Thursday, January 23, 2014

Control Systems and The Imaging Of The Number's Game

Illusions and Allusions of Control Systems

This is a story of a glaring mismatch between mathematics, the realities the anomalous represent, and the control systems both physics and language represent in terms of our being boxed in by them while attempting to think outside of the box. The way these systems operate is so obvious as to make them buried in our psyches as not measurements but as real as say, the physicality of a brick.
Investigators may want to avail themselves of what the study of metalanguage offers. Metalanguage is the study of our communications languages and how we image reality through our references in that regard. A subtlety and discernment of how we project consciousness into predictable pathways, that can be a house of mirrors that we have a difficult time separating ourselves from. The formal and stable systems we rely on to control psychic states in order to derive rules seem to be projected upon everything outside of ourselves.
Why? It may be a presumption that theoretically we can control everything, whereas the paradox is that how we frame problematic issues that we cannot control is the result of internal cybernetic controls.

Round and round we go.

As Gregory Bateson once observed.. how nature works and how we think are two entirely opposing realities. Is this so?

On one hand we have Jacques Vallee a one point defining UAP as a "control system" which struck me as a compounding of the fact we are led by the cybernetics of our own control systems.
At some point it was if a statement were made that outside manipulations with a mathematical precision rather than the indelible internal forces were responsible for the frameworks of reality that we inhabit.

At the same time, we have Vallee and Davis regarding the events of Skinwalker ranch as representative of a physics of the incommensurable. Are you confused yet?

Have you noticed that when you dig deeper into the dialog of the anomalous, you find control systems at the heart of the entire framing of the questions we ask? Government conspiracies,"extraterrestrial" intent in terms of exploitation, psychic manipulation, advanced avionics control systems..the list of similar examples all project ourselves as being enmeshed within examples of rationality being a metaphor for control..

We have to ask, is anything controllable or are we projecting our own pathological habits elsewhere?

At times, physics and mathematics in of itself seems to have evolved into evidence of an observer effect when it comes to the number's game where the coherence of calculations fold back onto themselves into chaos when searching for a singularity within a formula that binds together numbers as a tool versus numbers as a reality.
The question to my mind is the extraordinary extent mathematics defines reality in an everyday sense, whether it is the daily stock market reports, birthdays, check stubs, calendar based rituals...the list seems endless.

That being said, how much of this has to do with the realities that exist beyond this scrim of mathematics?
Mathematics, much like it's counterpart in the cybernetic control systems of language as a human invention of measurement has gone beyond a tool to become a abstracted barometer of how we view the world, which for all we know, has nothing to do whatsoever of what we may be, and yet physics plunges ever deeper into crossing the line between math as a measurement to math as a definition.

When the theoretical meets the highway and seems to veer off into the median when it comes to the application of rationalism and logic to the universe and so we ourselves as an expression of a higher number, has led to a layering of parallel paradoxes.
The referential aspect of numbers now seems to draw an interest in numbers as a reality versus a measuring device. One thinks of the representations of so called "sacred geometry" or the diagrammatic signs and seals of the  medieval occultists attempting to create a magical circle to draw the imaginal into their influence, to in effect, do their bidding.

Not much has changed as far as I can tell. After I read the below linked essay, I came away with despite the increased complexity of physics, they are still focused on a predictable and mechanical model despite they are observing a moving target that also represents themselves, a target that is not fixed in amber and while we can find similarities in patterns of cycles, this essay brought to mind the role of images and imagination as in Ibn Al Arabi's cosmology that represents a continuum of flux  based on contingencies that have no fixity from where we sit.

He said the end result of this is the best we can find are similarities in the sum that is incommensurable. The existentialist thread of our times continues along the back alleys and detours that suggest a yearning for a magic formula that is a conclusive argument wherein there is no conclusion as this is at the root of both transience and evolution both inward and outward. The situation where physics can tie shoelaces only to find they have bound their feet together is perhaps more the story of the weaknesses of human psychology than it is an accurate representation of what will always be in it's aggregate sum...incommensurable.

All of this brought to mind my re-reading another essay that on the other hand, recognizes the role of incommensurate nature of UAP.

All of this has resulted in a clash of personalities which then I draw a line back to the search for a fixed mathematical formula for the realities we inhabit as well as experience. In this report the sociological bias is of as a representation by projection of the application of immutable laws, the universe as a hard shelled spacecraft and there is more than enough irony in this if we view this essay's main thrust as a metaphor such as the physics numbers game. Imaging and imagination in both cases come to the fore.
Again it seems to affirm my personal trend of lately considering that we imagine we are conscious.
And at the heart of this is a deeply buried question beyond our measurements, how do we imagine what does not already exist? This seems to be at the root of conscientiousness itself as representing the mutable rather than the fixed conceptual models of the universe we have at hand. This, in turn, reminds me of RA Wilson's observation that we live in "naive realism"

This has a direct bearing on the context of the anomalous, does it not?


  1. "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." — Albert Einstein

    A great post! The Valle/Davis paper defines the phenomena succinctly and better than anything else I've come across.

    It was a bit of a footnote in the above, but you really touched on something that has consistently bothered me as I've delved further into UFOlogy: how the likes of Valle, Keel (& others) have ultimately thrown in the "control system" to the mixture which is usually evil aliens/ if they're pulling back the curtains and seeing the Wizard of Oz. To me it's always seemed like an example of "Deus ex machina".

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sean
      Too many typos in my first response hence the deletion. All four dogs of ours are vying for my attention nudging me as I wrote the first so a rewrite was due.
      I agree with you to put it simply. Our theories appear to have evolved and have navigated a circular course but then looking deeper into it, we never left square one.

  2. If numbers are not real things, then how can they have free will?
    Sometimes, everything seems mechanical, then there is stigmata, rebel stuff. Even extending the geometry does not convince what is involved from choice. Even nailing down flux assumes the arrow of time is a mechanical, non sentient line of force. That is just rude, and dangerous to hide from, tends to build opposing lines of force, most with another frame of reference. I guess that is why space expands, when entire temporal events drop off the map, in response. Even Hawking has finally realized that information does not evaporate, just relocates in a confused state.

    I do not know if he will emote the temporal ramifications of that, or just try to make that fit into some mechanical thing. If he does not, that is OK, numbers do it all the time.

  3. Neal
    I found this today @ The Daily Grail. Methinks more permeability and deconstruction. The measuring tape seems to be imaginary/

  4. or as you pointed out earlier, "naive realism".

    1. Micheal
      Everybody it seems wants to break into a proverbial control room that only exists in their desires ...and wrest control of all outcomes back here on the farm. It reminds me of "The Lathe of Heaven" by Ursula Leguinn. Not surprisingly perhaps she did some of the most cogent translations of Taoism.
      This may or may not reflect how the paranormal is also lost in translation. Perhaps I have become somewhat cynical toward the goals of physics as they remain unexpressed, however it is not what they say, it's what they do. Considering most of our species has the aims of a 12 year old, what they don't express is the nature of their more emotionally based ambitions, which are easy to guess at considering the maturity involved.
      The old 'knowledge versus being" conundrum.

  5. Perhaps if information hadn't been divided up into what we call various disciplines and treated as though there are separate and distinct categories we might make connections more easily. Our inability to look at things as a whole has crippled us in some ways I think.

    1. I think you're exactly right. To use a painful example, I live very close to Arapahoe high school where the recent shooting was. I was very sad to the flood of 1-dimensional hypotheses as to what pushed the student over the line to become a killer. It seems nobody sees that it was a number of factors and catalysts that only as a sum caused to this tragedy...and this shortsightedness and will do nothing to prevent the next school shooting...
      I'm glad Bruce kept blogging about Holons to to help me understand this myself!