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The Radio of A Squared Root In Valuation: Bending Space With Information

"So when I say that the contemporary approach to neuroscience is resting on unquestioned assumptions, I primarily have in mind the idea that consciousness is something that happens inside of you.  Look, if I said to you here is a dollar bill, let’s look at it and try to discover its value you’d say that’s crazy because the value isn’t in the dollar bill.  Where is it?  That’s an interesting question.  And then if you came to me and said "Look, I've got the best electron microscope in the world, let’s really study that dollar and try to find its value." No, you’re looking for the value in the wrong place.  And the idea I have is that the neuroscience of consciousness has been making that kind of mistake in assumption about where to look for an understanding of what consciousness is and how it happens, how it arises."
-Alva Noe

The Square Root of Value

Another poorly posed question is where does it go when the body ceases to function? Then "where" presumes that space has referents as we understand them from a map or simply using our visual sense and simulation of whats surround us, soaked with with transience and repeatability, all of which we inhabit in the exploration and exploitation that transcends internal space, navigated with referents, associations, and above all, a stubborn isolation in intimate company that seeks balm.   

In the last post, it seems evident that 19th Century Spiritualism is alive and well in the 21st, in search of value, aided and abetted by the weaknesses of human psychology, and yet there is almost a tactile sense of simple probability that there may be more hoaxes, misrepresentation and the products of imagination we utilise to deceive ourselves and others for a variety of needful purposes, as utilitarian and toxic and as intangible as these purposes are, they represent a false set of worth that almost certainly express a need, an empty space, as well as the unanswered question of consciousness itself  reading these words I have arranged. 
Coherence in of itself does not represent any substantive truth outside of the value we place upon it in a situation of wherein in many situations, we imagine the truth. Other times, we avoid it. Nonetheless  an elusive truth at the root consciousness remains the crest jewel of discernment that is buried nowhere in particular, but it is there...lacking a cartography matched to the landscape of a corpse.

Open Systems and The Indefinable Sacred As The Commodity of Value 

"The subtle relationship between the material things we meet with in our experience and the energy field that underlies them in the depth of the universe also transforms our view of life. Interactions with the quantum vacuum may not be limited to micro-particles: they may also involve macroscale entities, such as living systems. Life appears to be a manifestation of the constant if subtle interaction of the wave-packets classically known as 'matter' with the underlying vacuum field. These assumptions change our most fundamental notions of life. The living world is not the harsh domain of classical Darwinism, where each struggles against all, with every species, every organism and every gene competing for advantage against every other. Organisms are not skin-enclosed selfish entities, and competition is never unfettered. Life evolves, as does the universe itself, in a 'sacred dance' with an underlying field. This makes living beings into elements in a vast network of intimate relations that embraces the entire biosphere itself an interconnected element within the wider connections that reach into the cosmos. "

-Dr Ervin Lazlo  New Concepts of Matter, Life, and Mind

What struck me about this specific passage is that he is very eloquently defining what is known as an open system, and for my own purposes in the study of the paranormal, this has been one of my guiding principles in a cosmological model of what appear to be enfolded, plural realities.  Of course this field of study of Gregory Bateson's observation that “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think” 
The same could be said of the anomalous aspects of experiential paranormality as a adjunct of the natural world as it is only unnatural in regard to the way people think.The propagation of all phenomenon being energetic has a very narrow parable in the application of a radio in regard to an observer at times, that is to say, as if the transceiving aspect of various energetic information fields, that seem to be caught in the act of
transmitting through the air from antenna to antenna. ( coherence matched to the range of coherence of the receiver) Induction refers to the fact that a change in a magnetic field can create a current of electricity, and a current of electricity can create a change in a magnetic field; thus a current in one wire can produce a current in another wire, even at a distance; and this is indeed the same principle by which radio works. Simplistic but a tidy package.

The Wartime Room
In a recent post regarding sound without a source, the loud breaking of a pot was heard from it's location and yet it remained unbroken. I asked if the pot had not been there, would some other mimicry have occurred? Perhaps what is occurring at the Heritage Center at Montrose Air Force Base may reflect an example of coherence. Rather than a pot we have what is known as the "Wartime Room"

The vintage radio set is kept in a recreation of a 1940s room. Several people have heard Second World War era broadcasts including the big band sound of the Glenn Miller orchestra and speeches by Winston Churchill. The broadcasts come on at random and can last for up to half an hour..."It plays Glenn Miller, and that's what everyone has heard. It is very faint and you have to put your ear to it, but that's what it's playing."It's not just one of us who's heard it - most of us here have. We are talking about highly educated, reliable people."My wife Aileen was with me when we heard the Glenn Miller Orchestra last weekend. She's a physicist and not predisposed to believing in things like this but no-one has an explanation.The fact that the radio is not plugged in will cause some people to be skeptical, and assume that an audio device has been hidden inside the radio case.  However...technicians who examined it removed the back, but found "nothing but cobwebs and spiders".
The wave packet as a material object ( in this case a vintage radio) that has a coherence to what was broadcast in relation to the additional coherence of the "wartime room" all of which seems attenuated in a very specific manner to the set and setting of an open system, rather than a closed one and inasmuch as energy is the cryptology of information , could this setting be a codex to decode a plenum of a quantum vacuum? Is this the case of a natural phenomenon being termed unnatural simply due to the fact that, as Bateson said, how nature works has nothing to do with how people think about it.
"The volume was very low but the music was quite identifiable," claims Sutherland when pressed about the Glenn Miller song the radio allegedly played. According to a volunteer,, others have heard odd broadcasts suddenly blurt from the radio too. "Graham Phillip, another volunteer, has heard what he was sure was Winston Churchill and others, including center curator Dan Paton and his wife, have heard it." 
Asked if the set might be picking up the transmission of a powerful radio signal nearby, Sutherland says no. He already thought of that. "If we had a powerful transmitter in the area the radio might pick up something, but we don't." Another center volunteer, Marie Paton has heard the eerie broadcasts as well. Her father was the original owner of the radio having purchased it used in 1962. "It's a bit scary," Paton admits. "I thought someone was playing a prank on us but I heard it myself last Saturday. It plays Glenn Miller, and that's what everyone has heard. It is very faint and you have to put your ear to it, but that's what it's playing. All the experts say it should be impossible."
 Is this a case of viral inference by suggestion? I would think so if only it's range of distribution had common variables outside of the environment, although the desire to arrive at the Heritage Center could be considered a very general predisposition to the phenomenon and that is where as it said "things get tricky" or, in the parlance of physics, things get entangled in valuation and so I ask, Is the Heritage Center itself, a modern day Sacred Site that is  imbued with a resonance that is only lacking the past events in a present frame of reference? And so, if nature abhors a vacuum in space, does this local field in a packet seek coherence toward a plenum of information in a virtual library, that is an open system? Does modality precede communication when the communication is purposeless in our own terms of utility? Does rarity equate to value? Perhaps only through the mind of the beholder, and it may not necessarily be what we define as a human being that receives it. In this case, an inoperable radio, or, at least operable in a sense we do not fully understand.
This brings another issue to mind which is based on the question of the observer, "Does a Tree fall in the forest if no one is there to observe it?" Personally, I think trees are falling all around us that we cannot observe directly and the posing of this classical question to my mind confuses an effect with a root cause and in this case, one that suggests a form of our own memory without the referents of time attached to space is stored like the building of differentiation in a genome that does not erase it's earlier constitution but rather builds upon it. A good example of this is here...

Then the question is, can we retrieve the past in a quantum scenario and consequently time travel would not require a impossibly dense mass to bend space as most science suggests. This will be the subject of a further post. Is this the origin of anomalous atmospheric phenomenon? Are we simply experiencing our own memory in a transference from one state to another?

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