Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Watchers Over Eden

Information is a double edged sword prone to the uncertainty principle as it tends to organize itself depending on who is watching as well as the fact that any pattern found does not necessarily signify a meaning which is sought as in Chaos Theory.
Having begun with those considerations, I recently found myself in the midst of three synchronicities over a period of just under three weeks duration, all centered around a singular Sumerian image. These three synchronicities, in turn, revolve around a very recent anomalous event that I cannot reveal the details of for personal reasons.
The last of these possibly meaningful coincidences led me to the video I have posted below, which is, if anything, interesting from a archaeology and mythological perspective that also has ties to the advent of the first agrarian civilization being founded as a matter of history.
It may mean much or it may mean nothing but I found it interesting enough to post here as a proverbial Rorschach lodged between coherence and chaos all centered around a theme I have explored before, specifically through "Hamlets Mill" that is more of a question. Do mythologies contain a kernel of historical truth? More questions than answers...



  1. From the initial find and subsequent discoveries I have always been most interested in Gobekli Tepe. All of the conjecture about who and why is interesting as well but ultimately only conjecture and while some of it may be well reasoned other bits are just flights of fancy by those who wish to profit from offering their own point of view. So it goes.

  2. Compared to other sources that I have read on a antecedent alpha civilization, if anything, Collin knows his primary sources and extraterrestrials need not apply. As far as profitability, I do know from several authors directly there's gold mine if you take Roswell off the list. I find that there was "something" going on..too many "coincidences" but whatever" it " was, it seems unlikely we will ever know and if we did, it would be a footnote rather than the whole story.