Monday, October 7, 2013

The Illusion Of Space Time vs The Geometry of Space

Now it may be a matter of spacial relations..

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  1. I was think what a crude compromise for a name for something- not technical and not poetic... then again, as far as the so called new idea goes the name fits, and it fits more when further simplified and generalized than some obscure branch of the quantum theories. It is but one first step in many equivalent views leading to a better thing... then we can go on to what this will not even do to reach a higher vision. Bruce, I like your links lately into the frontiers of science... your speculations are as good as anything in these times we are offered. But we are not afraid to face the mysterious and the unknown... not speak out from what seems unconnected places of isolation. We are even more spacious beyond locality issues at some idea of singularity. I especially enjoyed the ball lightning mysteries BTW. It all must relate to what our brains and minds are, somehow.