Monday, April 27, 2015

Hitting The Firewall: UFO's Lost In Spacetime

UFOs As Holographic Ghost Information? Space wreckage suspended at the moment of impact at the entrance to a worm hole? Some fun extrapolations this morning with coffee.

Encoding reality ( energetic information ) as a holographic two dimensional blueprint of information.....Is it Ella Fitzgerald or a tape recording? Worm holes as file cabinets. Ghost Information.

A fascinating concept. As the writer put it..”spooky connections” More grist for the science fiction mill....countless travelers through space try to use a wormwhole and end up being reduced to being a continuum lodging their blueprints...that have no precise location in Spacetime..when they hit a firewall.

Would this explain their purposeless behavior, their randomness, their being seeming lodged between physicality and a state of "now you see it now you don't? Perhaps they are simply a recorded matrix of holographic and energetic information....Hmmmm.

“Eventually Susskind — in a discovery that shocked even him — realized (with Gerard ’t Hooft) that all the information that fell down the hole was actually trapped on the black hole’s two-dimensional event horizon, the surface that marks the point of no return. The horizon encoded everything inside, like a hologram. It was as if the bits needed to re-create your house and everything in it could fit on the walls. The information wasn’t lost — it was scrambled and stored out of reach.”

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  1. Then there's this...
    Is the universe a hologram