Friday, October 3, 2014

A Strange Tale From the Middle East.

'"The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

One aspect of current events that I find odd among many others are events in the Middle East, home to what are described as the desert religions... which are at the heart of a long term conflict that has managed to become a quasi-global dispute over what are essentially belief systems becoming rule books for the architecture of behavior is a matter of prophecy. Is there any precognitive value in what I have found in my past decade long exploration of the relationship of Islam to Christianity? Just as in Christianity, there are many “specialist” interests in Islam which could take up an entire post in order to clarify their differences,

One aspect of the various sects within the variables of belief systems in tracing the roots of religion in general is just how specific the Nasqbandi school of Islam is in their beliefs in terms of what Christians would define as their tipping point of world civilisation that is to say, a series of them...The Christian version is largely focused on ecological events and economic results whose benchmark is often termed an “Anti-Christ” figure, meaning that as one Sufi put it, “religion turned strange”..where it’s behavior is in direct opposition to it’s intent.

In the version that struck me in it’s specifics was geographical specitivity..meaning that events were given specific locations. In this case the border between Iraq and Syria…which, of course this specific location in the midst of a civil war in Syria within the lack of governance by anyone is the nexus of the formation of ISIS which consequently entered into Iraq which had never jelled as a viable state since the ousting of Sadam Hussein.

This is where their particular “Anti-Christ” makes his first appearance. Bear in mind I read this well over a decade ago but it always stuck in my head as being oddly specific in terms of how these prophecies generally unwind themselves into a chain of causal events.

This character was described as performing “miracles” of deception, much like the Christian variant of this same character wherein he created a scenario where the dead were seen to be in heaven, when in reality they were in hell. Of course, hell being an ill defined alternative reality.

Think Isis….as a religion turned strange.


The next event is a military conflict as a result of this figurative leader of death and destruction in the name of religion which of course you could name many other past examples in both Islam and Christianity ...and in this case, it becomes more specific in that like in the present tense it was foreseen there is no uniting opposing figure on the other side among the desert tribes , so to speak.
However due to this conflict a uniting Arab leader gets his cue to enter this play and thus begins a more focused delineation of opposing forces appears unlike the current situation which implies an allied Mideast military force will coalesce under a leadership figure. Personally, looking at the current cast of characters, none come to mind at the moment.

This next event is the appearance of one such political personage and a major regional war larger than any historically takes place in the Mideast. One already knows the Christian version that fundamentalists manipulate in their own manner as the battle to end all battles and of course this was the general consensus after WW1.

Nonetheless, while this regional battle ensues, this version says a third event occurs specifically in Turkey, and more specifically in Constantinople. More specifically than that, the location in Constantinople is named.

Who should reappear? Yes, it is no less than Jesus who plays in this account more of a cheerleading role up until the last moment...However, he is not very happy with how he has been characterised, to say the least and goes on to essentially dismantle all of the mythologies and manipulations that have been personally tagged onto him. This aspect I found interesting..especially, the comment that his reappearance will cause more reactive counter opposition to what is another form of deception, that is to say, his intents were mischaracterized intentionally and that his entry into the scene will cause either back peddling and  the destruction of institutionalized Christian religion.

I can find no comparable prediction with this plot twist. Christians have inserted the reaffirmation of what they have taught as intercessors while this version foretells the opposite as a benchmark. Then again, there are editorial prerogatives in that as Islam claims to be the extension of Christianity,  would not the same effect be seen in Islam?

All of this seemed highly improbable ten years ago and still does in terms of this Jesus figure reappearing, yet the similarities to the events that are in advance of his entrance in a specific city in Turkey are striking.

Without getting into a spoiler of how this allegedly ends..What does this say about a certain metaphysical stagecraft wherein all of this might be manipulated as it is a predictable outcome of past behavior? A strange tale to be sure.

More to follow.


  1. Whatever this ecological niche humans inhabit really is, it seems to be a kind of curse to be just sentient enough to sense the relevance only being crude fuel if chosen, and just a waste product if not.

  2. Competing living mythologies of the 57 variety... as control scripts..from the delusional to the psychotic are all wresting for power. The causalities seems to be all around us, piling up in a big heap. Nothing in the weaknesses of human psychology seems to have changed but the stakes keep getting higher. A sort of zero sum game. As far as prophecies are concerned, you don't have to be psychic what will happen tomorrow if today changes nothing.