Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Empirical Failure To Launch

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”
― Salvador DalĂ­

Skepticism leads to general rules as truth and the other to the devil and in these days, I think there is a certain cynicism about our institutionalized belief systems based on empirical thinking, for which, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest it’s warranted.
There is no skepticism in myself in thinking we exist in an isthmus between what we cannot sense and the simulations that have a physicality to them, and in parallel we exist there between external histories and internal orientation that share pretense as a operating system.
None of this exists as a value system, rather it's a matter of involuntary immersion as the formless adapts to it's environment just as a fish cannot stroll down Main Street, and hence adaptation becomes an imprint of rote repetition unless what we have adapted within changes from without. Yet if this is a mutable evolution from without, it can also be so from within by consideration of certain distinctions we critically assume we have, which is choice apart from other species.
Fifty percent of all other living species have vanished in 40 years due to human activities and by 2050, Anchorage Alaska will be balmy while the West and East will be subject to mass migrations to the Upper Midwest.
Yet, as far as skepticism is concerned, the mass media, and our voyeurism toward events creates denial, a belief that all this will go away or more importantly none of it exists Where is the skepticism based on empirical data toward our own behaviors?

Technological science has blurred its own distinctions by becoming a philosophy.
As a result, cross purposes seem to be our most important product.
I could take the layers upon layers as if I were unearthing geological time as an excavation of abandoned cities as being internal frameworks or benchmarks of habitation no longer being perched upon the surface, no longer having a utility as a matter of convenience. We have internal convenience and external conveniences that are prone to exposure.
In looking over a listing of weaponry against unfounded beliefs pointed at students, I cannot help but think I could write a long list of “facts “ that I was taught ( indoctrinated in ) as a kid that were found to be absolute bullshit. Where were the skeptics, or even mild agnostics?
Empirical frameworks result in belief systems that are not set in stone, and are always changing as far as what exists between A and B. These days what was set in stone seems to be back firing at an ever increasing velocity in terms of the verifiable results this list of critical assumptions has feet of clay.
Escapism in it’s many forms has paved over reasonable conjecture.
This grey area promotes what could be called a psycho-social malady as a parallel to a shared psychosis of fantasy over riding realities, the search for an escape hatch. How many shows are promoting the fantasy of escaping from the current juggernaut of fate by seeking opting out by moving to Alaska? Then again to me this parallels the majority of the paranormal community seeking the same fantasies of alternatives, also mirrored by conspiracy theories. I think all of this is based on the weaknesses in human psychology, the desire for alternative story lines and no amount of hard data can override this desire to maintain pretense at all costs, regardless if it’s fact or fantasy driven. The distinction between conjecture and belief is missing which only affirms my sense that the paranormal can become normal in prosaic terms, and the bar for lowered expectations is reaching an epic sort of entropy.
Gurdjieff once noted that there is no hope for humanity but there is for the individual. Not by escaping far from the maddening crowd. One could say we imagine what we are by taking on critical assumptions based on what we would prefer rather than what we are, and taking myself as an example, the gap is enormous. Call this disparity grist for the mill, the erasure of previous assumptions a self exposure of the props and foibles of my orientations regardless of the outcome...and in this, I fall back only to startle myself back again into a waking state purely by happenstance. I come back to my context within a larger organism and that of the species I belong to, and I ask... Do we suffer intentionally in seeking a result or do we suffer involuntarily by the results of an outcome by avoiding difficult truths about ourselves?

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