Wednesday, September 4, 2013


“It only takes two facing mirrors to build a labyrinth.” 
― Jorge Luis Borges

Can a bird perched on the tree branch imagine what experiential reality is for a human being, or vice versa? We can intellectually simulate such a state through the imagination as to what it's connection to the environment may be, in terms of awareness, or for that matter, self awareness, but, as they say, never the twain shall meet from the perspective of one another, and yet both are indelibly linked, and entangled one into the other toward the inexplicable, without reference, we are reduced to a poverty of expression by the use of similarities which have no axis.

As Borges observed, “The original is unfaithful to the translation.” 

The subject of this post are the distinctions we draw in our defining of what constitutes a state of symbiosis, and the relationships between mind and matter as both being representative of host organisms that have no choice as if to conspire toward a design, rather it may be the efficacy of dreams upon a variety of hosts in a symbiotic relationship.
The lucidity of contingent expressions is that while they are material (only to made so by our senses), as the physicality of a metaphor, all of life is symbolic in essence and are not simply an expression of process. Always a work in progress, a sketch, an idea...of a incommensurable imagination that rearranges the nature of relationships. it may never make up it's mind, so to speak, and if it did, all would redact into an incomprehensible vacuum that would contain nothing but delimited possibilities. Could this be so?.

We cannot experience another species reality directly. There are hints, there are clues in behavior that are more defined as behavioral effects that give an indication that there are cracks in the walls of the respective membranes we inhabit.
Our instincts between species seldom match pragmatically, nor our respective languages , yet there is a modicum of awareness between the bird and the human being. We are scripted for a role in performance, yet there is more to these relationships than meet the eye, the intellect or the heart.  This variant of a inherited blindness as to the true nature of other species contradicts what we would consider knowledge and yet no knowledge is ever transmitted directly to us, which makes for an interesting aspect of discernment in regard to learning how to learn. I am not referring to rote repetition rather,I have in mind is learning without any intent to do so, the disclosure of subtle and yet transformative knowledge that seeks us as a matter of a coherence that I suspect exists in the incommensurable aspects of consciousness itself. It is as if we are on an errand, measuring, gathering, borrowing, which on it's own terms appears to be autonomic and senseless and yet in the arc of elliptical orbit, we bring with us, what we have gathered to be added to an aggregate sum.

"A book is more than a verbal structure or series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue it establishes with its reader and the intonation it imposes upon his voice and the changing and durable images it leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.” 
― Jorge Luis Borges

The vehicle of personality may fall away as the used stage of a proverbial booster rocket. The single cell becomes what it is contained within as a singularity in the process of becoming.One has to ask then if the host organism of a genetic code has an equivalence in the self organisation of  consciousness? A causal chain of distinctions in a feedback loop to the host organism, which, in this case if the material universe. Referents or distinctions freed from environmental referents other than further distinctions that may exist outside of our own measurements of space time. Is this eternity, a proverbial heaven? This possibility arose from Dr John C Lilly's experiments in sensory isolation experiments, as well as in other contexts of research.
Here is an interesting sidebar to this post:
Perhaps in this there is no discernible difference between the bird and the human being, or the dolphin, or the whole of a separable holographic memory, that once created as a discernment can only be subject to modification by further entries in a suspension of becoming..drawn here or there akin to finding a organic begins here or there as a opportunistic mutation..perhaps as a wayward seed in search of symbiosis.
The physical universe then  is painted as a host mosaic under the influence of what cannot be directly experienced, much like the nature of the experiential pointillism of another species consciousness. . This would be the inverse of our current mindsets regarding the relationship of the environment to the inhabitants as being separate entities, and yet we do recognise that one informs the other. Something is missing.
The question is, can a distinction as a matter of a genomic intelligence ( that is self organised energy as a quantum of information) transverse between two environments, two hosts,while not directly following each set of rules of engagement between the material and the immaterial? Is there a form of symbiosis we have yet to recognise that falls within the terms of the anomalous? What form could it take..and why? More sketches of the intangible to follow.


  1. As always, Bruce, I enjoy your articles so much and get so much out of them!
    The recent passing of my father and other people of friends and family who are not in very good physical shape at all, has focused my attention like never before on the questions of "What are human beings? Do they have a purpose in the Cosmos?" and such!

    all the best to you my friend and so glad you are continuing to blog!

  2. Devin
    Every aspect of consciousness, specifically self awareness in symbiosis with whatever host(S) manifests mirror forms, is that nothing is ever "lost". The impetus toward ever more complex forms is a clue. All forms are a contingency of symbiosis, and each species represents what could be considered specific aspects of an aggregate sum.From cellular vegetation to insects to invertebrates, vertebrates, etc are all experimental self organising expressions of a singularity, whose forms happen to be also dependant on "where they land" in relation to the whole. I suspect the whole range of species here constitute one "body" that mirrors certain organs, certain senses etc , and that all of this requires the storage, transformation and transmission of energy through a symbiosis with hosts. I happen to think we see everything upside down.I suppose what we cannot see has a greater influence upon us since we cannot "see" it's nature and have no direct awareness of such matters, yet science is slowly and steadily discovering such relationships. I suspect we are contributing to the nature of the universe, it's own awareness of it's own nature and this can only be done by comparisons and we, as one example are providing billions of them every second. We are a intrinsic element of something living much greater than ourselves.
    Best Wishes

  3. Thanks for your nice reply Bruce!
    I agree very much that somehow part of the human condition is 'seeing' upside down (or wrong somehow anyway) I just had to log in again and comment when I saw your comment to me as I was pondering this morning (along the lines of R. Collin?) that the 'cosmos' we 'see' when we look out towards infinity is somehow 'mirrored' all the way thru what we think of as 'reality' and might be that way until we are in a 'larger' state of consciousness and actually 'know' how it all connects together. I think some philosopher said "an infinity without to protect us from the infinity within"??? I think anyway will look that up if I can.

    It is very nice to think that somehow nothing is ever truly lost! I will do some more thinking along these lines and see if I can explain myself better on these topics!
    as always, best to you my friend,