Saturday, February 7, 2015

Entropy and Anomalies: Part One of Two


Gravity as a term that brings to the mind various images and associations seems to be going the way of being placed in a glass case in some nameless museum of discarded monikers such as spontaneous generation, the label that suggested hamburger created flies.
In a obscured sense of this recent development, I look back upon the Alchemists view of transmutation and of it’s insertion into solar energy who viewed it’s spectrum of effects in terms of density in relation to our planetary systems beginning with the finest level that is produced by the sun, which then descends what the Gnostics termed “Jacob’s Ladder” by it’s increasing densities from atmosphere, to water, to earth, to minerals to crystals to metals……..and the binding agent later became known as ‘gravity”. Of course in the metaphor of Jacob’s ladder we have an ascent of energy as well within the image of proverbial angels both ascending and descending simultaneously.
In the case of gravity, this term has been replaced by entropy.
What does that have to do with experiential anomalies you ask?
What is entropy?

The Collapse of Information

it is a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's ( in this case perhaps of a solar nature ) thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, ( transmutation ) often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. What gravity actually may be is the dissipation of a sourced energy and in the alchemist’s view this may be seen as the transference of energy into denser and denser forms resulting until entropy occurs and we have solidification. Scientists at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory have found that the Earth's inner core is rotating faster than the planet itself as the motion of the inner core has never before been detected or measured. The finding, reported July 18 in the journal Nature, will likely advance understanding of how the Earth's magnetic field is created and why it reverses periodically; how heat flows through the planet, and how the Earth's multi-layered interior has evolved. This generation of heat by friction is of course energy and so perhaps the suggests the upward steps of Jacob’s ladder as energy descends…

In terms of extraterrestrials zooming through our atmosphere by means of “anti-gravity” these imagined craft perhaps have a means of inverting entropy. This branch of a theoretical consideration will be detailed in Part Two of this essay in relation to the amount of radiant energy measured in lumens in UAP as well as ground effects such as magnesium.

Another aspect of entropy is related to it’s effects which result in a lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder and this characteristic provokes a connection to anomalous experiential oddities which exhibit these key characteristics as we examine them in detail. Of course no one can deny we exist in a electromagnetic field and we have our own enormously weaker electrical field in which "consciousness" occurs. One considers a theoretical relationship in terms of entropy.

One goes back to the equation that energy is information and then we apply entropy to this and view Blond Venusians or any other such ghost manifestation as the result of the dissipation of energy. Then we ask ( as a consequence ) what is the energetic carrier wave? We also think of the double slit experiments….in relation to entropy as well as why UAP is evident in the atmosphere rather than on our well as how they appear depends on who is looking.

More to follow in Part to allow further explorations of potential relationships related to entropy and the unpredictability of anomalies...


  1. We are time-binding, space-binding, and meaning-binding. Perhaps this makes us anti-entropic too.

    As you suggested on my show, fear may be a carrier wave for information transfer during an anomalous experience, but in a weaker sense any consciousness may be a way "in" as a bridge between worlds or a collapse of probability into an event.

  2. We may be more entropic as compared to the field of information that surrounds us. One correspondent said that this reminded him of the function of a capacitor in the electronic sense and that whatever information we receive is lost in translation and it loses it's coherence becomes disjointed and out of context due to the fact we have limited capacitance. Since this disorganized state of affairs is self referential to everyone else on the same page we have been trained by a sleight of hand to assume we are normative in relation to the environment and the anomalous seems to magnify this buried discontinuity between appearances and context. One question leads to another on a slippery slope despite the empirical upbringing we were fed as kids...carried on into "adulthood".

  3. This is somewhat off-topic, but I read online that you did a podcast with Greg Bishop for his Radio Misterios recently, and that Greg thought it was quite an interesting discussion.

    Do you have a link you can post here in comments to direct those interested in that conversation? I'd like to give it a listen, personally.

  4. Steve
    Its on the Radio Misterioso website.

  5. Maybe capacitance explains why some never experience the anomalous? Seems off somehow, but I'm often confused by personal experience in that there seem to exist "pre" and "post" eras of anomalous experience. Prior to trauma and resulting emotion there were no experiences. Post trauma and resulting emotion, a switch seemed to flip. Capacitance amped? It would seem so.

  6. Knocker
    My suspicion is that you are more right than wrong.