Monday, May 18, 2015

The Physicality of Metaphysics

One one hand, the mind by thought as a process divides the indivisible. On the other it attempts to relink the divisions and so creates a third force of images as in imagination that allows the visualization of the synthesis between disconnects. The root words of the term religion in Greek denotes “relinking” the known and unknown as a narrative of symbolism akin to a shared dream of superimpositions. It is an interesting consideration to consider the enormous range of polytheistic gods whether it is Greek or Roman or otherwise that over the centuries as dwindled to one in a monotheism fraught with contradictory symbolism. On one hand we have a complexity of forces and on the other a proverbial reductionism that could be considered to be incoherent as it leads to the incommensurable. It may be that this dualism of orientations by referents may be both true and not true. I suppose I could call this the interdependence of phenomenon...multiplication versus division as a form of metaphysical numerology of forces beginning with our nexus being the number three. Perhaps rational logic produces illogic and illogic drives the quest for logic as a dipole to create vivid dreams of what may be behind what there is. Coherence seems to be the process of reductions whether the context is the micro or macro scaling of our contexts to evade our natural state of confusion or what Idn Al Arabi called bewilderment. We say a human being is a individual as if that person were a singularity as a force with one name but the metaphysical texts claim this is illusionary as man's identity is multi-folded as in "man's name is legion".
We exist in a confluence between the historical world of our environment and our inner world of the mind that creates a third world of reconciliation, oscillations and resonance...This morning I got on a roll about the ordering we have assigned to three as a dynamic of our a metaphysical rumination ….on our proclivity to order phenomenon categorically
in correspondences because not only the alphabetical code, but the numerical one, as well, describe all reality: that is, everything that is numerable or namable–in the sense of "ciphers," harmonious measures, "proportions"–in sum, the totality of the cosmos, of the knowable. Within this metric using energy as information within a cypher, I started to consider what Stuart Hammerof suggested as one possibility, that consciousness as energy may be the equivalent of music, which then brought to mind the relationship between musical tonality and resonance and that of electromagnetic energy with corresponding frequencies and oscillations...all of which lead to speech and the matrix of alphabetics contained in voices, whether it is what one mystic called the songs of praise from the aviary perched in a tree or that pesky robo-call. Gregory Bateson said that in triangulation...this process when observed is like listening to two asynchronous drum beats that create a third that seemingly is harmonious.

The polyphase transformer of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit...the positive the negative and the reconciling neutral….an electrical field as embodied in myth as a carrier wave designed for those given to cryptology as within equal three dimensional spatial relations  Ying and Yang as the the dipole that drives the reconciling dynamo of experience. The polytheism of energy and physicality is an interesting meditation.  According to E. W. Bullinger ..”We come to the first geometrical figure. Two straight lines cannot possibly enclose any space, or form a plane figure; neither can two plan surfaces form a solid. Three lines are necessary to form a plan figure; and three dimensions of length, breadth, and height, are necessary to form a solid. Hence three is the symbol of the cube--the simplest form of solid figure. As two is the symbol of the square, or plane contents (x2), so three is the symbol of the cube, or solid contents (x3). “

Step up and step down these resonating transformers of conductance in Jacobs Ladder...simultaneously descending and ascending in create physicality as a reconciliation.  Strange electrical schematics printed on ancient texts. From the Greek magical texts to a countless string of triple headed goddesses… The man at the lunch counter as a reciprocal energy exchange as he eats a salad to produce his self awareness while the solar star of visible light has created him as a physical transception….The menus of species from which is derived the variability of consciousness...What other species eats from the same menu ranging from metals to vertebrates?
A tree as a branch circuit with inputs and outputs. Symmetries in the bi-folded in three dimensions whether its a face or a tree or a fish. The triadic reconciliation.

The solar system and it’s stellar astrophysical fluid dynamics, more simply put as the resonance of energy exchanges between the sun and planets as if within it’s orbits we are witnessing a electromagnetic transformer in motion with the sun as a primary and the planets as secondary windings. Perhaps this is the music of the spheres. Cut a planet in half and you have an insulated wire through which passes the variable output of the sun...the circuit of orbital spin around the sun in the absence of gravity this a load distribution? The diameters of the planets cores as secondary windings being equal to the primary? What of satellites? What is the frequency Kenneth? Resonance at what wavelength as a transmission system?
I wonder. Each planet has energy through it via a visible light spectrum and produces it’s own output albeit in a longer thermal wave and the production of atmospheres, and the concurrence of fluids ruled over by the Trident of Neptune. .. One could call our solar system an example of the conservation of energy...or perhaps not. Perhaps this is a strange astrology..cyclic and yet prone to flux. The visible conjoined to the invisible. And beyond this?
Is there a triadic ordering to the anomalous between existents and non existents? Is there a dipole to this that creates a dynamo that produces a music strange to our senses..attenuated to this exchange resulting not in physicality nor non physicality, but rather a reconciling force?
Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose the interdependence of what Bateson saw as two drum beats creates not a seeming harmonious rhythm but rather discordance as translated by our own triangulations.

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