Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ask a Parapsychologist

A new blog on science and parapsychology that has yet to be fully implemented might be of some interest to readers and so I pass this link along to you from John Kruth who is the Executive Director of The Rhine Research Center who many of you might already be aware of as pioneering a scientific approach to the strange.
 It will be interesting to see how it develops especially in countering the nonsense in the popular mainstream media. Its interesting to note the evolution of babble presented as fact in the overall commercialization of the many facets within this field seemingly culminating in the latest exercise in mass hypnosis to be held in Mexico City regarding the infamous Kodak Slides....
 In Ufology, the subject was smeared and discredited by it's own advocates outside of science. In our time, it is the mainstream media that has made the subject a joke without a punchline. Vortexes, Demons and Ancient Aliens proliferate in the plot lines of comic books for the imagination. 
I wish Mr Kruth the best of good wishes for a daunting task he has set himself.

Also, I failed to add this is a direct feedback process which sets it apart from the usual fare as the content addresses equally direct, personal questions. I am going to relate my own recent experiences to see what Mr Kruth has to say. It should prove interesting

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  1. So glad to see you back, Bruce! Hope things are falling into a good place after recent disasters.

    Thanks for the link! If you find out anything intriguing I hope you'll post about it!