Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sound Without Sound

A Collisionless Crash
Last night my wife and I were in our family room during a quiet evening. The instantaneous and very loud sound of ceramic hitting the floor violently breaking came from the breakfast area. Our labrador who had been sleeping there on the comparatively cool floor, leaped up and without missing a beat, she knocked our floor mounted birdcage askew and flew over to us. My wife and I exchanged the same startled and puzzled look as I went over to presumably to investigate and inevitably clean up the mess.
To describe my own feelings I would have to say that being irked was accurate assessment and a  large understatement of my emotional reaction.
We have several ceramic pots containing sitting on a windowsill, and so I assumed it was our cat who has been known to leap on the sill, spilling a plant, the dirt and broken pottery on the floor. I flicked on the ceiling light. Not one pot, not one iota of anything was found askew. It was just as I left it some hours ago. I did a very thorough search as I had a classic reaction of matching the intensity of my search for any broken item in relation to not knowing the source of this very loud disturbance. My wife and I joked about folks who label any faint sound as "paranormal" and yet there was no denial in what the two of us heard, which left a quizzical feeling of having no source for this "chinese fire drill" for the rest of the evening in it's aftermath.
This morning while doing several chores around the house, it occurred to me through memory that fairly recently, as I reported in a earlier post, I had been awakened and interrupted twice from a deep sleep from a female voice that shouted my name loudly. I thought it was my wife immediately after the second occurrence  and turned to find her "out like a light." I had some difficulty in settling down again, relaxed enough to return to being comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I was not certain that I heard what I heard just as I was not certain of the source of last nights disturbance.
I have written previously about wave phenomenon or what Dr Persinger would term a transiently statistical coherence in the frequency of anomalous phenomenon as I have been through this same wave action experientially several times before, only to have it vanish completely for significantly long periods of time.
 It has been nearly four years since the last wave.

Entangled Rationality
The transmission of a anomalous and non material source that successfully mimics atmospheric sound. The question is, if I had no ceramic pots in the area where this disturbance originated, would this have changed the specific nature of what was mimicked? The fact that the cat was the culprit in gaining my irked attention   specifically breaking pots seems, on the surface to have been noticed and noted by something.Then again, set and setting in of themselves are not sentient but rather a relationship to my anticipation.
Sound without sound. How could it be both originated and be identified as such with no material source
More importantly.  What is the point of what is presumably an exercise in mimicry? Each time, my attention was gained and in this most recent case, both my wife and I had our attention stolen and then...nothing.
Is the creation of a question in the observer more important than coherency? If so, why? Or are we manipulated by sources within us that are exploited in a transpersonal manner by an unknown agent, sentient or otherwise?
Are my questions the point of the exercise manipulating me into posing them?
I don't know as well as not knowing the mechanics of it's modality and purpose. However, I cannot escape the possibility that this and similar events have a relation to what could be considered the workings of a mechanical automaton that is a messenger-less message. It also may be what Ibn Al Arabi described the workings of in great detail, that immateriality and materiality are two states of a spectrum rather than truncated from one another. That information just might have "a life of it's own" Its difficult for us to wrap our heads around this, but this seems to be beside the point inasmuch there is much we have difficulty in doing so by being exposed to many prosaic examples, yet....there they are..

Coincidence, Coherence and Unintelligible Communications
My wife now claims the sound was due to the sound of a ceramic plaque falling a short distance and so applying several repeat performances on the same surface, I could not replicate the sound that I heard. In my experiment was akin to a cup falling over, much lower in volume and it had what could be described as a flat resonance. I suspect she is reaching for an answer but I have no certainty in terms of offering an alternative scenario and so, on one hand, there is more ambivalence of certainty is applied to the questions I posed but there are other examples beyond those I have personally experienced in the company of others or alone that do not easily fit into neat causations.

The Stranger's Voice As One's Own
The study of non psychotic auditory anomalies requires a new methodology, the need for which, science agrees with. One study of young children found that 14% of them experienced this brand of anomaly in the studied population. One considers the strange case of Joan of Arc who recanted her confession that this had not happened, that she had made up everything about a particular voice and as a result, she knew she faced being burned to death. Of course, non audible sound as found in EVP phenomenon can be striking in clarity.
And at the same time there are many non psychotic bio-neurological ailments that can have an identical effect, which makes the subject more interesting than simply being dismissed out of hand.
One bio-neurological ailment allows for voices that are ones own but they are not recognisable as such, which may have a mirrored phenomenon in a quantum origin as applied to EVP's based on anticipation and conceptual modeling as integrated into the environment which is usually  entangled in a stereotyped "haunted" location. Even more specifically basement areas and attics are an anticipated source of phantom phenomenon as well as the viral implications of regions, darkness versus light, historical accounts of instinctually repellant murders, accidents and prolonged illness all seem to be settings for the staging of phantom phenomenon. Why not a shopping mall at noon? The same may apply to unknown atmospheric phenomenon that also has a viral coherence that eventually dissipates as attention and anticipation lessen.
The Cold War was one such environmental factor that once a sighting was alleged to be due to a spacecraft or the possibility of one, leading to several parallel phenomenon, not one. Misidentification, false claims, and actual atmospheric anomalies could be considered a coherency although their individual nature and origin may highly differ thus creating both more observant as well as more attenuation toward the creation of zombie or cellular phenomenon more likened to the cellular intelligence ..meaning information creating information in an entangled state, a sort of false coherency. What it appears to be is not what it is, but it remains an actual anomaly.
The operation of the brain in conjunction with the mind , one informing the other, may be prone (as scientists theorise ) to quantum phenomenon. There are several theories on the mind that suggest this is a principle which allows it's existence, such as we both recognise and do not recognise such a modality. If so, the relationship between the delimited quantum state and the information provided by an observer may be algorithmic in a way that is not apparent.

Musical Dice
 Eighteenth century algorithmic music is a contemporary of automaton machines, like Jacques de Vaucanson's duck or Wolfgang von Kempelen's chess player, or Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage's 1822 difference engine. In 1787, W.A. Mozart (1756–1791) devised an aleatoric system called Musikalisches W├╝rfelspiel (Musical Dice) published 1793 by J.J. Hummel in Berlin-Amsterdam, to compose waltzes with a pair of dice and a set of written bars on paper cards. The combination of all the 16 cards and transitions, of which there are theoretically 10 29 combinations, constitutes a minuet.
One could think of semiotics as a form of musical composition and the logic of the mind containing tense, punctuation and context.
Cases that may represent such a situation have common transient traits. "Alien" abductions in their waxing and waning seem to represent such a false coherency.  Who is looking, what is being sought, what the level of anticipation may be, what conceptual models one follows, all seem to be data points matrixed  to program a mirrored surrogacy of experiential reality. Keys to the quantum plenum or Borges library as if two opposed mirrors create a hybridised expression, neither this nor that.

 Every line is fine in this, so fine as to create entire living mythologies replete with their own language which is representational of what could best be described as a projection of imagination without any accuracy whatsoever. Vortex, Time Travelers, Unidentified Flying Objects, Sasquatch, Ghosts, etc. The list of pseudo language is formidable and is a contaminating influence with it's own false coherency.
It seems that millions of us are speaking a sort of babble, intelligible but without real meaning, much as if they are mirroring the very nature of the phenomenon they cannot identify as to it's root.
More on clues and pratfalls later.


  1. To me, a displaying of the `able-to-not-be' space. Loved your wording and digging.


  2. Rick
    "Able-to-not-be" strikes me as analogous to states of information that have a material effect while remaining in a state unknown to us. The kicker is there seems to be an exchange going on as well as parallel phenomenon such as hoaxing, self aggrandizement, imagination, belief systems, pseudo language..the list is formidable and I suspect that these parallel phenomenon largely assist in masking what is actually occurring. A real house of mirrors that we as an aggregate sum have created.