Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rethinking Ufology

Is there a correlation and underlying unifying principle between various aspects of anomalous phenomenon as representations of a spectrum of observed behaviors that are somehow linked?  The spectrum of PSI, UFO behavior and ghost phenomenon have been separated in locality by the surface of appearances.
Is this an accurate assessment? Are both of these phenomenon that have been separated by locality, the  language of semiotic terminology and appearance a computational expression of quantum information lacking sentience? In other words much like the operation of a computer which can mimic human behavior while lacking consciousness? Is it a zombie phenomenon prone to both randomization that is organised by the observer as well as a unknown form of transient energy field ? Neither time travelers, extraterrestrials nor the Gods?
If this supposition is correct, then ITC and the more common and less sophisticated methodology of EVP phenomenon are not direct messages from the dead, but rather a reflecting principle of consciousness that exists in a zombie state within a feedback loop under certain conditional environments.

Yours truly at another venue offered this slice of life:

"I think you pointed out what is at the nexus of the current nadir of what is called Ufology, which has shrunk into the purview of historical archivists debating creakingly old accounts simply due to the fact that Ufology has not evolved in tandem with the discoveries of science.
It is lodged in a tiny net that has proved to be irrelevant to the larger picture. It cannot see the forest for the trees.
It is a reactive and post editorial debate over effects rather than causes confined to the physicality of the environment.So it exists in a sort of zombie state of self awareness unable to see the box it has placed itself in by the surface of appearances.
It is unable to examine itself so it hammers minutia to bits to no effect.
Right now its in it's afterlife, having no purpose other than to perpetuate it's own stereotypes."

Have our descriptors as referential language created a closed universe of considerations that are stuck in a chicken or the egg hermetically sealed universe confined to the interior of a box, rather than looking at the box from without? Taking a survey of the material free floating in the popular masses, one can easily see the market place has taken to enigmas as a commodity, marketed with the emphasis on promoting ambiguity as a page turner , roiling the wide eyed minds in a merry-go round of relativistic factoids as infotainment.
I can shovel sand into the tide with the best of them and at a certain point, one considers the point of the exercise that remains both self aggrandizing and transcendent.
 What ties all of the above to a nexus is human consciousness, which, in this case as we term it, is self awareness but the rejoinder is self awareness  as entangled in it's environment is a distinct relationship with the added proviso that awareness between the two as a transaction has processes creates a linkage that as "self aware" creatures we have no sensory awareness of.
In other words, we are both "crib blind" and confined to what our mind in conjunction with nature within the mind has synthesized as directly observable.

It is relatively easy to determine that Ufology has failed to evolve in tandem with the discoveries of science in that the vast majority of so called investigators are, in effect either archivists debating decades old cases of a historical nature or are content to use each other's material to define what has yet to be defined in a dualistic and polarizing competition to repeat the same denial or affirmation of whether the phenomenon even exists.
This dead end has existed for over a half century.
This one upsmanship has led to a dead heat of diminished return to the point of it's being focused on historical details that are drilled into minutia while losing the big picture. In effect, not being able to see the forest for the trees.

I suggested a variation of ITC technology as a means to pro-actively probe non local sentience as opposed to reactive and after the fact gathering of environmental effects that are local, exterior domains within physicality versus the exchange between the observer and the observed. which is not directly observable from without.

While we stereotype ITC with the exclusive domain of non local sentience as applied to the afterlife as a vested defining characteristic, I think there is ample evidence that UFO characteristics share the same realm as what is termed "ghost phenomenon. Notice the connection between item(s) 1-6-7-12-15. These seem to be information in a quantum state which is a direct correlate to a dream state. Item(s) 2-3-8-9-10 indicate to me the presence of a energetic field required to produce a quantum state in the information field variegated by the individuation of the observers memory in terms of associative processes. yes, I understand that these theoretical connections are another expression of reductionism in that whatever is occurring on a transient basis is much more complex. However, on a very simple basis, we can say simply that both occur within the state of the energetic and gaseous atmosphere. Further there seems to be either an extra-solar or recombinant trigger that works within parallel states to create an effect, much like the precursors to states of weather. It cannot occur of it's own volition but is dependent on pre-existing conditions yet to be determined.
The shared chief features are:
1. Caricatures painted in the sky as impossible flying craft or at ground level, the dead portrayed as being alive.
2. Electromagnetic effects
3. Physical evidence via a strange psychokinesis of physicality
4. Extreme transience
5. Semi-solid materiality
6. Nonsensical behaviorism
7. Mimicry
8. Creates burns, scars, illnesses
9. Ability to transit solid materials at will
10. Manifests in wave forms of probability
11. Prefers manifesting in remote or isolated localities
12. Can synthesize vocalizations
13. The presence of magnesium and \ or sulfurous residue
14. Physiological and somatic effects, the sensation of freezing and \ or burning
15. The accompaniment of vivid dreams

What exactly is ghost phenomenon? I think it is safe to say we are hemmed in as far as looking into all possible relationships between these categorical terms by how we stereotype them using language to supplant an actual working definition of anything directly correlated to them.

While we can identify common chief characteristics between various forms of ghost phenomenon that are shared in a unknown mechanism of symbiosis such as I have identified in previous posts, the larger community of investigation has artificially separated them by only one divisor, which is their appearances.
However if we use the same methodology to the rest of the world, ask yourself , what is the result?

Obviously any classification of either a closed or open system of the natural world we choose to use this method of discernment would result in a inaccurate assessment of relationships and yet this is the methodology that is accepted as a standard practice and all the classifications of UFO phenomenon have failed to develop a coherent strategy in either theory or practice to determine the nature of the phenomenon.

We not only use a very small net of classification but we have been using several small nets to capture a much larger context than our terms can accept.
We require a larger net.

The most notable shared characteristic of UFO's and other ghost phenomenon is PSI activity as well as electromagnetic anomalies. Combine this further with their short transience of manifestation as well as the observer effect of transactional responses and observations whether it is EVP phenomenon or the chimera like appearances of UFO inhabitants and their craft that have another shared characteristic that has been completely ignored the now well known observer effect, wherein the participant\ witness in effect, creates the organisation and outcome of what is observed without being directly aware of these consequences as a result of the observers causing them ,which makes them coherent and yet has an enormous range of individuation due to no two observers are alike.

From the outside looking in, we stereotype these outcomes as being independent of the witness simply based on the fact that no one has examined the linkage between the two and so our conclusion is based upon they are independent agents whereas the evidence suggests they are parasitic to the nature of human consciousness and are entangled.
This has created a two-fold set of effects in that our desires and anticipation of how our language and semiotics define reality in effect, create realities as well as establishing a faux set of classifications that have no unifying principle.
Everything that exists can be determined to bear a relationship to everything else to put this simply..nothing exists in a vacuum in of itself with the exception of how we define the UFO.

You could reasonably state that the current nadir of Ufology is due to self referential reductionism.
The terms that define the methodology of investigation is based on stereotypes that naturally but unfortunately utilize anthropomorphism as a stereotype whether it is extraterrestrials of human ghosts inhabiting an undefined afterlife and yet the two by their chief characteristics are linked in a unknown manner but our prejudices edit out other possibilities.  


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