Saturday, September 13, 2014

ITC As Applied To Ufology

Could instrumental transcommunication be applied to the field of information theory in relation to unidentified atmospheric phenomenon to explore the possibility of either cellular or sentient intelligence being operative in this phenomenon?

Jacques Vallee as well as to a lesser extent, the late John Keel have explored this phenomenon outside of the box where it has been hermetically sealed simply based on appearances alone.

One of the most hindering factors in researching this phenomenon has been the reactive and post-event nature of the investigations which solely focus on effects and observations after the fact, while no one has attempted a protocol for engaging the subject matter by probing the unexplored aspects that strongly resemble other categorical interactions that are manifested in other "ghost phenomenon" to use a generic term.

As of this writing, I am planning to conduct experiments in this regard specifically keyed on verifiable results in terms of specificity of predictive patterns of response. Some time ago I wrote an essay published In New Dawn Magazine entitled "Open Systems and Cyclical Anomalies" that explored the difficulties of investigating wave phenomenon that is attached by the hip to UAP.

Can a connection be made? If a non local intelligence is operative behind the seemingly "staged" nature of this chimera which, in turn, is based on the anticipation of the observer as a parasitic methodology of manifestation, there seems to be a likely linkage between the mind, individuation and the result, whether it is macroscopic due to a tipping point in the global consciousnesses field and /or what seems to be the carrier wave, which is the nature of the state of shared emotional responses to the deconstruction of what could be named as societal anxiety based on a lack of predictability that has been sublimated on a large scale.

The call and response nature of this phenomenon is interesting on several levels, wherein there seems to be a non local steering mechanism that incorporates or is embedded within our local consciousness field as it were the Janus face of this phenomenon.

The bottom line is my strong suspicion that this is a interactive phenomenon and not of the extraterrestrial variety. While this might be so, there are markers as Jacques Vallee has suggested and by gong further in this concept he suggested we move the markers.

Yet no one has attempted this and so this is my justification for doing so simply because no one has tried to "put two and two together" to make four in terms of verifiable results.

I have certain protocols in mind as well as the possibility of utilizing the VLF bandwidth and so if anyone who reads this has some knowledge of ITC and wishes to collaborate on this project drop me a line via -mail.


  1. You pose a rather very intetesting experiment. I've done one myself,somewhat,albeit in a different fashion. To give you an idea, I went out and took pics every minute for 12 hours(I have a slow camera@ 5fps;and I wanted to measure a good 12 hour day). I must say, I was rather suprised at what took place in that span of time,the different configurations,etc. etc. My only measuring comparison was the ani-matter photographs taken by CERN,and Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. I am seriously curious about the findings from your experiment,and am looking forward to reading about it!

  2. The nature of UAP is far from settled and presents open ended questions that require the exploration of all alternatives regardless of opinion. Opinions answer nothing and what was once Ufology is a quagmire of unfounded certainties expressed by opinion.
    Vallee and Keel are not alone. I could name several scientists ( physicists )who are working in this area of non local sentience as well as accredited technical consultants and engineers who have worked for NASA in developing their communications systems who are pursuing the entanglements of mind and matter..that have a bearing on UAP. So..ultimately,, I think it’s safe to say, we may find the universe we occupy is much stranger than we can imagine it to be.

  3. Back in the early eighties, there were tests involving pattern recognition, visual and auditory. Successful candidates demonstrated precognitive abilities, which opened the communication to information that overrode the planned patterns. I do not know how that is done, these days.

  4. O yea,I know it's trivial but,when I did my little amatuerish test,I not only used a variety of filters, but a few different effects as well, to determine the image trueness,eliminate artifact possibilities.etc..Then I added variations; clouds,haze,overcast skies etc. Overall,I found my best images when I used an emboss filter. They say cameras don't lie...or do they?Interesting enough,in my amatuerish conclusion, clearly something of high energy output is vibrating at high frequency...almost like a visual harmonics display...?...Funny thing about that,emboss filter cuts through all da chatter,unfortunately I have'nt gotten the sound...can't afford the equipment,and don't have that kind of free time,unfortunately!