Friday, June 13, 2014

Quantum Effects As A Weapons System

Regular readers of this blog know that I take the speculations I write about at an arms length to the point while they are considerations, I am agnostic to their probability as nothing about them can be completely verified.
Along with these speculations that are more benign I have always had another suspicion that until now, I have kept in my back pocket concerning Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon which is it represents a extremely advanced technological non lethal weapons system that is in a testing phase. It would not be ours in this play upon John Keel's theme of both external deceptions and those that are in the mind as a prelude. What if they could be combined in a technological sense as also a play on the futurism of Jules Verne through the mirror of extraterrestrials who could possibly possess a future weapon in the present tense.
At least non lethal in of itself, a play upon the concept underlying both the Greek Trojan Horse and the pervasive vivid quality of an invasion of ghost projections, a very effective means of creating a ghost armada.
The next logical question would be: What is the purpose of a ghost armada? The concept seems transparently benign. Perhaps not.

There is no need for the archaic concept of physically moving solid objects from point A to B which can be a very costly and long undertaking when you can invade by the projection of holographically interactive ghosts.
The purpose is deceptively simple. Which are the real objects and which are the quantum projected facsimiles? If your opponents targeting cannot tell one from another, that is an advantage in your court, especially with the enhanced advantage that what they appear to be is inconsistent and having no direct, observable purpose which hides their true purpose behind illusions. .

Jets are scrambled after mirages that blink out of existence. The USAF is completely confounded and the last possibility they want to admit is that they are dealing with a tactical weapon so far advanced that they are absolutely out of their league.

Such a tactic would be economically and maniacally clever.

All of this came to me while thinking about the history of camouflage beginning with the naval dazzle camouflage of the first world war to the invention of ghost armies and rubber tanks and aircraft in World War Two. These were always utilised passively to hide. What if they could be used in an aggressive sense? Not hiding but infiltrating. All of this led also to the thought of the future exploitation of quantum behavior manipulated to create holographic images used to render targeting a useless venture. What if it were being used now? However, since we are not that far advanced along in this application of discovery science, it's not possible. What of a civilization uncountable in years vastly older than our own? How would this fit in with Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon? I thought of Jules Verne who could have said the same toward the study of UAP when he said “The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last moment.” In this case perhaps, not in a beneficent manner.

Of course, the sociological effect if any of this was true is brilliant, the use of this non lethal weapon absolutely confuses the populace so much so that they cannot agree if it is real or not and argue among themselves.
It is not of course, the main act.
if you think the effects of this possibility as theoretically possible, you could very handily tie up every weapons system with impunity, a distraction so large that disperses their direction of attention so widely that their targeting becomes a moot point.
Many of my posts have dealt with what we want from these investigations so we can turn the tables and ask what do they want (if a “they existed) and were using this extremely advanced weapon? What is their end game?
Logic tells me it’s something we have that we do know we have and that we will only know when they can exploit it or as an alternative, attempt to. What it may be is our greatest mystery which may be unique as worthy of making use of by others as a means to an end. Call it a supplement of knowledge as seen from those outside of it not prone to crib blindness as we are. It could be consciousness itself as we manifest it in perhaps a way completely foreign to them. Perhaps some aspect of it could be harnessed technologically once things could be put into order, a stable state which our globe lacks. A imposition of order. Peaceful perhaps but imposed none the less so this opportunity could be explored. A yet undiscovered quality or some yet to be determined element of our world we are unaware of in a similar vein. And so it goes in a game of probabilities fraught with equal uncertainty when it comes to the explorations of theoretical probabilities.

We have X craft and this could be the version of an extraterrestrial experimental testing phase that gets mixed into our mythologies so we cannot determine when it began or ended.
If energy is truly information I ask, then could it be a weapon? Could we be herded by the manipulation of disinformation into a stalemate of utter disorientation as a prelude by staging intentional misconceptions?

Your guess is as good as mine and all we have at our disposal is a game of probabilities. If true, then it appears to be working very effectively. if not must be the judge of that in terms of our guessing game as we toss the coin up into the air. Jules Verne meets Jacques Vallee.


  1. "...I have always had another suspicion that until now, I have kept in my back pocket concerning Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon which is it represents a extremely advanced technological non lethal weapons system that is in a testing phase. It would not be ours in this play..."

    Oh, I don't know about any such simulated UAP not being "ours." They very well could be, in all probability, IMHO. Here's why:

    In relation to the excerpted part of your post here, above, you might want to read a brief article that appeared at Wired magazine's online site back in 2007 by David Hambling, "Plasma Laser: UFO Maker?" -- seems the USAF has been experimenting at least since the late 80's with something similar to what you posit, an emulation of a non-physical UAP, created by crossing the beams of high-powered infrared lasers (presumably under coordinated computer control) to synthesize and simulate the appearance of guided "balls of light" in the sky, for potential psychological warfare use.

    See: [excerpt below]

    "Some years ago, Justin Mullins at New Scientist reported rumors of an 1980’s Air Force project which created plasma balls with lasers:


    "The plasma balls do not seem to have had any direct military use. But there was a suggestion that they might be adapted as a psychological warfare tool. " --Wired

    While the New Scientist article the Wired piece refers to is no longer online at N.S., here's a copy from another site:

    ["Voice of God" by Justin Mullins, New Scientist, Dec. 25, 1999]

    I suspect something like the technology referenced above is most likely what Bob Lazar observed near Area 51 when, before he went public, he was inviting friends of his to the nearby "black mailbox" public area to observe such night-time visual antics, mistaking the staged military "light show" for actual UFOs of the ET kind.

    And if this kind of computer-controlled laser tech has been worked on since the late 80's, it kind of makes you wonder what aerial visual simulation tech that elements of the military might have by now, if this "psyop tech" has continued to be developed and refined since then, doesn't it? While speculative, it is food for thought.

  2. From my point of view comparing this future weapon to plasma weapons is like comparing an oxcart to a B1 bomber. The post was a homage to Jules Verne who expressed the same depressing prediction as Welles, that every scientific discovery will eventually be weaponised. It also uses the platform of UAP to explore if the shoe was on the other foot. In other words, how would we make use of a chimera lodged between the mind and the molecule? Then again if a extraterrestrial wanted to completely confound our weapons delivery systems, using this, it could. All of this was wrapped up in the same ball of wax of ideas. I am agnostic to any current explanation for UAP, and that includes my own.

  3. Also
    I am not demeaning the concept of UAP either representing a plasma like manifestation or the potential testing phase of a plasma weapon as you have a potential explanation for some if not all events. I do think we are dealing with parallel concurrences that are not related to one another although they are all lumped together under the olf UFO acronym. We have the self admitted machinations of the CIA, X Craft and easier cases of mistaken identity. People ten to cherry pick their favorite parallel path as a stance as I mentioned in "the roots of the paranormal" as a reactive compulsion. On the far extreme we have cults and iron clad belief. If such a confusing weapon were used this effect would be pronounced and thats why this concept of a holographic weapon has a sort of strange familiar ring to it.

  4. Also..How do we explain a football sized flying wedge as seen by highly trained and competent airline pilots? Not a plasma, and not an actual craft..
    This was another driver for writing this variation on a theme..

  5. Personaly,I think it's easy to tell the difference between a 'artificial' plasma ball of lite being manipulated,and the 'real deal' supernatural version! Although they may appear similar in appearance,color,etc,the real deal has effects the simulated version doesn't! And partial reasoning for my conclusion is,I have watched thousands of hours on my own home security system,and compared thousands of photos tfrom around the world to those of my own taking! Am I an expert on this? By all means no! But you learn a few few things when you experience and encounter this amazing phenomena,and compare it to the artificial version! Funny thing though,when you look at the signatures,there is an amazing resemblance,but I suspect that's to be a given,since plasma is just that,energy!? What's even more amazing,is the signature itself! It's all around us,if you kno what to look for?! Lol! So the idea of the military playing with their own magnifying glass version,it's not hard to imagine! After all,wasn't it the Germans who had their own version of a solar ray device,designed to supposedly give light in aid to help farming,or something like that,back in hitters days? Perhaps I should recheck my historical facts first?

  6. Jazzy
    You left out naturally occurring ball lightning and I think it's attributable to a very small percentage of sightings but its there none the less. Artificial plasma's are far as any testing phase within the realm of a weapons platform, have yet to be determined ( as far as I know) to be evidenced and what evidence I have seen of this weapon, the testing was confined to a laboratory setting primarily for safety and control reasons.
    Other types remain a mystery and remain provocative in the spectrum of anomalous events. My speculation revolved more around simulated images that were recognizable as this or a proverbial ghost armada. An aggressive form of Trojan Horse.

  7. Interesting nevertheless! Would the Ivory Coast Virgin Mary sighting fall into that arena,or the Mexican Air Force chase? Seems odd that Ufos nowadays are all just balls of lite of various shapes,colors,sizes?,what happened to the good ol fashioned metals type craft? Like the ones billy Myers took pics of?

  8. Those are good questions for which I have no answer. In terms of the metamorphosis of forms, that's been a constant and what is interesting is to compare the evolution of forms to technological advances wherein one follows the other in a general sense. The advent of what appear to be
    simply color shifting "plasma's" or "orbs" ( whatever name we give them ) seems to fall into line with a growing lack of consensus as to what this represents, whereas in the post war era, they were thought of extraterrestrial, in WW2, they were weapons, and then in the sixties they were classic flying saucers right out of popular media. I think over time, these molds to fit this in came and went as various forms of observer effect..I wonder if these formless versions ( interrupted by forms similar to a delta winged B1 bomber) represent the lack of a clear model.

  9. Yea,that's pretty interesting! A psyops weapon of war? Hhmmm,it would also seem that in this day and age,with all our drone technology,how many of those get mistaken for a ufo? But the ball of lite phenomenom just seems so lazily simple that it's effectiveness is measurable! Of course,with all that nano-tech as well,it's not hard to imagine we could actually have some sort of advanced 'space mirror' type weapon? Like a kid w a magnifying glass!

  10. A pathogen that could mimic natural and technological phenonema could be understood, and that would increase the chances of psychic infection.
    Just the small catch bordering willful ingnorance and revelation.
    That would lead to not being able to know the difference between what is natural and what is prelude to invasion. Seems like a health and safety issue, religions used to be about common sense, sort of.