Monday, August 26, 2013

The EVP of Faith.

Are EVP recordings simply more evidence that most cannot discern an intelligent response from a sentient one? Is the EVP phenomenon a case for a quantized Google search engine? Again, it seems to be a case of a mirror to the expectations and anticipation of the questioners, which I am sure most readers would recognise as the chief feature of the observer making a distinction that skews the results, where the chips fall, that the dead speak to us, that perhaps what the difference may be while the speaker has long since evaporated, the information that was self organised around his own distinctions, have not vanished, that they remain in what has been termed "a quantum plenum"
What are loaded gambles, having a horse in the race? I cannot think of a more loaded series of questioners who are largely joined at the hip to wanting to hear their own hopes certified. What I am saying is I suspect the phenomenon is genuine but the nonsense attached to it, well, unless someone is equally brain dead, it's an obvious belief system..self referential and hermetically sealed.
Is there another manifesting mysterious phenomenon prone to this? How about the non existent state of Ufology? Faith in specifically what? Faith in one's beliefs, as I noted in the last post, may be self prophecies of what shall become of you and I, once divorced from our somatic host encounters as the metaphysicians of old once warned..  Of course my favorite question is "What exactly is a vortex? Syd Barrett once asked, "What exactly is a joke?" Much gnashing of the bicuspids in the outer darkness seems to prevail. Do we require lies in the face of the absence of truth? Perhaps as a crutch.As Bob Dlyan once said, "I never asked for much, never asked for your crutch, so don't ask for mine.." Indeed. The beliefs surrounding EVP phenomenon might be like a ship being launched that has already sunk. Whether it has a resemblance to the Droste Effect of infinite regression placed onto a CD, whereas one cannot discern the past from the present remains to be seen. Then again, if the EVP Effect is not rooted in direct human sentience in a spacial anomaly, where is the owner of the voice who is missing from this spooky action from a distance?  Whomever or whatever they may have been seems to support a fallacy that they must remain in the artifice of the personality construct, which has no independant means of volition except as being a self measuring set of references.In other words, the manifestation of personality not as a process, but as a independant agent which seems both a defensively egotistical barrier against the slings and arrows of honest uncertainty that does not recognize we are not the be all and end all of the universe.
Our species could vanish in a heartbeat, and while our version of the universe would implode, the one without us would do just fine. So, placing all the considerations I have outlined within the context, we prefer the universe to be a mirror of our anticipations and it well may be but then again, we might be weaving our own web to be entangled within, or..have we already accomplished this?


  1. "Do we require lies in the face of the absence of truth?" That resonated with me like a bell. From my limited (but growing) exposure to UFOlogy it seems the sky's the limit when it comes to fanciful explanations. People love to mark their territory with a flag and fight to the death to defend it...instead of simply saying "It's quite interesting but I have no idea".
    Regarding EVP, I'm having a hard time differentiating to what extent you think the phenomena is similar to a Rorschach test and to what extent you think it's energy/information that is self-organizing as an "echo".

  2. Sean,
    I think thought is self organising energy that is also intrinsically linked to the environment. If a thought is a distinction, I suspect that is folded into a plenum. EVP phenomenon strikes me as a search engine into this realm, and that the past and present are biological distinctions of reference,and so whatever answers are brought onto electronic media are a sort of zombie phenomenon, and in this the questions based on anticipation and expectations are on a equal footing with the answers.Thats why it is nearly impossible to do this in a lab with an agnostic approach. You can't do a search on the internet without an intent to look for information by filling in the search box. Impossible. So, the raw information without an observer who has a question is unintelligible.It's like a rorschach test in that people put their own beliefs into the effect, that the dead are alive without being able to define what "alive" is in this sense. Do CD's have a band inside of their surfaces? I think not.

  3. Another way to put it is you cannot have any form unless you draw a distinction. Some of our distinctions are biologically set, whereas as some are not. In either event, what we are dealing with is information exchange. I don't know if this helps out in explaining myself.

  4. Thanks for the clarification!

  5. The more I think about it, the less division I see in having an open mind while reserving skepticism for asking the questions few care or have the wherewithal to ask.

  6. Bruce your thoughts on EVP echo my own, except you have put it more eloquently than I ever could. If I try to explain my thinking here, even to myself, it comes out in a less than coherent way. I think EVP and its parallels with ufology are numerous. In both fields there is wishful thinking, assumptions passed off as verified conclusions and notably, boxed compartmentalized navel gazing; so connections are not made. In both fields, real mysteries abound that if investigated in a genuine scientific spirit would perhaps lead to a more profound recognition of the interaction of Mind and Matter and their inseparability, and the collective or field nature of consciousness itself. Instead non-issues, distractions, artifacts and fallacious gobbledegook is the order of the day. In both 'disciplines'.

  7. Lawrence
    This situation that you described reminds me of the parable of the six blind men and the elephant. The physician sees neurology, the physics researched sees quantum fields, the public sees the dead being "alive" and the poorly named enthusiasts of "Ufology" are in a world of their own making, while the more literal minded see delusions afoot, etc.
    Belief is a concreted crust covering any other considerations behind a veil.