Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Passive-Aggressiveness of Silence.

Where do we find a criticism of silence on the part of our cultural institutions when it comes down to the organised nature of a roaring silence toward UAP? 
On the radar screen, it is invisible, more so than at any time in recent history, while the focus has turned to the historical archives of long ago events as a proverbial safety zone. 

Curiosity has been corralled into obscurities. One could say this is the inadvertent trivialization of the subject rendering it toothless. 
The fervor of years past to have the subject taken seriously has descended into the depths of circular arguments and juvenile name calling over ancient and largely irrelevant events that are as ambiguous as the participants are emotionally chained to jousting over their competitive superiority on a subject that lacks any verifiable expertise.

What happened? How did a widely reported global anomaly become a fringe topic, marginalized despite an overwhelming acceptance that something is tampering with our basic perceptions of what is possible? 
Perhaps it is worthwhile to undertake a forensic analysis of the state of the art as a non existent, which is a dangerous territory as a state confined to one's imaginative processes with the critical assumption in mind that analyzing data in a dream state is sufficient to explore what is actually taking place.

Looking at the historical record, interest in the subject has de-evolved into history repeating itself as witnessed by the predominance of tribal cults of worship proliferate now as they did two thousand years ago before the insertion of science interrupted the worship of what were essentially beliefs built upon the simple essence of suspicions. 
Any answer is better than none or is it?
A recent essay by a scientists suggested we are too ignorant to be studied in any great involvement by extraterrestrials and the state of no state of investigation toward the provocations of UAP may be handing the knife of this conclusion by the hilt to any would be party who held that opinion.
We seemingly are so infused with cross purposes as to be rendered incapable of organizing ourselves out of a paper bag.

The inexorable evaporation of belief systems based on faith alone continues unabated while the opposite if true in regard to a 500 pound elephant in the room.

The UAP phenomenon has been abdicated by technological science largely because it is benign and the discovery science required to probe its manifestations is considered largely to have no practical purpose in the sense we could make use of it in the application of further tools of a more pragmatic nature. 
At the same time nearly every discovery made by science at it’s beginnings had no practical purpose that could be utilised fully. What can we do with lightning directly? Yet it held the principle of electricity. The examples are endless. 
My mother used to say that ignorance is bliss but one has to wonder if the other side of the coin is that this has a price tag attached to it.

We have a phenomenon surrounding us that calls into question every critical assumption we possess in relation to the nature of the realities we inhabit. 
This abdication has a passive-aggressive nature in the formulations of a social nature that could be termed as silence becomes or is transferable to denial without a day in court or for that matter, a half hearted debate. 
For how many decades did science claim without investigation or the collecting of data that “rocks do not fall from the sky.” How can you deny such and such does not exist if you refuse to look at it?
It’s easy, easier than you would assume that it is.

Our planet is encircled by geocentric satellites gathering data continuously as well as having a permanent observation platform and as a result, the potential to utilize this data collection is profound and then there is the testimony of highly educated astronauts with multiple degrees, civilian pilots who risk their careers in reporting anomalies all of whom say there is uncertainty involved regarding what was seen. Yet this is glossed over.

We have inadvertent propaganda from the commercial nature of our media to make the subject entertaining wherein anything and everything is held on the same basis of credibility to the point of absurdity because that is profitable to their own interests in sponsor fees.

This is not rocket science and its not research. There is no research only those who call themselves researchers who are incapable of measuring anything beyond the minutia of decades old incidents because simply, that can be done easily with impunity for their marketplaces. Inference in the print media is the equivalent of the entertainment factor in cable television.

No one is collecting real time data for analysis and there is no conspiracy of withholding evidence as no one knows what any of this represents and it takes no effort to sweep this 500 pound elephant under the carpet because silence is golden, effortless in the onslaught of the lunatic fringe.
It would be equally naive to assume there is no interest in professional circles but as in any scientific debate doubt precedes evidence and yet doubt is considered evidence in the absence of attempting discovery of it as the scientific community is bound head to foot with competition for funding harnessed to capitalism at it’s rankest denominator, all of which is encircled with going along to get along, cash in hand.

In the end, it seems our place within the realities we inhabit has a lower valuation philosophically and economically then gadgetry that can either be sold and \ or weaponized as territorial prerogatives.  

And so, the book is closed, the dust gathers and time is meaningless in it’s passage in relation to a lost opportunity.


  1. I've noticed that UFOs went from being widely accepted & acknowledged in popular culture in the 70s to ridicule in the 80s (or at least I believe starting in the 80s). If I can put on my tinfoil hat for a moment, I wonder if this is merely coincidental to Reagan's "Star Wars" initiative: [the beginning (?) of the militarization of space] or indicative of something more orchestrated to shift prying eyes away from the skies.
    Taking a step back though I do agree that UFOlogy has stalled (and possibly gone backwards) with respect to what was put forth by Jacques Vallée and John Keel -40- years ago!

  2. Dovetailing my earlier comment, Leslie Kean recently recommended the book "The Missing Times" by Terry Hansen, which deals with the orchestrated suppression of UFO-related news.