Sunday, February 2, 2014

UAP As Anomalous Acoustic Signatures

The Paradoxes of Defining What Is Unidentifiable

One could reasonably suggest that nearly all anomalous activity involves energy as information lost in translation by way of the physical senses that in turn, are interpreted by what we call consciousness.
Our minds are certainly influenced by our associations that formulate conceptual models that mold whatever possibilities we consider in relation to the consideration within a finite range of any potential source of a unidentifiable phenomenon.
UAP as opposed to the term UFO has no specific object of physicality in mind while recognizing a chimera of forms and effects and yet these set pieces that have been arranged largely follow in the footsteps of the phenomenon being representative of  both sentience and a formulation of physicality while remaining unknown as to their origin and nature, which one could also say is paradoxical. At best, both terms are placeholder names for what is, in essence, an unknown electromagnetic phenomenon which our physiology also utilizes in the operation of all of our senses. Many have conjectured that what the senses provide us in terms of information may be due to organic or inorganic maladies of the mind\brain when it involves UAP. No one has seriously considered that if no such maladies are present, and our senses are attuned normally, it may be our critical assumptions are at fault in terms of the equally assumed physicality as the source of these images, sounds and sensations.

Weather in the atmosphere comes in waves much like UAP and is transient, chimera like and is an effect rather than the source of it's own behavior, such as it being driven by solar effects, centripedal diffusion and atmospheric currents based on the differentials of pressures normally called "weather fronts".
Rather than account for the endless varieties of the similar chimeras in UAP, could there be an atmospherically based transient energy signature that creates the conditions necessary to act as a carrier wave?
Consider UAP as it is now formulated in most theories in that unlike weather distribution as an effect of several forces that must align to create a singular effect as we experience them, UAP is generally considered to be arising from an unknown, single source of causation. I suspect this is an error.
This is only one of many possibilities not often considered and when considered in the light of the growing evidence of a global consciousness field, these transient conditions of a unique atmospheric field may allow transference of what could best be called cellular intelligence that conforms to the observer's anticipations in a quantum exchange.
More specifically the global consciousness field may represent consciousness as matter in a state of storage that may be transferable as one recalls that matter as it is organised cannot be destroyed but with the rejoiner it can be reorganised. So, we have a compendium of the constituent components of consciousness as matter that might be considered encyclopedic bur lacking sentience that relays on the observer to organize the material.
It is striking that these images and sounds of UAP are prosaically based on stereotypes that have been hybridized and \ or out of their normal context as if a mirror has been held to normal knowledge of physicality and turned upside down.
Several researchers have traced the source of these images that are rooted in mass media as being foundational to the anticipation drawn by the observers associations that create an effect that imagines what should be seen rather than what is seen. The response from a consciousness field would be to provide the closest match and this is further disassociated by the lack of context in the field itself. In other words, the consciousness field is not attached to the arrangements of physicality as we experience them.
This may be related to Paul Kimball's observation that the senses self organised images and sensations that find a match in the body of work within the art world known as surrealism.

Simply put, hybridised images out of context that are fundamentally based on prosaic images whether these images are fictional in nature or are grounded in experiential reality itself.
This would also explain why UAP seemingly has no purpose in accomplishing a task related to physicality and that no "flying saucer" has landed at the White House to exchange emissaries and going further this might explain the lack of any evidence for Vallee's "control system" as it is cellular not strictly sentient in of itself but requires consciousness as a form of matter in an exchange. One that is lost in translation.
Could this be so?

Despite the core incommensurate nature of UAP might their be similarities to other anomalies of the senses?
One thinks of this in terms of ground effects from UAP being the result of PSI, which in turn, can also provide the physicality of effects or for that matter the ghost like nature of these temporal events being related to the potentially anthropomorphic interpretation of human ghosts which nearly always are sourced by their seeming to be sentient while lacking a great deal of coherency. Again this may be due to their being lost in translation. Could we apply multiplication by similarity to other paranormal events in regard to UAP?
This might be a useful strategy versus the division of this phenomenon from other anomalies. The mis-translation of our sensory inputs in relation to the aforementioned associative aspects of our logic ( based on everyday relationships) could have us set off on a fool's errand.
There are other examples of sensory anomalies that may have a bearing on UAP as having a sensate component while having no source of physicality to produce the effects we become aware of.

Acoustic resonance as a anomaly wherein an atmospheric disturbance as a force is one that seemingly has no source of physicality, which then raises questions beyond the limits of current measurability.  Certainly both knocking on a hard surface and knocks that have no source of origin in physical objects share the use of the atmosphere as a medium of conductance, while the raps lacking a identifiable locality might utilize electro-magnetic fields as a medium to excite the molecular nature of air. I think this small sample of one type of anomaly serves as an example of the complexities embedded within who, what when and how. Even more so when one considers there may not be a "who" within this scenario. Despite the common and popular uses of psuedo-language and terms such as  the undefined descriptive word "vortex" etc, I think this example is illustrative of a gaping hole in our pocket dictionary that we utilize to navigate the realities we inhabit.

Is this the smaller cousin to very similar anomalies of a larger scale? Considering the anomalous nature of extremely persistent, random and very loud strange noises heard over a larger area throughout the United States ( which I assume the reader is familiar with) one might reasonably suspect that the same albeit unknown causal elements would have to be co-joined to create similar effects in terms of resonance without being rooted in physicality. However these smaller knockings or raps are normally associated with what is presumed to be intercommunications of a non local nature while the larger events communicate nothing of any substantive import other than their effect. So we have the projections of anthropomorphism played against unknown atmospheric phenomenon once again, whether it is rightly or wrongly taken on as a critical assumption but an assumption nonetheless. Not everything has to be within the medium of visibility to be considered a UAP, which brings me to my point of contention that as it is currently separated from other anomalous events and phenomenon, if this trend continues of identifying anomalies simply by their appearance, we may never discover the implications toward our current definition of what constitutes reality which in of itself  ( the term) is a form of reductionist stereotyping.


  1. Bruce, my mind is once again sent spinning... you touch on subjects related to UAP/UFO phenomenology which no one else I know of even considers in ways that, while speculative, provoke even deeper level contemplation of the subjects you cover. You have often expanded my investigative horizons.

    You have an intriguing mind, and take on the issues.

    I just wish I, and others, could more easily parse the content in ways that would create both more and better reader feedback for you, as I know you must sometimes feel like you're speaking in an echo chamber without such more often.

    But, please continue -- I'm fascinated by your conjecture and analysis. Kudos!

  2. Steve
    I appreciate your interest as it seems I have inadvertently stepped off the map of what is "recognized" as pertinent in this subject contrary to the other long recognized thinking on the subject, or, at least to my knowledge I have become somewhat ostracized when it comes to my approach in terms of either further thoughts from others on this line of thinking or even criticism. So it is like an echo chamber but having said that, I have no evangelistic passion to convince anyone of anything because there is self doubt mixed in this..Like everyone else I am flying blind but with this are strong suspicions without confirmation based on the behavior of this phenomenon as this post and others reflect them.
    The writings of Mac Tonnies, John Keel, Jacques Vallee and Dr Michael Persinger are certainly influences that these suspicions are somewhat based upon as well as metaphysics. But..there are no maps despite what others insist upon to sell this or that.
    I appreciate your comments as well as the comments of others.

  3. One wonders if the psy research of the various agencies involved have determined rhetorical signatures, acoustic, visual, ect. That is probably why game theory, and cybernetics go dark. Of course, that process would generate rhetoric, maybe that is just the way it works, for good or bad.
    Even rhetoric seems to have a baseline, quite the mystery. Probably helps to have a sense of humor.