Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Art of The Impractical

Aside from exploring the prosaic and unusual anomalies which infest everyday living, since my retirement some years ago from the project management universe, I have enjoyed the art of largely doing nothing creatively without any practical purpose in mind beyond what is necessary. 

Playing need not stop with adulthood as a counter-balance to the humdrum associated with the slings and arrows of pragmatic absurdities which seem more absurd in their complexity as I age.  

 I seem to have found a kindred spirit in Dale Angell whose Toy Man Television on Youtube is a weekly diary best described in the third person:

"Newly retired Toy Man Dale Angell travels America looking for people who are perfecting the art of screwing while screwing around in the process. Race cars, hot rods, model railroads, weird houses, rockets, model cars, collections, air craft, expensive toys, cheep toys and just plain strange people." 

Also, its about pushing envelopes...on a personal level...not for fame or glory but simply to test what one can do with the time one has. Dale's commentary at the end of this example personify s a Sufi saying that for some time is counted ( valued). For others, time is meaningless.

A worthy rival to James May whose bizarre projects on Toy Story are a personal favorite. 

Dale travels on the road as a roving correspondent for those of us rapidly children of the 60's who have yet to lose either their creativity, curiosity and sense of adventure when it comes to doing something rather than nothing.


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