Friday, September 6, 2013

Anomalous Atmospheric Sound Energy

Many of my recent posts have, as a portion of their content, my musings on the relationships between information and energy when this situational symbiosis results in the manifestation of anomalies. The latest being the post titled "The Energy Theory of Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomenon" Another being on cyclic anomalies and predictability. Here is a real life example for your consideration, is one of a very recent series of anomalous atmospheric sound energy effects that has the local residents, as well as experts, in a small Canadian community, apparently stumped as to their origin. Take note of what I find an interesting clue, which is the distribution of the population in terms of the percentage of those whose senses can hear it versus those who cannot and of course hearing capabilities as far as the range of frequencies that can be received by any one individual, varies. That much we do know. This precursive signalling ( those who hear them as a comparatively small percentage versus who just cannot) appears to be related to the arc of a wave spectrum that at it's peak , allows the sound to be heard without the enhanced hearing by genetics of a relatively few individuals, to being easily recorded directly. In another words, it is once again, at least to me, representative of a wave phenomenon that has a repetitive peak.

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