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The Mirage of a Dead End and The Physics of Energetic Information

The Illusions of A Dead End
The alternative universe has long begged for a multi-disciplinary study as an antidote to the weaknesses of human psychology in the face of fantasies, commerce and social politics.
Complexity within the analysis of the subject is seen as a poison.
Physics, psychology and cybernetics in terms of analysis have been erased as tools in order to gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon outside of the purview of a proverbial comic book.
In the 21st Century, the study of UAP and other associated enigmas remain in the territory of mythologies, treated as a liminal subject and consequently it has been invaded by a raft of snake oil salesmen afloat on a sea of paranoiac projections. The materialism of our Western society has had an enormous impact on the psychology of consensus realities as to the approach to the subject and consequently it is a anathema, or alternatively it has been categorized within the box of strict physicality as to its nature. One result is the lunacy of Ancient Aliens projected upon archaeology.
This environment of materialism is the crux of a dilemma wherein the social milieu treatment of the subject has reached a dead end to the extent it is recycling itself and is prone to self parody despite the reality that our conceptual models of reality are being upended daily by quantum physics.
The importance of the potential discoveries marked by the “paranormal” is enormous while the ridicule and denial surrounding the mention of the subject as a defensive measure remains firmly lodged in place and so it is no surprise it has become locked in the exploitation of a category best described as entertainment.
Psychology, cybernetics, physics within the traditional largely remain silent on the subject as a result.
This essay asks a deceptively simple question concerning the effect of cultural materialism on the subject of strange phenomenon in the atmosphere and the resulting fantasies of physicality. Does physicality require a redefinition?

The Ordering of Experience
At the core of experiential reality, we are not fearful, aggressive, desirous, ecstatic, sorrowful or any number of variables as reactive modalities as pitches and notes as a soundtrack that underpins thought as a player piano programmed by an obscure form of consensus, of which Alan Watts said that “We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.”
What does this have to do with anomalous experience?
Borrowers, mimics, pantomimes...are behaviors placed within a descriptive context of consensus as a defining metric and that if this molding of reality is seen from without, we are within as mirrored surface created by absorption and inside this process we are engulfed within and simultaneously, by processing this ordering twenty four hours a day and even in sleep, relentlessly our minds seek order as a driver of self awareness. At any cost.
Thought, the ordering process is a form of math with equations, calculations triangulation's that are self organizing while also simultaneously they are created from our own stored data in memory as Alan Watt’s described them as borrowed as well as thought that defines a calculus of cartography is incomplete.
What lies in causation between A and B in thought is not allowed in direct processing which is simultaneous as we do not think or choose beforehand what we think.
In hindsight we can re-digest and reorder causation by superimposing on repeatability and language, which, in this sense is a stereotype that creates order relentlessly built upon pre-established rules on the unordered, unpredictable, the chaotic. Now we view an image of ordering within the anomalous. What does this image tell us in regard to ordering? Do these human sculpted metaphors resemble the ordering metaphors experienced in UAP encounters? These statues of the imaginal realm as projections could easily be a pattern on which descriptions of "extraterrestrials" are based. Ordering chaos as a projection of image in a quantum reality.

The Metaphor of The Anomalous
In dream states we navigate ordering by metaphor, and it appears that what is experienced through the anomalous is also a metaphor produced by ordering. This ordering is created by thought which relies on language as a math, which is self organising.
A metaphor is a that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for analytic comparisons, thus highlighting the similarities between the two. While a simile compares two items, a metaphor compares or directly equates them, and so a metaphor does not necessarily apply any distancing words of comparisons as qualifiers such as "like" or "as".
A metaphor is a type of analogy of ordering of relationships and is closely related to other processes through language as an ordering principle which achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance - including allegory, hyperbole, and simile. Consider the above image as a metaphor created by the architecture of autonomic processing imposing order. A spaceship is a metaphor for a vehicle that traverses space and this definition of a relationship does not necessarily denote physicality rather a relationship of metrics we have created by ordering. yet there is a distinction behind causation undefined.

The Metaphor of Physicality As A Metric
In the last essay I addressed causation as being a conceptual model that has been reversed and has, as a result, created what are known in science as “hard” problems based on physicality as the origin of reality whereas energetic information creates physicality whose self organisation creates physicality depending on the environment as an attractor to which it adapts. We see this in our own planetary ecology of living systems. The mind is equally an attractor as a center of gravity that in turn, superimposes ordering according to its inner ecology. Rightly or wrongly this seems apparent to me. The anomalous, not surprisingly, falls into this same trap of reversed causation. We place it as a physicality in origin and then attempt to solve the “hard “ problem of causation, yet physicality in the universe is by it’s own nature temporal. It is not fixed, it is in flux much like the anomalous. My peers ignore the fact that Einstein said nearly a century ago that physicality is an illusion, therefore our ordering does not equate physicality itself as a metaphor.

The Illusion of Linearity
Our language as a math to order reality is based on linearity and by it’s effect as thought not being self aware as a constant in terms of superimposing order on the non linear. Space as a dimensional quality is ordered by causation by time, another illusion of causation that it is moving forward as this is dictated by our sensory systems dictating our language and thoughts by appearances as referents and referents create linear time which does not exist. A body in space creates a gravitational field as a metaphor of self organisation that is in defiance of linearity whereas without our processing architecture perhaps we could envision ourselves as metaphors of planetary bodies that bend space or what we term time. Therefore another aspect of what we term anomalous is in reality, the real, versus our cognisance, which is not.

A New Model of The Universe
For this writer, what the anomalous portrays is a reality yet to be explored as a new model of the universe. Due to all of the above, instead of recognition, we have mythologies as to avoid uncertainty. Anthropomorphic projections of illusions as realities being metaphors of ordering that has been placed in either a reversed or illusionary model of causation.

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