Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Layers of An Onion

What are the chief characteristics of UAP?

  1. It has a localized high energy field and is conducted by the atmosphere.
  2. It is cyclic and transient.
  3. It affects the information processing of witnesses
  4. It contracts sidereal time / space according to the proximity of the observer.
  5. It can be evidenced by trace ground effects according to it’s proximity.
  6. In its undifferentiated state it is globular or orb like.
  7. It can affect the gravitational field
  8. Because they appear as three dimensional objects, they are assumed to be so although their behavior suggests they are not. In other words they have extra dimensional characteristics that suggest they are not solid objects. For example they have been witnessed to move through solid objects.
  9. Localized ambient sounds from explosive to a high frequency hum.

A Societal End Run

Much conjecture has been developed over the decades based on conceptual models that are variants of familiar stereotypes based on what appears to be the projections that are induced by the observers internal associations of a phenomenon that is “alien” whether it is time travelers from our own future, extraterrestrials in a dizzying amount of variety, robotic probes, dwarfs, pseudo Nazi’s, gremlins, etc. Naturally, the same applies to the appearance of the vessels whose variations are too lengthy to list here.
Then there is the reinforcement of a cultural influence that predominates the 21st Century which is the saturation of entertainment as a focal point and counterbalance to the surface tensioning of contradictions inherent in civilization. An escape route or buffer if you like.
All of this is underpinned for the human need for the magical or charismatic which, in turn, provides a basis for questions revolving around truth in relation to garden variety reality. The psychological component of societal influences is like the layers of the onion which on the surface creates imaginal fantasies that are reinforced by the effects of UAP. This sort of spiritual yellow journalism is propped up by a lucrative industry that sells inference and suggestion.
At it’s most pronounced effects, we have dialectical materialism that is practiced by the Roswell adherents who have utterly failed to produce anything resembling a coherent scenario by reading the entrails of their fellow creatures behavior. Their material is sliced and diced so often that scenarios come and go like the seasons.

Lost Time: Thought Information and Spacial Relations

Heres the problem......the phenomenon of thought fragments experience and relies on memory of the past and consciousness is more than computations. This post is an addendum to the last which expressed the concept as conjecture that UAP is a force of nature rather than a visitation by "others."

Time or more accurately, space has no now. If not, where exactly is now? Without going into a lengthy explanation that no one would care about anyway, the best UAP could do is what the phenomenon does which is to borrow, mimic and yet gets the context wrong. It has no memory. Its consistency at best is very short term. It does not understand purpose in the same manner we do. In terms of exploration using AI, once again we are trying to do some mimicking of our own. To mimic nature from the outside looking in. One minor problem, we don’t know what consciousness is. The phenomenon represents more than robots or extraterrestrials. To my mind, that’s foolish.  
One more thing. Thought creates time. Put that in the context of missing time which is another characteristic based on the randomness of proximity to this thing. The closer you get, sidereal time becomes contracted and time is “lost” That indicates to me a process that can manipulate intentionally or unintentionally thought and time as an equation. The issue is it has no memory, it borrows and simulates experience to override our own simulations and simultaneously uses them. The inside becomes the outside and vice versa. These are not examples of a transient psychosis or simple hallucinations. And that includes “robots.” or “extraterrestrials”Something much more exotic and much more strange. 

A Parasitic Hook Baited With Deconstructions

Space craft are only vehicles and they do not run on consciousness as fuel but this nexus of manifestation does. To say it is mechanical or even a form of AI is simply our own borrowing from a hermetically sealed lexicon.
Like or similar to….fails us. Without memory nothing can be controlled. What can be created by this nexus is the creation of memory of events without a context that is applicable to our thought processes. 
At best, it opens a space. What enters that space, or, what leaves that space? Information as energy as an exchange but if the actor has no memory and yet creates the same in us, does it use us for it’s a mosquito on your arm?  To what end? 
It seems to be more of a isthmus much as we are are bridging some unimaginable gap. A gap that requires transference. The human mind requires engagement which translates to being entertained. At its crudest level it is television, a play but it runs much deeper, buried in us as a driver. 

Perhaps it is the energy of consciousness as information that has a parallel in a strange ecology ......a food just as we use digestive consumption and transform crude materials into the biological energy of thought. Can we be prone to a parasitic nexus that does not want to destroy its form of sustenance while feeding upon it? 
Its feeding cycle is transient like our own that runs on a unknown from of metabolism….but always comes back for more….sooner or later.
The hook is information borrowed from the fish and what is caught is energy from the fish. A renewable ecology of a pathological borrower.
But to what end?
Aye there's the rub................


  1. My favorite example of how the phenomena mimics yet gets the context wrong is the experiences told regarding the Mothman: that while it had huge wings, it didn't use them to fly...they stayed perfectly still as the Mothman would "move like a helicopter".

    1. A flightless moth is a great example, as well as space pancakes, the theft of fertilizer, space maps tacked on a wall in a spaceship centuries in advance of our own, the lack of bacteria contamination toward / from alleged extraterrestrials, etc. The list of deconstruction in wrong contexts is seemingly endless. Borrowed memories lacking any relationship to application, much like dream states.