Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Death Dynamo

What is the purposeful role of Death as a survey marker? 

If it is true that we experience life in an upside down manner, could it be that Death is, in reality, a creative force?

It could be the provider of a magnetic polarity within a dualism of the existence versus non existence of ourselves we are suspended between much like that which surrounds the armature of an electric motor as it spins in attempting to learn how to learn, harnessing the minds of our species who would largely avoid this question like an existential plaque which serves as it's own marker in the circuitous ambulation of space time. 

I cannot be bothered with abstractions, I have to buy more batteries at Walmart.

Between affirmation and negation the reconciliation force creates what best could be described as phantasms which are as real in their own right as a microwave oven or that neatly packaged pound of ground beef.

Perhaps it's a case of the adaptations of truth being equal to fictions in the manufacturing of adaptation through the personality as a means to digest experiential dreams.

In this digestive process, perhaps we sublimate a case of indigestion. Take a Tums.

I think our nascent awareness relies on imagination and our orientation is projected upon proxies that allow us alternatives that transcend the grave, literally in historical terms like Bigfoot, or on a more personal level like Angels, Space Travelers or what have you using various literal and metaphorical vehicles whether it’s the vehicle of a heaven, or a spacecraft. The many guises of the same desire sublimated or buried as to not deal with issues of mortality, but they pop up in different epochs wearing new clothes provided by the audience. Perhaps it's a centripetal dance.

The radiant light of energy brings to mind Ouspensky’s conclusion that the sun “is the sum of all possibilities” Whether it’s NDE or UFO’s, inside or outside, it’s not surprising that the old Major in Welle’s “Magnificent Ambersons” contemplating his own impending death and trying to reconcile that journey, thinks aloud “we came from the sun”. None of this is surprising as we are dependent on it, as some metaphysical texts suggest “we live in poverty”...dependents..perhaps even in the throes of an embedded addiction to our environments.

We own nothing but pretense and suspicions.

Independence is ( according to them ) a fallacy. Individuality as a self sustaining vehicle is an illusion created by necessity. Yet we have various vehicles of escape, lodged in images of energy whether they be time traveling, spaceships, even the “soul” itself….that suggest an elusive possibility of personal  freedom, even escape  outside of  the known universe. One could say this dependency is transcendent, that we are a constituent of something greater than ourselves as an intrinsic component, immortal in that sense.  Yet Death is the barricade that lies at the end of a winding path, a duality with intent.

It's telling how most of my peers of a paranormal ilk ignore this 500 pound elephant in the room. 

The idea that we simply are here to perpetuate by procreation a "something" we cannot define nor have any ownership over.... only to be erased over the centuries like so many sand castles facing an incoming tide to replaced by the next generation of supplicants.

To ignore this driver as one of many that propel our interest in what we cannot experience or see directly in this stagecraft we ourselves have created as an improvisation pushed by necessity is to deny the mysteries which we are encircled with.

Others would say  this is simply a self comforting balm in opposing death. We imagine this or that, and artists, ufo aficionados and under the general umbrella of paranormalists, religions...all wrapped up in a transcendent light that takes us “elsewhere”. They ( these other creatures) may or may not exist literally but the draw for us as a species will always be a need. Whether they do or do not almost seems at times to be beside the point of the exercise. 

And what purpose do they serve as we ourselves serve it? 

A question that presents itself to the consumer as finding themselves in a situation of last minute shopping.....

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  1. The thing about not staying dead. I do not know why Many Worlds is not exactly a theory. I do not know how being OK with alternate versions is still scary. I do know one must keep shoes in various sizes. Some things change, some do not. Probably evolutionary pressure and dumb luck.

    Those that die, and those that cannot, need a nap and a cookie.
    Somethings do not change.