Sunday, April 14, 2013

Out Of The Ordinary: A BBC Report On The Obscure History of Electronic Voice Phenomenon

An interesting program on electronic voice phenomenon, an intriguing anomaly that was mentioned very briefly in my last post, and whenever I do a post, there is a of kismet involved with the unsolicited commentary from various media that inform me with variations on the same subjects that have been touched upon with a touch of my keyboard button to publish posts on these same subjects of our shred plural realities, "real or imagined". in all their 57 varieties.

The only person I know of who has dealt with this very obscure history is Dr Laslo in his speculations on quantum physics in regard to information fields which also is connected to Dr Vallee's views on a physics of information. A new post is being written on a small Italian anomaly who as a community went through a wave of equally intriguing messages through a dead radio, so perhaps this is a prelude to that future post.

This phenomenon of these proverbial echoes may have something to do with the sort of studied fringeology that has always intrigued me or alternatively, what odd subjects I am drawn toward reflected in a capturing of my own gravitational field as it is being acted upon or, It simply is. As always, your choice.

Nonetheless this is a very interesting program I highly recommend, to share with you in curiousity.

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