Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fear As A Carrier Wave

The late Ian Steven's field investigations of information transference continues in suspected cases of reincarnation via The University of Virgina's Center For Perceptual Studies.

This writer has ruminated on emotional states as related to thought in terms of meditative states along with disassociation ones, the high emotional states of shamanism, voodoo, steady states, depressive states...all of which appear to be the carriers of thought. A friend of mine some forty years ago said he considered that modality precedes communication and that his observation  always remained book marked in my memory. Does this attenuation relate to a transference of information create effects in transception as some research indicates? 

Fear as a carrier wave ( which I have theorized in other cases such as UAP ) crops again in reincarnation cases that concern violent the most identifiable and empirical physical characteristics of reincarnation in this possible transference of information do involve fear in what one could assume occurs in cases of one confronting death in a horrific manner.

 Is this an imprint that is transferable between states? Are emotions the modality of states beyond that of which we currently recognize? The most germane section begins at around 19;00 in the video of the lecture posted below in terms of physical evidence wherein violent cases with fear as a modality of a potential carrier wave constituted 60% of the total cases.
The lecture contents prior to this are equally interesting in terms of the methodology used in this research as well as the key characteristics of such cases in terms of the psychological behaviors of the subjects which exhibit high strangeness.
Maybe..maybe not  I think but the suspicions remain in the strong sense of it's meaning.

More grist for the mill in the anomalous experiential transfer of information utilizing emotions as a carrier wave.

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