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The Energy Theory of Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomenon.

The Signal Noise of Dystopian Mirrors
If you take extraterrestrial spacemen, time traveler's, various sorts of angels and demons out of any equation that would explain the strange narratives and odd happenings around the awfully named UFO phenomenon, what do you have? 

Forget Dualities...
When I began looking into the strange experiences of witnesses, the only consistent quality I could determine was the relationship between the observer and the observed could not be taken literally. Science at one point thought the mind controlled the constituent body, whereas we now know the mind informs the body and vice versa.

An Evolution of Contingent Relationships.....
The more science looks into either the nature of organic life or the energy that manifests it, the constituent subsystems that comprise nature are interlinked and exhibit both self organisation only in relation to the whole. In other words, there are no closed systems, only relationships that are contingent, evolving, mutating, appearing disappearing. However, I suspect Vallee is correct that information is energy and vice versa, and so all of these self organising subsystems could be considered intelligent without sentience, in of themselves in abeyance to the whole. Memory is much the same, a sort of genome, and consciousness is self organising in abeyance to it's environment. The aggregate sum of these various states are incommensurable to the whole yet they have similarities to it. The witness testimony comes from a rearrangement of relationships, if you will, reversed, where the inside becomes the outside and vice versa. This indicates a transient state of affairs that in the whole is cyclic, where memory is turned back on it's own associative functioning to project a simulation within the normal somatic simulations it processes continually under normally somewhat stable conditions. What causes this disfunction of neurology? This is where I point out that distortion in my opinion is not a theory and is a poor descriptor like "UFO" and if a theory is not explainable, it is not a theory. It is simply a mishmash of words, terms etc. 

Imagination, Information and Energy

Paul Kimball  in his reflections on creativity are echoing Ibn Al Arabi in that image ( internal and external) and imagination are one in the same. There is no "Bruce" referents are not what is being described, the same problem of referents taking Ufology on wild goose chases thinking that this reversal of inner and outer simulations means somewhat like, there's little people in our radios or televisions, external mirror images of ourselves out to screw us over. Its just ( in my opinion ) an ignorant ontology.One could describe the witness testimony as being correlated to their exposure to high levels of localised energy in varying field strengths, also collaborated by plasma like orbs that are as transient as the witnesses experiential anomalies. Also noted are the often noted correlations between the geological composition of the location in relation to having an influence on conductance. Some areas are more prone than others, so it becomes a question of probability in relation to the precursors that may enhance an transient atmospheric disturbance.

Using Ourselves As A Yardstick Using this cellular concept, one can see if energy and information are transcribable to one another, something must have changed, fairly rapidly in these relationships to alter biology ( neurology) on a transient basis, where we mistake intelligent but not sentient processing in a changed arrangement for the machinations of others like ourselves and theres the rub. We are fixed in our perceptions using ourselves as a comparative basis to measure experience, giving it this or that value. Like Gurdjieff said, it's like a player piano, no one is driving the cart. So of course we think because we see things as X and not Y, it must be X, it must be humanoid. 

The Kudzo of Ionising Radiation
However, we ourselves have changed our own environment, specifically, our energy environment as it is carried by the atmosphere. Compare 100 years ago to now, these experiences once rare at a certain point almost became commonplace in comparison.We are pumping an enormous amount of energy through the atmosphere, radically changing it's natural state. This is discounting one off experiments in energising the atmosphere. It reminds me of the ill fated attempts to introduce new species into the environment to control nature. Remember that one ?  All sorts of unforeseen effects took place.
Ask a Southerner about the introduction of Kudzu...

Synthetic Evolution, Uncertainty and Unanticipated Effects 

Again, you change one thing in a system, everything to a lesser or greater degree must be in abeyance these self organising subsystems to the whole. Take Persinger's God helmet as an example of this consideration. Atmospheric conditions effect the conductivity of the atmosphere as also does solar influences etc. Thats why I say it resembles weather and it moves like weather in waves. Our energetic environment has changed and I suspect this has had a transient effect on neurology for some who are prone whereas others are not. This to me is more disturbing, if true, than little clueless "green men."  Of course, this is qualified to say that this theory is subject to change.

More to Follow...

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