Friday, August 22, 2014

Scientific Theories of The Mind \ Brain Relationship..and UAP?

This essay reflects a very close similarity to the edge of the known that unidentified atmospheric phenomenon presents, among a host of other experiential anomalies as the theories are as diverse as those found littering the base of a strange landscape.  As I perennially suspect a connection between the two, perhaps others do as well. This is a subject that classical so called "ufology" has patently ignored which has been the subject of this blog for many a year.
Note their use of language to attempt a description which reminds me of the pseudo-language of popular  "paranormal" media. As always, the descriptors are not what is described.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Review of Authors of The Impossible

This compendium of theoretical considerations involving anomalous experiential strangeness is one of the few books I would consider to be a “must read” for those who are seeking a thorough survey of the subject. The chapter on Jacques Vallee’s  evolution of conceptual models that attempted to come to grips with unidentified atmospheric phenomenon is worth the price of admission alone.
The chapter on Charles Fort captures both the playful dry humor of it’s subject as well as his influence on the field by bringing to light events that defied scientific categorization.
In addition to these highlights, the historical context of every imaginable perspective on high strangeness is given a thorough review whether it is metaphysical, philosophic or scientific.
Jeffrey  Kripal has accomplished a notable feat in avoiding all of the nonsense and trivialisation of simple minded provocations that arise in the popular press. In doing so, he reveals the pressing issues that have been buried under the refuse heap of Infotainment that place under the microscope, every critical assumption that has been rendered by reductionism or basic pragmatism aimed at high weirdness.
The shared interest in Rosicrucian metaphysics between Vallee, Hynek and who could easily be considered one of the fathers of Ufology as it was once constituted, Aimee Michel ( whose major contributions have been forgotten) was a pointed revelation.
While having read Mr Michel’s works many a decade ago, yours truly had forgotten their import.
It’s a hefty tome worth the somewhat higher cost of a softbound book.
I could easily devote many a post just based on the issues raised by this book, many of which brought to light in such a unique manner it broadened my categorisations of the many manifestations of the paranormal. That alone, in my book is worthy of personal praise for this effort. To say there is food for thought contained in the pages of “Authors of The Impossible” would be a ridiculous understatement.
I say this with a great deal of confidence that I will not regret my praise once you have digested the contents, What more could I say?
Buy the book.

A brief glimpse...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Phantasms Of The Living

For your reading explorations is a ground breaking study dating from 1886..that aptly demonstrates that the subject matter of this blog and others follows in the footsteps of those foolhardy enough to venture into the interstatial wilderness.

Whether we term the subject matter a psychic blood stain or as Vallee once suggested, a psychic technology..any forensic analysis of our pet phantasms leaves us with more questions than answers whether it is undertaken in 1886 or 2014.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Review of UFO Danger Zone

This book details the results of a thorough field investigation by the late Bob Pratt of disturbing encounters with unidentified atmospheric phenomenon in the remote regions of Brazil. As outlined by Jacques Vallee in his introductory comments, this work is notable in that it truly is a result of field work unlike most so called research that simply is a self referential study of the literature already in place.The levitation of individuals, the simultaneous sensations of burning and freezing experienced by them, the detailed and consistent descriptions of a net like matrix within the light source is food for thought, let alone, the resulting illnesses and premature deaths that are perhaps related to this phenomenon.
What drew me to this book was the uncontaminated nature of the witnesses, freed from the contamination of mass media or the prospect of gain through notoriety.
A striking aspect of the witness’s common reaction to their being pulled upward from the ground in these beams was one of intentional abduction although no abduction took place.
It appears that it was an effect of proximity.
A close examination of the photographs of these witnesses underscores the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Pratt offers no conclusive argument or theory as to the why and wherefore of what occurred.
This, in of itself is laudable
I highly recommend this book for those who have managed to retain a modicum of open mindedness toward unidentified atmospheric phenomenon.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Confessions of A Wayfaring Amnesiac

In Ibn Al Arabi's cosmology of phenomenon everything as a nexus of manifestation is based on relationships that are contingent upon locality. While in these interrelationships we can detect similarities as having a common origin, the whole is incommensurable to the similarities which is a discernment that I can appreciate by observing my local environment. One could almost say that the aim is to recognize a form of synthesis that is self disclosing.
At times it occurs to me that I may be formulated by this process of adaptation to locality not as a nexus of origin but as a visitor passing through some backwater provincial outpost, an amnesiac trying to recall what has been obliterated in the combustion of my arrival here.
Our local customs, our local environment suggest this or that as critical assumptions through the contingent lens of biology created by local conditions that suggest this, infer that and yet we bury not only the bone but the dog in a quest to assure ourselves of our orientation as if to deny this not knowing how we even arrived here. Perhaps it is akin to waking up alongside some remote highway in strange clothes in a drunken stupor and when confronted by the locals we deny this by making up all sorts of fantastical stories and myths about ourselves as a contingent survival instinct to not rock the boat, don't upset the locals.

On my best day I cannot imagine anything odder than this situation and yet all around me I see nearly all of the locals acting as though being upon a ball whirling away under the tutelage of a solar  orbit in a vacuum, no less, to be perfectly natural. No questions need be asked.
The local villagers seem compulsively obsessed with imprinting an form of inoculation against confusion by way of imprinting fantasies as facts, references as material objects, metaphors as linear causality as soon as we get off the boat. This plausible deniability of not knowing anything is inculcated in a profound act of hypnosis to insure a safety net of moats, walls and membranes of imaginative mythologies.
Everything is expressed in a upside down manner.
I could write a letter back home if I had an address, detailing the length and breath of my utter astonishment in the face of what is the patent lunacy of cross purposes, contradictions and self comforting thumb sucking that is institutionalized, memorialized as sacred as everyone seems to operate on the premise of an escape hatch, a get out of jail free be handed as a peremptory exchange in some kind of abstracted reward of perpetuating all this in some kind of eternal carbon copy that is self explanatory, that erases patent contradictions. Then in this place, this is no surprise as being expressed as a form of reward for lying through one's teeth at every opportunity.

This is a very strange town in an even stranger countryside where every creature has to eat and or destroy one another to subsist to create more creatures. What kind of demented cross purpose is this? I have to laugh to keep from hiding under someone's house like a deranged hermit. This is one heck of a dangerous place and the villagers are always on the verge of being upset.  Its as if for most of them you have to whisper in front of the infantile less you be run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered if you challenge the illogical assumptions of their lunatic traditions....And so, there seems to be a small group of similar refugees engaged in guerrilla warfare here, sort of placing purposeful time bombs in the path of a institutionalized one way street frozen in it's evolution like a can of string beans. Of course they are confidently dismissed as lunatics, day dreamers and scofflaws and are hung out as they say here, to dry or worse. A sort of fraying around the edges is always shored up.
If I ever figure out how I arrived here maybe I can compare notes with those who regained their memory..maybe not... but as they here in this weird village, its the only game in town.
Others have left notes behind and if I am just lucky enough I may have a few stories of my own to compare with theirs if we gather together in some ill defined aftermath.
Misery when it calls loves company or so they say and the world seems pretty miserable right now..from where I sit for better or worse.

A reunion with old companions I have never met might  be a reward in of itself

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Alchemy of Unidentified Atmospheric Anomalies And Ritual Initiation

Expanded and Revised August 2 2014

"I think the anthropocentric take of making the deconstructive essence at the core of this phenomenon an object of rational inquiry focused on ourselves is a commentary in of itself.
The scrutiny of our fellow beings as witnesses, the outrageous claims of cultists, the conspiracy angle of the military etc strikes me as navel gazing. Whereas if the point is the creation of semiotic illogic, the utilization of logic to “decipher” a would be codex is like using a hammer to paint a wall. 

If this centuries old exercise to churn the unanswered question regarding our place in relation to where we are situated is a means rather than the subject of the object, we are asking the wrong questions in my view. It is not as direct as everyday phenomenon. I noticed in the comments a lot of self referencing our own cultural material which is only a small portion of the overall rubric.

This has more to do with the traditional roots of language characterized in the term charisma associated with magical, the miraculous, the liminal as attached to our earliest forms of curiosity regarding the natural world..I would suggest our modern myths are no more sophisticated than those of many centuries ago, and what we call civilization is a misnomer..nothing has essentially changed. We want the immaterial made material in our terms as thats all we know. 

I think Jorges Borges said it best..
“......we have dreamt the world. We have dreamt it resistant, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and firm in time; but we have left in its architecture tenuous and eternal interstices of unreason, so that we know it is false.”

-A comment by yours truly at Richard Reynolds always provocative "UFO Iconoclasts"

The alchemical gaseous state as compared to the liquid state in the cosmological models of consciousness has always been an interesting facet of metaphorical analysis when it comes to experiential anomalies. 
In other words UAP seems to fit into the triad of alchemy of three, which is allegedly required for any nexus of any manifestation as in this specific case, it can be a solid, a liquid or a gas as states seen in our atmosphere in terms of locality..It is seen as ghost like ( atmospheric), ice ( a solid physical "craft") and liquid ( seen as ever changing) 

All of this bears some relation to what the father of Cybernetics, Gregory Bateson observed in that the way the universe works and the way human thought works are two entirely different processes. 

Bateson used the term "metalogic" to describe these processes and I began to see a series of parallels between how the potential operating system of this phenomenon manifests itself as a opposing mirror of consensus terms that create our current conceptual models of reality.

Logic concerns the truths that may be derived using a logical system. In contrast, metalogic concerns the truths that may be derived about the languages and systems that are used to express truths in order to examine their origins. 

In other words revealing the self referential basis of logic is the aim of metalogic.

Interesting also is that semiotics uses the same formulation of a triadic relationship which appears to be a staged fulcrum used by this phenomenon to rearrange possibilities by placing the familiar in a unfamiliar context. An upending of logical relationships by metalogic.

Particularly striking is the lack of a message as we understand learning strategies inasmuch as it dissolves the ancient and still prevalent concept of a monarchical ordering  of the universe from the top down. This process suggests it is ordered from the bottom up.

Or it may represent the cosmology that represents a reciprocal evolution between the observer and the observer, both utilize the other to determine a orientation by disclosure through the comparison of relationships between two states or two universes of awareness.

 For lack of a better word, a relationship evolving by the creating of identities by the comparison process that is analogous to a mirror.

 We are used to explore the living universe so that it may observe itself and we explore the universe to determine our nature by comparison, both of which are proactive in play by synthesis. 

If this is so, we have another example of the triad in that between the two observers, we have created a third reconciling principle or force analogous to the example of electricity in terms of polarization creating a unifying principle.

The abstractions of quantum physics seem to indicate a similar and analogous effect in the transitioning of energy being steered by an observer effect. Is there more than one observer?  What exactly is observing us?

Another striking and odd correlation was the resemblance of all of the above to Demming Principles which were the result of his engineering and mathematical background which he used to implement continuous  process improvement in manufacturing processes, for which I was trained in my own former role as a project manager prior to my retirement. 
The four facets of this process were: 

1. An appreciation of a system,
2, Understanding of variation,
3. Psychology
Epistemology, or a theory of knowledge.

What the process is and what is being manufactured is of keen interest in terms of this phenomenon. If one takes away the outmoded conceptual model of everything succeeds or fails from a monarchical top down process, and observe the success or failure of processing improvement is judged by the results, I would respond that the ball is in our court and we dropped the ball.

One could say this is a litmus test.

Again recall that energy and information are  Janus faces to one another.

What is noteworthy is Jacques Vallee's characterization of this phenomenon in using the term "incommensurable" compared to similarities which do exist in this phenomenon as a unifying principle and this is an exact match to the hermetic term used by the technical language of Ibn Al-Arabi, a 12th Century mystic to describe the aggregate sum of what deconstructs present day logical analysis of the same phenomenon we characterize as charismatic  or magical.

This is the triad of human semiotics from which we derive relationships that seems to be the nexus of manifestation this phenomenon steers to differentiate.

The tripling of polarities arising from a single manifestation in the natural world inasmuch as all we have to do is plug in a lamp to see one example work. A positive line feeds to a negative line and either side of an electrical circuit that creates a third reconciling neutral circuity. So there are three extrapolations of a triangulation..semiotics, states of water, air and ice as well as electricity which would fall under the alchemical analogy of fire. Of course there are more examples but it's easy to go off into the ether of parallelisms in this aspect of the subject.

Fire as the symbol for energy and then there is energy as information and then we add the states of the mind and it's internal combustion engine of storage transmission and transformation could say all of this falls into the alchemistry of transmutation that bridges physicality to the invisible..all within the purview of the observer's points of reference. Some have an expansive range of references as observers, some few..some are exceptional.

Our frames of reference make possible the extensions of what is yet inconceivable and using Tesla as an example, the transition in alchemy from the imaginal realm to the empirical in this stratagem of  reconstructing frameworks by deconstructing them appears pragmatic.

Opening an interstatial gap that allows other possibilities to be formulated by innovation through the synthesis of comparisons.

Perhaps this exercise in alchemy is to expand and differentiate the range of references, and of course we know that time as a linear causation has been replaced by space and spacetime is sensed by the comparison of observable references. One thinks of the "lost time" observations of some witnesses..a seeming commonality across a variegated field of references.

What is also interesting if we superimpose this alchemy onto UAP, it appears to be reflexive in a feedback loop that monitors cultural developments and the associated critical assumptions that lead to it's effects. It seems to steer us to thinking in other categories rather than channeling
by way of our current knowledge by way of the critical assumptions knowledge utilizes to build it's architecture of logic. 

Paul Kimball made a pithy observation in noting that this phenomenon crosses the boundaries between art, perception, the deconstructive mediums of surrealism and when articulating any of this in a empirical or logical direct concept, it's terms are anti-structural and yet have a definitive creative impetus and aim.

It seems to be only editorial in the sense of calling into question where we place our selves in a larger context in relation to evolutionary development..a sort of crib blindness, a self referential dictionary of terms.....

  In alchemy, if we superimpose the next number up which is four, we have the four traditional elements ( earth, air, fire and water ) found in it as a context for where it seems to be localized and by way of this same reflexive stratagem, we ask has it's locality shifted as a transitional expansion of it's territorial boundaries? From air to earth, from UAP to sightings of another deconstructive form of semiotics with similar characteristics? 
In other words from impossible flying craft in the air to equally impossible earth bound creatures called by a variety of monikers from Bigfoot to Sasquatch? Again this seems to be a parody of our own value judgments in regard to technology versus consciousness  

As HG Welles said We were making the future, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making.”

Of course all of this is not the subject of the object within itself. 
UAP seems to say, don't focus on what is in my hand bur rather what I am pointing to.

The old adage that water takes on the color of it’s container seems apt when it comes to the conceptual modeling that is applied to UAP. 
All of this is particularly interesting in terms of “ground up” deconstructive semiotics using the fulcrum of appearances to unravel an individuals programming by bringing them into the threshold of liminality without further explanation in terms of “telling them what to think” . 

In other words it's stratagem may be ritual initiation based on individuation from within by posing semiotic contradictions to our concepts of linear causation, rational and empirical logic as well as the core of our orientation by way of current conceptual modeling related to the physicality and nature of perception.

 In other words, it is a contest between developmental learning curves in contrast. 
Self disclosure versus disclosure from without in the traditional formulation of rote repetition.

The prod to self analysis and ritual initiation by curiosity of course has a trickster element to it inasmuch as the strategy is indirect versus a series of empirical statements, or degrees..a tactic utilised by this rote repetition and imprinting we have all experienced from childhood onward. 

This has the musical notation of interval associated with it inasmuch as it represents the deconstruction of the present prior to the arrival of it’s replacement in an evolutionary sense.

One could call this a churning process that has occurred over the centuries using an expression of deconstructive semiotics by way of charisma.The more I pondered the chief characteristics of UAP the more it resembled Jacques Vallees conceptual model of a steering system in that it had no integral message in of itself but rather the message directed individually to promote "learning how to learn".

I suppose one could say that the anti-structural elements of this process are as important as the application of a binary code. The off segment of a string could easily be construed as zero which is equivalent to the spaces between A and B, or more cogently the physical spaces between the alphabetic characters you are translating. Otherwise they would be indecipherable without the interval of anti-structure. The one in this code seems to correspond more to a liquid than to a gaseous state in alchemical conceptual modeling..there is no fixative outside of imprinting which the prescriptive antidote for which seems to be a playing with semiotics by which taking them out of their imprinted context opens up space or zero or whatever descriptive noun would do.

In classical alchemy there was the trickster element as a stratagem to avoid the probing of the Inquisition using chemical compounding to turn base metals into gold as a misdirection of attention and then of course in light of the container coloring what is observed, it is as if the formulation took this account so that it’s actual purpose toward the evolution of consciousness was hidden. All of this being based on it’s self directed participation in the alchemical process versus the imprinting of intercessors in the form of the church as a controlling pathology with the aim of a steerable commodity inculcated in the populace. 

A form of guerrilla warfare in it’s time on psychic terms. What is operating this systemic infusion of variability for our purposes in the context of UAP...What is conducting this?

Is coincidence simply a post it note we paste on this on which we write.."Must return to later?"

Then again these passing ruminations of yours truly began with the injection or superimposition of alchemy into UAP.

And these visions occur in the gaseous atmosphere that surrounds us that we breath and in a sense of the word... provide combustion as fuel for thought in a literal sense, another alchemical correspondence

Is there a correspondence? I leave that to you as always.

Of course then theres the combustion inherent in energy whose parallelism is within the alchemical representation of fire...perhaps theres more than ( as they say) meets the eye.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Red Telephone

Jorge Louis Borges and I Stroll Through Gaza

“......we have dreamt the world. We have dreamt it resistant, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and firm in time; but we have left in its architecture tenuous and eternal interstices of unreason, so that we know it is false.”- Borges

"So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, "Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, its bitter....but 'in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey."
- Revelations

Borges and I walked through the still life of a gossamer fabric undone, a psychic tear within an indelible and pervasive wound folding up like a cheap umbrella in the chaotic hoard of asteroids unleashed from pixels burning the atmosphere in a metallic ringing sound , a concussive rent that lingers..a tearing.

We walked through the pulverized ruins of dust that floated in the dry heat through Gaza, The dust pulled water into an acidic bitterness that sucked the humidity from our lungs. Borges had managed the removal of time from within the infinity of metaphors to erase any trace of our passage and whatever we passed was if in a gallery of images we had memorized from childhood, this is that, there is over here as it’s corruption had ceased in it’s nexus to become what it is not. Corpses as criticism within a rhetoric so black it illuminated what may be.

Do not look away. There is a desperation in words that have been stilled here, look at this child interrupted...eyes skyward, How many of the living are ghosts ? he asked.
Gaza at the well of a spring pouring back onto itself, receding into a blurring of any distinctions we could triangulate as arising from ourselves.
The sun dispensed a grey or was it a sepia tone to this retrocausal scrapbook of primary images devouring themselves into a sour smelling series of pools congealing at the head of this child, evaporating as it was pulled into the dust as a mortar, a clay of eternal return waiting for a spark, a flash of lightning that would organize these images back from whence they came ..premature, stillborn, thrashing yet as lifeless as a plastic that rolled down a hill beyond our sight.

This world is a book that I have imagined I have read, Borges said. He spoke as he pulled a length of iron bar from a shattered block. All this has a cursed innocence about it he mumbled drawing a circle around where he stood. It is impossible to know what is between the movement from A to B. A gallery of images from childhood,,this is that,,there is over here. is not and so we mourn by rote and passage from a book we cannot read. He pointed to a man frozen in the arm had been dislodged from it’s socket..his face an image of ecstatic and primal apoplexy undone, deconstructed becoming what is not versus the detonation of an explosive whose trajectory and source led back to a beam of light shone onto the brackish waters of some primeval swamp and in it’s cylinder skeletons metamorphosed to fit what was between and betwixt the intention and what was a suspension with a medium of an amnesiacs attempt to recall a name that had yet to be invented.

This is Gaza, he said. This indicates what is between A and B.
Borges pointed to a soldier also frozen into statuary in our invisible passage through this conflagration of becoming what is not. Can you decipher this?, he asked. No, I mumbled trying to avoid what I saw. Borges sighed. He is enthralled with a terrible beauty he is drawing from compulsion to be a character not quite here or there, immune from becoming but what has he become? A something between A and B , an unknown metaphor for a book he imagined he has read. A bridge too far? I asked.

Everything is a bridge, a diatom. Perhaps a rare flower that is blooming atop a precipice that this adventure seeks in order to fathom itself. He signs again. It could never make up it’s mind..always comparing, always undoing to do what is unfamiliar to seek an image of itself and we serve as a reflecting principle of what is not to become something unimaginable..I suppose that could be an aim..but then we play with a bad deck of cards in time. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to become more than being. Gaza is an endgame for cooperation in keeping the rituals at the threshold of liminality intact as it’s like a web a spider has lain across the path of ghosts.A purgatorial snare whose gates invite what we imagine could be as much as what brought us here has imagined deconstruction as a path for remorse that holds no glory, no sanctification that we seek as it slips away.

Or should I say as we slip way undone to be yet again rethought as between another A and B, another universe stacked atop one another in a frenzy of calculated randomness, as it were a lottery of recombinant potential in search of a plausible story line. This is the danger of giving up your comfortable chair. This is Gaza.I must return to a beginning Borges said, back to the library back into page seven. I leave you to return to becoming whatever it is you have imagined has become and we will both search to be recognized by what is incommensurable.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Parts Unknown

A Report from The Field

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"
-Mark Twain

For My Friend Mr Bourdain

I don't want to be a message. Id rather be a messenger, and if this life has a message, can I read it? Sometimes its a convoluted path of rewrites on the, not recorded.
Typos, poor sentence construction, times what my friend Richard , the trickster calls obtuse.
So be it because it's life, its living...not some painting nailed to a wall. You either get it or you don't and no money changes hands. If one person reads this or that one or a hundred, theres no cloying desire to be relevant unless someone decides this or that fits. I read what I wrote four years ago and think who is that person? Who wrote this crap? But thats life as we know it or maybe we don't and thats the point...playing with what others think is solid ground. Lets rearrange the furniture in here.

 I sat on my lawn chair chain smoking in the garage thinking dark thoughts as I stared out onto the carefully coiffed suburban landscape lit with a glaring sun. Another bout of pleurisy is making my rib cage ache.

Effects, tangible from what could be called a death wish or simply a loan being called as the inside is perhaps the outside as above so below. Seeing oneself as a symptom of habituation, denial and the sort of sleep walking defiance one takes while dangling one's feet off a precipice. Twain rightfully framed the situation as follows: The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”  

There is something to be said about cocoons. They seem to proliferate in an infinite variety, he thought. It could be a flat screen television of a suburban home copied from some lost vision of a romantic Americana, a pastoral recreation of the mind, or inversely what Baudelaire called the neurosis of trimming hedges into right angles, the endless trimming of lawns. Perhaps that applies to the mind.
The world can hide as well but it cannot run ...he thought. A phrase long forgotten in some amnesiac's blurred neurons flashed in my brain like a billboard lit by phosphor. The Future is Now.

Another thought floated past in the daydreams of this would be surveyor of perversity,mine or yours...lodged between Kafka and the last redoubt of Henry Ford, who grew to loathe what his creation had birthed to fruition and consequently smothered unpredictability like a lit cigarette under foot, only to find unsettling creatures that have been lurking and awaiting his consecration like wrathful deities..a kingdom of ants shackled to the cost of an illusive freedom that withered and dried up like the bouquet of flowers left on a grave he loathed to return to .

And so he built Greenfield Village, a pastoral cage of stage props that kept him apart and unconcerned with that something wicked that came calling on his door step at 3 am when he failed to ask himself the most pressing question of all...then what?

As I said, the variety of cocoons we inhabit is a thriving preoccupation but then again, everything purchased has a price that comes due sooner than later.

The librarian must have been sent from central casting dressed in corduroy peers through her thick glasses with a fixed quizzical fixed on my eyes as she slowly slides the thick book covered in grey dust across the counter at me. She murmured in a flat monotone.."I think this is called self immolation"

You want to write something serious..? Keith Richards wanders over to me and whispers something in my ear..”its serious enough.” Some bloated goon reeking of cheap vodka has a AK47 in one hand and a plush infants doll in the other holding it above his head like some f--king trophy. Corpses blown inside out. Gaza leveled into a pile of concrete dust. Cursed Jerusalem under an iron shield.
Yeats seemed to have pinned a moth on a cartography of my dark ruminations that afternoon. A rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem in a slow migration of eternal return. as a commentary on the cyclic nature within the lifespans of sloganeering as a short lived substitution for reflection as then "The ceremony of innocence is drowned. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."

The spreading wildfires, massive funnel clouds whose vertices shatter communities into toothpicks. Car commercials and earthquakes in Oklahoma . God shilling credit cards to Christians to meet their match. Duck and cover..or was it roll?

Crowds gather for an evening’s entertainment overlooking the city cheering as missiles flare across the night sky. The National Guard protecting us from children in a life or death flight from poverty and death across thousands of miles of misery atop the so called death trains at the borders of a desert plain. Sludge from mountains of coal ash flow down a river.

Cash being stuffed into the pockets of shills. The hysterics spew the psychodramas into sloganeering shouts onto placards and banners..memes of lost considerations flying around in a whirlwind. You hear nothing in the roaring silence of a vacuum. Do you smell smoke?

The scavengers of human ghosts push and prod the tortured into a limelight for the sake of pushing hair care products. “Want this flashlight,?” he asks, “the batteries are almost dead...yeh it’s Sunday, so f--cking what? Lightning flashes as I type this. The ad hoc confederacies say to move on, we must move on..theres nothing here thats of any use beyond this place. William S Burroughs shouting across the ether. The cops choke a gentle black giant to the ground on a public sidewalk..the mayor decides to reschedule his day off as the midnight shift comes on duty. Outlaws come in a variety as well, some avoid something as simple as a tax on a pack of selling them on the street and another is the presumption of side stepping one's humanity for the sake of a costume that signifies to protect and serve.

I read the news today. Oh boy..You can have whiter teeth, you can get a paycheck shark loan, take the kids to Disneyworld. Just who are you fooling? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. "Is it my borrowed time or theirs? " he asks as his presumption would always be he would discretely slip away into eternal rest well ahead of any consequences. Now..he's not so sure as he pulls another cigarette from it's pack festooned with warning labels. Ruminations upon the multiplicity of differentiation and what became of abstractions such as progress upon a menu of sustenance and corruption..what was simple was lost in translation, or perhaps not.

Detroit that was to last a thousand years sell the paintings off the wall of a museum in a panic pay off for a toxic crack cocaine phantasmagorical fever dream that paved over the natural world..and now the wild grasses sway pushed up through the cracking sidewalks..survival is the highest bar to be grasped in the ruins.

The vile and the crass shout without a second thought as the commentators blithely comment on the contest as a spectator sport from the hermetically sealed confines of an electronic cocoon. Head injuries? A concussion of the conscience? Sociopaths as the leading stock market indicator. You can hide but you cannot run. In this there is the irony of the prospect within peace, of stilled voices superseded by the sound of the wind, lost streets that have no name whose history is buried far from prying eyes...Something obvious has been lost in an increasingly complex entanglement of territorial prerogatives , which is another form of cocoon..and it's a simple thing that might ring a faint bell..a shared community brought together face to remote critical assumptions, no anonymous fates, no technology required.

The next time you sit in a restaurant where you live look around you. Some faces may seem familiar enough to have come from your own family, some may be strangers but all are in communion with the simplest of needs that brings them together and that is sustenance and throughout this planet, there is no lack of variety as if there were no new worlds to conquer. My friend Anthony Bourdain  understands this and manages to continue to ruminate on our world over a simple meal, sometimes pricey but more often than not, what is common, what most enjoy together as community, as family, as societies and yet..he manages to look under the tablecloth that is the surface of such travelogues to find what ever truths there may be, some as difficult as Gaza, or Detroit, or the Ukraine.

Holding a mirror to humanity and that is to be admired regardless of what images are compelled to appear. This much every living creature shares and it requires no extraneous analysis as it is placed in front within the dissemination of multiplication, not division and yes, you can consider this a metaphor for a larger universe astonishingly simple that we have made an abstraction of...and yet when we abdicate..something returns to life renewing itself as it was there all along underneath the Detroit, one calls them "ghost gardens"

Turn on the radio. I hear music wafting over the dried blood on the pavement and smoke over there coming from the next block. ...the music grows louder as if broadcast through a tin can.

I think it's a lost message from the Continuum..delayed by light years echoing from over there under that sewer grate.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Angels Upon The Earth

The Gnostic Prerogative

“We can express our feelings regarding the world around us either by poetic or by descriptive means. I prefer to express myself metaphorically. Let me stress: metaphorically, not symbolically. A symbol contains within itself a definite meaning, certain intellectual formula, while metaphor is an image. An image possessing the same distinguishing features as the world it represents. An image — as opposed to a symbol — is indefinite in meaning. One cannot speak of the infinite world by applying tools that are definite and finite. We can analyse the formula that constitutes a symbol, while metaphor is a being-within-itself, it's a monomial. It falls apart at any attempt of touching it.”
― Andrei Tarkovsky

The iconic image of a winged being that mimics our own biology. Dispassionate, observant, a recorder of events as a witness to them as well as being an intermediary between physicality and a universe that we cannot sense directly. The choir of voices said to exude from their ranks as a paean of exultation to something quite larger than themselves is composed simply by their existence in service to a process of creation. What is missing from this portraiture?
It is the carrier wave of emotion, the pulling and pushing of instinct as a biological automatism.
One would be tempted to say that this creature is a projected image of the workings of the human mind, a visual signet of consciousness as a omega state freed from the vicissitudes of
flux that emotions carry us upon.
Then again, we have an answered question before us. From whence did you I originate? Its a debate of contention and a perennial mystery as to whether the mind represents what some call in Biocentrism, the mystery within the origin of consciousness that contains the sliver of self awareness by way of ” I Am “ lodged between physicality and awareness itself having no objectified image. Have we transited from elsewhere, adopted ourselves to the environment, only to return to our origin state? And in this enfoldment into physicality have we developed amnesia, a loss of memory?
Why this transit of states if such a thing represents an actual transience? Why be here versus there? This is a more profound question. What possible purpose could this embodiment serve?
Does our existence have something to do with serving the welfare of this living planet? As we are differentiated from other creatures in what is possible within our domain of this becoming increasingly apparent in relatively recent events? Is there a tug of war occurring surrounding us?
I express these questions without any corresponding answers and wonder if it is we who are the extraterrestrials, the visitors to Earth? If so, something went terribly wrong.
The Gnostics would suggest that it is the nature of physicality itself as a process prone to a spectrum of corruptions, and that a small group of overseers known as The Demiurge are in contest to wrest control of consciousness by channeling it to empirical physicality using a control system which William S Burroughs borrowed this concept from and transposed it as a metaphor wrapped in science fiction. One could call this a dominion of a planet by a chosen elite whose aim is to usurp nature and all that the term nature entails as a interdependent living system, an open versus a closed system whose realm incorporates the physicality of effects as well as the implicit nature from whence it derives which is non local. A sort of local rebellion as it were utilizing the steering of the psyche versus tactical missiles.

Why do so?
From the pages of many a arcane and ancient text, it seems this wresting of natural forces in a unnatural manner is to create an alternative kingdom of subservience wherein the entire purpose of this transit here becomes a resource for a rebellion of resistance or more cogently, an upending of who serves whom. You could say that the means of empirical controls is poised against an end that has no physicality if you can follow this line of very old metaphysics.
It makes for an interesting framing of this situation.
In writing this I am playing with contrast and comparison although the parallelisms are odd, even perhaps striking depending on our mood. On Earth as it is in Heaven might have an entirely different contest as representational of a bridge wherein we are the embodiment of the local as well as the non local. The metaphors of consciousness as effects is a interesting tunnel to traverse between what is optical,....sensory.. if you will ..and that which we cannot observe that which lies behind it as a foundational premise of causation.
I continue to wonder as I wander.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gregory Bateson: A Man For All Seasons

Consciousness and The Physical World

I covered the work of theoretical physicist Brian Josephson on my former blog "Intangible Materiality " for which I added a link today on this home page. The reason I mention this is that courtesy of The Daily Grail, I discovered that a fascinating paper is now on line by Dr Josephson and others and can be accessed at no charge. It does fit into my last post " Beyond Logic" and I thought I would further distribute this link for those who care to venture further down the rabbit hole.

    "Consciousness and the Physical World" - Edited Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium on Consciousness Held at the University of Cambridge in January 1978

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beyond Logic

An Age Old Question

Is logic irrelevant to the workings of the universe? It just may be far stranger than we imagine it to be.
It might be incommensurable to any arrangement of facts. It also may be so far advanced in it's arrangements we just might resemble ants trying to locate the ocean. Rather than a closed system, the point of it just may be it is an open system, open to possibilities far beyond our experience. If one thinks otherwise, one just might be in for a big surprise.

This a a question raised by the ever deeper explorations of the physicality within the origins of matter by experiments within physics that reveal the universe becomes so unpredictable that causality itself is under scrutiny as well as presenting a seemingly impassible barrier to rationality and logic.
From one vantage point if we remove the archetypes of mythology that has invaded the topic of the paranormal pushing it into a liminal niche of any serious considerations, the anomalous could be considered as a reconciling principle between classical physics which represent predictive phenomenon and the unpredictable nature of quantum possibilities.
However each quantum mathematical theory to logically explain causality ( of which there are countless variations) are becoming more and more abstracted, tongue tied and oblique from bubbles to strings and one could say physics stands as does the study of the anomalous on the boundaries of liminality.

Liminality is the signet of the paranormal at the threshold of transition whether it is societal or a matter of personal individuation between structure and anti-structure, In anthropologyliminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold" is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete. During a ritual's liminal stage, participants "stand at the threshold"between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which the ritual establishes.

One thinks of the ritual qualities that experiential anomalies entail in terms of initiation that have an inherent trickster quality of logic being exposed as uncertain where evident characteristics of the physical and internal universes conspire to upend one's orientation in both space time and linear causality. All of this within the symbolism of a shadow play as within becomes without in a examination of our species purpose as a matter of investigation.

."..the symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiations ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture...Thus, "the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals"
-Dr Jacques Vallee  Messengers of Deception

One of my areas of research has been the correlation of the chief characteristics between Near Death Experiences and "Alien" Abductions as well as Out of Body Experiences as all three utilize the symbol of light as a passage equated to a initiation that unites the irrational and transpersonal within the symbolism that dreams portray in exploring the liminality of how we define our relationship to physicality..which remains an open ended question.

One wonders is energy is information than perhaps light is the sum of all possibilities.

One has the superimposition of technological symbolism suggesting that such a transitional application of transcendence within physicality is possible within machinery so to speak, while the other suggests the same as a organic matter of origin by way of return to la delimited light, to the equivalence of a inner sun wherein all things are possible. One can say these are representational sides of the same coin whose confluence is identical. One leads to eyeless controllers and the other to the angels of compassion. Both defy logic and  both are anti-structural and both are initiations.

When civilizations reach a threshold of transition on the borders of liminality it's constituent participants as a aggregate sum of the whole find themselves experiencing a spectrum of anti-structural thresholds as an initiation toward a transitional state of acknowledging other possibilities as well as thinking in other categories. In some circles it is known as the equivalent of a musical notation termed an interval when the past civilization or if you will, consensus reality that bound it together has not been erased and it's replacement has not yet arrived.

The third leg of this triad of these passages into liminality and initiation are what are known as out of body experiences as described by the first individual to detail these experiential anomalies, Robert Monroe who offered this account:

"I suddenly felt bathed in and transfixed by a very powerful beam... I was completely powerless, with no will of my own, and I felt as if I were in the presence of a very strong force, in personal contact with it. It had intelligence of a form beyond my comprehension and it came directly (down the beam?) into my head, and seemed to be searching every memory in my mind. I was truly frightened because I was powerless to do anything about this intrusion.
The same impersonal probing, the same power, from the same angle. However, this time I received the firm impression that I was inextricably bound by loyalty to this intelligent force, always had been, and that I had a job to perform here on earth...
It is an impersonal, cold intelligence, with none of the emotions of love or compassion which we respect so much, yet this may be the omnipotence we call God... I sat down and cried, great deep sobs as I have never cried before, because then I knew without any qualification or future hope of change that the God of my childhood, of the churches, of religion throughout the world was not as we worshipped him to be—that for the rest of my life, I would "suffer" the loss of this illusion."

One thinks that if perhaps one counted all the similarities that constitute an aggregate sum to a organizing principle, all of this would lead to an incommensurable infinity of possible outcomes wherein anyone any number of similarities to the whole would fail to encapsulate the sum.

What seemed vividly apparent yesterday is called into question and the critical assumptions that were once logical now seem hopelessly provincial and naive.

It is a question as old as Socrates and Plato who in the allegory of the cave suggested logic is based on nothing more than the effect of shadows upon the "chained" inhabitants of a proverbial cave and that these prisoners by predicting what shadows would appear in what order and by the assignment of names, had created a self referential universe entirely divorced from any remote possibility that recognized their entire cosmology was placed upside down in a context of cause versus effect.

"We probed into the nature of space and time, and of the universal, both with regard to external nature and with regard to mind. But then, we went on to consider the general disorder and confusion that pervades the consciousness of mankind. It is here that I encountered what I feel to be Krishnamurti's major discovery. What he was seriously proposing is that all this disorder, which is the root cause of such widespread sorrow and misery, and which prevents human beings from properly working together, has its root in the fact that we are ignorant of the general nature of our own processes of thought. Or to put it differently it may be said that we do not see what is actually happening, when we are engaged in the activity of thinking."
-David Bohmn "A Brief Introduction to the Work of Krishnamurti"
Everything Old Is New Again

If logic has no place in nature outside the confines of human invention, do experiential anomalies provide a more accurate portrayal of the universe?

Dr Vallee has suggested that the barriers between the human system of logical ordering tied to the antistructural anomalies that are confrontations between physicality as defined by classical physics as opposed to the delimited nature of what anomalies represent are a expression of a control system that attenuates and channels the developmental aspects of perception in relation to a larger universe.
However, what is controlling what? It may be that this is not so much a control system as it is a perceptual illustration of multiplicity in relation to our own nature.

Metaphysics has made a theme of the transient nature of concreted phenomenon for centuries. In Buddhism, one of the fundamental teachings is that all the constituent forms (sankharas) that make up the universe are temporary (Pali: anicca), arising and passing away, and therefore without concrete identity (atta). This lack of enduring identity (anatta) of phenomenon is explained in the doctrine of interdependent origination. This concept of interdependent origination is found in the cosmology of Islamic Sufism as the term Qûnawî gave currency to a technical term, ta‘ayyun or “entification”, that plays a major role in discussions of the Reality of Realities that constitute the interdependence of all phenomenon such as physics has been attempting to unravel.

The word is derived from‘ayn, entity, and it means to become an entity. Given that an entity is a thing, one might translate it as “reification”, not in the sense of a human cognitive process, however, but as a designation for the manner in which Nondelimited possibilities become determined, limited, defined, and “thingish” in the process of disclosing itself as everything other than the whole. Thus all things are entifications or delimitations or determinations of the Nondelimited Real, which is then called “the Nonentification” (al-lâ ta‘ayyun). As for the Reality of Realities, it is the First Entification, because all other entifications follow in its wake.

This cosmology mirrors the discoveries between a wave and a particle as found fairly recently by physicists.

The late and influential physicist, David Bohmn arrived at the theory of implicate ordering and observed that
"In the enfolded [or implicate] order, space and time ( ed: observed in the anomalous ) are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. Rather, an entirely different sort of basic connection of elements is possible, from which our ordinary notions of space and time, along with those of separately existent material particles, are abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order. These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the "explicate" or "unfolded" order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders"
An example of explicate energy...

 I cite these examples to underline that the anomalous as it is currently defined has a pertinent experiential component that is as polymorphic as the fabric that constitutes the aggregate sum of such considerations throughout the centuries although most researchers don't bother with such details and prefer the more easily digestible arcania of archetypal mythologies that descend more often than not into various forms of near paranoia. It is then no surprise that the traditional sciences ignore parapsychology like the plague and yet this barrier is set against what we can learn from the inexplicable.

"Whenever we pride ourselves upon finding a newer, stricter way of thought or exposition; whenever we start insisting too hard upon "operationalism" or symbolic logic or any other of these very essential systems of tramlines, we lose something of the ability to think new thoughts. And equally, of course, whenever we rebel against the sterile rigidity of formal thought and exposition and let our ideas run wild, we likewise lose. As I see it, the advances in scientific thought come from a combination of loose and strict thinking, and this combination is the most precious tool of science."
-Gregory Bateson (1935) "Culture Contact and Schismogenesis" in: Man, Vol. 35 (Dec., 1935), pp. 178-183. Republished in: Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972, p.75)

The Shared Dynamics of The Psyche

In my research from a sociological perspective two chief features play into the role of the marginalized role of the anomalous that represent the dynamics between social ordering and predictive repetition and it's waxing and waning in accordance with it's success or failure in providing it's subjects with continuity.and the avoidance of uncertainty, whether it was the wave of occurrences in the Cold War or the onset of liminal creatures in our times of uneasy economic controls and political uncertainty.
In times of cultural transition the paranormal becomes a more publically discussed topic while the institutional forces represent the subject as fiction as seen in the rise and use of it's portrayal as fantasy, and concurrently the more attention that is focused on any given aspect of the anomalous the more it rises to the surface as a representation of the irrational and unpredictable all of which appear to indicate to what degree consciousness is channeled. That is not to say these manifestations are strictly imagined.

Consciousness is much more of the implicate order than is matter . . . Yet at a deeper level [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwoven , just as in the computer game the player and the screen are united by participation.
-David Bohmn Statement of 1987, as quoted in Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human-Systems (2007) by Joseph Riggio, p. 66

Therefore it is no surprise that military intelligence has always had a great interest in redirecting these psychic manifestations in order to manipulate them in the service of the status quo as well as marginalize them with disinformation as to place ambivalence at the fore of any focus of attention.

One aspect of a precarious balance is folded into the other with a dynamic of cultural and social forces based on stereotyping the inexplicable at the behest of dogmatic social controls through it's institutions. Uncertainty and unpredictability is a anathema to be channeled.

All of this is bundled into the prime motive of territorial economic monopolies over resources as corporate and government interests intersect as they always have.... since the establishment of tribal communities as monarchical structures. The charisma of a predictable state versus an unpredictable state waxes and wanes in a psychic contest of minds either enrolled in consensus or challenge, the rest follows accordingly Yet when these forces fail to fall into a strict line of causality, strange things surface and go bump in the night as the gates slowly open in the absence of consensus beyond logic...out of their normal contextual associations in rational thought. Reality as a singularity becomes a recombination of multiplicities that merge the impossible and juxtapose the structural and the anti-structural. Impossibilities flourish on a projection screen

“This recombination of elements is a quality also found in altered (i.e., destructed) states of consciousness,” said Hanson, “Odd assortments of items appear in dreams and in productions of visionary artists. This is perhaps the essence of creativity – producing new patterns, new ways of seeing the world.”
-The Trickster and the Paranormal, George P. Hanson,
Vivid Illusions of Coherency

In Tamil, Pali and Hindu metaphysics the term of maya is applied to the ritual, metaphysical, epistemological, mythological and magical -- all of which related to enigmatic qualities of life and consciousness of life, all of which are rooted in the illusions ( at times referred to as delusions) within the architecture of biologically based consciousness itself, which in turn, is based the basis of the causality of linear processes.

At the core of anomalous experiential reality we have the interstatial spaces between our references creating polymorphic realities that are out of context in relation to a normal waking state. Yet, what comprises what we call a normal waking state? Logic as an architecture of thought as superimposed upon nature is captured in the Hindu by observing that Avidya, of the true nature of absolute reality. It is the “Superimposition of the self on what is not the self, and what is not the self on the self, is the natural propensity of ignorant consciousness.”

In many cultures consciousness is equated as being analogous to a dream state and the liminality of dreams in a waking state in the experiential anomalies that do occur defy our previous identifications as to what exactly is personal and what is transpersonal as in the often quoted dream of Lao Tzu found in Taoism.

"Once upon a time, Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself. It did not know that it was Chuang Chou.tells us that, in the dream, he was perfectly clear about his identity, but after he was awakened, this became uncertain.Suddenly he awoke, and veritably was Chuang Chou again. He did not know whether it was Chuang Chou dreaming that he was a butterfly, or whether it was the butterfly dreaming that it was Chuang Chou."

The questions that arise regarding the interstices of intervening space, between the observer and the observed could be seen as the physicality of the environment, the processing of the senses and brain as well as psychological cues have a profound effect on experiential realities as perceived as a singularity wherein this sense arises from multiple sources. The multiplicity of reality is also a foundational concept that underlines Islamic Sufism as juxtaposed against the continuity of thought in that all phenomenon are contingent as they are transitional and contingent in their states, which is also what we observe in the anomalous.

One could say that perception is a cumulative effect and that the reaction to all these sources of energy is to transpose them into a self organizing matrix wherein language as a form of math creates a situation where the term for naming differentiated phenomenon is not the phenomenon itself that is described. All of this process resembles genetics in a sense where information organizes itself based on data already stored in reaction to environmental factors as pathways much as in the case of pathways in the physical brain that serves as memory.
Yet our descriptors become self referential as identifiers that create a scrim of meaning that is superimposed on this or that as described in the relationships of semiotics.

 “Semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie” 
-Umberto Eco

One can accept the fallibility of experience as we inhabit it even when it is in a state of stability as in normal waking consciousness. Yet, in spite of the multiple sources that create the state of our awareness, there is an imperative for coherency as an automatism, a process we do not have to consciously manipulate or assemble minute by minute, second by second.
This driver of coherency we label the self can create pitfalls, one of which is called Apophenia which is the perceptions of patterns which do not exist that create skewed impressions such as a stick on the ground being mistaken for a snake. Within Apophenia, there is another phenomenon named Pareidolia wherein meanings are created where there are none.

Anomalous experience is a double bind where the predictable is given a new context whose meaning is subjective as opposed to the linearity of logic.

One could say behind the scenes of our waking state there is the randomization of choice which bears some resemblance to the aspects of Chaos Theory, as described by Edward Lorenz as a form of contradictory determinism with a Catch-22 attached to it as he described as the approximations of the present determines the future as predictive but the present does not determine the approximations of the future which are unpredictable. Again we have a case of the interstatial or interstices “between” logic and chaos.

Nature Versus Artifice

Most of what constitutes our awareness is based on determinism.
In other words are languages represent a linear causality that does not exist outside of itself. It tends to be deterministic, predictive just as most normal waking hours of consciousness view the world this way.
How we think and how nature operates are two different things which was the theme of Gregory Bateson’s pioneering exploration of cybernetics.

And so, what is a normal waking state?

One could say that our chief feature is to create an artifice of structure within an edifice of differentiation and polymorphic relationships as well as within an environment that presents choice versus determinism. The two seemingly rear their heads in what quantum mechanics has labelled the observer effect.

It could be that the logic of our waking hours is a form of reductionism.

What lies beyond this is the question of the hour but what percentage of our species population has considered these questions which not surprisingly are stereotyped as being “impractical” or liminal to everyday experience? The inside has become the outside as a sort of wallpaper with Everything may be viewed as upside down.

So we have the normal and the paranormal and in a sense one reflects the other as that one is deterministic and the other unpredictable and yet in the relationships between these two phenomenon, there is yet a to be determined linkage entangling them that creates a third state of affairs which remains unknown outside of it’s effects.which we decorate the gaping holes in logic with as a defensive barrier as well as a means to communicate utilizing stereotypes whether it is language as referents or thought as the root of consciousness rather than an effect..

Could it be everything is viewed in a retrocausal straight jacket of an ill formed logic?
That is for you to determine.