Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Normal Versus the Paranormal: Are We Lying Through Our Teeth?

“Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.”
― William S. Burroughs

"Thought can refer to the ideas or arrangements of ideas that result from thinking, the act of producing thoughts, or the process of producing thoughts. Although thought is a fundamental human activity familiar to everyone, there is no generally accepted agreement as to what thought is or how it is created. Thoughts are the result or product of either spontaneous or willed acts of thinking."

This afternoon I am dwelling on a subject that I have tackled before which I think is hidden in our psychology. In other words, a situation that we are deaf dumb and blind to..and the subject is crucial to placing the anomalous in its proper context.

How do we divide the paranormal from the normal? What is the first association I have when I think of the word normal? Predictability. Oddly enough the pointed satires of human societies came to mind from the pen of William Burroughs. "Nova Police" then came to mind as a satire and critique of the self referential nature of the processes of thought requiring conflict as a control system in order to maintain chaos. Certainly a paradoxical proposition but then again, so is the behavior of our societies still split into tribes after the passage of the centuries.

How do we separate the predictable from the unpredictable, the normal from the paranormal? Are accidents random, or in the same vein, what about the meaning of coincidence? The last two musings on the linearity of thought in relation to anomalous events seems to represent two banks of a river.

We are on one side with a strict set of architectures when it comes to the digestion, intake and outcome that originates from the tools we have in processing experiential reality and on the other side it seems that information has the means to organize and propagate itself outside of our own boundaries.

We have our approach to thought as being a form of self identity which the metaphysical world has termed false personality, a false set of self references. There is no Bruce in actuality. It is a distinction of based on a distinction that does an end run around the recognition that the whatever of the whoever this creature represents is also embedded in the whole species and beyond.

The subject becomes an object that does not exist. Sound familiar? The difference between a descriptor and what is being described. Consciousness to a great degree seems skewed by its adaptations to what are essentially unknowns. You can drill down the solidarity of a table to microcosms of quantum flux and still have no identification of anything beyond a sort of myopic perspective that is locally based that uses thought as a means to measure what ultimately is a subjective which we critically assume is objective. We divide consciousness into waking and sleep cycles and one experiential reality is much different than the other and yet the age old question remains, are we under the thrall of autosuggestion in both modes? And this is reinforced by the observation of others on the basis of comparison that reinforces this concept of being awake when we are asleep which is the reason I delve from time to time into metaphysics which not surprisingly perhaps predicted to some extent what physics has discovered that the predictable is unpredictable except when processed through the observer. So what sort of entity is this observer?

No one seems to get around to asking the tough questions.

“Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.”
― William S. Burroughs

Our religions appear to divide by thought as if the source of the transpersonal were composed of human thought that judges makes distinctions as we do and more than that, we can bargain with or please by observing this or that in order to be rewarded or...punished. The Middle East is a good example of religion at work that utilizes the divisions of thought as literally warfare...physical combat.

One species can have variables that are reflected in the divisions of thought, or classification systems that are incomplete as a recognition ,not simply as a term and so we focus on divisors, which in turn originate in ourselves as somehow being one and the same with the processes of thought, separate and distinct whereas our species is as far from a closed system as one can imagine such a situation to be. Time is the construct of comparisons and our comparisons are based on thought which is linear, and so how do we approach the anomalous which violates our senses by not conforming to predictability and causality? We seem to be poor arbiters of what constitutes the realities that lurk behind thought, that thought is an effect, a means and not a source of origination. It seems we need to be reoriented. And of course there are countless paths by which we become or can become imprinted by and assuming we have changed by replacing one set of thinking with another, with the illusion in mind that its all one in the same methodology of thought reinforcing our identification with it as it being at the crux of what we may be, whereas there seems to be evidence that this is not so.

“Language is a virus from outer space”
― William S. Burroughs

If information is energy and energy being an expression of information where does that leave thought in terms of how we transform energy by self organisation? It is strictly channeled by divisions.

Whereas the recombinant nature of the paranormal points out that our species operates in one way and in nature in another as a division or distinction that underlines our psychology, or what Gurdjieff termed psychology which he said was actually the study of abnormal psychology.

Upside down is a good metaphor for our approaches to issues of the anomalous.

Back to the concept of accidents and coincidences that highlight our means of predicting by measurement which ultimately fails us. We are fearful of anti-structure, even go so far as to term it demonic or manipulative whereas it may be our structures are the issue and are a cause of a great deal of whats wrong with this portrait of the human world as it stands, inasmuch as we have carried on a tradition of lying to ourselves as this is what we are taught.

Of course I am not suggesting we do away with thought which would be surrealistic to say the least but rather place it in it's proper context, otherwise, how can we ever place the anomalous in it's proper context?

Perhaps as Burroughs suggested, the products of thought as they are currently constructed are an addiction....and an artifice whose chickens have come home to roost.


  1. I've always thought -- at least by the repeatability standards of science -- that the four-minute mile was not achieved and should be considered paranormal.

  2. Ok Bruce, I got a looper based on the energy is information gig...? If the ghost I can't see but hear, sits on my bed next to me, changes the channel on the tv, several times as we flip back and forth, and I express my irritation at its rude and impolite behavior, albeit with every hair on the back of my neck standing straight up, and scared shitless at whatever or whoever is sitting next to me, what kind of information exchange just occurred between us?

  3. You might be interested in this;
    There are many cases in the history of paranormal investigations, wherein individuals have a profound effect on electrical devices. Some of these are thought to be caused by a parallel arrangement of sublimated emotions due to the presence of anti-structural elements such as personal conflict, a string of bad luck, depression etc.
    Of course, the simple answer is I don't know.

  4. The link was more in the nature of background information, here is the actual study on anomalous phenomenon.

  5. I've wondered about the emotional effects of a couple of friends or myself on electronics in my house and on cell phones. A friend who suffers bi-polar disorder often seems to elicit strange electrical noise in cell phone conversations, at least on my end of conversations. When she is manic and the noises occur, I've wondered if the noise was maybe generated by her distress or mine over her predicament. Another friend was in my office, where there are many electronic gadgets, discussing his grief over the recent death of a good friend. The TV kept turning itself on or off and the friend felt like it was some sign from his departed buddy. For as long as my friend stayed with me, the TV kept up the odd behavior, but I couldn't ignore the fact that my friend suffers a form of epilepsy. I have no idea if that's significant, but my own stress over these friends emotional issues may even play a part if any of this is valid. It just seems too coincidental to completely ignore.

  6. Hhmmm...interesting! A cousin of mine who's a correctional officer lives with a couple buddy's. He tells me bout all the activity that goes on in his place, from shadow man to moving objects, various stuff. Anyway, it turns out, that the apt above theirs is where a guy was murdered. He only found out because he asked about it when he noticed the apt. was empty most of the time with no tenants. He would here noises and stuff coming from above, and when he would go try talk to da renter,nada! So he asked management about it and turns out, they have hard time renting that apt because of what happened their. Well, his experiences include the tv going on and off, and the usual (for me anyway) typical other stuff that's common.. And them guys are party animals!! I'm pretty skeptical bout lot of stuff, mainly because of my upbringing, where I've lived and what I experienced, so idk? I think some fold are just lot more receptive, or sensitive to the goings on around them and can pick up on it more so. Funny when you have a group of people, some see it and others do not? Still out on that on.???

  7. A lot of this seems to be centered on emotions past and present. I did a couple of postings on this on the former blog. Emotions have struck me as being the equivalent of a carrier wave. In speech, it is a parallel form of communication that provides nuance, and, if you will ..shares an equal level of importance when expressing a thought. All of this makes for an interesting topic in of itself. That is.... the relationship of emotions to thought whereas high emotional states and\or reactions to them seem to
    imprint themselves by association with physical properties ( perhaps) in some cases. Some consider high emotional states to have a stronger imprint in an individual's memory signifying that another( altered ) level of waking consciousness occurred. Some of this is associated with intentionally inducing them as in shamanic rituals.

  8. I find it interesting that most of the microgravity experiments in space are not published. I mean, upper atmospherics. Energy states, absorbtion, reflection, refraction. Haunting. And recombinant. Makes one wonder about the dynamics. Good thoughts, nice weather. I mean, do rain dances evolve to the point wherein the sky determines ground based behaviour?

    Or, does quantum flux in a chaotic gravity well serve as memory that crosses energy barriers?

  9. The idea of a carrier wave is compelling. That might explain instances of empathy and even intuition.

  10. Neal
    You might enjoy this book although copies of it are hard to find.