Friday, June 6, 2014

The Mind As A Microcosm of The Macrocosm?

One Consideration Leads To Another

Is UAP The Entanglement of Parallel Universes?

Since that period in which I organised a potential theory regarding UAP as a macro quantum effect, that included the confluence of energy as information, the observer effect and the strange evidence for the phenomenon of global “consciousness”, I seemingly find myself in a proverbial wormhole of making connections in regard to the microcosm of the observer to the macrocosm of UAP considerations.
We have the potential of meaningful coincidence in the nature of dream states and the phantasmagoria of Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon. We shift between the hybridised realities of dream states and vectoring ourselves by tasking the mind in the strict rules of three dimensions replete with what Einstein termed the illusions of physicality, who borrowed that observation from Plato in a scientific context.

One could state with impunity that we experience nothing directly as all that we experience including our eye sight is a simulation created by the mind and here as they say, "things get tricky"
Some of  us are old enough to remember the old Memorex commercial that compared the live voice of Ella Fitzgerald to a tape recording and posed the question which is real, the tape recording or the physicality of Ella herself?
 No I am not suggesting solipsism but rather the Trickster nature of consciousness itself.

Every day of every week we confront ghost images as a routine matter and dreams as such are simulations. Images that arise from the ongoing associative process of memory in a dream state are created by a literal observer effect as we are witnessing our thoughts as external realities.

Could the same apply to UAP?

One could say this represents a vague intuition that the inside of the mind’s membrane we inhabit is reflected by how the outside ( meaning our environment ) functions in terms of UAP and other similar phenomenon considered to be anomalous, such as classical categories of similar ghost phenomenon. Ghosts as simulations having no independence from their observer.

One recalls the example of whether a sound is heard in the forest when a tree falls if there is no one there to hear it. One could say it does or it doesn't. One represent an open system of external possibilities while the other represents a closed system utilizing feedback.

One could say this is a parallel choice in the study of UAP in terms of it's characteristics as a series of simulations based on the contents of memory as well as the inexact nature of it's forms as a whole.

Last night before going to bed, I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed the remote control for the fountains in our garden and shut them off.
Then I shut down the kitchen lights, put some dirty dishes in the sink, walked over that gate for the dogs, opened the bedroom door, undressed, took off my glasses and rolled into bed. My state and orientation of habitation was firmly in the grasp of classical physics.

The next thing I recall was sitting at a counter lodged between an oriental woman in her thirties with a rather cherubic face and to my left, a seven year old or so young boy who was also oriental. He had a bowl before him full of lettuce like shreds and what oddly enough looked like french fries atop it. The woman told me that we needed to cajole him into trying this dish, which I did without questioning what I was participating in. The next moment I was atop a small motorcycle like contrivance on my way down a street and ran out of gas. In another moment, I was walking down a fairly dingy hallway painted with a fairly ugly pink \ orange color and it struck me that the place looked pretty shambling. I turned a corner and to my amazement was a woman in her fifties, dressed in old fashioned clothes and I immediately apologized for my intrusion. She took it all in stride and said there was no need for an apology, this happens all the time.

This morning I woke up back into the realm of classical physics and it occurred to me that just perhaps upon entering my sleep cycle , I had departed the universe of laws assigned to tasking and had entered an experiential microcosm of quantum realities wherein probability was delimited.

Tasking versus non tasking came to mind. I seemingly exist in a transient isthmus between two parallel universes wherein energy as information is organised by the locality of spacetime as it is vectored.

The inside of this microcosm is presented by the outside becoming inside in a observer effect through the appearance of the surrealism of a dreaming state not constricted by tasking.

In other words having no purpose as we define purpose in the classical universe of physics. The observer organizes effects as if they were driven by outside causality as a simulation. It brought to mind Ibn Al Arabi saying that no two individuals see heaven alike just as no two UAP events are exact copies of one another. If consciousness is a projection of an effect which we cannot locate can it occupy a proverbial isthmus as well as we ourselves do as perhaps a similar process?
 Then a biblical quotation allegedly from Jesus came to mind paraphrased as birds can perch in a tree but humankind has no place to rest their heads. A metaphor of the mind \brain relationship as being local and non-local in the same encapsulation?

Through The Looking Glass

Does the mind as a microcosm exhibit the same quantum realities when not assigned to tasking a three dimensional state as does the environment exhibits when the same projected effects result in UAP upon an energetic environment that surrounds us?
“What odd thoughts” I thought to myself, a sort of fine madness.
“At least it’s a interesting madness” I thought.
Simple questions on the surface of complex issues. The simpler the question the more complex the answer? The really “maddening”inference is that perhaps we exist neither here nor there in terms of inside versus the outside and of course I immediately considered just how impractical such considerations are but then again how do we define practical?
Arrghh. HG Welles came to mind when he wrote “the mind at the end of it’s tether” Then again we have a situation that is defined by the impossible being witnessed.
Kites and strings, surrealism as realism and through the looking glass we go through a wormhole and again in search of what? Connections between information, the non tasking of the phenomenon and the ghosts of a potential simulation that mirrors our own experiences in the manner such as we confront nightly
Then another thought arose, just how prosaic and stereotyped the formulations of paranormal theorists are. It is as if they were trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole and as a consequence the observer is isolated from what is observed.

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  1. Classical and Quantum are OK. It is just when it happens, the Time Function gets ghosted. That is only spooky for those with a frame of reference below C. Of course, that would be some reference that does not stay long enough to have opinions, in Time or Space. Neutrinos do not get any respect, or care.