Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Would Science Study To Understand UAP?

What if science took UAP seriously? What if we could retroactively go into the past and erase once and for all, every last trace of the manipulative and projected nonsense that has surrounded UAP? Erase the term “flying saucer’? What would or could science do if the phenomenon was taken seriously? Perhaps we can let our imaginations free associate what would occur if Hell froze over.
One thing that drives me mildly nutty is the lack of data correlation in the study of UAP.
A statistical timeline might prove useful to look for cyclic patterns within relationships within UAP events. This would require both researchers and statisticians separated into groups to graph parallel historical events. One group would track locations of events, another would track meteorological conditions for each location, another the time stamp another the general shape and color of what was seen, another would track any major historical events correlated per each event...Would any intersection of  patterns emerge? Begin with one calendar year. No one seems able to put one plus one equals two into action.
Another aspect that Vallee used in the short term within the Sturrock Report was the correlation between lumens as a measurement of light and energy output. Could a analysis of witness testimony correlate this by approximation?
An federally funded geo-gravitational measurement satellite looking for fluxes. While this has been mapped on a one off basis and has determined an effect of crystalline geological features and gravitational fluxes would a 24/7 monitoring prove useful even if it caught only one or two events? Yes, its highly impractical and expensive but an interesting potential correlation.
Another is solar activity correlated to peaks or waves in sightings.
Another is the expansion of sidereal tracking of stellar alignments correlated to waves which was only done ( once again) as a one off and while some very intriguing results occurred, but as Vallee suggested, more data was needed over a longer term.
“Cloud” formations of anti-matter in the atmosphere have been detected and measured, could an expansion of this airborne sampling within storm activity detect a correlation between events and these pockets? It leads to the possibility these may be paths of navigation just as atmospheric molecules allow lift in aircraft..A long shot? Maybe, maybe not. No one knows. These pockets are as transient seeming as UAP events.
Money, money, money..SETI looking for Marconi technology in galaxies, the lunacy of which the late MacTonnies often remarked upon….My thinking says funds devoted to UAP at the very minimum deserve an equal opportunity.


  1. Another interesting correlation would be the incidence of gamma radiation during or after a close encounter. Something Tom Fusco touched upon his Super-Geometry theory, which apparently was confirmed on a number of haunting cases.

    So Big Data to the rescue? I'm of two minds about it. On the one hand it's a tantalizing idea; on the other I'm somewhat disenchanted with it, mainly because it has turned into a 'fad'.

    The Google-heads keep predicating how Big Data and the Internet of Things are going to help us find the key to immortality, the solution to global warming, and many other problems which still seem unsolvable. Just put a sensor in every square inch of the planet and our bodies and VOILA!

    Ironically, this to me sounds similar to all the hype running around the Human Genome Project 20 years ago. They promised us the cure for cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer once they finished mapping all our genes. It's 2015 and we're still waiting; I suspect the same will happen with the current attempts to map the entirety of the human brain, and the scientists will realize there's something missing from the equation, and consciousness will remain the eery ghost on the machine ;)

    Then again, I guess what you're also suggesting is the enrolling of people who would INTERPRET the data, and that also could open another can of worms, because to me personal bias plays a big role in how one interprets the result of a given experiment or study...

  2. Well..there are correlations and interpretations of the correlations and interpretation based on a nexus or vectoring of data in a pattern in the absence of further information is a metaphor of the human condition, yet a rose is a rose is a rose if a pattern does exist. Another issue is the probability factor creating a non existent relationship which would seem to call for a long term survey. The addition of historical events on a time line as I suggested had in mind the Global Consciousness Project. Does a UAP wave cause RNG bias beyond the high emotional pitch of catastrophic human events as it seems decoherence might be shared with UAP? I think the majority of science builds theories on data and not vice versa,,and the bias seems to arise in vested economic and academic vested interests. You have a valid arms length transaction could occur but who is funding what seems to be an issue.