Friday, September 26, 2014

Part Two: To See What Happens

Between Two Sides of A Mirror

If you have been reading this blog long enough you might guess that I assume that both the nature we are enmeshed in as well as the frameworks from which we view our position are entirely experimental when comparing what we know to what we don’t know and what we do not know will have a profound effect on our critical assumptions.
Both personally and globally there are the successes and failures in this experiment and the word success has a certain self vested edge to it that can cut both ways.
Where this begins and ends is anyone’s guess whether it is a linearity attached to an omega point as a folded circle that then mutates into an unknown parallelism or the darkness of sleep, there exists no map and if this experiment has a purpose, or several, one of which seems obvious and that is our exploration of our nature in relation to an unknown much larger than ourselves, to say the least of this situation.
Throughout our lives and beginning at an early age on the verge of self awareness, we are given rules, structures as well as rewards and punishments with the emphasis on performance that continues into the humdrum or a fascination with adult employment.
Yet there is always in the background a terrible beauty surrounding this, which is nearly always sublimated until there is what Gurdjieff called a shock occurs and then the constituent components of givens and druthers ( as they say here in the South) begins to softly collapse onto itself, leaving us staring in a state of disassociation over the edge of a proverbial roof at the opening maw of an infinite sea...A series of if so, then what strings are unfurled  to hold to the ground a equal series of kites that drift and careen on a merry go round wherein rational logic meets the barricade that sits before the well that exists at the end of the world.We drop stones to hear them echo in abeyance while the shutters fixed to our abode slam and shudder in the midst of a squall.
We cannot synthesize magic as it denies naivety although one could ask in this materially driven marketplace of empiricism whether or not anomalous experiential realities have been blurred where the prosaic is as anomalous as the unanticipated and then we could also ask whether it is the observer or what is observed that is driving our little oxcart along this bumpy road. I suggest to you it is neither and it is both as two sides of mirror that interrogate each other as to determine what is real and what is not in this experiment.
It is our choice and it is not within the confines of a certain animism wherein one is connected to the other and at times, one side of this mirror can push open the door “like a thief in the night” and announce itself by its nature even to the most hardened shell of a indelibly defensive skeptic.
Mutation and adaptation was at the core of part one and by surveying the institutionalised realm of science, religion and the paranormal communities that cling to the mountainside as proverbial villages, we pass them as a bystander on the way to elsewhere, wherever we find ourselves tomorrow as a continuation of today, whose boundaries are dreams….in a quantum vocabulary performed as a shadow play.
The Janus face of the anomalous experience is private as well as intended for public consumption and so in our thinking on this we have failed to recognise the two are joined at the hip, and so they are separated strictly by what they appear to be and not what they are.
The conjunction of imagination and rationality are also a Janus faced phenomenon that acts as the dipole of a motor as in the symbol of Taoism that turns our speck in the face of a light that moves our planetary axis by spiralling diffusion.
History is as cyclic as human behavior but then lurking there as a watchman is a certain presence that refuses to obey our anticipations, neither affirming or denying them, leaving us holding a bag with a hole in it.
An experimenter by nature of a certain stimulus and response that lacks any reward as much as it lacks any punishment other than to see what happens and what if…
You can run but you cannot hide.

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