Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is UAP An Extraterrestrial SETI Program?

If we pare Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon down to it’s most essential attributes, what do we find? One could say it is a form of communication advanced in it’s characteristics regardless of their origin as compared to our knowledge of how they occur whether by intent or not.

The late Mac Tonnies was a severe critic of the conceptualizing of extraterrestrial communications as being composed of radio signals or relatively crude mathematical ciphers being sent as a codex for sentience.
He thought that this was a enormous underestimation of the technologies available to a civilization hundreds even perhaps thousands of years older than our own. All of this is the current premise of SETI.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible

Why are these phantom projections seen exclusively in our atmosphere and why are their appearances inconsistent? Our own signal communications are often weakened or obliterated by atmospheric conditions. What of those arising from a distant planet?
Would they encounter even more complex and rare opportunities to broadcast through the medium of another planet’s atmosphere?. Our current knowledge of both holography and quantum mechanics are in their infancy. What applications could we derive from this nascent knowledge a hundred or a thousand years from now?
Could it be used to attempt communications with distant habitable planets? We already have the remote telemetry to determine which planets could harbor life at unimaginable distances from our own location. What of those thousands of years in advance of us?

What is a universal language more elegant than maths?
Visual images?

It was also Arthur C Clarke who observed that "If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run — and often in the short one — the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative."

In UAP we have the aforesaid communication that combines the familiar with a recombinant image of the familiar in what could be described from our point of view, a hopelessly naive interpretation of what is possible.

One could say they resemble a child’s drawing of the evolution within aircraft technology that follows a protocol of mixing technological futurism with the contemporary line of reasoning that would anticipate future developments as if whoever created these projections knew in advance what the development of various applications of technology would lead.

In the contemporary era of living individuals, we have examples of this protocol. In WW2, the demonstration of aircraft seeking missiles arrived without it’s application being mastered here on Earth. 
In the Postwar era we had the demonstration that were a caricature of rocket propulsion leading to incredible velocities in their wake that has no discernable means of propulsion upon achieving a certain altitude much like our own space program that arrived later. 
However they were as if created with a sense of naivety as if they were created within the art form of retro-futurism. Now we have the naive demonstration of flying wings exaggerated to the size of two football fields. B1 bombers on steroids.

All we have in hand from UAP as I stated earlier is that it is communicating something. As many readers know, I have explored the permutations of this in various theories, one after the other.

What is the content of this communication if it could be summarized? Two striking characteristics are commonalities.

1. They acknowledge present technology specifically in relation to aircraft, not cars, boats or automobiles. Aircraft to us represent the traversing of vast distances quickly.

2. They take the state of this art to a next level.

Think of the resulting confusion among our own species a thousand years ago if any of our current technologies were observed.

We might say, the projection of these images are intentional. The message is one of “similar to” as in the real message is in the medium. What if these images are a intentional differentiation of our own visual language? Could they represent communications through spooky actions at a distance? A form of visual language? Could these be a metaphor that states:

1. A medium of traversing spacetime by sending a communication that is a visual codex? One that changes and says to us, our technologies are known and then acknowledges they change. A form that indicates both tracking and observation.

The message within this message as a response is to alter the acknowledgement by taking it one step further.

2. The state of the art here is acknowledged with a response of an advanced perspective just far enough from the leading edge without too much of an extension to state here is an example of an advanced perspective visually demonstrated.

If this concept is true it answers the question of purpose as opposed to our own concepts of purpose that see this phenomenon has having either none or being ambivalent. It also answers the behavior of UAP mirroring our own evolution of technology by differentiating a response.

Is the medium the message? Are these ghost images a reflection of Arthur C Clarkes vision of the monolith awaiting our advancement to respond?


  1. Ha...nicely done. It's always fun to follow you through your thought experiments.

  2. I have always felt that in practical terms UAP presents a excellent platform to explore new ideas. In terms of the overall field or community, I tend to go my own way regardless of how these explorations of the endless possibilities the subject presents are viewed.While the subject in the popular media is in a deep rut, I think it's sort of a herd instinct..well, it's almost a religion for some. I keep it as a useful tool that can go back into the box when it's not needed.

  3. " a severe critic of the conceptualizing of extraterrestrial communications as being composed of radio signals or relatively crude mathematical ciphers" - that is actually what I have come to think after a decade of pondering: a) the extraterrestrials might not use radio waves, at least not in the way (amplitude or frequency modulation) that we are accustomed to and b) wouldn't it be sensible to e.g. pair a certain technological advancement with a certain moral advancement and therefore use a cryptographic code to "garble" the messages in such a way that "lower" civilizations do not even notice that these are messages, "middling" civilizations notice but can't yet break the code and "evolved" civilizations only can finally read the message?

  4. How would you say this relates to those instances in which it appears:
    - the "craft" changes size/shape
    - instead of a "craft" it is a ball of light that may change size/shape/color
    - either multiple UAPs combining into a single one, or a single one splitting into multiple UAPs?

    Personally, based upon those instances where the phenomenon's behavior matched one or more of the above, I get the impression that the phenomena is indicating something more organic and that the "aliens in spaceships" perspective is very unimaginative. But I'd like to think I'm aware of how much baggage & inference I've thrown in there.