Thursday, October 2, 2014

William S Burroughs On Technological Political Science, Control Systems and Young People

In our society, you have to negotiate with what the Sufi would call “ a perfumed scorpion” in terms of the architecture behind the control systems of technological science that Burrough's nicknamed the Nova Police that also represent what Sturock called AI... as a metaphor for our societal wherewithal, the replication of  a “zombie intelligence” which in my list of preferences I would call the woeful mastermind behind the flat screen, a “cellular intelligence”. 

William S Burroughs never said what he said directly under the thrall of metaphors, and his advice to young people addresses experts, authorities, social masquerades of beneficence, role playing as designed by a wardrobe assistant and any other sort of politic such as the religion of our time underpinned by a philosophy of militaristic mafia actions, selling protection rackets, pay offs, that wheeling and dealing with homicidal amorality albeit much improved in it's subtle complexities since the time of the Hittites...struck me as both humorous and starkly blunt, a script addressed to a tragicomedy...all of this is perfumed with the patina of altruism, in reality, making things better by making them worse as their most important product, the murder of our living world in trade for a handful of plastic trinkets. He begins slowly as if playing the straight man dealing with prosaic homilies and then as they say, "gets on a roll.."

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