Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Metrics of Ghosts.

The Variations of Transitive Coherence 

I seem to be focusing on the relationship between energy and information as my exploration of all phenomenon that is considered to be anomalous evolves. In this there is another aspect of theoretical consideration that grew out of locality of their manifestation which involves the replacement of sidereal time with space time which is geometric in that it is dimensional. I asked myself what dictates dimensional geometry of spacetime? It is information. This leads to a consideration that perhaps this concept may be backwards as well. Information may be at the root of this and that dimensionality is another dead end as an effect rather than one of several causation's of spacetime if we are embedded within a energetic information field.
I was struck by a observation, several of them, in reincarnation cases in reports of young children roughly between the ages of two years of age to seven. Again this being an example of what appears to be the transference of information as energy from one state to the next, and the question was asked..which is deceptively simple. Where were you between lives?

The answer from some was that they remained where they were at the moment of death bearing in mind sidereal time has been replaced by spacetime denoting dimensionality..and if dimensionality arises as a illusion of a misplaced metric as a transitive state, this potential begs more considerations of the information field of “consciousness” in relation to that of the environment and the binding agency of transference (if geometry is a misnomer) as all energy is information constitutes the singularity of a field…., does one fold into the other as an equation? Is a wall, for example, a metric of information and does the relationship of this metric connect to locality to that of a binding agent as a hard drive would or a plenum? 

Corresponding to this connection of a proverbial form of pointillism, sometimes these ventures can organize themselves to be the written equivalent of a musical fugue  as if they were composed by Phillip Glass, a sort of tapestry that resembles a tunnel I have woven that in hindsight might be as self referential as a favorite tee shirt.

Does our database contain correlates to our environment as to allow transference by entropy in regard to energy as information? Is the information field a singularity that has distinctions drawn as various metrics of coherence or relationship?

Another aspect of this informational energy in various states in relationship relates to “ghost information”...Can you see from without your thoughts? What would be their representation as images? Would they appear as images derived from imagination due to the fact they are reliant on your individual set of semiotics, identifiers and associations of thought to image.

All this reminds me of Ib Al Arabi’s hermeticism as a cosmology in that he observed that due to this effect, no two individuals “see heaven” in exactly the same way. Think of the same variability in there a correlation?

This brings another aspect of these hypothetical ruminations..the accounts by some children that their return to a somatic state was assisted by individuated sentience which created in their images derived from the same sources as mentioned previously..the images that ranged from “God” to “Angels” as a superimposition of their identifiers. However appearances, derived from my own experiences cannot be trusted lest I fall into a waking dream. And so...if energy is information can it be an environment for other forms of life..specifically non biological and sentient lifeforms whose orientation is this field should it constitute the creation of the derivatives we ourselves inhabit? In other words, self organizing forms of energy evolved from this field as we have evolved in our own organic environment through the evolution of adaptation?

The danger in these ruminations strikes me as ironic as the more complex equations of possibilities are derived we seem to go into an area of proverbial folk tales, or the associations we carry in relation to our culture. Then we turn around to glance at modern folk tales based on technological imagery...UAP. Can information be manipulated in the singularity of an information field as to allow transference by borrowing the local terms derived from the aggregate sum of the human species as a database. Input this and one creates a conveyance of an equation based on “borrowing” another's metrics to transverse them.

Its a slippery slope full of intriguing connections and potential pratfalls when one theorised intangibles to create new associative patterns for consumption. Certainly, the universe is much stranger than we can imagine it to be.


  1. You mention the variability of UAP. Do you mean the variety of appearances? But there do seem to be a lot of similarity, too.
    If you wouldn't mind building on that a bit...

    1. Without specifics I can only generalize and with that in mind we live in an era ( and have for some time ) where the dissemination of information has a velocity that allows shared images that become imprinted as anticipatory semiotics that provide a mold for whatever has no frame. To what extent the observer has been imprinted in this seems to reflect who is looking in relation to what is seen. None of this follows a direct path and there is a possibility this information is carried forward to be reflected back in the present due to the presence of spacetime versus sidereal time. All of this suggests...images as defining characteristics whereas it may be seeing is not believing.That is up to you.

  2. Is anything original to me? Who am I and where does my concept of this self come from? What do I believe and what do I believe is happening around me and why do I believe these things. In contemplating these questions the self, myself becomes less defined for me. Not a bad thing, but a thing that encourages the search to continue.