Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Failure of Ufology By The Psychology of Thought

The striking and long term failure of Ufology to perceive UAP has been a success in underlining a deeper issue that is a mirror to other centuries old conflicting schools of dogmas as a psychological series of safety zones to attempt to bury contradictions by deafness toward other possibilities that avoid a sense of deeply buried and free floating anxiety toward the unknown.

This fear, tribalism, fantasy prone territorial prerogative is literally genetic and it is reinforced bt the processes of thought  as it is constituted by various forms of genetic social and biological imprinting.

The success of it’s aim would have been a series of further utter failures that will create a compounding of confusion that nullify a serious discussion.

What is the difference between the failure of any cogent theory as a success and success as a failure that is derived from a recognition that our conditioning has prevented the utilization of intelligence blocked by the processes of thought itself?

The failure of Ufology is due to the conditioning of thought by memory based on the incomplete knowledge base of thought itself ......and thought as a nexus of analysis creates fragmentation that originates in the individual based on the inability of thought to resolve the problems it creates.

No one can resolve the the problem of UAP by evangelical processes based on the deeply buried failures of thought when intelligence is not freed from previous imprinting.

The concept that thought can change itself by the use of thought by it’s divisional processes will create more divisions due to it’s incomplete knowledge and it will always err as it is due to memory and memory is simply conditioning based on errors due to incomplete knowledge.

All thought is based on the past in memory.  What has been the result of using thought in the aforementioned manner to resolve the issues UAP raises?

The result is conflict due to conditioning whose basis of knowledge is arising from the flawed process of thought which is incomplete in its knowledge.

We avoid recognition of this failure as a result and want to avoid conflict in a denial of our own ignorance arising from the incompleteness of our memory based that came from the past that results in fantasies, sublimation, doctrines, cults belief systems all applied to avoid the issues of the thought process itself which blocks the mind of intelligence from the programming of the brain which is computationally based on incomplete knowledge whose cognition avoids it’s ownership.

This is related to self knowledge and not that self knowledge is an abstraction or the illusion of thought becoming something else or thought reforming itself based on the past. Self knowledge is the ownership of knowing what one does which is not separated by idealism, or the self comfort of avoidance that results in end runs around it.

This has been startlingly demonstrated and as I said in the past the practice and behavior of Ufology mirrors the larger society it has been conditioned by.

Thought is a player piano based completely in the past which has created more problems as it attempts to resolve past issues due to the incompleteness that is the nature of thought as memory as a program that constructs what we call knowledge by faulty calculation. 

The destruction of the natural world or nearly every scientific discovery being used for warfare is clear evidence that thought creates the illusion of resolving the problems it creates using the same processes that failed by the belief in the illusion of movement when, in fact, it has not moved.
It exists in the past.

This state of thought and its anticipations I call movement of thought toward “becoming” as psychological evolution that I just stated in the previous sentence are named by metaphysics as the illusion or dream state of human consciousness.

This applies to the study of UAP where the mind is blocked by the brain and intelligence is locked out.

There is no ownership of this fallacy due to the fact that one’s own safety zone or security is under the illusion that we do not all share essentially the same characteristics psychologically and yet our imprinting based on the fragmentation of surface appearances give the illusion we are separate entities and this is projected upon the observable chief characteristics of UAP separated from similar experiential anomalies.

Again, thought is a fragmentary process based on incomplete knowledge. 

Prejudice is another effect that comes from fragmenting processes creating conflict between communities ( paranormal , Ufology or otherwise) due to requiring a buffer zone that blocks ownership of the self knowledge that our knowledge base is incomplete that promotes psychological buffers toward the unknown. Tribalism is another mirror of the psychological results of incomplete knowledge. Skeptics versus believers operate identically in this matrix as a dipole of a identical psychological process. Idealists and the nihilists have no distinction between them in terms of the issues of thought itself and how it is constructed that they utilize by rote memory that is incomplete.

All of the above is communicated by what I call pseudo language like UFO as an object when we don’t own the fact that we do not know that it  is a material object The other alternatives threaten conformity which is the basis of education that results in what is called consensus reality.  

The only remedy is to own our fallacies to gain self knowledge as well as to use intelligence divorced from conditioning that arises in the brain and so one can inform the other and vice versa..the mind as not being received by the brain as I defined the mind as that open and silent perception that is unconditioned.

Krishnamurti pinned this option when he observed that the truth is a pathless land.

No one has either the patience or the desire to hear this whether it is in Ufology or in the seats of global power. But this does not matter in the context of this essay. The unconditioned does have an influence on that which is and it is not by thought processes. Again think of the nature of UAP and its absolute characteristic of deconstructing, challenging and eluding how our thought processes operate psychologically.

One could say that if we took the conceptual model of a complete negation of this psychology of human thought posed as logic and projected it upon an advanced non human species, I think it would be safe to surmise the conclusions they would consider if our social milieu were ever monitored.

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