Monday, October 27, 2014

UAP as Extra Dimensional Energy Exchanges

If we consider ( as in the case of Jacques Vallee ) that energy and information are a Janus face of the same phenomenon, what if we add the dimensions of spacetime to his theory and the varying behaviors of energy \ information to this? Is there an exchange of this nature between dimensions of spacetime? In the last essay, I explored the concept of UAP as a transactional exchange of energy and information.  In his pioneering book entitled “Spacetime Transients” ( the link for which a free copy can be obtained is in another post) Dr Persinger considered much the same concept terming it “extra-solar influence”.Rather than enter the increasingly complex abstractions of eleven dimensions, lets settle on five dimensions for the sake of conjecture.
You might recall that in the last essay, among the chief characteristics of UAP are high levels of radiant energy, ground trace effects from possibly the ultraviolet range, buzzing and explosion like ambient sound, radiation illnesses, and a resulting effect on information processing in the witnesses to name a few of these features. Some of you may be familiar with the theories behind so called wormholes and black holes.
In the original Kaluza-Klein theory from the 1920s, had five spacetime dimensions, and prior to this, the Russian Mathematician PD Ouspensky, among others, popularised the concept of four dimensions, the fourth being space time. Of course, with the varying dimensions of space time, there are differing behaviors of various manifestations of energy for each dimension.
 The underlying five dimensional spacetime to four dimensions only has theoretically only one kind of force: a gravitational force. But the four dimensional spacetime that is seen at large distances appears to have three kinds of forces: a gravitational and an electromagnetic and a scalar force. Scalar energy is constituted by wave behavior in which waves of this energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) by expansion and contraction rather than "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, etc. Rather than modulating in 3-dimensions they exist in non material,non physical  space time. This is one way of making a unified theory -- deriving all the other forces from the higher-dimensional modes of the graviton. What is a graviton? Simply put ,in physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation by transversing three dimensions in the framework of quantum field theory.  In other words, in all this seeming complexity there is a both a modulation and transformation of how energy manifests between the dimensions of spacetime.
Could the high energy atmospheric membranes seen as globes, globs or orbs be the result of such extra dimensional energy exchanges in the atmosphere?

The simple answer is I don’t know but I continue to wonder as I wander.


  1. Bruce,I was wondering if this could also relate to ground based plasma entities/effects as well? I had a brief experience with my security cameras during a brief rainstorm one night. I watched what appeared to be some sort of plasma appear in my backyard cameras. They danced around a bit, and as I watched, my dog had handle his business so ilet him outside. Immediately he reacted to the dancing plasma, which resembled mini tornadoes. The dog started barking like crazy, and the plasma seemed to react to him. It was weird and cool, to watch the plasma approach a the fence and seemed to peek over, as if to look at my dog. Just when they did that, there were several of various sizes, the dog went nuts, barking like crazy, eventually wanting to be let back in as if it knew it sensed something there that I could'nt see with my eyes, but could with my cameras. Once inside, the dog kept barking at the sliding glass doors as if reacting to an unknown intruder. Shortly thereafter, they faded away. But I kept wondering if the plasma was simply some kinda energy from both the storm, or was it truly a living intelligence visible briefly just for that short moment? Whatever the case. It was cool as hell to watch!

    1. This is the issue with a great deal of this. For example, the most developed robots can mimic intelligent behavior and yet have intelligence without consciousness, thought etc and their memory must be more incomplete than our own based on the incompleteness of what thought itself is based on. Yet they can react to the environment in surprisingly complex behaviors.
      So..if you follow me so far..then there is the question of consciousness based on thought.Is it possible to have perception and behavior without thought if thought is an adaptation to time, the field of time? Some metaphysical and primary sources say that all of our knowledge gained here is absolutely useless elsewhere outside of the field of ( our) time. If so then there is perhaps no context or semiotics. For example, dreams are thoughts ( simulations ) missing their context. So..does this represent intelligence as we define it in ourselves and if it is not, what is the purpose as we define it? More questions than answers. I guess if energy and information are one and the same, we are missing a translation.