Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Surreality of The Real

My focus of late has veered from the influence of social scripting by the language of consensus as it effects the study of experiential anomalies to the franchised branding of the truth when it comes to social control systems and perhaps in this there is some linkage but as always I leave that up to you. The binding of the paranormal to the paranormal as a Janus face comes to mind this morning.
 The expansion of the physical universe continues unabated and this defies logic as it ignores the principle long accepted by science which relates to the conservation of energy and this comes as no surprise to me. Findings that are very recent suggest the universe is fractal in it’s nature and long before the term or concept of fractal came about, I had my only out of body experience some 45 years ago which illustrated this as a tree and it’s branches within a series of images, the source of which I have no pretense in saying from whence this came, I have no idea.
 The relationship of information to energy as one entity might also be a fractal phenomenon and may suggest that as information is created, the physical universe expands. On the other hand we seem to be in a vortex of channeled information constrained by it’s carrier whose turbulence increases the velocity of it’s transmission. A metaphysical turbine.
 I suppose this theme can be distilled down to the essence of group identities that share an affinity of bias that have the same territorial prerogatives as nation states when it comes down to evangelical efforts to rounding up converts in a game of cooperation and competition based on the images of what one anticipates as affirming…. leaving out or doing an end run around self observation without valuations, to see the good, the bad and the ugly one imagines that is inherent in experiential images of oneself.
 In this case the images in the human field seem to be a moat of self comforting distractions under the editorial purview of social control systems whose pathology of containment as a monarchical architecture has dogged us for centuries, even so much as being cyclic in terms of wars, destruction and the resultant loss of histories now buried under sand or dirt.
 A zero sum game of substitutions or more accurately, an inability to chew gum and walk at the same time. Instead we have a series of these myths projected on the information field as a inaccurate model of the physical universe. Rather than examine what is largely a default orientation to exploration it seems the ruts are growing deeper as events spin furiously in neutral as the tires flail around in a blur. One is tempted to simply look away as the ship afire veers off toward the horizon, No news is good news.
The relationship of the expansion of the universe as a physicality due to the fractal outgrowth of the information field is interesting to compare to it’s current state of contraction in channeled turbines, whose ever increasing velocity drive the physical commerce of information as one hand washes the other. The metaphysical metaphor of Burrough’s Nova Police come to mind where the media of the transmission of information by it’s use and manipulation of language reinforces conflicts by way of social scripting so no one can disturb it’s monarchical structure.
The Sufi’s call this “religion turned strange”. The Buddhists term this “crazy knowledge” The experiential anomalies of the paranormal suggest what Gurdjieff observed when he said simply we see and experience everything upside down. This inversion principle brings to mind the metaphor applied by Blake in his reference to “Satanic Mills” wherein the sacred becomes profane.
The surreal as consensus as real and consequently the real of the anomalous becomes surreal by way of our orientation. The divisional nature of rational logic harnessed to the nexus of consciousness as a matter between image and imagination seems to allow the transmission and reinforcement of a hypnotic state. It reminds me of Arthur Lee’s lyric: “I don’t need power when I’m hypnotized.”

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