Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Janus Face of Human and Alien Ghosts

 I have been saying for over a year that the ghosts of human beings and the ghosts of aliens are one in the same phenomenon that are entangled in a misplaced zoology of perception. About one year ago I listed fifteen shared characteristics between the two and yet I highly doubt that ghost like apparitions, in effect, of aliens representing their own afterlife being invasive of our own
One is macroscopic in terms of promoting the concept of evasive extraterrestrials, and the other is a microcosm of the same, being more local in it's habitations. The former is difficult to catch in the act and the other is comparatively easier to encounter. Its the oldest of human weaknesses, that is to say, to be deceived by appearances alone. What is the difference between the classic human ghost that slides through a wall and an alien that does the same? That dear reader is for you to decide..... but as for me, the difference is a mask.
If my suspicions are correct one could be examined to some extent by the other and in the case of human ghost activities there are several areas which are so simple as to be ridiculous that could be measured using the core attributes of simple logic.
Despite this opportunity, everyone assumes they are separate phenomenon due to a failure of judging only the surface of these anomalies in a manner that would make Plato blush.
The zenith of this misidentification is looking for the literal nuts and bolts of flying spaceships, when all the aggregate evidence indicates that this goofy premise is not the case. and not even in the ball park.

One of the most pronounced environmental effects of ghost activity is a extremely localized and significant drop in ambient temperatures, and yet no one has bothered to measure humidity levels in this, as any process engineer can tell you this is an effect of desiccation, or, more simply a diminished volume of water molecules in a given area.
In other words, the humidity or water vapor is being removed by a very strange sort of evaporative process that could very well be non ionizing radiation, just enough to excite these water molecules.
Another issue is the lack of coinciding detection of a low level of non ionizing radiation that would rise above a pre-established baseline as a background level..Very portable detection devices are available for this that could be hand carried.
Another chief feature of these anomalies is  the tingling sensation and raising of skin hairs indicating the presence of a static charge Removing or preventing a buildup of static charge can be as simple as opening a window or using a humidifier to increase the moisture content of the air, making the atmosphere more conductive. So again, this indicates a desiccating effect in regard to water molecules in the ambient air.

Until research stops leading itself by its own tail,  the subject will remain ensconced in a comic book of the mind. The ghosts of what we ourselves may be and the ghosts we are are projected on a flickering screen.
And so the lost seek the lost in a St Vitus Dance along deserted alleys, in deeply buried tunnels through which that we dare not speak of ourselves as inhabiting below the scrim of simple answers, a sort of Pollyana tragicomedy.

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