Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Quantum Mirror

Perhaps the universe is imbued with the facility of intelligence that is incommensurable to human experience, however as of late, I suspect that the reciprocated relationship we find ourselves in just might be fallible on both sides of this contingent relationship.
The universe seeks it's nature through us and therefore, it's comparative analysis of what it may be through the exploration of observers may be evolving rather then being in a omniscient and proverbial cat bird seat that directs traffic as it were. Perhaps the more material of differentiated observations that occur within and without it, and, we an isthmus lodged within, a proverbial mirror as both participating and observing in this expanding domain, are more of a artistic nature, as is our host. Image and imagination and their linkage manifested through thought ( which has no existence in of itself) as a measuring device of referents that are only germain as self referential comparisons, apparently exist only through the contingencies of the observer's relationship with the observed,  in more than one state. The recombinant nature of imagination based on the context through which it builds upon,,could this be mirrored by our hosting organism, a living, not static universe? One thinks of the quantum observer effect in this relationship. .not to be anthropomorphic in a bias projection, but to consider, the observer effect as a reply, to put it simply, "message received"
This leads back to the "I" /Not I"entanglement that seems to indicate where we draw distinctions, as a creative act, may be as fluid elsewhere. If so, no two individuals may experience "heaven" alike where the twain meets, which appears to be confirmed in the nature of the narratives found in NDE.
Our experience, imagination, measurement, images, may be more fluid than we normally assume to be, more of a artistic nature, than concreted solids of perception, and so where is the measurement applied to us?  Again, there appears to be a fluidity in this based on reciprocal observations. If so, we are never alone in the classical sense. Who or what is a ghost and who or what is not seems to be a matter of location from whence an observation is made in such an open arrangement.
To use a poor metaphor, if this is an adaptive relationship with learning strategies on both sides of the mirror, where is this headed, in evolutionary terms? Do we become what we imagine ourselves to be? Going further along this line of transit, are EVP phenomenon simply what we imagine them as they should be? Same for the bizarre nature of extraterrestrials that have been reported? Are these contingent in nature according to how they are conceptualized by the linkage between image and imagination? A mirror within a mirror?

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