Friday, November 21, 2014

The Dialectic Materialism of Bendable Metal

Roswell has resurfaced in the variation of Kodachrome slides being suggested as evidence of extraterrestrial life to be revealed as soon as the various cash transactions, contracts and production arrangements are completed. History is replete with more than enough direct evidence that anytime a predisposing belief is present, those beliefs can be manipulated by others.
More than likely this will be televised as infotainment and as they say, this too shall pass.
The materialistic nature of our society as well as the technocratic context of this mythology has placed  the mysteries of nature into a sideshow, as if the bendable metal that was earlier proclaimed to be a part of this modern day myth, could explain anything other than the fallacies of pathological control systems in the mind .......being projected onto the organisations of national governance, expressed as free floating paranoia.

While certainly the alien or extraterrestrial in this case represents the alienated nature of individuals as an offshoot of existentialism, whose mythologies are literally material whether its bendable metal, a corpse, falsified documents, photo-shopped images, etc, one has to wonder about the absolute lack of insight the purveyors of products have, or have not ,in their possession.
The list of alleged and sell-able products is endless.
It would prove an irony or conversely, an abstraction of an abstraction if these slides of alien corpses prove to be a tourist snap of one of hundreds of sideshows that proliferated during that era, all of whom were usually encased in glass.
A sideshow of a sideshow is probably the result.
Gregory Bateson would probably call "Ufology" a closed system which is self referential. Rich Reynolds advised "You cannot study Ufology with Ufology" Paul Kimball has termed this phenomenon "the Roswell Cult" but this behavioral phenomenon as a quasi religious belief system may require a larger context.

One could call it the Cult of America Inc. In other words, a belief system comprised of  materialism, existentialism, a marketplace of productivity for it's own sake etc are all in the focus of the Roswell Myth as a explanatory metaphor that describes the societal forces that created it.

A corpse in a glass box captured in a 1947 Kodachrome might be a metaphor for "Ufology" itself.
One inverse projection on a reflected surface appears to capture a self portrait of where we stand at the onset of the 21st century.

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  1. We must monetize everything. Not just some things but everything it seems is judged by how much people will pay for it. We value everything in those terms including even the alien under glass. Maybe we could squeeze an hour out of it and run it on the Discovery Channel. Oh well, why not!