the paranormal as normal is non existent as an objective math to calculate not only our own orientation but that which exists outside of our purview,
Consider how much information can we self verify? Our reach is relatively small, and yet with the proliferation of advanced communications technology we have to consider the vast amount of information both of a paranormal nature and “normal” nature that is accepted unquestionably due to it’s being simply communicated.
On another post I entitled “An Empirical Failure To Launch”, the same theme was played in terms of the debate over what constitutes evidence as well as the denial all around us that has existed for centuries in equal suggested layers of denial when it comes to actions and their results as an equally measurable equation that we seem to have a strange capability to repeat the same errors of behaviorisms in a cyclic manner….all due to the prevalent suggestions at the time which permeate the environment that nullify any learning curve.
One could call this situation the materialization of The Emperor's New Clothes, a fashion statement that cloaks itself in a ever changing wardrobe.

The balancing of what we do know and that which we do not know is an entire ontology in of itself as another theme I have posited here is the recognition of what we do not know is more important than that which we do...where mythology meets rationality in terms of the supernatural, which I have always considered to be an error of language inasmuch as what exactly is supernatural? If all belongs to a natural but largely unknown nature?

On another venue, the subject of original sin was posited as the loss of recognising and encountering productively that which appears to be magical as we have lost the innocence to be aware of the liminal. My comment was as follows:

“As in everything, our species has written it’s own social script based on our own behaviorisms and attempting to rationalize them as being dictated by random choices that in turn are based on the vagaries of self awareness that are unique to our species. The anti-structural ( supernatural ) is domesticated into rational terms and you end up with a mess. God by it’s nature, is incommensurable yet defining the incommensurable remains a human activity.

Any extraterrestrial would find this a tragicomedy as evidence of a profound innocence.

Sin as the root of original sin is a judgement placed against the dualism of either praiseworthy or blameworthy behavior that is contrasted against divine ( sacred ) law or rules as a form of rationalism as defined as it was written by our forebears which then was divided into good and evil by Zoroaster who added reward and punishment by the crossing of the Chinvat Bridge.

In essence, his was a social control psychology that predates Moses. Some have suggested that demonizing of the Romans in occupied Israel led to the invention of Satan that built on Zoroaster's innovation which in turn influenced Egypt in the creation of the Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness from which Christianity was innovated from.

However, in it’s earliest form,the blameworthy original sin was divine itself in Sumeria,Then there was the People of The Garden, known as the Yezidis believe that Tawsi Melek , the Rainbow Peacock or The Angel of Earth ( the planet itself as a divine creature ) was amoral, and manipulated humankind for it’s own purposes which then led to the other authors much later creating the Demiurge as a supernatural agency of Tawsi Melek. 

This led to what remains today that the Yezdi’s are devil worshippers.

The formulation of the Demiurge ( supernatural forces of a planetary nature) as a organised influence to promote ignorance by knowledge that harness animal appetites to foment chaos in the guise of knowledge. Some authors early on ascribed this tactic to the development of writing as a divine or supernatural edict leading to a loss of memory, where the means ( rationality ) becomes a self referential illusion of knowledge that underpins humankind as innocent victims who have been duped thinking they are conscious.In Babylon, there was a school of thought ( Sarmoun Darq) that migrated to Afghanistan that being born was an effect of original sin, that we exist in a living purgatory of physicality as a result. The Garden was elsewhere….”

One impetus for originating this blog was the absolute absence of any philosophic consideration of the issues that the paranormal raises and this continues to be the case as far as I know.

“A constant human error: to believe in an end to one's fantasies. Our daydreams are the measure of our unreachable truth. The secret of all things lies in the emptiness of the formula that guard them.”
― Floriano Martins
And so I continue to wonder as I wander...

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Strange Tale From the Middle East.

'"The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

One aspect of current events that I find odd among many others are events in the Middle East, home to what are described as the desert religions... which are at the heart of a long term conflict that has managed to become a quasi-global dispute over what are essentially belief systems becoming rule books for the architecture of behavior is a matter of prophecy. Is there any precognitive value in what I have found in my past decade long exploration of the relationship of Islam to Christianity? Just as in Christianity, there are many “specialist” interests in Islam which could take up an entire post in order to clarify their differences,

One aspect of the various sects within the variables of belief systems in tracing the roots of religion in general is just how specific the Nasqbandi school of Islam is in their beliefs in terms of what Christians would define as their tipping point of world civilisation that is to say, a series of them...The Christian version is largely focused on ecological events and economic results whose benchmark is often termed an “Anti-Christ” figure, meaning that as one Sufi put it, “religion turned strange”..where it’s behavior is in direct opposition to it’s intent.

In the version that struck me in it’s specifics was geographical specitivity..meaning that events were given specific locations. In this case the border between Iraq and Syria…which, of course this specific location in the midst of a civil war in Syria within the lack of governance by anyone is the nexus of the formation of ISIS which consequently entered into Iraq which had never jelled as a viable state since the ousting of Sadam Hussein.

This is where their particular “Anti-Christ” makes his first appearance. Bear in mind I read this well over a decade ago but it always stuck in my head as being oddly specific in terms of how these prophecies generally unwind themselves into a chain of causal events.

This character was described as performing “miracles” of deception, much like the Christian variant of this same character wherein he created a scenario where the dead were seen to be in heaven, when in reality they were in hell. Of course, hell being an ill defined alternative reality.

Think Isis….as a religion turned strange.


The next event is a military conflict as a result of this figurative leader of death and destruction in the name of religion which of course you could name many other past examples in both Islam and Christianity ...and in this case, it becomes more specific in that like in the present tense it was foreseen there is no uniting opposing figure on the other side among the desert tribes , so to speak.
However due to this conflict a uniting Arab leader gets his cue to enter this play and thus begins a more focused delineation of opposing forces appears unlike the current situation which implies an allied Mideast military force will coalesce under a leadership figure. Personally, looking at the current cast of characters, none come to mind at the moment.

This next event is the appearance of one such political personage and a major regional war larger than any historically takes place in the Mideast. One already knows the Christian version that fundamentalists manipulate in their own manner as the battle to end all battles and of course this was the general consensus after WW1.

Nonetheless, while this regional battle ensues, this version says a third event occurs specifically in Turkey, and more specifically in Constantinople. More specifically than that, the location in Constantinople is named.

Who should reappear? Yes, it is no less than Jesus who plays in this account more of a cheerleading role up until the last moment...However, he is not very happy with how he has been characterised, to say the least and goes on to essentially dismantle all of the mythologies and manipulations that have been personally tagged onto him. This aspect I found interesting..especially, the comment that his reappearance will cause more reactive counter opposition to what is another form of deception, that is to say, his intents were mischaracterized intentionally and that his entry into the scene will cause either back peddling and  the destruction of institutionalized Christian religion.

I can find no comparable prediction with this plot twist. Christians have inserted the reaffirmation of what they have taught as intercessors while this version foretells the opposite as a benchmark. Then again, there are editorial prerogatives in that as Islam claims to be the extension of Christianity,  would not the same effect be seen in Islam?

All of this seemed highly improbable ten years ago and still does in terms of this Jesus figure reappearing, yet the similarities to the events that are in advance of his entrance in a specific city in Turkey are striking.

Without getting into a spoiler of how this allegedly ends..What does this say about a certain metaphysical stagecraft wherein all of this might be manipulated as it is a predictable outcome of past behavior? A strange tale to be sure.

More to follow.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

William S Burroughs On Technological Political Science, Control Systems and Young People

In our society, you have to negotiate with what the Sufi would call “ a perfumed scorpion” in terms of the architecture behind the control systems of technological science that Burrough's nicknamed the Nova Police that also represent what Sturock called AI... as a metaphor for our societal wherewithal, the replication of  a “zombie intelligence” which in my list of preferences I would call the woeful mastermind behind the flat screen, a “cellular intelligence”. 

William S Burroughs never said what he said directly under the thrall of metaphors, and his advice to young people addresses experts, authorities, social masquerades of beneficence, role playing as designed by a wardrobe assistant and any other sort of politic such as the religion of our time underpinned by a philosophy of militaristic mafia actions, selling protection rackets, pay offs, that wheeling and dealing with homicidal amorality albeit much improved in it's subtle complexities since the time of the Hittites...struck me as both humorous and starkly blunt, a script addressed to a tragicomedy...all of this is perfumed with the patina of altruism, in reality, making things better by making them worse as their most important product, the murder of our living world in trade for a handful of plastic trinkets. He begins slowly as if playing the straight man dealing with prosaic homilies and then as they say, "gets on a roll.."