Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A History of ITC

An fascinating tour....one that becomes more compelling as it moves along. Although it's a rough cut that has yet to be completed, it's of a higher quality than the infotainment that passes for paranormal programming that fills in the spaces between actors trying to sell you something you don't need.
BTW..I sent my short essay on ITC  and UAP to The Anomalist and it was silently rejected without comment which has become a pattern but then again, in the big picture ( whatever that is) I thought it was worth sharing which has nothing to do with it being turned down for wider distribution or my own interest in the subject.  Cest La Vie.



  1. Bruce, Your sense of humor is the best answer. I believe we have talked in the past about Ray Bradbury and what he called "The great laugh". Oftentimes life (as beautiful a gift it is) can feel so overwhelming that I think Ray was right, a great laugh is in order. Perhaps this is akin somewhat to Arthur Janov's "Primal Scream". I have recently witnessed and photographed a man on the street holding a sign that read "I'll bet you a dollar you will read this sign" I shook his hand and laughed with him, asking him would he mind if I snapped a photo of him and his sign. We laughed together. A great moment in time! I wondered why you have not been on the Anomalist site in the longest time. They used to provide a link to your blog frequently. Ah well, such is life!

  2. Hi James
    The photograph was a hoot and I am glad to see you are doing well.
    My participation in any of this was to interject ideas outside of the mainstream as a reaction to the lack of them and rather than to dictate simply more reinforcement of current thinking, add an alternative perspective. I think the coalescence of my suspicions toward UFO's being an adjunct of other ghost phenomenon ( not surprisingly ) hit a brick wall that is best exemplified by Rich Reynolds reaction that this theory "confuses the issue" and as of late termed the idea " a bunch of intellectual crap" All of this had no effect on yours truly and this morning I read his upteenth post on Socorro suggesting it was a helicopter. What most folks have not realized is that Rich assisted me with having Bruce Macabee analyse the ghost image my daughter captured and while we may disagree , as far as I am concerned we remain friends.I suppose that illustrates the mixed bag of opinion toward my minority view. The change in editors at The Anomalist has tightened their focus on hard news, more or less. That's fine by me but it does not create much of a dialog or platform for new ideas as it had in the past. Being a sort of lone wolf in this is nothing new. When I wrote the post "What Do We Want?" I think I summarized why any of this matters beyond opinion for yours truly. Perhaps others as well. I have ended many a post with two statement, "I wonder as I wander" and "More questions than answers".
    That much has not changed regardless of anyone's opinion. In terms of finding answers, a friend of mine in the preservation community said it best, "the impossible just takes longer"