Saturday, May 16, 2015

Behaviorism Beyond Physicality

We have many cases of what on the surface appears to be anomalous craft slowly passing above the countryside in the dark of night, methodically sweeping the ground with a beacon as if in search for a “something” This is what this event appears to represent. These events also paint a portrait of exotic and presumably highly advanced technology based on their appearances.
Many have conjectured that these variety of craft have arrived here by navigating wormholes, or by a more direct navigation of Spacetime. When we think of our own comparatively primitive craft, we know that beyond their appearances, we can confirm they have several technological advances in scanning the countryside in the absence of light such as infrared cameras, signal detection systems, even now the appearance of thermal detection has advanced to penetrating sensory systems used to spot buried geological features.
Returning to our presumed extraterrestrial visitors having far advanced technologies to arrive here whose presence is presumed by appearances alone, why would they use an oversized flashlight to survey the ground? Is there some hapless creature up on the equivalent of a deck derived from a 18th Century ship armed with a telescope and binoculars peering through them to locate something? They may as well have a crow’s nest.
As always, we have the familiar out of context, a mish-mash of surrealism as if a history book was randomized and painted as fact. Seeing is not believing and yet….there it is.
When we look at the traditional sciences, we see a chain of causation as data creates and modifies theories and much of this is based on the measurability of the various attributes of any given problem by way of its physicality.
In the case of UAP, what little sketchy physical evidence is circumstantial and three times removed from a physical objectification of the quarry.
What investigative tool do we have as would be detectives on the trail of a nonsensical phenomenon? We have behaviorism. What does the behavior of UAP suggest in any strong or weak sense in terms of a consistent pattern as a broadcast medium?  

  1. It suggests that our models of causality are incomplete.
  2. It suggests that our local information is being borrowed and then fed back to us in a consistent pattern of randomization.
  3. Due to Item 2 we have a linkage to the psyche of our species whether it is indirect as an effect without a purposeful agenda directed at us, or a strong message that our perception in relation to rational thought is upside down in some yet unknown manner.
  4. The divide between molecular structures and wave energy can possibly be bridged on a temporal basis in order to project these images that are representative of a state of physicality, therefore this state may suggest our conceptual models of physicality are lacking.
  5. They have no direct purpose as we ourselves define purpose in the pragmatic sense of the word. If there is purpose, it is oblique in nature, or is mimicking purpose as much as it does with it’s various appearances.
  6. Energy being a carrier of information, UAP appears to be a form of encryption using our own semiotic languages to present future relationships in our models of what the constitution of realities may be.
  7. The variability of forms, images and shapes suggests a selection process and consistency of what is projected has been avoided for the same reason.
  8. The transience of UAP appearances in relation to wave activity suggests a reliance on equally transient natural but unknown processes.
  9. The energetic nature of the atmosphere in relation to it's equally transient states may have an impact on #8.

Is this behaviorism worth our consideration in the absence of physical evidence? I would say absolutely if anyone has a modicum of curiosity regarding one’s own orientation in relationship to what we may be as a species and it is duly noted that this relationship between UAP and the attendant mysteries such as the nature of consciousness, spacetime, the origin of the physical universe are being presented to us in a proverbial Zen koan in an oblique manner. In this complex system, it has been shown that the more complex the system, the more it is prone to entropy and some experiments and studies have suggested that entropy is related to PSI phenomenon. One has to wonder if the outgrowth of attendant PSI phenomenon such as so-called abduction phenomenon as well as many reports of the deceased appearing in them bear some relationship to this. All of the above behaviorism have a trace, however unclear of a strong possibility of an exchange of information having the dynamics of a feedback loop.
Can we decrypt this phenomenon? Are we being provoked to do so?
One has to consider in terms of UAP and our relationship to it’s behaviorisms that it has as transient a nature as does catastrophic world events as well as those equally deconstructive elements which randomly peak in one’s life. While we can agree that this may be so, the rules of the game never change. What do I mean by these rules?
Our man made universe of sidereal time is based on a reliance upon repeatability and predictability that goes far beyond the comfort of our knowing the sun will rise this morning. As I have mentioned before, our conceptual models of processing that are ordered by language are based upon the reliance of a fixed set of terms that arise in our equal reliance upon self referencing benchmarks that categorize phenomenon in a reliable manner as well as role playing by our insertion into a historical world. All of this parallel processing is as linear as sidereal time on the surface of our own behaviors and one could call this a steady state of normative psychology. Uncertainty is sublimated. One could say the whole of social structures of a much larger scale are more of an agreement of terms rather than a matter of happenstance, whether it is divided by monetary systems, political systems, education systems, religion, technology, and too many others to list in a broad and generic manner I call social scripting.
And so we have created a system of valuations whose basis is repeatability organised as a consensus. While there may be some signal noise of dissenting orientations, in general this overlay is in a fairly recognizable steady state. We see it all around us. However…could we call our own behaviorism the result of this feedback loop. If UAP utilizes a feedback loop that has been placed in superimposition upon our own, what is the nature of it's processes in terms of an aim, if any exist?
Is UAP a benevolent Devil?

UAP appears to be a provocation arising from an unknown origin that rearranges our ordering systems. That much we can say reliably unless we deny it’s appearances.
Perhaps is the operative word here that is ripe with potential.



    Bruce, sometimes I think the dead get to answer the question of what is real, and what is unintended consequences. And that would be a placebo just being creative.

  2. Its the same dynamic here with the distinction of not being satisfied with any of it so the placebo effect is nil.