Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zappa On The Anomalous

This interview took place prior to Frank's disclosure that he had contracted terminal cancer. He passed away from what I was fortunate enough to survive after one year of treatment. While he had urinary issues as did I, he accepted the wrong diagnosis as being accurate whereas yours truly did not. In one of his last interviews, he was asked what his thoughts were regarding cancer. He said get tested and then get tested again. His views mirror my own in a less verbose way. Today, I watched his last interview taken from his bed. It was hard to take...that could have been me. The remembrance of death serves a purpose in reminding me I am lucky to have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly regardless of their and my own finite nature. Frank had a quiet courage in him as do all of us when we face every morning. yes, it sounds trite and that could be because it's obvious. For some, more so than others but it's there nonetheless.



  1. Frank Zappa had a truly beautiful mind... insanely funny, but essentially sane... and I think we're in need of it now more than ever. Thanks for posting the interview... and I'm certainly glad you were wise enough to get a "second opinion"!

  2. Like so many others, his absence is palatable to me and he is irreplaceable..his intelligence and humor were so well balanced.