Friday, November 29, 2013

A Provocative Dream of Noospheres

I decided to re-title the essay formerly posted as "Non Material Extraterrestrials " as well as incorporate other essays into it that seemed fitting inasmuch I had nothing on my mind that compelled me to entertain myself by writing anything new. A long time correspondent had asked for the essay to be re-posted and that's basically the only reason it has reappeared.
There had been a steep decline in considering posting anything new inasmuch I felt I had expressed myself as far as this thread would carry me and then I had a dream.
I was sitting in some dim atmosphere. I could not tell if it was indoors or outdoors and I apparently was asking for something ( of which I have no recall of)  from this group of shades and I was posed a question in return. The situation was that of a bizarre form of amnesia that developed when I was carrying on a conversation unknown to my own consciousness of it occurring.  As dreams go, this was not a earth shaking event but it's effect would occur nearly a week later as I could not shake the mental images that came from it in regard to  the obvious, which is the presence of any meaning associated with it in terms of my lack of interest preceding toward all things odd as well as it's striking intrusion.
"We ask you for something in return" was the beginning of this dream dialog. What was I asking for? And then this shadow sentience drew a circle and then another concentric circle outside of the former. "Your species can enter our circle by experience but we cannot enter yours"
"What do you mean?"
"When we enter your circle, we can only reflect where we are and have no identity that is as representative of what we are. You enter ours by the significance of the images we place before you and yet we a barrier placed before us..a creature of your own creations that guard any entry into your sphere and we are intimidated by it. We need you to identify this creature for us."
The dream ended as abruptly as it began as they often do and when I woke up it should come as no surprise that I was taken by it's odd formulations and it's discontinuous nature. As the days went on, it faded from my memory and yet would reappear when I was at rest as a sort of puzzle piece that was mildly entertaining.
The concept of concentric circles or spheres folded into one another as a representation of parallel universes struck me as worlds within the bubbles or membranes of species, or even entire propositions of the aggregate sum of consciousness that inhabit them rooted in the corresponding store state of energy we call "planets" Is planetary consciousness, the variegation of worlds also simply a differentiation of a singular process?  An invisible ecology of varying proverbial climes? If so, what separates them if physical distance would not be an appropriate measurement?
All of the above boils down to the concept of Noospheres and if they exist, can worlds separated by physical distance be interconnected in a manner which we cannot assess or imagine? Further, if this did exists this sort of binding singularity of energy enveloped in imagination posing as information be a means for an advanced consciousness to travel upon?
 It would make spaceships positively a horse and buggy proposition.
This dream shadow figure referred to a creature of our own making..what is it that acts as a proverbial guard dog?
More To Follow....

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