Friday, October 31, 2014

The Absence of Dialog

The absence of any dialog in discussion of the exploration of anomalous experiential events puzzles me when it comes to the material I have posted here. Thirty percent of the readership
spends more than a hour per visit reading this material. Promoting the exchange of ideas was one of the chief motivating factors in continuing this effort.
The old saying two heads are better than one when it comes to resolving or studying a phenomenon seems to be a common sense strategy. I know that some readers visit daily if not more frequently.
I have made a concerted effort to make the writing style used to express these concepts more lucid which was in response and consideration to well taken critiques concerning style over substance.
This is not a subject focused on popularity as in my view, the popularity of one sort of content versus another has absolutely nothing in common with it’s ability to promote ideas that represent an opportunity to explore difficult issues. That is to say, the value of the content versus it’s popularity do not, if seldom coincide.
I have also taken the step to avoid adding images as the assertion of images draws individuals seeking images not content and so consequently I know full well  in advance that this decision represents a decline in visitors but this is not the point of this exercise.
Another self motivating factor in making the effort to write these short essays was to cover aspects of subjects not covered elsewhere. Therefore I perhaps wrongly assumed it would give others a platform to do the same from the perspective of a minority view,
As long time readers know , from time to time I have suspended publication under the impression that this effort failed and that placing further energy into it detracted from my other interests that produced results whereas, the evidence of a lack of dialog here suggested there was an absence of it.
Feedback in terms of covering one subject over others is also absent. Criticism is also absent as well as suggestions, or the extension of any of the theoretical concepts that are explored here.
What should I conclude?
Some acquaintances suggested that I enjoy writing as an expression and \ or past time and so consequently I will continue this blog or should continue in ny event. However I could write on other subjects but I sincerely believe there is something more important buried in the subjects covered here than my love of music, the arts in general and antique restoration as well as history and the preservation movement.
I already know my own proclivities and suspicions in regard to some of the topics covered here yet I have tried to underline them with the proviso while that is true, I don’t know anything more than anyone else. Being lauded is beside the point.
The lack of dialog here remains a mystery. I am definitely not seeking an admiration club as I do not require one to maintain my curiosity in these subjects nor do have an evangelistic urge to convert anyone to any one concept as I am as many of you know I am also self skeptical.
In spite of the absence of discussion on these topics, I continue to wonder as i wander within this transit through life while it’s lack of response in the form of an exchange of ideas remains a mystery.


  1. Mr. Duensing,

    I struggle each day, attempting to grasp the salient points of what you have written, reading and re-reading painstakingly. I recognize flashes of brilliance, like jewels sprinkled here and there in the density of your prose. However, having read an entry, there always hunkers at the back of my mind the sneaking suspicion that I may have misapprehended the thrust of what it is you are attempting to convey. I'm sure it's difficult for you to eliminate what seems to you to be indispensable verbiage. But, although your effort is very much appreciated, the result is not altogether apparent. I, for one, will continue to read your blog as long as you can spare the time to write out your thoughts. But, with all due respect, any comment I might make would inevitably constitute a flying leap into the dark.

  2. Bruce,

    I recommend that you keep at it. You look at things like that of one shaking the box of puzzle pieces before opening and commencing to construct the puzzle.

    I do enjoy your comment posts on other blogs and hope that you continue on with this effort. We sorely need deep thinking.

    Kind regards,

    Tim Hebert

  3. Tim
    I think the subject material overall has become redundant, repetitious and as far as I can see is at a nadir. One could say many have simply run out of material to write about. Some have tired of the various cults of personalities and self aggrandizement, commercialism and frankly, so have I. Some think I live breathe and eat this subject 24 hours a day, or have the hugely mistaken idea I am some kind of guru or lunatic or both.
    Its simply an adjunct to many other interests and I have never felt that the true interest in the subject were extraterrestrials, time travelers, demons or tricksters..its about us. The human condition. Where we came from, what we are doing here and where are we going. All the rest could be clues or simply a message that there are more questions than there are answers. Every time I hear the word "expert" applied to someone who has a large microphone, I cringe. There is no dialog, no real exchanges..simply voyeurs looking to be entertained, distracted or what have you. participation is waning for all of the above reasons and along with that any motivation to create any of this. A friend of mine who also writes said it's like some of us got stuck to the tar baby..its like a tobacco addition.A habit rather than useful.

  4. Anon
    Your comment constitutes the nature of the subject as it does not read nor can be understood like the Washington Post. It invites abstraction and honestly, the subject matter than interests me is not only difficult but the same applies to writing about it without making each post the equivalent of War and Peace. Cogency is elusive, if not absent in any of this. I certainly could be more cogent. Nothing I write strikes me as particularly insightful...I just follow my nose where it leads me and this is really a public diary of that journey, not a blog designed to be digested by many. Some enjoy it, some just look at and swipe copies of the pictures I post...its all fair game.

  5. I've enjoyed what you've been writing lately and it shares a lot in common with what Nick Redfern wrote in "The Pyramids and the Pentagon"; regarding the glowing-orb variety of UFOs and the effect they sometimes have on people once they reach a certain proximity: they feel they're having an experience interacting with aliens, etc. but to others around them they're unmoving and unaware of anything around them for the duration of the experience.

    In general I don't come here as often as I used to. It seems you occasionally go through "dark" periods where you instead write lamentations on the world going to hell in a handbag. It's not that I don't disagree with any of the observations you make regarding the current state of things, it's simply not the topic I'm interested in reading about.

    That said, I've enjoyed it immensely when you've pushed the UFOs to the side and written about Sufism, Gnosticism, Alchemy, Consciousness Studies, etc.

  6. Sean
    Having children (3 living), one deceased and 7 grandchildren drives my concerns with the consequences they will face, hence that topic. The ones on metaphysics is long term (about forty years) ... UFO's ala UAP along with other aspects of anomalies provide certain clues about the human condition. Physics and neurology have and impact on the former subjects whether it is the mysteries of consciousness ( as in metaphysics) or UAP or safe energy sources for this world. So...theres a relationship between them for me. Again, this is a personal diary not a book. Whats interesting is the lack of opinions..meaningful dialog here and elsewhere. Not a lot of interest in transpersonal topics these days unless its about Facebook or some other bullshit gimmick.

  7. Bruce,you write some pretty good stuff. Put an interesting twist on things in how you connect it all together. Some food for thought. Definitely makes one look forward to your next posting.

  8. Jazzy
    Thanks for the compliment. One reason for shying away from the keyboard was my attempt to cull through an enormous amount of books in my collection, housed in the garage up on shelves, which were very heavy and stacked high. I ended up in the ER with an extreme case of sciatica pain which required a daily dose of both Valium and Hydrocodone. Sitting was excruciatingly painful and I was lucky to have a couple hours of sleep. I began reading other blogs, and started making comments elsewhere particularly at Rich’s website simply because I could not sit for any extended period of time. Well..I found some gems in my collection like Krishnamurti’s personal journals as well as Ibn Al Arabi’s Metaphysics of I’ve been re-digesting these. Feeling much better now. Hope all is well with all of my correspondents as well as yourself. Being 64 can be terms of health. Still, here and elsewhere, dialog other than on trivialities seems a lost art..

  9. Many years ago when I undertook therapy to try to figure life out, at least better than I understood it at the time, I reached a milestone when I realized everything I knew was probably wrong and that I only understood things from my very limited experience. That epiphany left me with strange new experiences which I've come to regard as delightful, but I've never trusted the experiences were more than products of my mind, which doesn't mean they weren't very real but important only to me in a quest to understand more about my particular standing in whatever life might really be. Lotta thinking about questions that have no answer. I always come back to my knowing nothing even though, most often, I find a familiar ring of (my) truth in what you have to say very generously to me.

    At best, I feel inadequate to the task of debate or offering more in the way of agreement because I distrust perspective in any given moment. Despite distrust, from the first epiphany I've felt humanity had tremendous power to create destinies of sweet power or ruin from a place in us that is little understood and my feeling has persisted. I hope I'm not wrong about this too because the belief has greatly enhanced my life. What we choose to know, even if knowing brings trouble in many forms, may be important to creation. Without discernment, however, we are easily be lost to whims not of our making. So I don't really know enough in the end, only what my perspective is able to support in a given moment. But I feel lucky to read your musings because I'm provided with questions I haven't considered. That's rich.

  10. Knocker
    I too have had some extreme and transient experiential anomalies occur and my agnostic approach to them ( like yours) has been useful in ways I could not have anticipated in gaining a fuller perspective while giving me the impetus to explore potential answers. I would say your comment is in the line of dialog much like the ones I have had with Jazzy off line. If you want to discuss these further, just send an e-mail to me. If not, I can say I appreciate your sincerity in sharing your own journey.