Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Physicality of Energetic Information and UAP

An Anomalous Physicality of Information
Does information have a life of its own beyond our being lodged between chaos and coherence?
I am beginning to strongly suspect that it does and the sort of frozen warnings or vague implications that anneal themselves to each other are suggesting this. In effect , information has a physicality that is yes, oblique to observe, but seems to have an interdependent axis of all points leading to a probe of such magnitude that it’s mind boggling to ruminate on this living creature without having to obey linear time constraints….It more resembles a creative art in search of itself through as many parallels in dimension and expression as manifested through our narrow tunnel of perception. Yes, I am still on it’s track and this game is afoot. We seem to be expressions of this probing by an aggregate sum whose identity is incommensurable. Play rather than aim seems to be a chief feature of this processing toward a self awareness as if the universes were waking up to self awareness by demonstrated by interactions of a “paranormal” sort….that can overrun spacetime and express a coherence we have yet to name.  We are both “it” and not” it” in terms of similarities as if experiential reality is a phasing of physicality that relies on this sort of unnamed feedback whether it is precognition, non existent objectifications seen in the atmosphere, or the pervasiveness of non material thought itself as our conveyance through a transit of physicality.
One could say this unfathomable life of energetic information seems to have within it’s transit a learning curve that is evolving that has a butterfly effect on our own evolution. I suppose you could say I am one genome or containment field of information that has physicality as a phase shift….within a odd proverbial double helix that is both material and non-material  and that applying any dualism to this is beside the point….

The Most Basic of Questions
The simplest questions have the most complicated answers and are likely to be the most profound. Asking basic, even simplistic questions leads down a path of fractal branches that seemingly grow together to form a sphere whose circumference remains an indelible enigma.
With this rumination in mind, I asked myself why is the physical aspect of reality necessary?
If we peer underneath the hard surfaces of what constitutes either our kitchen table or our family pets and even ourselves, we find a proverbial weaving of energy exchanges, transmutations or storage of substances, regulatory and sensory systems and so  to what end?
Is the physical world and transient intermediary, a phasing of state and if so, especially if this path of temporal physicality arising from the non physical is fated to return to it’s original state, why is this phase so seemingly crucial as a detour?
Or is “detour” as a descriptive word completely inaccurate? I think on the Butterfly Effect in relation to all of the above and the relationship of biology to quantum mechanics as conjectured upon by theoretical physicist Brian Josephson especially a paper entitled “Biological Utilisation of Quantum Nonlocality” It sounds daunting to absorb but with some patience, there is a lot of material to extrapolate upon. He is a very grounded advocate for the study of the paranormal as a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge.

Many Worlds In One
We exist for a variable amount of “time” as an integral process that spans as an active player several parallel universes. No given universe can exist independently. Whether it is the molecular universe, the mineral universe, or any number of states interwoven into the screen that seem as one dimension, and yet all of them writhe, wither and recombine in search of relationships to create what has not yet been formed and each lacks a model or mold of any fated end game beyond their given state. Each requires an isthmus of passage from one state to another as well acting as proverbial bridges in a interstatial flux. This flux seemingly constitutes the confusing universe of what is commonly called the paranormal or what lies between A and B. In this lately, I have been thinking on one of the chief characteristics of UAP which is the relationship between localised high energy fields and dimensional distortions of spacetime and it’s effect on our biology of perception. Has a something breached dimensional boundaries as an intention within the context of sampling our own in a variety of ways...yes, its an abstracted rumination that smacks of anthropomorphism, but I am in no position to discount this possibility. UAP appears to be a physical expression of energetic information.

Clear and cogent demarcations between states appears to be a matter of orientation and a relativity of measurement ….the perspective gained from whence one is observing. One could say my suspicion is that various states ( dimensional spacetime as a carrier of energetic information are not subject to boundaries and that these various states and parallel realities that are , in turn, subject to various convergences as physicalities could be compared to a spectrum of light as it is observed. In this sense the anomalous is neither red or orange but rather a phenomenon that is both an unknown state subject to flux and one dependant on the observer as aanother “bridge” or isthmus of transit that creates effects, either retrocausal or  In this sense, one could say the anomalous is a co-creation. Again I keep going back to that damned Butterfly Effect as having some import or intention that I can intuitively sense but cannot pin down. I suppose if energy is information UAP is a communication without an appropriate translation.

Containers and A Clear Liquid
Unfortunately a description is not what is described and the gulf between the two seems to widen daily however it does open up those spaces between A and B as causal observations that give hope to the aim of discerning an ontology to them. There is something incommensurable that I equate with the transcendence of our self referencing triangulation's of what we cannot directly observe. Something vast lurks there. I feel it in my bones. Its not as if it’s neither a carrot or a stick but something beyond us that is signalling through our distortions that we have no comparative references to…..


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  2. Anon
    What I call phase shifting between the materiality or physicality between states joined at the hip to the energetic fields of information we are surrounded by and are a part of...is my own theoretical fulcrum that I might discard at a later date, but for now it's as good a lens as any. Some of this I see as a common thread between UAP, NDE and OBE as well as many other associated phenomenon wherein information as I said, "has a life of it's own." Maybe...and maybe not.

  3. This is my revision of my comment above. Sorry for the inconvience. Delete the first one if possible

    Iv been following your post for a few years now. Iv come to find many similar inferences to my own experiences , in your writings. I filmed for 7 months in the woods and had many incredible experiences caught in HD with a canon t3i and had stored them on a 2 tb hard drive. but unfortunately as fate would have it , that hard drive no longer in my possession. Mostly I don't talk about the hard drive anymore ...But a few videos got on YouTube . unfortuanly not really any of the good ones...and of course the titles conclude a different understanding of the phenomenon then at present time.
    This is an example of my videos under the name eternalcausation


    Supermushmouse (YouTube) was dealing with the phenomenon being observed in similar contexts and similar archetype of imagery. We both had a few of our personal videos automatically change codec and compress it self. Watching back my videos they would change and imagery would be manipuled to make for instance a bag of trash bags turn into a skunk with its head in a cup and a clown feeding it. Clear as day these videos would express these changes and for me it was direct communication. See I was the clown who was chasing this skunk away from my trash nightly for the past 2 weeks instead of just gathering it and taking it to the dump. This phenomenon was calling me a clown. Cracking a joke
    This was just one way I would communicate with this energy . inter dimensional bigfoots, bio luminous flying opctopus entities...all following a intricate and subtle process of experience, and lending to each other.. leading me to understand it as one phenomenon. It seemed deceptive only in the ways of spurring conjecture and hypothesis out from me. ultimately leaving me with the type of perspective that's fine with any new encountered experience completing going against all previously perceived characteristics of the phenomenon.
    Anyway I wanted to express that I much appreciate your blog and I see you.

  4. Watch a hypersphere generate stuff. Now, consider the synethesia of recombinant time space, and things that tend to persist in cognition. Or is that persistence into history an artifact, or just the thing itself?

    Or, is being haunted just geometry? Hard to know the difference, considering how information tends to be whatever time allows.

    It is different when phase space is probability and free will just around the edges. Then, all that identity and morality, and stuff that has not even been named gets to have a go at it.

    No wonder why that needs to be sneaky, and impossible to pin down.
    Things in common. Fairly heretical. No frame of reference, just responses to the thing itself. Space outside the edges. I think sometimes what passes for sentient homonids these days probably get a little of that.

    Self selection is really just a staging ground for more probability. Even stuff that does not matter gets publicity.