Saturday, October 5, 2013

And The Point of The Exercise Is.....

Reflecting on the writing of this blog as well as reading the material posted on other websites, it seems I have moved onto a road that appears to fit every cliche regarding the content, from the path seldom taken to following the beat of my own drummer.
What seems to be occurring is that due to the fact that I have no ax to grind, or have an evangelical spin to doctor, nor a book to push, from every indication it seems the theoretical concepts contained within this blog are pushed aside, ignored or most importantly, are neither discussed, criticized or  have failed to become a dialog between this author and the larger paranormal community.
The analogy of a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it as a definition of it's non existence, comes to mind. Consequently, I have asked myself, why bother communicating anything due to the fact its apparent that no one within this community finds it useful. I have been in the process of writing an essay on orb phenomenon, plasmas and directed energy, but then a feeling came over me that putting time and energy into this seemed counter-productive. Then  of course, there are recent events that underscore and are the foundation of this sense of purposelessness.
Another blogger has provided links to a variety of other essays and told me that no one would understand the material when he said, thanks but no thanks to my request for having others examine my essay on invisible sentience in relation to UFO phenomenon.
Two published authors told me they would be in contact with me after I approached them to look at the material. I never heard from them again.
I have a extended essay published this month in a well known magazine devoted to paranormal subjects and yet when I forwarded this same essay on non material UFO sentience, there ensued a roaring silence.
One author said I advocated drug use which absolutely blind sided me.
I seemed to have wandered off the map into a territory that is uninhabited by others, and my writing seems to promote silence which is the opposite effect in terms of any dialog I had hoped would ensue for the sake of the subject alone.

And the point of the exercise is...................


  1. On the contrary, Bruce, I value your take on things very much... especially in this era of mysterious and hard to understand new depths in physics. I am sure someone listens--- yet they cannot wholly understand, the source of things scare them so they hide their heads in the are a source to which you need no praise from documentation to ground your ideas as original in syntheses... you reach thru the dark unknown and in a deep sense understand, consider, and connect with others. That is as real as anything else that tries to do so.

  2. A little late in the day, given how much else you have published at the blog since this went online, but I thought whatever, my five cents...

    You are right of course, nobody - or very very few - in ufology really want to get into the paranormal or daimonic or associative topics relating to consciousness, the unconscious. And the quagmire of ufology has never been worse, never been more dire at the level of intellectual inquiry and the authentic scientific spirit. If they had the internet back in 1980 say and you were blogging back then, I think you would have gotten more attention.

    Things have gotten so much worse since then (and you thought things were bad circa 1980!), it's not just ufology of course. It's all marginal science and the like, even mainstream science is increasingly uniform, dogmatic and corrupted. It's politics, it's cinema, TV, even literature perhaps. It's all going south, and very rapidly. Perhaps symptomatic of deeper systemic problems at all levels of society and in multiple ways, and what one could call a willful stupor in what passes for Western civilization.

    It's not inspite of a truer recognition of what all Fortean phenomena are telling us (freed of superficialities literal-mindedness and boxed and false categorizations), leading to a deeper and authentic self-knowledge and knowledge of Nature, that is the reason you are out in the wilderness; it's because it all leads to self-knowledge that you are out on the margins of the margins. There can surely be no day and age in which self-knowledge has been more taboo, and the poisoned fruits of this pervasive and increasingly desperate escapism from who we truly are and potentially can be, are more evident than ever.

  3. I could have written your comment myself inasmuch it echoes my own view of the dim circumstances and considerations of this flat line concerning the central role of the mind, self awareness, and the lack of it, in both the prosaic and the anomalous.