Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is UAP A Quantum Detection System?

“I am concerned with facts of quite unverifiable intrinsic value, but which, by their absolutely unexpected violently fortuitous character, and the kind of associations of suspect ideas they provoke.” ― AndrĂ© Breton, Nadja

Some ducks prefer barrels where it is a simple matter to shoot them and some appear out of the barrel which leaves us in the position described by Breton, in exploring the unverifiable, and at best it leads to other possiblities however improbable it is to consider...which requires an arm's length relationship with what lies between images and imagination, where the two meet in the ordering processes of the mind....nearly all of them autonomic outside of an imaginable realm lodged between science fictions and odd premonitions that arise in the gut, between what has not been imagined and the immeasurable.

I became interested in the subject of quantum cryptography some time ago as it uses the scrambling of wave energy to produce energetic and proprietary information encrypted in a manner that it allows the completion of various cryptographic tasks that are proven or conjectured to be impossible using only classical (i.e. non-quantum) communication.

Will our species utilise this for sending interstellar information over impossibly long distances?
Could it be the basis for a passive SETI program wherein detecting reception rather than the feedback of a reply would be the aim? Finding a specific target by the interference of a signal rather than it’s reception as a readable message? Maybe, maybe not.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

For example, It is impossible to copy data encoded in a quantum state and the very act of reading data encoded in a quantum state changes the state. This is used to detect eavesdropping in quantum key distribution. In other words, it could be used as a SETI type signal to search for eavesdropping that would indicate a certain level of technical wherewithal. If the state of the transmission has been altered then there is a possibility someone or something is listening and has the ability to do so. Science recognises that behind the scrim of materiality are atomic and subatomic particles which are driven by quantum energy and the self organisation of physicality relies on apparent chaos to order itself, or allows this to occur. I then began to consider the possible strange effects within the reception of an intentional organised quantum detection system and the quasi materiality of UAP.

One the other hand this may be projecting the nature of individuated concioussness as it is related to it's larger nexus as being an expression of an aggragate sum into a technological context....In other words, we decode a reality that contains a signal that represents an aggragate sum that is incommensurable to what is contained as incomplete information in the indvidual. In other words, we decrypt reality lacking a key.

One could say that between the two, there is a gap fused with how we view technology..is it organic or is it composed of hard wriring or....is it both? Is it a tool and a a point of origin as two orientaions of the same phenomenon or process?

The inference inherent in the reception of signal without having a cryptographic key is that the state of the information as a signal changes and that other keys or means of decryption would create nonsensical information. Perhaps a hybridising of signals between sending and reception would occur as in the observer effect, which might create a message that both makes sense and yet remains incoherent, or out of context...lost in translation. It would be both recognisable due to what the reception as a key provides and yet be out of alignment with the organisation of the wave signal as to be both coherent and recognisable simultaneously.

Quantum signalling in our instance takes place in three dimensions by interaction within linear, sidereal timespace, the same process creates the orbits of the planets and galaxies as repeating patterns..that are highly predictable. And so, now I thought about interference in relation to astronomical positioning of all that is inherent in the physical universe, such as stars, planets and their energy fields, their interactions and so forth and the effect is any of interference this would cause with such a quantum detection system..Consequently, there would be cycles of optimum reception if this were so. Is this a possibility? Perhaps, perhaps not. Are planetary alignments a factor which harkens back to astrology as a matrix to align probablity and predictability?

In reading this paper on the correlation of planetary alignments and UAP, all of the aforementioned thoughts came to mind. The same day or shortly afterwards, I read this report below which made me think of how our own transmissions are affected by atmospheric conditions, as well as many of these being visible such as the effect of solar activity creating the aurora borealis….and so what of a quantum detection signal creating energetic and anomalous effects as well? Perhaps, perhaps not. Those plasma like effects? Are these the beams of a flashlight? Are some conditions of a extra-solar nature or otherwise creating waves of actvity in relation to reception? Looking at these two photographs one could say they are an imaginative depiction of inner quantum processes in the mind linked or in a bidirectional transmission with what has originated it...or a technology that seeks coherence by seeking out other forms of concioussness in the univese, however unrecognisable they may be...the change of state in such a sentinel like wave detection system may simply be a first and basic step in a potential relationship. Maybe not.

Could our changing of the state of such a detection system be used to correlate data about us using reverse causation? Your guess is as good as mine. Unverifiable...but interesting none the less as a outline of some other yet unidentifiable process of ordering or perhaps as a metaphor or, a reality as if the old example of a Neanderthal being exposed to observing the operation of a I-Phone may have some bearing?

The provocative posed with the unverifiable....the search continues far from a maddening crowd....


  1. Of course, particle accelaration, attempts to detect gravity waves, trapping neutrinos, et al. Hard to know if that is just responses that could be the stimulus. It is almost like not looking for answers, but building more sophisticated questions.

    A joke as an immuno response? Even if any get that, drama.

  2. I dont think for both pragmatic and perhaps metaphysical reasons there are no singular and definitive answers that could be narrowed down to any coherent narrarive in terms of the causes of UAP but it serves as an intriguing platform for exploring relationships such as stimulous and response as a singularity....drama as a reactive Zen Koan...I suspect there is no anthroporphic purpose as we define it in UAP..rather..relationships...without a heirarchy...Yet the questions mutate the answers...What or whom is detecting what or whom defies linear causation.