Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Two Sides of Entropy

Anyone who happens to arrive here with the anticipation of reading new material ( and that number seems to have shrunk) may or may have noticed that my output has slowed.
Some of this is due to the dearth of any comments ( good, bad or ugly) that I have always considered as an important adjunct to the material.
Outside of one or two comments scattered here and there, the blog, as of late, seems to inhabit a vacuum. I am not sure why this is. Is it no one has anything relevant to say? Is it the quality or lack thereof  concerning the material?
I suppose this blog to some extent has served as an exorcism of whatever is provoking my writing so it has been self serving. Recently, I closed off access to it as a preparation for discontinuance. I thought my decision to do so, would channel my energies into a new direction but a couple of regular readers asked if I would reopen it. So I did.
To make a long story short, my interest is this blog is lagging, becoming a past tense..
There remains a lot of material here for anyone interested in it.


  1. I imagine even the greats had their days? It would be unfortunate if you did end this blog. Your twist on cosmic connections made for great read! Who could fill your shoes? Tell your tales? Spin your yarns in such a thought provoking, fascinating way that makes you come back for more? May as well find me a new haunted house to occupy? At least I will have a refined view of the occupants and perhaps learn a new thing or two! Of course, not sure how would react if the the next ghost takes me up on my offer to have dinner? I could only hope the meal would be satisfying!

  2. I have been in a general depression about everything in general and nothing in particular and I appreciate your support. I did leave the door open a crack as this seems to be a cyclical thing for me. I know from others I am not alone in this. It is a tough task to talk about intangibles in relation to the empirical for me. Being the dolt that I am it takes a certain amount of energy added to motivation to undertake this and these days I seem to be lacking in both departments. I will be on Greg Bishop's show tonight and so maybe that will reinvigorate my brain cells....or not. It beats anything else I had planned which was essentially nothing.

  3. I do appreciate the hard work you do here and I am afraid I am guilty of not commenting more. As my father's life force was fading he turned to me one day and said, " the older I get the less I do and the less I do the less I find I want to do". His words have taken on new meaning for me as I grow older. I find some comfort knowing you are here when I click the link, so as one who doesn't mention it enough let me say thank you.

  4. I hope this seeming cyclical phase passes soon. It's not hard to understand, but accepting you might be done is difficult. I don't comment because your offerings challenge me, as I've mentioned, but I love the challenges and your unique style of presentation. There just isn't anyone like you, Bruce.

    I look forward to catching Bishop's show.

  5. Knocker
    I think everyone goes through a phase where they detest their own My head is floating around in neutral and hopefully will reengage itself to generate something worthwhile. It was a really engaging conversation I had with Greg on his show. Our minds seem to work in the same twisting manner which is required when peeling the layers off an onion with a fork.

  6. I saw your comments about the "Roswell slides" on another blog earlier today, and thought they were quite intriguing, as you seemingly suggest that the Roswell slides, the incident itself in general (and it's twisted history and mythos), and other ufology-related issues, personalities, and the possibility of a kind of anti-authoritarian or anti-institutional and governmental social movement of sorts (with both political and religious connections) in the modern age of information anxiety, as it were, was a kind of foil or mask for more productive activities, or a sort of diversion in the face of monolithic culture, is quite unusual (related to Wendt and Duvall's findingsand implications in their article "Soveignty and the UFO"?), and really should be developed further in an article, Bruce.

    The socio-political and quasi-religious belief systems underlying both the UFO advocate and debunker "communities" as a strand in the cultural milieu of our times as you have expressed it and the implications behind it are surely worth discussing in more and deeper detail -- I'd like to see the reasoning and logic involved in coming to such a view as your own, or as I understand it so far. It's a fairly sophisticated interpretation of some of the pending anthropocentric and existential undercurrents now being belatedly and too slowly perceived by most, it would seem, of a conservative ilk, such as the reality of climate change (aka global warming).

    In fact, I'd bet if you did a blog post about those issues, and how you came to this consideration of the cultural and social issues raised by ufology in our society, you'd get more viewers and more comments in response, and your take on this and many other matters is so interesting, complex and subtle that I, too, hope you do not stop writing here.

    Your perspective is unique, highly provocative and the kind of "Bohmian" unfolding of "implicate order" you express yourself by (in the ways you use language, for example, or esoteric references) is fascinating to me, and I for one certainly do appreciate it, even though I don't comment nearly often enough. But, keep writing about what's important to you, and explore the inherent weirdness, since so much of reality is based upon things "...stranger than we can know." At least for now... 8^}