Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Machinery Of Ghosts

Dedicated To The Memory of Mac Tonnies and His Theory of Cryptoterrestrials


Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”
― Joseph Campbell

"The brain is a computing machine connected with a spirit. Consciousness is connected with one unity. A machine is composed of parts. The active intellect works on the passive intellect which somehow shadows what the former is doing and helps us as a medium. I don’t think the brain came in the Darwinian manner. In fact, it is disprovable. Simple mechanism can’t yield the brain. I think the basic elements of the universe are simple. Life force is a primitive element of the universe and it obeys certain laws of action. These laws are not simple, and they are not mechanical. "
-Godel, Originator of The Uncertainty Principle

Hidden within the UFO phenomenon is a simple question.
Does this phenomenon portray the universe as a singularity? More specifically, does this phenomenon transubstantiate our place in a singularity?
An extension of this question is another..If our forbears viewed anomalies as an epistemology of the sacred, is this search for a singularity behind the phenomenon, our own challenge, or for others, to do so in a technological age? I take these questions and distill them further into an examination of one question. Does this phenomenon portray a non human sentience in relation and existence to ourselves,? Call them invisible residents who inhabit our world in parallel with our own, that cannot be seen directly? Further..Can we triangulate this issue?

I have attempted in this book to address the reason witness accounts and those of close encounters appear to us as containing the symbols resembling a dream.

"The crossing itself is essentially a hermeneutics of symbols, a method of understanding which transmutes sensory data and rational concepts into symbols (mazahir) by making them effect this crossing."
- Ibn Al Aabi

Further, this essay examines the teaching techniques of Eastern schools of initiation as a learning process. By doing so, we might determine  very close parallels of methodology to the teaching techniques of what we call extraterrestrials.Beyond this, we may determine a purpose for these methodologies. I suggest it is the ecology of energy and the refinement of human energy and it's relation to our consciousness being a proverbial state of food used for other purposes. Species eating and being eaten by species represents an ecology as well as a energy exchange.
It's organizational purpose resembles that of Vallee's control system theory
Essentially this essay represents a synthesis of various aspects beyond the classical models of ufo theory presented in a matrix to provide a coherency of the whole in the symbiotic relationship between physics and metaphysics.
The American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer made an analogy to Buddhism when describing the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: "If we ask, for instance, whether the position of the electron remains the same, we must say 'no;' if we ask whether the electron's position changes with time, we must say 'no;' if we ask whether the electron is at rest, we must say 'no;' if we ask whether it is in motion, we must say 'no.' The Buddha has given such answers when interrogated as to the conditions of man's self after his death; but they are not familiar answers for the tradition of seventeenth and eighteenth-century science."

A simpler postulate could say where someone looks says a great deal about who is looking as well as fleshing out what is considered to be an anomaly. Throughout our species history, we have been continually poked in the eye in order to challenge and place continually evolving symbols that parallel our concepts regarding our own nature.This is no coincidence as anyone can review the well documented historical accounts of this phenomenon and determine that it fits hand and glove as a deconstructive influence posed toward how we view our own environment by how we view ourselves.

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve." -Max Planck

“A book is more than a verbal structure or series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue it establishes with its reader and the intonation it imposes upon his voice and the changing and durable images it leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

The Other Possibility: No Longer Whom But What

Those who study the broader contexts of the anomalous as well as those who study ghosts phenomenon mostly view each subject as having a territorial prerogative. One having no relation to the other. Yet, from another perspective one could suggest that one is a metaphor for the other.
Whatever aspects of ourselves that appears unique or individuated from a common mold as a species, and in the last post I suggested that our cognisance of ourselves and the historical and external world we occupy is more of an artistic creation than a state, more metaphor than identifiable, well, where does that lead? If the self is a invention lodged between autonomic responses, imagination and necessity as a navigational aid to what we seem to be, and nothing more than this, then, what are we?
What is at the root of the human being? It may be the creation of distinctions as the measurement of relationships external and internal that meet in a third state yet to be identified by awareness.I suspect this goes well beyond what we call the transpersonal to the point where this sort of self organisation has transcended what we define as being human, which I suspect is disconcerting to some. 
It may be the case for what we term ghosts who  are a metaphor rooted in experiential references that have a unique signature, a life among the living but if this is so, it must be apparent if there is any self awareness involved within a third state that has reconciled the exterior and interior parallel universes, that this self awareness, more of a distinction..must realise” it “is no longer human.

This singularity that is neither exteriorised or interiorised may go a long way as to why some conjecture that environments may contain human memories and yet that is paradoxical in the sense that when EVP equipment is used as a google search engine, correspondences can arise that are uncanny. To put it simply, the energy in the environment is entangled with the energy of information in this third state to produce effects that seemingly are situated in a non local environment that yet is rooted in the arrangements that produced them.

Energy and Information In A Transitional Spectrum

Anyone who has studied physics formally will immediately tell you that everything one encounters from a stalagmite to a frog is electromagnetic in nature and so it is with what we call consciousness as perhaps if the universes methodology to explore itself  and so counted by the human trillions, we have an aggregate sum of an energetic distinctions melded into an equal number of points of observation that comprise a probe which is also a singularity into determining what it's nature may be.
If this is so, perhaps there is more than one platform of observation that is as much of an isthmus as we currently occupy, not so much of a distinction of perspective as more representative of a spectrum of states one enfolded into the other as transitional toward self organisational processes. The point of my mentioning this is the energetic nature of the shared anomalies of ghost and so called "extraterrestrial" manifestations that may not have a purpose that resembles our defining of the term.
This is in direct contradiction to most "extraterrestrial" theories that involve the apparitions that are demarcated by the term "Ufology" That same physics student will inform us that energy and information are the Janus faces of a singularity beyond it's electromagnetic nature and of course we have both the anomalies of Ufology and Ghost phenomenon exhibiting strange atmospheric energy signatures that effect the instrumentation and \ or devices in the midst of their accompanying state which appears to be neither material or immaterial.

Cryptoterrestials, Non Material Extraterrestrials and The Ghosts of Distinctions

When I wrote this extended essay that attempted to place what I suspected what was happening
with any number of anomalies superimposed on the theory presented by Mac Tonnies, I was influenced by a series of correspondences with Dr Colm Kelleher, who was then the head of research for Robert Bigelow’s foray into anomalies. 
He conveyed a conversation he had with a Siberian shaman who thought that these atmospherically based intrusions were in effect the influence of the dead, more specifically, those who had been tortured and suffered extraordinary burdens which translates into another dimension or state that of all attributes that are human defies description the tonality of high emotional states. Another influence was the reportage of John Keel who suspected much the same although applying the term demonic to ufological reports as a placeholder word that lacks any substantive definition seemed a bridge too far. Demonic seems to describe an emotional realm of a heightened state rather than a specific creature unless we consider emotions to be independent of ourselves.
There are the states of observers that when analysed appear to have a correspondence to a deconstructive element such as depression, a string of bad luck and even extending to tt those who have a more intuitive emotional read of their immediate environment. All of this seems to be one of the cuts made into the key I mentioned of parallel states that create cycles as well as unpredictability. One arbiter of several into the manifest expressions reported by observers.  The also apparent connection is present to the previously mentioned referents of those who were human and now find what they are to be categorically  entangled in the distinctions they created while dimensionally in a state that is neither exteriorised or interiorised..it makes for an interesting geometric puzzle from our vantage point of three apparent dimensions as well as the divide or perhaps biology that separates the inside from the outside from our orientation as a perspective fraught with the experiential bias we carry as luggage when we consider this third state.

The Borrowers

Some time ago I noted that nearly every close encounter with alleged extraterrestrials were termed as such simply by appearance alone and that every cycle of the non verbal and very visual apparitional aspect of these encounters appeared to me to be parasitic to our own references influenced by the technology that served as an embodiment of what was reported to be seen.
It was if the observers pockets of self references were borrowed to express what is patently a non purposeful engagement signifying nothing more than a presence that defied locality, if one studies the behaviorism of this.
The metaphor of vehicles comes to mind as well as the signifying multidimensional aspect of what was once human confined to a container that colored a clear odorless liquid by the very containment of distinctions, now may be manipulating them to signify a non local sentience in aggregate that encompasses a realm where interior and exterior demarcations are non existent.
The non human visage of the extraterrestrial as a metaphorical visual language of what was once whom is now that, no longer to be considered human, although rooted to referential distinctions. Of course..this remains as more metaphor than meat

The Trickster Within Us

Is it A or B or AB=C? or as simple as ABC?  Some of us are old enough to remember a certain purveyor of recording tape. In the shilling of their product they posed a question, “is it real or is it a recording?” The question was posed to infer that the recording had such a profound vividness that it was difficult to discern any difference between the two. However, we could say that whom that was recorded and the recording are both real which brings up the subject of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, a term that does nothing to specify much of anything.

Beyond the purview of those largely educated by television shows that are meant to entertain between the pitching of products, nothing is that clear cut in terms of an EVP being a communication from the dead. One school of thought claims it is what they say it is, a communication from a human being who has left their biological anchoring behind and with their personality intact. This is of course, a entangled affair that is a juxtaposition placed in both agreement with theology and yet does an end run around the specitivity of it’s strictures. You don’t require religion AB or C to capture an EVP.

The other school of thought suggests that this is a phenomenon akin to PSI effects as well as correlated to the tenets of quantum mechanics, wherein the recorder is programming the response. Much of this is very similar to the two schools of thought regarding what is poorly termed UFO phenomenon. One school suggests that it is evidence of a coherent, independently derived material object, while the other suggests a garden variety of foggy identifications that ironically fit into the same category using a singular root of causation with a material basis  such as demons, time travelers, intelligence operatives etc.

If one looks over the centuries of reported observations of “UFO” activity one would be defying a much vaunted rationality to state that it is unidentifiable simply due to it’s chimeric nature which adopts the visual characteristics of the sociological culture and technology in which it manifests.
In this sense we can perhaps conjecture it is both a playback of anticipation from a sociological context as well as having a material nature that could best be described as a semi-solid or perhaps in the parlance of physics these days, it represents a macro-quantum event that is transient in nature that requires certain as yet to be determined predisposing antecedent forces to be present in order for it to bridge our senses, acting as it were, as a deconstructive agent that has no purpose we can assign to any anthropomorphic projection of behavior we could hang on it.
It is A and B and C. What does it all have in common? Consciousness, Energy and Information as a sort of E=MC squared. Yet this possibility is avoided by the elaborations of a score of would be Jules Verne types. All of this states reams of data regarding human psychology than it does the phenomenon itself as if we have placed a veil over the entire affair due to the fact we prefer domesticated possibilities, rather than consider the apparent of which, we know nothing.
Decals akin to stereotypes become cults worthy of Marvel Comics.. MUFON meetings as Comic Book conventions.
What does it say about the state of inquiry when so called Ufology can only look backward as historical archivists?

Something strange began in the year 1692, in the immediate area of Salem Massachusetts that perhaps, as John Keel suggested, provides a mirror through history, that reflects our own equally strange times. It is also a narrative of reasonable doubt, perhaps one of a certain self doubt, that anchors us to maybe and perhaps rather than crossing a line between theory and that of irreversible edicts when it comes to a potential discernment.

Beyond these considerations, we have a two sided stick, on one end are victims and on the other, victimization. In the middle is reasonable doubt. Sometimes, in the thick of a community alarm, it it can become difficult to be both judge and jury on the behalf of the greater whole, to make the discernment as to whom wears which hat. For others, it is not. Shouting fire or to proclaim the sky is falling, should be based on either singe marks or our avian friends preferring to use the sidewalk.

This historical narrative concerns us because it involves the self legislated authority of a relative handful of "experts", a inferred involvement of a third party that was absent, in this case it was Satan and in our own time, Grey Aliens.
In abduction cases, or in the case of undetermined and mysterious cases of sudden death, we have a variety of causes and causative effects that are only limited to the range of our suspicions.

All of what occurred in those two strange years, between 1692, and 1693, was based on the uncorroborated testimony of several witness, whose highly emotional accounts had a striking and eventually fatal similarity. In this, we have a twist provided by time as I have often reflected that history always reinvents similar accounts within a set amount of variation. While these witnesses saw Satan, our own describe Grey Aliens. In those times it was the Magistrates of the community, in our own time it is self appointed "experts" One witness who was key to both cases could not be called forward to testify. In one it was Satan, and the other something called a Grey Alien.

This historical account has become synonymous with the paranormal, the viral contagion of rumor, the belief systems that gave credence to demonology, the taint of superstition in relation to the unknown producing fear and paranoia and ultimately, sanctioned murder and injustice. By the time this viral infection of the community had subsided, one year later, by 1693, more than 200 innocent individuals were accused of practicing witchcraft, and 20 were summarily executed. All of this began on January in 1692,when a solemn and sober Reverend Parris' young daughter Elizabeth, age 9, and niece Abigail Williams, age 11, started having convulsive "fits."

They screamed, threw things, uttered peculiar sounds and contorted themselves into strange positions, and the equally jurisprudential, local doctor blamed the supernatural, which in those times meant covert collusion with dark forces under the preview of no less than Stan himself.

Another girl, Ann Putnam, age 11, began to experience similar strange episodes wrapped within a now familiar mold. On February 29, under pressure from respected magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne, the girls blamed inexplicable community events ( read undiagnosed illnesses) initially, on three women for afflicting them: Tituba, the Parris' hapless Caribbean slave; Sarah Good, a homeless beggar; and Sarah Osborne, an elderly impoverished woman.

You presumably know the rest. Ask yourself a question as I have. How many accounts in our own time have been determined by our own self legislated experts, have been determined to be uncertain or even having a psychological basis in other maladies? Do you know?

Let's return to history.

Five days later, respected minister Cotton Mather wrote a letter imploring the court not to allow spectral evidence—testimony about dreams and visions. The court largely ignored this request and five people were sentenced and hanged in a public ceremony in July, five more in August and eight in September. On October 3, following in his son's footsteps, Increase Mather, then president of Harvard, denounced the use of spectral evidence: "It were better that ten suspected witches should escape than one innocent person be condemned."

And so good and responsible members of the jury, do you remember in childhood, pinning the tale on the donkey? Ask yourself, of the motives, opportunity and means in the minds of the self appointed magistrates then and now? What were the actual causes of the witness testimony? It is for you to decide, and now, having told this tale, I can get the ghost of Nathaniel Hawthorne to allow me to move onward, beyond this cautionary account, left intentionally for your review, and consideration. The spectral testimony of bias, fear and the projection of foregone conclusions is certainly a consideration when putting the answer before the question.
Even a paragon of science such as Professor Stephen Hawking proclaims that, “if aliens visit us, the outcome would be as much as when Colombus landed in America, which did not turn out well for the Native Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we would not want to meet.”
There the differences in projections or if you will, differ little between the institutions of science and what is termed Ufology.

Picking Locks

 As time progressed, I began to think of the dynamics of unknown aerial  phenomenon like a set of apparently random numbers that comprised a mysterious set which also represents a relationship with universals in the aggregate sum and particulars in the integers we manipulate as proverbial safe crackers who know perhaps only intuitively that we are tampering with something of which we are apart of.  

There is a outside world and a inside world that follow different laws and are in different states. You cannot imagine a tree and it will appear on the outside. You cannot see thoughts with your eyes. There is a third state where these laws do not apply. This third state appears random just as weather did before we had surveillance satellites. It's distribution if dependent on predisposing factors that act like the tumbler on a safe that separates the inside from the outside while within it is a third. Outside states and internal states must coincide.
How do they coincide to create interaction? The connection is decoherence between the observed and commonly held concepts. Inside does match the outside on a density aspect that is global.not local World War 2, The Holocaust, Atomic Weapons, Cold War, etc. This third state encompasses physical effects and internal anomalies, meaning that it is similar to particulars in each that are separated in a resting state but is incommensurable to either.

No extraterrestrials, no angels or demons will suffice a description of a fluid phenomenon of relationships. The missing geometry of this phenomenon is apparent without any deep assessment required by the apparently chaotic nature of it's dynamism and yet like the weather, in the post editorial view of a future history, there may be a complex relationship yet to be determined that will appear prosaic to future generations who make opportunistically take advantage of this enigma beyond superimposing self inflicted wounds that are simply representations of bias projections and anthropomorphism.

This requires, again without much deep introspection required, a reinvention of our basic terms that informs social scripting is mandatory in the study of what was once termed ufology, a pre-scientifc miasma of myhologies

Picking at locks, inadvertently being oppositional in resistance against consensus myths, layered like a pack of unintended lies. One reaches a point of transcendent skepticism toward any positivist whether they are encountered externally or internally while manipulating a lock pick in the keyhole, being careful not not talk of such things too loudly in front of the locals.    

Each aspect of each number represented an unknown relationship to one another and yet, the suspicion remains that each aspect such as  the environmental planetary nature of living systems, the nature of consciousness as well as it's relation to the former, as well as the nature of this symbiosis of inner and outer worlds has a third component linking them together in a third aspect which is rearranged or follows natural laws that we are not privy to directly, yet perhaps these laws of a third world, under the surface of animal perception, rise to the surface when certain predispositions of the environment in relation to the mind coincide.

The  psuedo-perceptions or spheres of inner and outer surfaces of perceptual membranes that separate the ontology of sentience that owe more to animal biology and their constituent relationships than they do to any reality.

Each facet of each set of this mechanism of a tumbler lock obeys unknown naturally laws, that in reality only appear to be random as the precursors to a resulting progression toward coherence and this combinatorial dynamic must occur as a predisposition to any such event occurring.

You cannot pick just any random number and expect the safe to pop open, or at least from our perspective, it is extremely unlikely or as they say, highly improbable.  The living system of weather is very similar in this. The game is afoot in relationships between the subsystems of a ecology very much analogous to, once again, predispositions or orientations in these relationships that effect which way the boulder rolls.

In this case what leads to a strange perception of unknown phenomenon in the sky, when it falls to the left rather than to the right that may require a combination of predispositions on several levels in order for them to surface momentarily. One considers what we know as predictive predispositions and what we do not as an extension of the uncertainty principle, and this relationship is never a perfect mechanism for a science of  the universe as a clockwork, harkening back to earlier models in physics, and so the accuracy of any prediction is probability, just as probability falls into play with unknown aerial phenomenon.

One might say the mathematical models used to predict the behavior of weather are analogous to what is required to pick the lock on the sealed origins of this phenomenon.

The Storage, Transmission and Processing In A Human Equilibrium
From a certain point of view, all communication is an energy exchange. Anyone can easily recognize that energy like water, generally is several states at once depending on the particulars on your location as a metaphor, it can be a solid, a gas or a liquid just as energy is stored as in planets processed by transceivers like plants or irradiated like the sun.

One could say sentience is similar, again universals versus particulars, yet both are within one another. It is stored in memory, it is processed by the brain mind, and irradiated through activities, all at once and observed again by particulars. Someone talks, walks, remains quiet, shouts..all of this is we know to be an expression of the distribution of energy on a certain tier of organization.

A multi-leveled exchange that may have a further range in being embedded beyond it's immediate environment comparable to rain. One that may have an influence what one observes in an indirect yet compelling manner.

Perhaps one that obeys no manipulation, much like the weather, nor has a single origin. Perhaps smoking guns, multiple sources abound in the complex sphere of unknown aerial phenomenon rather than a single silver bullet.

Deconstructive Wave Patterns

Drilling down deeper, below the surface, the intermediary of personality as a measuring device that digests experience, suddenly vanishes as a phenomenology. What we term Bobby by referents could be Billy and Sue could be Joan. One thinks of a metaphysical singularity of an Adam ( atom?) as a physics of energy that in essence despite our fear of defining ourselves by our individuality, actually we are a singularity called a species, universal with particulars, a force just as analogous to wind driven by pressure differentials.  

Nothing more nothing less as a tier in a energy exchange that also has one unique attribute that is the carrier wave eluded to previously, the emotional expression organized as an expression by semiotics that exhibits waves, or if you will tidal forces in a behavioral parabola that, by way of externals, rather than being self directed at all..call it random only to be organized by the range of an events effect on the aggregate sum that in of themselves are a butterfly effect, at times has a greater density of coherency than others, a sort of viral self organizing entrainment, like an intelligible pitch that "sees the world the same way" and that way can be deconstructive to the conceptual organization of energy as it is transceived, processed if you will by concepts which are a form of organized energy..this deconstruction of conceptual thought which is our dictionary of experience may be analogous to an accident. 

Though rare comparatively "accident" as both a term that defines an event as random, or for that matter, having a single causation, may be an example of naivete at play.

The difficulty in this as one who researches this phenomenon is that a proposition may be both true and "untrue" at once. Take the example of a scripted play which is the intentional creation of a fantasy. All authors know the trick of making what is "untrue" to be a reflective transcription of what is true, as a play and the actors within it must cooperate in this dynamic to produce it. 

Yet, as a phenomenon, a play has a truth that is a transcription of yet another layer of reality, that has both it's own truth that is diametrically opposed to other experiential observations in other contexts, yet exists only by the thread of relationship, but exist it does as an intermediary form of self organized communication. The relativity factor of the observer. Determinism may be a process of contingent relationships that do not obey any direct causality and are fluid in nature and perhaps they are observable in relationship by the phenomenon of unknown aerial anomalies.

To look for the answer by positivism as any physics student will tell you negates the theoretical nature of a postulate. In other words, it would be if to say, the complexities in the relationship of the modern era, as pioneered by Godel could be found at 307 North Avenue, Roswell or Jung. Reductionism as a self administered boundary layer that is a form of predictive conditioning that is irrelevant to the nature of nature, and yet speaks volumes of self referential dead ends.

The Illusions and Mythologies of Observation
This is also reflective of what GI Gurjieff called the intention of self observation which is simply perception as a potentially parallel processing of the environment which does not occur naturally. What this means is akin to watching a movie and at the same time observing your internal reaction to it as a comparative basis to experience phenomenon,

Attention is directed in two directions at once which are reconciled by an awareness that most reactions are involuntary, conditioned. No one is in the drivers seat and certainly that dynamic is present in witness observations either post editorially or at the moment they occur. when confronted with a drastic rearrangement of experiential reality. Suggestion is rooted in this as well as the stimulus of one phenomenon to the other in a relationship analogous to a semi hypnotic state which is an arbitration factor in the human being. One drives the other without a process of any self directed or intentional analysis inserted between them as a basis of comparisons as to one's state in relation to the environment by the observer.

Perhaps parallel processing is the missing X in  quantum processing in relation to the observer effect. A missing distinction.  The observer in this sense is non existent. Buried realities of the observer who may be impelled to believe any old tale as they identify with what they see. Ouspensky observed that "Identification is a very difficult thing to describe, because no definitions are possible. Such as we are we are never free from identifying. If we believe that we do not identify with something, we are identified with the idea that we are not identified."
Cognition as a tricky business.

The Allusions of Accidents
If we watch any news media, we see that the distribution of accidents, much like aerial unknowns do not appear everywhere at once and are comparatively, a small portion of an equilibrium of experience, and each accident is caused by several events that must coincide in relation to one another to produce it. This can not be, by any stretch, be termed an intention, or aim and yet the bias projection we have by identifying with the simple rather than complex, leads us in a similar manner to say the appearance of unknown atmospheric phenomenon is intentional and that it has an aim, a will.

From this point of view there is certainly, a level of fantasy that exists but the cartoonish gremlins we encounter may have a prosaic yet exotic explanation that banishes superstition with verifiable meaning or valuation. As a matter of taste some prefer gremlins, but again, taste has nothing to do with this phenomenon.

The Lunacy of the Term Subconscious
Unfortunately there is no written language for this and the language we do have is misleading, like the subconscious or unconscious as a player that is reflected in the recombinant naivete inherent in the phenomenon.  What this trying to say is that sentience can be non conceptual, it is not unaware as our language falsely implies.

There is conditioned consciousness and non conditioned consciousness. All of this is aptly explored in the childhood development of the brain mind. To say that the subconscious which is, in reality, non conditioned sentience is in a state comparable to a  rung in a lesser hierarchy is absurd as well as the implication it cannot be accessed.  This may state the case in a backward causality. Terrible events or common fears deconstruct the conditioned aggregate sum of human consciousness when viewed as a singularity of consciousness. Perhaps we can term this an unknown quantum effect that opens the door to a third world wherein it is blocked or isolated in it's resting state or equilibrium,  if you will, by conditioning.

Mutations, Markers and The Physics of Information.
The density of decoherence processes may sublimate the conditioned conceptual relationships into a form of chaotic disassociation that can reorganize matters intermittently and indirectly. Think of parallel historical events that are deconstructive to certainty as reflected in conditioned concepts that are arbiters in an active sense of reorientation that may be reconciled by mutations in relationships between the three aforementioned worlds or pseudo spheres.  

The last global war, atomic bomb, the Holocaust,the cold war and threat of atomic catastrophe, the  poisoning of the physical environment, etc. The parallel mutation of unknown aerial phenomenon that in turn, reflects a recombination of "markers" as suggested by Dr Vallee who also suspects "a physics of information" is at play. It may be only as cognitive or responsive as the observer is.

Dr Vallee has suggested moving these markers to determine a response in order to analyze the dynamics of a proverbial information field that is energetic.The propagation of aerial anomalies by the density of decoherence or anti structural mutations in an "physics of information" may be a wave form that is parabolic rather than in a steady state, and so what appears to be random is a matter of determining causation that may be indirect to perception.

This Tumbler Effect is one of many energetic and living constituent numbers in a complex set of relationships that constitutes what I suspect is a range of "perfect storms", or waves of unknown phenomenon that align with other numbers in a combinatorial set that opens the safe to Pandora's Box, a third world that resides atop our own. Call it a trickle down effect for expediency's sake.  Another number is our living environment in the lock picking of this safe, is perhaps due.

One of the striking facets of this phenomenon is what I used to term the "parasitic" borrowing or assimilation of human images that are naive in content to our own orientation while being relevant in their context. Meaning that the denoting of craft as an association to the atmosphere is relevant and yet it's purposeless purpose seems astonishingly naive. Some have gone so far as to suggest a Jungian role of archetypes that superimposes a recombinant dream logic to this purposeful "purposeless" however I have yet to  enter a dream wherein I find physical and measurable effects of it on the material environment have occurred simultaneously.

This suggests that the phenomenon is linked concurrently or embedded in both the material and immaterial natures of the outer physical world and the inner world or pseudo-sphere of consciousness as a equal process of an entangled nature. As I have written before in "The Third World" this suggests to me that the symbiosis of both of these spheres arises from a third state as I had described it, that is translated from our own imprint. The passage of this state appears to be mimicking, or providing a parody of human behavior, while I also suspect this is a sort of misrepresentation due to bias projection of non human sentience attaching aim and purpose to a phenomenon that is cellular in it's intelligence. The appearance of ascribed sentience to a non sentient phenomenon. It's modality appears to be an automatism of convergences.

I think another clue is the inverse relationship of the phenomenon's behavior is the bottom up approach in which it manifests
. In other words, if studied in depth it has no coherent organizational approach in relation to a task in sentient terms inasmuch as it approaches susceptible individuals rather than demonstrating a more global coherence, as any study will affirm it has no consistent form in of itself, it has no consistent "occupants" but what it does demonstrate over and over again is a butterfly effect arising from the predisposition of the observer that individuates the perception of how this phenomenon or event is organized. In being both non sentient in of itself as well as being a convergence of these "weather systems" rather than a predictive set of behaviorism, it is chaotic and individualized by perception alone, and so it is seldom outside of viral patterns that have a relatively short shelf life, that these visual memes appear to have a determined form. They come and go in strictly a cultural context that in of itself establishes a cellular rather than sentient portrayal of the observers context that has been conditioned in the observer in a universal societal pattern that gains particulars by the individuation of variations the observer brings to the table.

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”
― Gregory Bateson

Self Referential Contexts
As quoted from Max Planck  ; "...we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve." which implies to me that this phenomenon cannot be subjected to any measurement we can apply on our own terms without the deeper study of the relationship of physical effects that are measurable, whereas studying ufology by ufology is a cross contaminated exercise in what the father of cybernetics, Gregory Bateson described as self referential, meaning this phenomenon has no context outside of itself when studied in this manner.

The more it is the more lunatic it appears to the scientific community as well as being a "flying saucer club" that can range from cults to contactees, to intentional manipulation by non scientific "experts" in creating scenarios simply based on inference that arises from paranoia, bias projection or simply propagandist purposes. 

Contaminated in a viral manner by both the intelligence communities and the self referential bias that weighs the evidence by anticipation and intent, the phenomenon becomes more of a product than a subject of sober study. Add to this the entertainment factor and as one friend described this scenario to me, we could have survived shooting ourselves in the foot once but not thrice over as a matter of pretending we know what we are actually have not yet begun to understand in any meaningful or coherent manner.

The issue at it's heart is a common unwillingness to accept what Jacques Vallee noted is that one single arbitration, or discernment is avoided at all costs which is this phenomenon is incommensurable to any known context within the scope of our knowledge. The compounded error in critical thinking has been to fit the phenomenon in theoretical contexts that are abstractions of known markers whether it is the presumption of non human extraterrestrials or Jungian dreams, when it is  transcendent of any categorical causation we can muster from our conceptual models based upon either our inner or outer environments. It is perhaps neither and both simultaneously.  

Our language our terms, our orientation requires reinvention, otherwise. we remain prone to our own foundational naivete, in all of it's formulations and ill fitting conceptual models.

The challenge is to reboot what ufology is rather than fit square pegs into round holes. Pigeon holes may be a intermediary comfort, but comfort in this dynamic is beside the point.

Archetypes and  Mythology In The UFO Phenomenon
How can we separate what we think from what we observe? In this post I ask that you consider an alternative agenda in the layers of the paranormal in regard to the archetype of the UFO as it relates to the reformulation of logic in our own times. ...perhaps one that demonstrates a reality that has competed all along with those paradigms of rationality that we have to, date, have always navigated by. This is perhaps an agenda without an author, whether it is an extraterrestrial one or one solely attached to us, it may have to do with the nature of nature, and our state and station within it.

Old ways of viewing the world never pass away without a struggle. It is always a benchmark of how little things have changed along the centuries when I observe the constant reinvention of mythologies, given new clothing, without so much as a second thought. In this, there are the archetypes given a variety of narrative stories. In this essay, we examine simply one archetype, the one of the hooded figure, robed, cloaked and perhaps, hermetic without being esoteric.  

This seems to me so emblematic of much of the paranormal, a projection of ourselves which has yet to be assigned an identity. The Hermit as a distinction of behavior is a signpost perhaps that leads us to introspection without providing a dogma, or a paint by the numbers outline. In this perhaps is the search that has continued and will continue beyond us, for the answers we ourselves have to create, as to what we may be a significant portion of.

In writing a review of "Wonders In the Sky", I wrote:

"Swords, crosses, scythes, ovoids, triangles, rectangles, spears, torpedoes, squares, historical religious figures, nazi garbed mechanics, robots, holy Venusian wise men, mutated humanoids, astronomical irregularities, fairy folk, and amorphous lights all are attached to the hip of the body of the UFO phenomenon. Depending on who is the observer, one finds portents, mechanical devices,  hieroglyphics, biased alien participants, neutral nonsense spouting pacifists, orbs, kidnappers, colored light shows, trails, pulsations and  reinvented predatory creatures, even shy yet demonstrative apes. The eye of the beholder, indeed, appears to attempt to connect the dots through the mind, which we often forget is an enigma onto itself. As far as being a reliable template for superimposing order on a seemingly chaotic universe, the mind is so complex and far reaching in it's implications, that it is a night country full of unseen attributes."..

As a member of a tool making species that has been established in the earliest iconography of the Hindu fractal knowledge, that of a monkey climbing a tree to partake of fruits from the tree of knowledge that result in everything from spears to steam engines to cell phones, perhaps we should consider that some purposes are not quite as discernible as these mechanisms that yet have an agenda.......... that cannot be found outside of the root of their appearance and manifestation or, at best, are so entangled in the spectrum of manifestation, when they appear, their caricaturisation as practical purposes have to be redefined. 

We have known from our earliest history that what we observe has a profound influence on our mentations, our conceptual models of reality. In this are the threads of evolution in ways we do not completely understand inasmuch we do not understand the root of sentience itself. From the beginning, it seems we have invented certain doppelgangers, parallel narratives that assign a supernatural connection to ourselves, that, in turn, hide what actually is astonishing, that such a species such as ourselves has thrived on a remote and isolated planet, largely left to it's own devices.

Another enigma wrapped within the narrative stories is that none suffice to date. More questions than answers, which, I think as more time passes, has more to do with the strange nature of consciousness, that everyone flees from as if it were too dangerous, too uncertain to address. We would prefer to deal with phantoms, especially those that fill in the blanks as to the origin of sentience, as well as it's nature.

The Material Nature of The Unseen Mind of Ideas
Also, we know through science that increasingly we can observe that this process of making the energetic concrete to logic is not a one way street, that the observer co-creates an effect or manifestation. In this, it seems we miss the point of emphasizing the outer world versus an inner one, as they might be pointing to a reality that is created by both in a partnership, the fruits of which are daunting to pin down either by philosophy or science.

In this perhaps creativity also operates from without and within and of course we can see this entangled state in countless prosaic examples. However what if we are experiencing the transformation of the observer to the observed increasing evidenced in the paranormal accounts of the UFO phenomenon? The aspect of the hooded hermetic archetype of a humanoid figure within the narratives of Ufology perhaps represents ourselves as a projected bearer of realities and possibilities that we are not aware of consciously, and as a consequence, remain cloaked, yet persistent, even fickle to our own sense of purpose as it is defined by practicality. In this the hooded figure also represents the harvesting of the container of sentience itself, but this as well has many forms. We know that ideas, concepts, beliefs have a birth , a youth, a middle age as well as a finite lifespan. Yet they cannot be seen as an exteriorized reality.

"We must be clear that, when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections." -Niels Bohr

Or can they be more? Is there a meeting ground between the container of the mind and the liquidity of thought beyond the boundary layers of logics as they now exist, not so much as defined by independently existing existential distinctions in a file cabinet of labels but more akin to an entanglement producing a spectrum of materiality to perception?  The question is...is the act of observation, an act of creation?

"I have seen these since I was 17 too, I am now going to be 38 in a few days. I have learned to try and figure out what it is that they are trying to tell me. What the dream means to me on a personal level is often what the meaning comes out to be. Most of the time it is a way of letting me know something is coming. Also they are not a negative spirit! They are cloaked for a reason (cant interfere with freewill and all) and if after you get used to it and can handle it you can ask them to show themselves and they will. They are human appearing and I am sure you will be quite surprised when you are able to see them." - Anonymous Author

As this new calendar year is unfolding, some odds and ends caught my attention one of which is the continuing exploits of Ted Phillips, one of the last men standing in field research whose intrepid spirit  and curiosity remains a benchmark and exemplar for others. Not surprisingly, in an era of countless commentators and theorists, he remains glued to the process of discovery in more visceral terms, and thus is largely overlooked. The concurrence of waking dreams, the materialization of archetypes superimposed as a metaphor of cloaking, and the roles assigned to liminal agendas attached to the subconscious, all make one very aware as Vallee has been, that something more astonishing than extraterrestrials alone is certainly occurring at the fringes of perception. As he asks: where is the projectionist booth?  Before going further afield one can read "Hooded Beings" an excellent essay by Stephen Wagner, which appeared in the May 2005 issue of Fate magazine. A small excerpt from the full essay (which can be read by following the link below) reads as follows;

"A similar incident took place on another Halloween night in 1997 when Jacob and his girlfriend were walking home after a football game. They decided to take a path through a wooded area close to a quiet neighborhood. After about 20 minutes of walking and talking, Jacob said, “I suddenly noticed what appeared to be a person about seven feet tall or more in an all-black robe with a hood and a long cane.” His first thought was that it was a character in a “haunted trail” that the parents had created for the kids. But then the creature floated in a quite inhuman manner into the middle of the path and began moving toward the young couple. Jacob’s girlfriend screamed at the sight of it, and they both took off running....."

The Paranormal And Ufology
In the latest MUFON Journal, his continuing accounts of Ted Phillips investigation of paranormal events at "Marley Woods" is to my mind, everything that the account of Skinwalker Ranch was not, although the similarities are striking. This archetype of amorphousness seen as a cloak that superimposes sentience through a variety of formulations of shapes, the shape shifter as an archetype has long been known to shamans of the American Indian and other native traditions for having the ability to change appearances for a variety of reasons. 

This relates to the entangled state of the observer, does it not? The Shape-shifter can navigate through different levels of consciousness, dream and waking states and the astral plane. Somewhat related to the Trickster, it is more flexible and less tied to a specific goal. The shadow aspect emphasizes instability, fickleness, and lack of conviction, as can be seen ( warning, socio-political content) in any number of modern day politicians who reinvent themselves to appeal to the latest popular trends. What specifically caught my attention was the two accounts of robed figures investigated by Ted, with "wolf like faces" that stole a basketball from kids, floated over a fence, and did not respond to shotgun fire, as well as several robed creatures that passed five feet away from another rancher, smoking cigarettes, completely ignoring him while speaking in an indistinguishable tongue. 

What cued further interest was an account from Collins Lakes, New Jersey, completely separated from these odd events, of a robed creature "shuffling" around the side of a garage. Another family member saw this creature whom he speculated was trying to eat from the trash. Odd, a uniform disguise, one that makes impossibly indistinguishable features out of the corporeal frames underneath them that hold upright these unidentified "hooligans" yet, no attempt is made to hide their faces, which, while the descriptions make them rather odd looking humanoids, they are different enough to attract attention. Duly noted also is the three accounts of similar robes, a "uniformity" that is striking. Archetypes that follow our anticipations, that have a lack of direction. Perhaps, not surprisingly. 

There is so much signal noise between the mythologists and the nuts and bolts crowd, that the strange nature of this phenomenon is buried beneath tons of certainty, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is demonstrative of the nature of uncertainty as made concrete by phantoms given roles somewhere in the murky depths of the connections between the mind and matter. Could it be that our individual certainties are in direct proportion to the uncertainties we avoid? The UFO phenomenon is emblematic of overlaying what we know to a incommensurable manifestation, and in this it may be we are receding deeper into the shadows of our own preliminary conclusions, without knowing the context of our own relationship with simply the prosaic, let alone the unknown. This contradiction, at times, seems to be in bold print between the lines of anything that attempts to apply an agenda to this phenomenon.

High Indifference In The Mimics of Human Sentience
Another attribute duly noted in these robed figures is their blase attitude, in other words, walking past a witness, stealing a basketball from frightened children, rummaging through trash, all of this is a compendium of fairly bold comparative behaviors, one that mixes identifiable benchmarks, distinguishing bizarre facial features, buzzing languages, and a unforeseen boldness. I began a series of essays on ritual behaviors that I withdrew as even to me, it seemed too bizarre, but these robe wearing oddballs have rekindled a second look at the distinct possibility of reshuffling the deck of possibilities in terms of a potential and very old terrestrial culture that is certainly faintly familiar in terms of similarities to our own anthropomorphism  of projections, and yet has a strong ritualistic and undeniable twist upon our own appetites, that of our cherished yet diminishing artifice of Newtonian logic which makes these phantoms similar to the conceptual anticipations to the centuries in which they appear, and yet distinct, in the same manner to us with the major exception that we do not see the world in the same manner as they, and so these forms have adapted themselves to us and we to them. 

Again can we separate what we think from what we see? Are we part of the genome of the UFO phenomenon? I think so, which makes this much more daunting an investigation that finding a grail whether it be a piece of strange metal or exopolitics, which seem quaintly provincial when compared to unraveling the origin of these mimics of sentience, strangely attached to our own. The UFO phenomenon seems to indicate the necessity for understanding that like the hermit, the cloaked figure, we need to avoid associated our identification of this portent away not toward consensus reality.

After decades, the turning over every rock and stone in search of any purpose to this phenomenon is very much akin to the search of The Hermit in one of it's earliest formulations, at least, in written history which leads back to the Greek civilization, which the Tarot card, in it's degeneration over the centuries as a book of human psychology, to fortune telling, has retained, oddly enough, the meaning of a lamp oddly being lit and carried in daylight in the search for those who are sincere in their honesty in relation to the search for the truth behind appearances, and in some sense, to those who have this quality, the UFO phenomenon has shone a bright light on self aggrandizement, pathological lying, deception, manipulation, exploitation and the desire for power, fame and a false respect...is this not a sifting as if through a sieve of human psychology?

We Are Facing A New Form of Logic

Does this also apply to the  involuntary act of being pulled within from the without in order to redefine the relationship between the two as the UFO phenomenon so aptly bridges this apparent gulf ? It cuts through dreams, is superimposed on our waking states, has so many forms, it defy's caricaturisation, has no agenda in of itself, has no intelligibility, coherency, or message other than it's medium may be the message in of itself. One we prefer to ignore, explain away, or get tied up in our shoe laces in our own political sociology wafting from a tower of babble.

Perhaps most importantly, these superimpositions have an air of impunity born out of the facts, surrounds them. The abduction scenario, which also contains the archetypes of cloaked figures, which I term inductions, again leads to the puzzlement of the nature within our sentience itself.
This branch of possibilities warrants further attention and interest as I have an uncanny sense I have not heard the last of them. 

Finally, we have this to consider in terms of the UFO and it's cast of occupants as it relates to the creation of perhaps a new archetype more fitting to the creation of what has been termed "quantum logic" in an earlier post. Rather than a hermetic pursuit perhaps we are experiencing a parallel archetype of an emerging reality, that has been under the scrim of development for centuries. that works from the inside out by the individual rather than the monarchistic model of set dogmas and strictures. A form of new logic.

In this the challenge it seems is to not fall back onto old certainties, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. The question is again, can we face uncertainty, and say openly, we don't know, we have clues. we have challenges, we have no map whatsoever. I remember a dialog I had with a well known pundit, who told me if we approached this challenge without the baggage from the past, we would have nothing to discuss or talk about. I think nothing could be further from the elusive truth of the matter.
Mysterious vehicles of travel, wandering lights in the dark, hermetic figures, an elusive connection to the nature of nature, an enigmatic purpose...if this is not a self portrait of ourselves, I don't know what is.

A Language Within A Language

In order to comprehend the utilization of language to convey conceptual models through the use of symbols that correspond to a coherent parallel meaning, there is a need to place this use in context of the transmission of information
For example, a tree has physicality as well as being representative of an energy exchange. Using this formula, the term tree denotes a exchange specifically between atmospheric forms of energy and organic life rooted in soils.The tree is a symbol as well as a physicality as well as an energy exchange.
This use of symbolism in metaphysics and hermeneutics constitutes a language within a language. This also corresponds to the symbols projected by this phenomenon. This in turn, this use of symbols that represents a deconstructive process in relation to determining our own nature as well as in relation to what remains invisible,in terms of structure.
Invisible Extraterrestrials As Neither Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial

G.I Gurdjieffs magnum opus ,"Beezlebub;s Tales to His Grandson", (subtitled "All and Everything") is, to say the least, represents a complexity of construction on several levels. The narrative concerns a extraterrestrial exiled from his home by his fellows.However, this narrative is more complex than it appears to be on the surface. Throughout this book, Gurdjieff refers to "higher being bodies" as a invisible form of sentience.

What if we came into direct proximity to what we assume to be an extraterrestrial craft, and found it to be (as the late Terrence McKenna suggested) empty, or more provocatively, we found it contained what we call ghosts? What do we consider to be a ghost in our own terms? As a noun in the English language this term represents an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. a faint trace of something:she gave the ghost of a smile or a faint secondary image produced by a fault in an optical system or on a cathode ray screen, e.g., by faulty television reception or internal reflection in a mirror or camera. What if the term had a yet to be discovered additional meaning?The premise of this post is to theoretically align this term to the many dimensions of a multiverse, and more specifically, to what we term extraterrestrials in the material sense.The critical assumption being that an extraterrestrial by way of our own bias projection, must be material. An alternative view is that they are not. Could such a theoretical creature be seen as a ghost?

This possibility is buried in both scientific research as well as belief systems. One could cite Near Death Experiences, as a possible indication that parallel universes attached at the hip to our own in a elusive spacial manner, could contain sentience, human or otherwise in what we would call a non material state.Other areas of this research are being conducted worldwide at several universities through the academic specialty of parapsychology. Another avenue of research regarding sentience as a form of energy has been conducted by Princeton University regarding the statistical examination of non material sentience affecting probability in both machines and globally in measuring the same in regard to the distribution of measurable effects of thought energy in relation to catastrophic events. Another is the research into EM fields in relation to perceptual anomalies and consciousness by Persinger at Laurentian University.

This probability of non material extraterrestrials might not be as improbable, as one would think at first glance, especially in consideration toward our own biases regarding materiality as the be all and end all of technological science, as noted in the talk given by Rupert Sheldrake in the last post, that was summarily banned. Some of us who are older can recall John Keel, who was another advocate of non material extraterrestrials who argued strongly for the paraphysicality of UFOs, that is, that the objects are not composed of solid matter. Quoting from Mothman, "They are transmogrifications of energy under the control of some unknown extradimensional intelligence."

Further from a commentary by Hameen Antilla on 11th Century metaphysics
"Ancient thinkers fall, roughly, into two groups. Some are interesting only from an academic point of view, as objects of study for the historian of philosophy. Others, however, remain relevant to modern readers as well. They need to be studied not only as part of the history of human thought but also as contemporary thinkers. Ibn 'Arabī (d.1240) belongs without doubt to this second group. One of his central concepts is 'ayn thābita... there is a striking resemblance between some concepts of modern physics and the immutable entities ['ayân thābita]. For me, this is an interesting example of how similar conclusions may be reached from widely different starting points."

Further, Jacques Vallee suggested that "The control system I am speaking of, a system with mastery of space and time dimensions, may well beable to locate itself in outer space. Nonetheless, its manifestations cannot be spacecraft in the ordinary nuts-and-bolts sense. The UFOs are physical manifestations that simply cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see here is not an alien invasion. It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans."

This raises two questions:

1.Is the control system beneficial or a detriment?

2. Is their a theoretical thread that connects mythology, science, evolution, the phenomenon termed "ufo" and esoteric cosmologies that could potentially validate the existence of a control system?

This is a puzzle with many pieces.scattered among the weaknesses of human psychology.If you will, we have created deflections of an astounding variety.One could say, "they are all over the map"
There well be a reason for this state of affairs.

These oppositions are founded on the idea that form in its immanence can shut man in. But in fact man is the only one who can experience the immanence of form, that is, with the furthest limit of corporeal nature, because he is thrust into the body and has the images of things within him. He may thus forget the planes which give meaning to form and stop at its immediate appearance. This is the whole meaning of imitation. In effect this means modelling his behavior on his exterior appearance without taking his interior into account. It denies things all transcendence, and to limit them to their immanence, thus ignoring their structure.

Cosmological Cryptology, Myths and Realities

Back to Gurdjieff..
In a commentary on this unusual book in The Gurdjieff International Review, the essay by Terry Winter Owens and Suzanne D. Smith highlights, among several aspects of complexity, Gurdjieff's use of synthesized terms in regard to their compound origins is examined;

"......Also contributing to the fact that the course of the reading is not, to quote Mullah Nassr Eddin, “Roses, roses,” is the liberal usage of the Karatasian language—the strange words that belong to Beelzebub’s vocabulary. These words are often an unusual assemblage of syllables with three of four consecutive vowels. Some of the roots are traceable such as Triamazikamno (tri=three) coming from ‘tri’ for three and Egoplastikoori and Legominism (ego=I), coming from ‘ego’ for I; but always connected with them are syllables not so easily traceable. It is not that Gurdjieff leaves the reader hanging, for he often goes to great length to define and illustrate these words. But an examination of their construction can no doubt shed even further light on them, and Gurdjieff offers quite an adventure in word exploration for those so inclined. There is the word zion in the names of two “searchers after truth”—King Konuzion and Makary Kronbernkzion. Then there are words which seem to come directly from various eastern languages, like the name of the space ship Karnak that Beelzebub and his company are traveling in, which means “dead body” in Armenian.

So, you could say among several possibilities of interpretation, we have an extraterrestrial moving through our universe in a vehicle that has a connection with our sketchy belief systems throughout the globe that suggest consciousness does not require a material body. Consciousness as a energy field.

Another complexity of his synthesizing construction of terms represents the architecture of the narrative itself. The term is legominism . “This word Legominism,” replied Beelzebub, “is given to one of the means existing there of transmitting from generation to generation information about certain events of long-past ages, through just those three-brained beings who are thought worthy to be and who are called initiates. According to Gurdjieff,  Pythagoras was one.

More specifically, in a era of knowledge being transferred from generation to generation orally, legominsim represents certain mythologies as a carrier of actual historical events. As an example of this is the flood myth found all over our globe, which some construe as an historical event, specifically referring to the rising of sea levels after the Ice Age.Several authors have directly or indirectly, have not only cited these legominisms in relation to this study of the end of the Ice Age, but in addition, cited Gurdjieff as having an influence, if you will by provoking in them, a methodology that incorporates thinking in other categories.A more succulent definition would be to view some myths as intentional works of art.

The Omnipresent Vehicles of "Ghosts "

Gurdjieff cites another synthesized term in relation to non material sentience utilizing inter-dimensional vehicles  ;"Besides all I have mentioned, there are also there the very best, in regard to convenience as well as to speed, what are called 'Egolionopties,' or, as they are still sometimes called, 'Omnipresent-platforms.'
Another citation referring to high luminosity.
And indeed through the transparent outer parts of the ship Karnak the source of that “pale blue something” soon became visible, which lit up not only the whole of the interior of the ship Karnak but also all the space of the Universe surrounding this great cosmic Egolionopty as far as the ordinary vision of beings could reach.
 "Of these great Egolionopties there are only four in the Universe and each of them is under the jurisdiction of one of the four All-Quarters-Maintainers of the Universe."
Later in this post, I will return to this last statement by Gurdjieff.

The Invisible Crew That Never Rests

Science at the time of this writing has no coherent theory as to the purpose of sleep, although it is safe to say, it is a biological function associated with species who inhabit a body.
Perhaps not so for other forms of sentience. Jacques Vallee in his examination of the fairy faiths and the many parallels with contemporary accounts with "extraterrestrials" noted the distortion of space time shared by both in Passport To Magonia.

The immaterial creatures as recorded in the oldest of written texts have another common trait in juxtaposition to their own seemingly ceaseless activity is said to require an environment free of interference, such as the dead of night, or as we sleep or more commonly, a cave that is a geological necessity that affords the same result.  Perhaps provocatively, in my discussions with those who have attempted to measure "ghost" phenomenon, the apex of activity occurs around 3 a.m

Gurdjieff's invisible inhabitants utilize caves as well.

"Everywhere on that holy planet, in corresponding gorges, are convenient caves of all kinds of 'interior form' – made partly by Nature Herself and partly artificially – with striking views from their entrances, and in these caves there is everything that can be required for a blissful and tranquil existence, with the complete absence of any essence-anxiety whatever in any part of the presence of any cosmic independent Individual, such as 'higher-being-bodies' can also become."

The common poetic expression in these texts within the belief systems of the fairy faith creatures was their description as the"crew that never rests" which of course suggest that these creatures are non material, which of course could apply to voyagers of another stripe..

It was Robert Anton Wilson who observed that Dr John Lilly also referred to “the crew that never rests” as Cosmic Coincidence Control Center and warns that they pay special attention to those who pay attention to them and what they appear to be is dependent on who is looking.

The Fairy Faith

In my examination of Norse, Scottish and English fairy faiths, these creatures of non material sentience are known by an impressively long list of names, however they share one common trait ( among several) that harkens back to both Gurdjieff's cosmology and Tonnies theoretical description of Cryptoterrestrials. Every variant of this fairy faith described their preferred habitation to be found in caves.

Evans-Wentz in his exhaustive study entitled The Fairy Faith of The Celts wrote:
"The Heaven-World of the ancient Celts, unlike that of the Christians, was not situated in some distant, unknown region of planetary space, but here on our own earth. As it was necessarily a subjective world, poets could only describe it in terms more or less vague; and its exact geographical location, accordingly, differed widely in the minds of scribes from century to century. Sometimes, as is usual to-day in fairy-lore, it was a subterranean world entered through caverns, or hills, or mountains, and inhabited by many races and orders of invisible beings, such as demons, shades, fairies, or even gods. "

The cave symbology is exemplified in Homer's "Odyssey," where the two worlds of mortals and immortals unite in the eternal cave. To Plato, the cave represents the confusion between reality and falsehood. Individuals chained deep within the recesses of the cave mistake their shadows for physical existence. These false perceptions, and the escape from bonds held within the cave symbolize transition into the a world of reality. Comparatively, in the Odyssey, Odysseus must first break with Kalypso, and set himself free before he can return to Ithaka, when he will then be prepared to release Penelope from the bondage of suitors. His experience within the cave is in itself a world of fantasy, in that Kalypso is a supernatural being, and the only way to escape her enslavement is to receive assistance from immortals superior to her. In the earliest belief systems of alchemy, caves were symbolic of the womb of the Earth.

And so we seem to have a tentative correspondence between caverns, caves and the wee hours of the morning and the also common trait of both affording them a naturally occurring shielding from both artificial (  the strong sense) as well as naturally a occurring pre-existant  EM.field.

In regard to what Dr Persinger attributes to anomalies that cyclically appear through our energetic atmosphere there may be a correspondence between the flux of our planet's EM field and when the appearance of vehicles that seemingly defy description.

Animism and Invisible Kingdoms

Prior to the development and creation of  Celtic , Norse and  English mythologies of a invisible kingdom with equally invisible residents existing in a spacial dimension other than our own. there was animism.which, according to my last tabulation, was represented in some thirty cultures with eighty seven different "names" signifying this concept.

One out of these many variations on a identical concept is found In Guanche mythology from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, there existed the belief in beings that are similar to such as the maxios or dioses paredros ('attendant gods', domestic and nature spirits) that were pervasive historically, comparable to the defining of Jinn found in Arabic cosmology.

Animism encompasses the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows. Animism thus rejects Cartesian dualism. Animism may further attribute souls to abstract concepts such as words, true names, or metaphors in mythology. Examples of animism can be found in forms of Shinto, Serer, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Paganism, and Neopaganism.

In a later segment we will return to this concept in another form, although current research suggests that in terms of quantum energy exchanges  in the organic world, there is a remarkable correspondence.  

The Jinn

Similar to humans, jinn have free will allowing them to do as they choose .They are usually invisible to humans, and humans do not appear clearly to them. Jinn have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, and the air, in their own communities.
Ibn 'Arabī offers in the Futūhāt other reflections, which take as a starting point a different reading of the term jinn. As is through a multi-dimensional universe, the terms are not univocal and correspond to a specific reinterpretation of the semantics of the Arabic language.
According to classical Arabic lexicography, the root J-N-N means "to cover, veil, conceal..." and is synonymous with the root S-T-R. Based on the synonymy of janana/satara, Ibn 'Arabī states that genies are "all that which is concealed (mustatir): angels and other beings".
The shaykh takes up an idea that was already present in some Quranic exegeses, that the term "genie" does not apply to one single category of beings, but rather to all those invisible to the human eye.

What is interesting in this perspective is that it does not state that genies are angels, a question which was a source of controversy among classical theologians, but rather that angels are genies. It implies a reformulation of the question, which exegetes had been asking, about the nature of genies.

Indirect Extraterrestrial  Methodologies Compared To  Esoteric Teaching Techniques

 "We're not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world.”
― Joseph Campbell

"There is no hope for humanity but there is for the individual "
=G I Gurdjieff

Another route to to understand Gurdjieffs cryptography is Alexander’s Space, Time and Deity,and a comparison of the two books is indeed a demonstration of the immeasurable superiority of the language of myth and verbal formula over that of logical analysis, even when inspired by a poetic imagination. If we take the concept of mythology as a legominism as a formula that suggest connections rather than making a linear statement about the nature of all things, you could say that this represents to an extent, the nature of the universe..
This is very similar to the dilemma of current physics wherein scientists are faced with rationalism versus a continual state of creation similar to that of imagination, symbolism and metaphor

What is it about this world that forces us to navigate it with the help of such an abstract entity?” wonders physicist Maximilian Schlosshauer of the University of Portland in Oregon, referring to the uncertainty principle; the wave function that describes the probability of finding a system in various states; and all the other mathematical paraphernalia found in textbooks on quantum theory.

"There is a third level, the mythological or sociological level. At that level, the physical reality of the actual UFO is totally irrelevant."-Jacques Vallee

If we should apply this to learning strategies a extraterrestrial would potentially use, perhaps a comparison between esoteric teaching tools and the expression of I termed, indirect influence by such non material entities could reveal a potential correspondence. May of these techniques are absolutely foreign to Western formal education. So let's examine this theoretical premise..by using three of several formulations in the development of a learning process in terms of contrast and comparison

"Let me explain what I mean. We live in a society that is oriented toward technology, so when we see something unusual in the sky we think of it in physical terms. How is it manufactured? What makes it tick? What is its propulsion system? We tend to assume that the physical phenomenon is its most important aspect and that everything else is just a side effect and much less important.
But perhaps we're facing something which is basically a social technology. Perhaps the most important effects from the UFO technology are the social ones and not the physical ones. In other words the physical reality may serve only as a kind of triggering device to provide images for the witness to report. These perceptions are manipulated to create certain kinds of social effects. "
=Jacques Vallee

1. Scatter Technique This technique is based upon a self regulating principle that matches the potential of learning to the impetus of the potentially taught. What does this mean? It is reflected in Gurdjieff's seemingly contradictory statement that "there is no hope for humanity but there is for the individual" In other words, learning ( from the potential viewpoint of our extraterrestrial as well) cannot take place en mass. An example of this is the difference between the technique of rote repetition separated from experiential self verification. Reading a book versus experiencing a book. Initiation of the individual by way of their own efforts versus the simultaneous attempt toward the reformulation of the whole which would simply result in perpetuating the status quo. What is the difference in terms of learning strategies between being handed a completed puzzle versus being given the pieces? This is the essence of the scatter technique. There has to be the impetus on a individual basis to reassemble the puzzle. Not everyone will qualify, hence this methodology is, in a sense, self regulating. However we make the discernment of influences and the influences of one individual with others. As they are fond of saying now, a "ground up" methodology. Gurdjieff as quoted said:

"Before closing the lecture, I wish to say a few words on what is termed "Initiation". Initiation is customarily regarded as some act whereby one man "The Knower" transfers to another man "The non-knower" knowledge and powers hitherto not peculiar to him and without any trouble on his part; assigning it as thing which becomes his inalienable possession. But from all that has been said by me today, you will already be able to understand, that there is no such transfer and cannot be. There is only self-initiation, which is got by constant and stubborn work, by constant efforts. No one conceals the knowledge of truth. It simply cannot be transferred, just as the finest mathematical ideas cannot be transferred to a man unacquainted with mathematics."

This relationship between initiation and scatter technique potentially answers the question of why a ufo has not landed on the White House lawn. Further, why individual contact is preferred over this aforementioned ,hackneyed scenario

2 Skepticism and Self Verification. The scatter technique has a effect by promoting skepticism with the need for self verification of the validity of what is presented in experiential terms. People who believe any old tale do not belong to the ranks of potential students as well as those whose skepticism constitutes a philosophical belief system. Those who do believe without self verification reinforce in others skepticism  as well as the need to self verify. The potential energy of this tension is used to resupply the process of learning. This is a viral process beyond this application in the strictest esoteric sense. In other words, this dynamic requires to present itself  via materials that present questions, which in turn, requires data to be scattered to promote self organization of the individuals critical thinking processes in juxtaposition to rote repetition.    This may explain why ufo presents itself as an intentional mystery.

3. Intervals This is a recognition that learning is not continual in relation to processing. A interval is required for processing. Relate this to "waves" of learning In the example of the initiate, many who are involved, much to their dismay and misunderstanding are sent away. To process. At a certain point. only so much can be "digested" The impetus for their return is self actualizing and this must be evaluated prior to the acceptance of a return by a transactional analysis of what or whom is attempting to guide this process.
This facet of  methodology potentially addresses the mystery of ufo sightings having the behavior of wave activity which is reflected by the technique of intervals.

Note: The sociocultural environment also presents itself as a interval which is represented as occurring between the death of one form of civilization and the appearance of another. where influences are more prone to take place, and by this comparison of the individual being unable to process further is also the same principle as it applies to human self organizing structures.This state has been compared to "being as dry as a leaf, blown this way and that by the wind."

Perhaps Rene Daumal summarizes this experiential methodology neatly..

"Common experience is the gold reserve which confers an exchange value on the currency which words are; without this reserve of shared experiences, all our pronouncements are checks drawn on insufficient funds."

The Atmosphere As A Medium

Do atmospheric anomalies of a unidentified nature bear a striking resemblance in their observable behaviors to the characteristics of the medium in which they are found? And if so, does this has some bearing as to their true nature?  Our planet's atmosphere is an energetic membrane that of all the states of energy as the essences of the ingredients for living systems that are emergent, condensed into forms that are visible and senate, (such as water, trees, fire)  it could arguably be described as one of the most fluid and plastic medium we are exposed to that is also mutable into a solid, a liquid and a gas.
It also is the medium by which the radiant solar energy of our sun as well as other energetic waves of influence are metamorphosed and reflected, absorbed and turned into ingredients that are very similar to the essences of various foods obtained from our digestive system. It creates clouds that relentlessly roam, vanish and reappear that contain stored static energy, distributed across the sphere of our planet's surface as well as the centripetal diffusion and storage of it' solids through evaporation processes. From time immemorial the atmosphere has been the harbinger of catastrophic disasters as well as life sustaining mediums for the preservation of our species. The location of visions, the home base for Gods, the literal heaven as a verticality of a higher plane that served as a metaphor for the survival of the mind after the host body had returned to the Earth in the trajectory of a human life. One could say, the seeds of modern anomalies were long ago organized as an architecture in the physics of semiotics within information as a state of organized energy irradiated into wavelengths, creating "spooky actions at a distance" as observed in PSI effects..

It is no surprise that it also is the medium for many a strange projected anomaly that also exhibit the very similar metamorphosing characteristics of the atmosphere itself , from the plastic nature of what is observed as being entangled within it in the very specific nature of the forms that are indelibly linked to our species associative and identifying processes as being metaphorically and theoretically viable within it rather than to witness elephants or coconuts being tracked from the surface of this sphere being carried hither and yon by it, whereas to say, that the atmosphere is the only medium that completely encircles the entire cartography of every square inch of surface area we are aware of.
Anyone familiar with the preeminent waves of weather arising from the atmosphere will note both emergence phenomenon as well as what seems to be a randomized distribution system if it were not for the variance in the unequal pressurization of it's forces driving it's distribution, much like the fluid variety of unidentified atmospheric anomalies that seemingly, again mimic the nature of the medium which contains them. Is this all simply coincidental, the sort of lazy suspicion that one is entangled in the other is simply a post it note as a reminder that there may be more a method to the madness in the atmosphere when we cease categorizing these anomalies as being separate from  the medium which not only sustains them but also seemingly provides the dynamic template by which it becomes visible on a temporal basis only to vanish back into an invisible gaseous form  from a semi-solid.

As Dr Presinger pointed on in "The Weather Matrix and Human Behavior, far from being autonomous, our psychology and physiology while being entangled in one another are also emergent processes from atmospheric conditions as part of a dynamic that is not frozen into sharp distinctions and boundaries when we move away from defining our behavior as being separated from our environment although we recognize that it sustains us, as if we have missed the relationship of sustainable from  the environment from the effects it as as we are an emergent process arriving from and influenced correspondingly from our saturation being within it as a portion of the whole.We could perhaps suggest that the emergence of the human species in relation to the environment has had profound effects, some of them clearly recognized, some of them denied some of them being more profoundly subtle that yet are one of many drivers of the influences that are also entangled in the physiology of perception. 

In a sense we use division instead of multiplication when we analyze the compounded effects of embedded multiple forces within and without us that we navigate by being an isthmus or lens of them by their passage as a portion of what ourselves are composed of. In this sense we have an implicate ordering of effects that we define as being separated by the caricaturisation of constituent components that have no relationship subtle or otherwise to us, as if we ourselves had this all backwards, that we ourselves were the drivers rather than ourselves being a emergent process of effects, that we are effects in of ourselves of our environment, and there are few choices involved in our physiology or psychology that we can wrest from it's origins in nature as a living emergent system. 
Our environment is chock full of anomalies that are, to say the last far from being visible.All of this is available through the mapping accomplished by the U.S Geological Survey.

1.Electromagnetic field anomalies occur  by location and strength, and these have been accurately mapped. In the last post as well as the one prior, I looked at magnesium as a common element in a wide range of anomalous events, and noted that while not having a magnetic field of it's own, it serves as a conductor of such fields. The distribution of this element constitutes a potential cartographic overlay against the reported frequency of such events. The second overlay would be the map of  the distribution of magnetic field strengths.
2. Gravitional anomalies are the difference between the observed acceleration of Earth's gravity and a value predicted from a model. A location with a positive anomaly exhibits more gravity than predicted. In other words, it is well known and another instance of cartographic location that, in effect created yet another potential overlay.

Then we have these effects distributed by their interaction with human neurology, which also has a electrical field, albeit a very weak biochemical neural net with their associated nervous systems. No two individuals have the same biology, sensitivities, etc. Whether you are discussing allergies, genetic disposition or any other physical trait that informs the mind and the mind informing the body, we have statistical anomalies as well. Some cases are rarer than others. So is there a geophysical connection to neurology and it's weak transceptive electromagnetic field, that could potentially trigger an anomalous event?

Common atmospheric anomalies may provide a medium as there is nothing in nature that is not natural to it other than what we attribute to strangeness when we are unaware of the processes that are entangled to create these fleeting moments of the phenomenon between phases of it's semi-solid nature and it's proverbial return to the invisibility of air, inasmuch as we are crib blind to what is closest perhaps to our own jugular veins.

What are the correspondences between dream states and the cellular intelligence of the inhabitants that exist there is sensate form as simulations and those observed in a waking state as if the mind could be entrained by the resonance of converging influences that utilize the same processes that are exhibited by PSI effects?
Effects as emergent processes that are not currently defined as being carried by the energetic fields of the atmosphere as a carrier wave for the self organized energy of the mind to have remote specific effects in a common medium by "spooky actions at a distance." 

Only in this case we have the network of millions of fractal minds all connected in a network wherein all are individuated stations or processors in the physics of information that are invariably linked by physiological and cybernetic patterns in their similarity may have a capability to influence probability by the convergence of  a linkage from  fluid and seeming random atmospheric effects, that co-join with a proverbial pressure system of temporary coherence that arises in the field of potential observers in an analogous "perfect storm, rare comparatively, but just as cogent and just as fluid that like the atmosphere itself can exhibit various states of solidity, even invisibility but none the less, all express the medium that produces the message of effects we can observe whether it is water or ice, or a gas as observable spectrum's of their materiality.

Is there a relationship between the range of altitude wherein these semi-solid anomalous forms are created and the nature of the  atmospheric energy found there in a correspondence to a subtle wavelength found in the physiology of the energy produced in the physical brain as organized by the extra dimensional qualities of the mind? All of this seems to indicate favorable conditions between mediums to find an expression of coherence in both that are exceptions rather than normalized states of either one. It reminds me of a tumble lock wherein all the cylinders must align in correspondence to move the latching mechanism to an open position, or at least that's what my intuition appears to be expressing to me.

Photons As An Atmospheric Medium

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
― Albert Einstein

Do anomalous experiences arise from within or without? Is there a sentient external influence in such experiences, or is this a matter of  neurobiology? This may be a false dichotomy that side steps specific inter-relationships much in the manner of Descartes.One could say deleterious material becomes the subject that is the object of false choices as competing theologies. The context biases results as well as the analysis of inter-related phenomenon. Proofs become personal mythologies and \ or shared by consensus as an arbiter which are self referential by their nature.This posts suggests there may be a measurable medium that connects experiential anomalies.

Carrier Waves and Biology
The eye translates the photons in visual information field into the simulation of images, and, the physical brain, in turn, processes this information as a representation akin to a projection screen. The majority of anomalous experiential events have, at their source, an unusually high level of visually perceptible luminosity. The luminosity that is present appears to be an effect of the atmosphere being charged by a localized energy field. So we have perhaps, several mediums being utilized to enter the mind of the observer. This suggests to me a principle that is analogous to a fiber optic cable.
If we take the theoretical framework of Dr Vallee that information is material whether it is visible or not, then we can envision  information being carried from one information state in the field to another, as if one were watching a television program.
The human body has an energy field, ( biochemical) albeit a comparatively weak one in relation to the environment with specific characteristics that can be measured. To reduce this relationship to understandable language we have one energetic information field in interaction to another. What of wavelengths? Why has no one bothered to measure them?  One has to consider the relationship of photonic emissions and the nature of photons present in our biology.

Biophotonics is the study, research and applications of photons in their interactions within and on biological systems. Topics of research pertain more generally to basic questions of biophysics and related subjects - for example, the regulation of biological functions, cell growth and differentiation, connections to so-called delayed luminescence, and spectral emissions in supermolecular processes in living tissues, etc. There are many such relationships  to the influence of  relationships between external and internal photonic states yet to be identified but a speculative correlation does seem to be likely in the near future. The image below are biophotons present in water.

For this writer, this fiber optic consideration as an analogy seems more likely than not likely.
The human system is an open system that has a set of translating systems to simulate the external and internal states of an information field, (one that it contains) and one can see a variety of gaps in it's processing, just as the photonic information received from the eyes is made to be continuous, whereas it is not.
n the brain we have energetic pre-synaptic nodes where information jumps such a gap all within the neural net. These gaps have been found to have the state wherein two states ( such as an example of yes versus no) can exist simultaneously. Can an external influence carried into the brain as information superimpose itself into these gaps wherein the neural net acts as a receiver that translates this information by way of the memory to create quasi material images? Ones that exist in one characteristic of the field and not in the other. In the cases where we have physical evidence in terms of information being superimposed materially no one has bothered to characterize these as PSI effects, which to this writer are obvious as a characterization of interrelated phenomenon. Another way to put this, is that they do not occur when an observer is absent.

Dreams could be said to be a simulation as thought forms based on the recombinant information we store, and so perhaps it is not surprising that these experiences mimic dream states. The translation process of information in this case is analogous to surrealistic art, wherein we are the artists who paint interpretations of information. Is this a case of misinterpretation lost in translation?  However, if we take into account the analogy of dreams, we have the state of dreams we call vivid dreams wherein waking and sleep states from an experiential point of view become indistinguishable. And so , we have examples of extraordinary experiential anomalies that are more common than not. Ones that do not require external agents.

Ibn Al Arabi from the 11th Century suggests that all visionary dialogs in theology occur in dreams and that angelic messengers as a medium are not sentient in of themselves but are "in the service" of the environment of dreams in a imagining process that occupies a unique state of simulation. Here he posits the imagination and imaging are interrelated and that imagination as a state of information is completely misunderstood. he also posits that information has an infinite variety of what he terms the interrelationships of state and station and that how it is manifested is always structured in a "nexus of manifestation" upon it's "contingent" environment.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein

An Ecology of Energy

By way of standard definitions of involution, in the context of philosophy it means a turning in on one's self, and in esotericism, it means  a dynamic counterpart to evolution. A facet of this symbiotic relationship that recognizes that evolution requires increasing the complexity of an organism to allow more efficiencies to the whole by way of processing through external as well as internal environmental adaptation.

Evolution is the lower becoming the higher, following an ascending octave. Involution is the higher determining or creating the lower, following a descending octave.The reconciliation of the legominism of this proverbial  Jacobs Ladder of energy is the transformation of organisms toward more complex forms.
This process is more complex them my review of it but this my my attempt to simplify these processes and why they would be on the first order of significance to a more evolved creature in relation to us as a constituency of the whole.

Historically, in order to avoid the wrath of the Inquisitions, Alchemy hid it's message from scrutiny under the ruse of a pretense that transmutation was referring to the creation of gold from common geological substances, whereas it was a symbol of process. For example, the transmutation of solar radiation to atmosphere to liquids to organic solids  to metals. Again from this conceptual model we can easily determine that there is an upward transmutation as well as an upward motion.From the dense to the refined storage ,transformation and exchange of various states. 

This then is also reflected in the study of exchanges of a similar nature found in living species.As Above, so below. If we see these exchanges as being representative of a process involving a living universe, in terms of form, then the core of our planet as a base metal corresponds to the legominism of Alchemy.
That being said, we have the weaknesses of human psychology that historically took this concept literally and there are many examples where this concept was taken literally, which then became the basis of chemistry.One could say this system of images in our own time has a corresponding, literal interpretation that for most, this phenomenon is taken literally. This has thrown the study of this phenomenon into a dead end.

In a historical context this model of energy exchanges predated the development of physics. In addition this concept in it's key characteristics was placed in the context of evolutionary processes. As juxtaposed with Einstein's famous remark that "God does not plat dice with His creation", the alchemical retort is that playing dice is the point of this process. If we take this process as a working model to compare and contrast to animism, the fairy faiths,to theology that is over 2,000 years old, what we see is the concept of invisible intermediaries who have a role in this process in regard to these exchanges.We can easily determine that we as a species posed at the edge of the immanent fulfill the same role in a different facet of the whole. To this author, it appears that these puzzle pieces fit,

The simplified premise is that information and energy are a singularity, not in form but in function. A very simplified version of this relates to states of energy ( bearing in mind that energy and information are a singularity) being characterized as states of storage ( a material state) , transformative ( toward complexity) and transmission ( transactional).

An example of this is eating a salad or stored energy, digesting the salad which is a state of transformation, all of which makes your salad into your self awareness. In other terms we could call this process the transmigration of energy from species in every increasing complex forms.

"I died from the mineral kingdom and became a
plant; I died to vegetative nature and attained to animality.
I died to animality and became a man. So why
should I fear? When did I ever become less through dying?"

A rare book by Carl Jung entitled "Piktor's Metamorphosis" is the identical concept transposed into a narrative which serves a metaphor for this process.

Most individuals are unaware that the concept of our planet as a field of sentience in of itself is not a relatively recent concept. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Yazidi people known as "The People of the Garden " worshiped Melek Taus, which translates to The Peacock Angel in one of globe's earliest religion as another form of animism. They state that they were migrants from The Garden of Eden located at the confluence of several rivers that are located in Iraq. They are sometimes known as "Marsh Arabs" whom historically Sadam Hussein attempted to annihilate by gas attacks and the draining of these marshes..
One compares their architecture to Sumerian architecture, they are identical.
The point being a connection between myth ( legominsim) and historical realities.

Why would this energy field be a focus of our theoretical extraterrestrial?

We refer to the seemingly cryptic statement of "As Above, So Below" The same processes in us occur in planetary species. An example in this theory, if we drew a list of every species and classified it by what it eats and what it is eaten by we see an upgrading of all three states as we advance in complexity leading to ourselves as if you will, a transecieving station in the storage, transformation and transmission of increasingly more complex states of energy.This is the upward stair stepping, or stepping up of energy within the metaphor of  Jacob's Ladder.

Now lets take another step up in "As Above, so Below"to our local environment, the universe. It utilities the same processes ( through this theory) in it's states which also utilize involution and evolution toward more complex and more efficient processes and states The literal exoteric version of common folk of man was made in God's image is ( in esoteric terms) that while not similar, we and the universe share the same processes.

The statement the universe is expanding can be ( by this theory) to be self explanatory just as evolution is expansive rather than in contraction.An extremely simplified overview of this theory is that our species self consciousness is a food and the increased and necessary nutritional benefit of ourselves as "eaten" is a understandable aim of a advanced extraterrestrial in regard to our species, or if the opposite should turn out to be the case, we will become as scientists say, extinct and the same processes are then to be readopted in the emergence of either a new  species to bridge the gap or more severely, our planet becomes much like the aforementioned Mars is at the present, as dead as a doornail.This may represent the concept, known among some, that this re-channeling of process is the reason of Mars being extinguished as life on Earth began.

.In Gurdjieff's terminology, this energy storage, transformation and transmission is called The Ray of Creation, light as a carrier as well as medium of a universe is a form of sentience in all of aspects and specifics in of itself. Once this was defined by religion now it is seen largely as a pantheism.

Fields of Consciousness and Inter-Species Communication

Then there is the aspect of the physical brain and specially consciousness reflecting that information and energy as correlates.Again this has pertinence as to the inherent nature of a non material extraterrestrial.

We know by simple observation that all transactional communication is an expression of energy. We also know that all entities material or otherwise irradiate energy fields. In esoteric literature this is termed a contingency of relationships between states. A good example of transactional exchanges of energy that allow communication ( the transfer of energy) is the Cetacean, who uses resonance in a medium to create a non verbal language results in the exchange of three dimensional images.

Several physicists have measured  consciousness in the brain's EM field, rather than the neurons, has the advantage of neatly accounting for how information located in millions of neurons scattered through the brain can be unified into a single conscious experience (sometimes called the binding or combination problem): the information is unified in the EM field. In this way EM field consciousness ( energy) can be considered to be "joined-up information".  

This theory accounts for several otherwise puzzling facts, such as the finding that attention and awareness tend to be correlated with the synchronous firing of multiple neurons rather than the firing of individual neurons. When neurons fire together their EM fields generate stronger EM field disturbances; so synchronous neuron firing will tend to have a larger impact on the brain's EM field (and thereby consciousness) than the firing of individual neurons. However their generation by synchronous firing is not the only important characteristic of conscious electromagnetic fields or spatial pattern is the defining feature of a conscious (as opposed to a non-conscious) field.

If we make the critical assumption that our invisible friends have a  unique EM signature, science already knows that EM have induced specific hallucinations in people. Those who are exposed to them, even in laboratory settings, have caused people to complain about a feeling of people following them, even talking to them, or watching them. This field of research is still ongoing at a preliminary stage. That being said we now enter the world of biological processing in the brain's field that cannot transfer images as the Cetacean. Our systems use referents in a prearranged, predictable formula. Everything about it is indirect. We also know that we use simulations rather than direct observation by way of our sensory organs to interact with our environment and with others.

In relation to these manifestations having many variations in form being observed from a distance, MUFON's ten "best cases" from the past year in terms of form included  triangle, pentagons, orbs to amorphous bright lights ( ranging in number from one to nine), black shadows and saucer shapes

Simply put although we use variants of a energetic modality to transceive our environment in a transactional exchange of information as energy, we ourselves are both differentiated and in symbiosis with other energy fields. If we assume that all such exchanges require a means of translation between fields, then we come to the distortion factor of inter-species communication. In relation to our extraterrestrial communications all indications are that there is a mismatch between referents, between the brains simulations enfolded into a triangulation of referents and  their non verbal language of forms as symbols which are their referents. The translations are crossed and what the result is not one or the other but a hybridized incoherence. However indirectly, at a distance so to speak, they appear to have the ability to create quantum steady states of materialism ( neither material or non material) to create images that we have an enormous difficulty in trying to pin down  whether they are material or not in the case of the ufo.
A number of years ago an American psychologist carried out an interesting experiment. He had a device that supplied two images, one to each eye. One image was a baseball player, the other was a matador. He had a group of American and Mexican schoolteachers look thru this device. Most of the Americans saw a baseball player and most of the Mexicans saw the matador.

A simple example of a inter-species  transposition would be:
1. The non human conveys it is in a state that allows it to transverse inter-dimensional space time.
2. The human by transposition of referent creates the image of a spaceship. The refinement of this symbol then is individually variegated by personal referents of semiotic memory.
From our perspective, these might be most accurately described as symbols within a metaphor.From their perspective, they have supplied a direct non verbal image that represents .

A simple and rough analogy would be a fine tuning within a spectrum of radiation though which we broadcast television signals, More cogently, an atypical UFO in my theory is the projection of a intentional non verbal language in a quantum state using naturally occurring  processes in an advanced manner.

Neither a wave or a molecule.These projections are within a intermediate quantum state that has been manipulated.

Within the last two decades, a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed which then again may be an analog to the electrical nature of our own atmospheric environment.

Simply put, EM fields are a strong candidate as a means of inter-species communication. The aspect of it's quantum nature is too complex to be included in this short essay

Material Pictographic Symbols And EM Fields

In popular parlance this is termed the creation of crop circles. They could be reasonably be characterized as a visual language in relation to the key characteristics of a species as I provided in the last segment regarding a language of images, versus a language of sound arrangements or organization.
Again, the weaknesses of human psychology have created a considerable amount of confusion.  
Analysis of the crop material has revealed energy in the microwave spectrum created the deflection of the normally upright cereals and the mathematical ratios that have been presented in certain examples, are the subject of much discussion which is much too lengthy to relate here.
This is one area of research I am pursuing. I suspect these EM field induced in material  symbols represent  a non verbal cryptography. Further, these symbols may involve certain relationships specially the relationships of one energy field (s) to another as presented in the context of  a systematic symbiosis of  these exchanges.

Geometry as a mathematical expression in certain pictographs is in an intriguing relation to physicists studying particle physics

The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions. Interactions that were previously calculated with mathematical formulas thousands of terms long can now be described by computing the volume of the corresponding jewel-like “amplituhedron,” which yields an equivalent one-term expression.

The dilemma of human "copy cats"has exasperated serious researchers, which is another example among the ones I have provided,,concerning the weaknesses of human psychology.Attempts have been made to sift cruder representations from ones exhibiting a high degree of precision in relation to their mathematical arrangement in terms of constants.In other words by the quality of application.
The late Dr Gerald Hawkings who pioneered the mathematical analysis of astronomical  alignment of megalithic structures was on the verge of a breakthrough applying this concept to these anomalous pictographs when he unexpectedly passed away.

Vallee has suggested that some may represent military experimentation in the context of targeting accuracy but to date... no practical applications of this vague hypothesis have been found, either in development or in examples of their use. On the other hand intriguing videotapes contain what it appears to be ball plasmas in the vicinity of their coinciding appearance that appear as being navigated over sector in which these pictographs occur have been distributed. Again we can consider this aspect in light of the aforementioned "scatter technique" An intentional puzzle.

Historically mankind has expressed much the same principle in geoglyphs and ley lines which demonstrates a contrast and comparison.

EM Anomalous Atmospheric Sounds

Another potential puzzle piece in this matrix is the recorded anomalies of atmospheric sounds that present their appearance in waves. While some have been explained in prosaic terms as to their origin. a significant number remain unknown as to both their significance in addition to a missing root cause. Energy signatures of sound range from material effects as mentioned or in other modalities.
Recently these have appeared in various environments and locations throughout our small planet. There may be a correlation, however, it is rare when these events can be analyzed in terms of where they fit into the energy spectrum. A recent event in Canada has traditional scientists flummoxed. They may represent a broadcasting medium but again, there is simply not enough analysis to conjecture further
My own suspicion remains that as another scattered piece of the puzzle, this "broadcast" is transactional.
Specifically, the transmission of a non verbal language beyond our own atmosphere in the form very roughly comparable to television images.These anomalies could be theoretically measured by using spherical harmonics ( naturally occurring gravitational fluxes in EM) relation to radial dependance,( artificial sources of EM)  which would require instruments being sent aloft, but most are content to shrug these anomalies off as "mysterious"

Field Strengths

If this theory is correct would there be potential evidence that these unusual energy signatures create physiological effects in a close proximity to witnesses and observers as a strong possibly in relation to a broader spectrum of effects.There are two known categories of EMF radiation. One being non ionized radiation has sufficient energy only for excitation, the movement of an electron to a higher energy state.,and the other is ionized radiation which is kinetic to the point of being a much stronger field.
Interestingly the effects of ionized radiation is relegated to the proximity of apparent anomalous vehicles while in flight, while non ionized fields appear to be confined to being in proximity to anomalous creatures rather than the stronger field that would be produced by such a vehicle.

An EMF Coincidence In Anomalies?

In my essay regarding what I termed "Non Material Extraterrestrials" this theory suggested that EMF was a thread that connected such disparate phenomenon such as crop circles (microwave), anomalous atmospheric sound disturbances  (cymetics) as well as other aspects of a advanced nature using the same principles found all around us specifically those found in communications systems.

If this theory is correct would there be potential evidence that these unusual energy signatures create physiological effects in a close proximity to witnesses and observers as a strong possibly in relation to a broader spectrum of effects.
There are two known categories of EMF radiation. One being non ionized radiation has sufficient energy only for excitation, the movement of an electron to a higher energy state.,and the other is ionized radiation which is kinetic to the point of being a much stronger field.
Interestingly the effects of ionized radiation is relegated to the proximity of apparent anomalous vehicles while in flight, while non ionized fields appear to be confined to being in proximity to anomalous creatures rather than the stronger field that would be produced by such a vehicle. So it may be we have a correlation between the strength of these two fields and the level of exposure, which, at first glance, appears to be a match.

Is this simply coincidental, or, is there a series of clues as to the nature of these experiential anomalies yet to be determined?

Another Coincidence Atop Another?

The scientific community remains in a quandary over the effects of non ionizing radiation resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields and the list of possible effects includes headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea , skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue , pain in joints  and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, nose bleeds, breathing difficulty, and irregular heartbeat. Additional symptoms have been reported in some individuals such as paralysis, balance problems, body and/or muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion, depression , difficulty in concentrating, seizure, sleep disturbances, and memory difficulties.

In researching EMF field in relation to alleged alien abduction scenarios as well as close encounter scenarios, some common biophysical effects include paralysis, fatigue,migraine headaches, ringing in the ears,confusion,   eye and skin. irritations, nausea, difficulty in breathing sleep disturbances, electrical malfunctions in proximity to the witness and nosebleeds.
The nose bleeds are puzzling although they are cited in non fortean cases of EMF exposure, but without the necessary details for which, at the time of this writing, for which I am still searching.That being said, the closest match in terms of recognized causes for nose bleeds are inflammatory infections

Is this connection to known physiological effects due to EMF and those of close encounters with anomalies simply to be dismissed as coincidental?

Yet,on a more accepted level within the scientific community,it is thought there may be a linkage between cell phone usage over a long period and biophysic effects on the human body, and there is an increasing  focus of genetic susceptibility to these fields. There are simply too many citations to list here concerning EMF physiological effects. One example is The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) which released a position paper on EMF and radio frequency (RF) health effects saying they recognize that patients are being adversely impacted by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) fields and are becoming more electromagnetically sensitive.
EMF exposure has been the subject of a World Health Organization global summit regarding how to address a currently unaddressed phenomenon in relation to these effects requiring further research.

Ionized EMF Effects On Electrical Devices

Anyone who has researched unknown aerial phenomenon is familiar with another form of EMF radiation in regard to it's ionizing the local atmosphere resulting in various malfunctions of devices that utilize the same effect by tightly controlling it. This effect has been seen in the malfunctions of everything from radios, car ignition systems, battery operated devices all the way to missle control systems.
This effect is recognized by the scientific community in relation to radiation hardening which is the act of making electronic components and systems resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation (particle radiation and high-energy electromagnetic radiation), such as those encountered in outer space, high-altitude flight, around nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, during nuclear accidents or nuclear warfare.
Most semiconductor electronic components are susceptible to radiation damage; radiation-hardened components are based on their commercial equivalents, with some design and manufacturing variations that reduce the susceptibility to this radiation damage.
This appears to be yet another example which not only ties to the associated physiological effects of these fields by their strength but also fleshes out the connection between the two, bearing in mind we are not dealing with simply material objects as my theory suggests, but rather a form of sentience that presents itself as an energy signature.

Field Strengths and Parabolic Waves

Measurement of ambient temperature  relies on combined effects of radiation, humidity, temperature and wind speed and of course this leads to another factor in the production of any effect and this has been the subject of a variety of such effects on living organisms. Weather conditions may play a role that has yet to be correlated to these anomalies in relation to EMF.
One might consider the parabolic waves of anomalous activity in this regard ( which we already know to be localized and transient) to be the result of amplification by local weather conditions.

Another potential factor in the creation of unique energy fields is the strange role of magnesium in anomalous atmospheric phenomenon. The other, prior to that post, was on the common characteristics of ghost phenomenon associated with structures and the reported "ghosts" associated with close encounters with this anomalous aerial phenomenon.

On the topic of magnesium in Eureka Springs, Arkanasas, the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is often noted for the wide range of paranormal phenomenon, among them the observation of "ghost" images that appear to represent quite a wide range of characters that often, observers equate with those who are deeply associated with the history of this edifice.Interestingly, this structure's load bearing walls are the work of masons , who began this project in 1884, utilizing extremely heavy magnesium limestone. Another structure made from this material that has the same effect of producing phantom phenomenon is the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. Geologically, in the United States, when one looks for deposits of this material, it is interesting to note certain correlations.  Of course, in the U.K we have more famous examples of this material and variations thereof, associated with what is loosely termed "paranormal experiences."

Magnesian Limestone is dolomite, i.e. calcium magnesium carbonate, and has been for many years the main source of dolomite-rock in Britain. It is used in connection with the production of refractory bricks but also for aggregate for road-building and other construction purposes. It is also used in the production of agricultural lime.
The old term for the mineral is magnesia. Stones from the Magnesia region in ancient Anatolia contained both magnesium oxide and hydrated magnesium carbonate as well as iron oxides (such as magnetite). Thus these stones, called Stones from Magnesia in antiquity, with their unusual magnetic properties were the reason the terms magnet and magnetism were coined. Periclase is usually found in marble produced by metamorphism of dolomitic limestones.
Changing the context of our exploration of magnesium, we turn to Sweden's famous "ghost rockets." wherein magnesium was a speculative element in this phenomenon as well. One thinks of the slag associated with other anomalous aerial phenomenon cases.

"The best known of these crashes occurred on July 19, 1946, into Lake KšlmjŠrv, Sweden. Witnesses reported a gray, rocket-shaped object with wings crashing in the lake. One witness interviewed heard a thunderclap, possibly the object exploding. However, a 3 week military search conducted in intense secrecy again turned up nothing. The Swedish Air Force officer who led the search, Karl-Gšsta Bartoll, was interviewed in 1984.
He said their investigation suggested the object largely disintegrated in flight. He speculated that the object may have been made of material designed to disintegrate, the military concluding that the object was "probably manufactured of a light-weight material, possibly a kind of magnesium alloy." Bartoll insisted that "what people saw were real, physical objects."
Immediately after his investigation in 1946, Bartoll submitted a report in which he similarly stated that the bottom of the lake had been disturbed but nothing found and that "there are many indications that the KšlmjŠrv object disintegrated itself...the object was probably manufactured in a lightweight material, possibly a kind of magnesium alloy that would disintegrate easily, and not give indications on our instruments."

During my research on anomalous gravitational fields, science has determined that these same crystalline deposits effect gravitational forces. There are other effects associated with both crystal lattices and wave energy, one of which is utilized as a signal broadcast medium, aside from the aforementioned plasma energy found in ball lining.
Then one recalls the earliest form of radio which was. a crystal radio receiver, also called a crystal set or cat's whisker receiver, is a very simple radio receiver, popular in the early days of radio. It needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long wire antenna. It gets its name from its most important component, known as a crystal detector, originally made with a piece of crystalline mineral such as galena This component is now called a diode.

The Interpenetration of The Mind
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an extraordinary technique pioneered by neuroscientists to explore the workings of the brain. The idea is to place a human in a rapidly changing magnetic field that is powerful enough to induce currents in neurons in the brain. Then sit back and see what happens.  So what would this kind of lightning-induced transcranial stimulation look like to anybody unlucky enough to experience it? Peer and Kendl say it may well look like the type of hallucinations induced by lab-based tests, in other words luminous lines and balls that appear to float in space in front of the subject’s eyes. It turns out, of course, that there are numerous reports of these types of observations during thunder storms which also has the effects of ionizing the local atmosphere. “An observer reporting this experience is likely to classify the event under the preconceived term of “ball lightning”,” say Kendl and Peer. That’s an interesting idea: that a large class of well-reported phenomenon may be the result of hallucinations induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation. A difficult idea to test, to be sure, but no less interesting for it. And it raises an important question: in what other circumstances are ambient fields large enough to trigger hallucinations of one kind or another?

Invisible Ecologists
We look at our own natural planetary system as an ecology, where the survival of one species influences the survival of another. We are planetary creatures but what of others possessed of advanced knowledge who occupy a greater platform from which to observe the same in the universe. One could consider them ecologists in service of a greater system. Do we share this sphere with invisible residents?

Underlining this possibility is the fact that evolution does not occur on Thursday at 3 pm.
Whether we measure it in geological time, or own lifespan, the lives of civilizations or the spans of each climatic era, this is a process beyond centuries, which for us, is measured in the millions of years. While our pursuits are at cross purposes, this may not be the case elsewhere. We are just beginning to understand that we ourselves have a service to perform that is not directed solely toward our own personal welfare, but rather to the entire community of life. Others perhaps do not require such a learning curve.

This theoretical contrast and comparison of advanced versus less advanced in our own era is materially based within the context of technology. It could be an advanced race knows technology is a means and not an end nor a purpose or aim.Technological evolution  is certainly is not the only measure we can place in terms of our own valuation of human evolution. Some here realize this while others do not, as technology evolves as our own means of habitation within an ecology is withering..The question is: can we learn?he metaphor I have been fond of lately is that of bee keeping where we have been set by this phenomenon to fly off to gather this or that and bring it back to this enigma of chimeric wonders, which much resembles a gathering hive set before us, to determine what cannot be seen oddly enough, a litmus test of the state and station of one aspect of our being as related to sentience, which is also the tool making use of knowledge in relation to problem solving, which oddly enough or logically enough draws us to explore these aspects of ourselves as incommensurable as well, a provocative metaphor seen through a kaleidoscope as well, as if we were being drawn to a two sided mirror.

Some truths can be told better in a fiction from shadow puppetry, when we must discern our own authoring of such presumptions. Humility seemingly has no chair on which to sit in the hierarchies of the clamor within the use of language alone to claim any possession in a shell game without a pea.

A zen koan of the senses that announces without a word: Thou Art That.

Who are the beekeepers, this commonwealth of councilors who in turn, prod us with seemingly unanswerable questions? The concept is not mine but a transposition of one of the earliest manifestations of a written metaphysics, that came from a group that collected comparative theories of their time in relation to the nature of what they found themselves in, which apparently predates the rise of the Egyptian civilization.

The reason for mentioning this is simply our answers are always transforming themselves as we are transformed, and at the center of this is uncertainty, by which we configure predictability, which is only apparent at the surface of objects, or ourselves, for that matter, a cell within a cell, collecting a nectar, as surely as we seen these apparitions in the night sky, they resemble perhaps the same gravitational attraction as a flower to a bee. The cross pollination of our conceptual natures as tool makers is followed with silence, a pause in a common frequency..as we reorganize our own orientations, our myths, our fears, our projections, our lies. Underneath the mask of certainty the human tribe is preeminently fallible, bewildered and out gunned, and yet, what poses does this phenomenon wrest from us in all our vanities, rationalizations and denials.

Any wisdom to be found lies fallow, paved over in a babble not heard since Sumeria, or a certain political assassination 2,000 years ago, of an anarchist who taught the wisdom of uncertainty only to have his own words turned against him with lies deception and vested self interest, the kingdoms of what is no better than competing crime families, with the writ of their own making. This much is noted and posed against the fifty rowers of the Argus in a journey of self sacrifice that eats the I. These are old truisms that have become a painful rash that bleeds when itched, while the weighing of what appears to be at the source of such tragicomedy is as subtle as a shadow. The fine can pass through the course, the brethren say but not the coarse through the fine.
Call this the sifting of granules of a sand that made a castle by the sea through a child's hand, possible. This has nothing to do with steel, exotic materials or old documents.

The Comparative Study of Differentiation of Environments Toward Sentience
If we assume there are other planetary bodies that allow sentience to arise within, then perhaps another common assumption that may be wrong is our predictable narrow focus on planetary bodies that simply resemble our own. We do not have the platform to make comparisons. If we did, perhaps there is a scale we do not possess, that ranges from difficult to ideal in terms of the various modes of attaining and evolving sentience, and looking at our own environment, we can see that all sentience is not created alike. There may be a cetacean sentience that predominates on another planetary body, or that of crows or even elephants, to use a metaphorical set of examples. Such wonders elude us in the projection of our isolated templates full of contradictory aims, cross purposes, grasping and most of all, the fear of being found out, what goes on behind this isolated colony of tool makers, or is our deeper aims, simply a form of  thievery posed as ownership?

The Beekeeping of Non Human Ecologists
My suspicion is that we are being monitored as well as in the active portion of this phenomenon of data gathering. The question is, how do you weigh sentience? It has no form simply effects, By creating novel effects, do you determine how one sentient species translates this into behavior by various organizing processes. One test would not suffice. Your subject over time changes. You take various samples of the culture rearrange them to produce a feedback to be studied. If this is true we are being closely watched, monitored and studied from an ecological point of view whose range makes our own look like stamp collecting. Evolution is not an orderly process, it can be chaotic, random, and unpredictable by mutation and adaptation. Hence a long term study would be required as there is no linear stop and start to this.

Mars remains a focal point of research regarding it's former living state. It is a symbol much as Tonnies envisioned it to be, as much as a metaphor of our own dilemma. We cannot be force fed a change of orientation but we can be influenced. To do more than this would be pathological.Yet this is what we have done to each other and to our planet.  

This Exercise As A Feedback Loop

"I'm speaking, as I'm sure you understand, of the attempted manipulation of UFO manifestations. It's a pretty tall order. We're assuming that there is a feedback mechanism involved in the operations of the control system; if you change the information that's carried back to that system, you might be able to infiltrate it through its own feedback. " - Jacques ValleeSome time ago, I lost my mind. The whole of the living system of Earth is one creature inasmuch I see fractals of a singular intelligence that while this perspective undoubtedly projects anthropomorphism into a relatively small expansion of the whole, I see a differentiated non human mind at work. As far as fractals go, I look at plants, I see instinct. I look at worms and see both motion and instinct. I look at invertebrates and see a more complex strategy, and then to vertebrates with a very strong more complex emotional outgrowth with primary intellectual capability and then us, not as a leading edge, but as a portion of the whole. Looking at this simply, which is more important, instinct or emotions, intellect or the capability to motion? The macrocosm of the environment has similarities to the microcosm of our species and yet the macrocosm is incommensurate to the microcosm.

Our models of reality as a behavioral flux based on conceptual and imaginal measuring sticks that are anthropomorphic molds in which we make critical assumptions that may be caricatures of our own psychology seems to make up most of the heat generated by the paranormal field. As a result, it remains marginalized and fringe, while it may hold one of the keys to understanding "how things work." One of the more global theories is a good example of this, The Noosphere. We are seemingly lodged in a reflection in the mirror of nature, and are so transfixed with what we see of ourselves within it, that we dismiss or cannot recognize that the mirror itself is as important as the image of ourselves that it contains. Incommensurable versus similar. We can't seem to unlock the two as we ( if you read the vast majority of what is written) as most appears to be our race talking to itself, by steering the conversation in a form of transfixed self absorption, into a specialty language that is so referential, it has enough momentum to carry us to Alpha Centuri and yet may be so far off the mark, that most of it may be simply incoherent babble, or balm, or psycho-drama turned myth. A shame as just defining paranormal is contingent on defining "normal", we have a great deal of emphasis on the "para" rather than the normal, which comes from quite a few sources that only dig the trench deeper when it arrives as a result that the consideration of that which "we don't know how it works" becomes so marginalized, it loses it's connective tissues along the way. It reminds me of science without religion or religion without science. Take your pick.

I don't "like" the term Noosphere. It is not round literally as far as I know except as an anology and it also suggests associations that like in all of our language are seemingly inaccurate such as the fact that many folks I have discussed this term with, think we are talking about a quasi atmospheric sheath which no has the evidence to state, "Well, it relates to the magnetosphere" or some other arrangement. Silly, in a way, or at least it is in my opinion. Within this theory, there are valid and easily matched attributes allowing some amount of self verification. The fact that we have learned to transmute elemental forces aka the nuclear trick, plastics, etc. The second postulate that this has created an evolutionary "leap" is less palatable to me, as far as a linear narrative goes based on Newtonian causality.Another issue is overly "sharp" delineations or categorization.
The realities of this phenomenon, as applied it to the paranormal are more akin to a spectrum. An analogy to this postulate says that all phenomenon is like the refraction in a spectrum of light waves some visible, some invisible to our senses. When you look at how our biological systems create simulations of color, it has a great deal to do with with these photons in the environment as they are absorbed and reflected. Further into these perhaps arbitrary distinctions, we have no clear or pure shade of "blue". The sky is reflective, We "see blue" as a reflection of oceans as condensed atmosphere. Further, blue has other colors within the spectrum as a whole that make blue possible.

Take this analogy further into the Noosphere. Through RNG we see a anthropomorphism because we are the human measuring stick. To be silly, if a whale looked at the same data he or she would see cetacean correlation. So what? (He asks)

If I took out my crayons and drew a blue circle and put smack dab in the center of it, a word, Earth. Then I draw another concentric circle on the outer diameter of the first, I could call this "instinct", another would be "motion" another "emotion" another vertebrates, another cellular life, another well, you get the picture, well (hopefully). Yank out instinct and the whole collapses and reforms into an entirely new creature. Recall we are referring to a singular differentiated creature. The similarities versus the incommensurable and yet they form a holism of relationships that are more complex than our current cartoons. I am reminded of Werner Herzog's book title in regard to the challenges to the paranormal field to mature. It was entitled "The Conquest of The Useless."

The RNG responses were emotional correlates of global events that are viral, centripetal data distributed by a synthetic neural network we call "media", and so returning to the concentric circles of our differentiated and fractal yet singular creature we call Earth, of the aggregate sum of all creatures, how many have instincts? How many have motion? How many have emotions? How many have intellect? Then we pause. Well, we are still trying to determine a great deal of this. Ravens are an issue , as are squid or monkeys, horses, what have you. Our views of them are changing all the time by our human yardstick. They are a spectrum akin to a spectrum of differentiated light. So he says.

Then we take our blue circle and make a journey into the center of the Earth. We have a extremely thin film of "life" on the outermost circumference made possible by decayed organic like itself as a form of what Gurdjieff would term, reciprocal feeding. Then there are sedimentary rock layers in another inner concentric circle, that provide minerals, then to crystals, then to metals and then we have salts leeching from one to another as a form of a denser spectrum of condensations of light, which also are energized as gravitation, rotation, angular momentum, axial equilibrium and so forth that effects the outer circumference of instinct, of emotiona,and intellect. Call this the motion, or motive power of this creature that requires an external power source acting like a secondary to the primary of the sun, which is connected to the recycled mineral and sedimentary content of space to create more suns, or an aggregate of all suns, that as a consequence, created our own sun. All galaxies are perhaps yet another phylum in a zoology of Life.

As I grow older, or perhaps younger in a sense that my terms are naive realism, my math as a fulcrum has changed. Instead of division as I was imprinted with to determine "reality", I now am attached to multiplication, or multiples that have become my reality. Also, spectrum's rather than file cabinets arranged alphabetically. Co dependency rather than competition. The observer as a bias rather than a marker. If relationships are a tool to consensus, than I have become marginalized to the whole, and what seemed to be valid theories from extraterrestrials to ghosts are examples of naive realism compared to my own variant of it. So, how do we move from the Cartesian trap of para versus normal? It may require a great deal of "un-learning" or defragmenting what is printed on the page.

The aim of this exercise  was to move the markers in terms of feedback to a control system which is our own. To open up other considerations of the ufo subject. This is why I made an exception in this instance, specifically the distribution of this theory to as many resources as I was aware, knowing, that,by my former experiences, the  viral distribution of these markers would expand the potential of a field in relation to feedback within a control system.

his aim was twofold and a formidable challenge.I personally call this challenge a divine madness


There is no measurable means to determine the strength of a field, either theirs or ours in the context of a feedback loop. Further, as a result of this situation, there is no means to determine interpenetration of the fields.

The critical assumption that within this theory in this case contains and transmits a "message" to them asking the question am I right or wrong?

Further Aims:
1, The move the markers of a moribund topic.
2. To create an energetic energy field of information of coherence to produce a feedback loop within a control system in A. Ours B Theirs
3 The nature of manifestations ( a response) could theoretically be observed to be analyzed

Yet..Isn't this methodology a representative of what we do everyday?

This is not the expression of a egotistical urge. My chances of success are less than dim. The reason for doing this is my opinion that in this context, it is better to do something versus sitting on my hands. There is a precarious balance in this that I am aware of, personally and otherwise.
I ruminated on these negative consequences prior to proceeding.

I accept the label of being a lunatic in the most positive manner as possible.

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